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Where To Buy Weightlifting Shoes

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Lifting Shoes And The Research

Should you buy weightlifting shoes? | Review of Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0 shoes

Weightlifting shoes have been studied on multiple occasions, although not incredibly in-depth. The topics that have been researched have mostly been focused on the idea of how an elevated heel can alter performance and mechanics.

A notable study comes from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In this research, authors assessed kinematic changes weightlifting shoes have on the barbell back squat .

From the study, researchers suggested that weightlifting shoes changed an athletes foot angle and forward lean, but didnt change thigh angle to a high degree. They suggested that weightlifting shoes were seen to be beneficial when reducing forward torso lean, which can at times cause additional shear stress on the lower back. Also, researchers suggested that weightlifting shoes could be useful tools to increase knee extensor activation.

Another study from 2017 published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research sought out to explore the same idea of how weightlifting shoes impact trunk and leg mechanics in the back squat . For this study, researchers noted that this topic was lacking research and sought to challenge the idea that weightlifting shoes led to a more upright torso in the squat, which has been suggested to protect the back from injury.

Q: What Is A Weightlifting Shoe

A: A weight lifting shoe has been uniquely designed to assist with form and posture for anyone participating in weight based activities where stability and range of depth and motion is everything. Theyll generally be constructed from a more robust material like a suede or leather because this gives them their all-important structure and support. On the flip side this means theyre not going to be the most comfortable shoes you have in your wardrobe!

Best Weightlifting Shoes For Women

These shoes look great, but that doesnt mean that theyre all form and no function. Far from it. Reebok has a strong background in weightlifting shoes that goes back nearly a decade, and it shines through in this latest iteration of the Legacy Lifter, which is perfect for female lifters from novice all the way up to expert.

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Where To Buy Weightlifting Shoes

Anyone know where I can buy them in the Atlanta area?

I’m looking for the Adidas powerlift. If anyone knows how they fit, that’s just as helpful.

Best bet for getting them cheap is through Eastbay. They have coupon codes all the time, currently it’s either free shipping or 17% off of $120 or more. So the Powerlift would run $89 with the free shipping.

If you meant the Adipowers, they cost about $174 after the coupons and all.

That’s the place that is typically the cheapest on average, although looking around ebay and craigslist or other suppliers with sales can get you cheaper shoes when you’re lucky.

I just got a east bay catalog in the mail I believe they have 15% off of 75+ with the coupon code PINK.

I was about to buy some romaleos last month and I know the January 17% off coupon was working for them, but it looks like they’re excluded from the February one for some reason.

I’d start by using the search bar located in the sidebar.

You will likely just have to order them from a website. They fit like normal shoes. Some people say they are narrow.

I looked in every sport and shoe store in my area with no luck. The closest I got was some crossfit\hybrid shoes at Dick’s sporting goods. I have heard that some people have found Nike Romaleos at Dick’s though… You could try.

Nike Romaleos 4 Training Shoe

The Top 4 Best Weightlifting Shoes With Reviews

Nike Romaleos are a common sight in gyms with barbell clubs. These weightlifting shoes feature a significant heel-to-toe drop, two broad straps to secure your feet in place and a wide base that provides ample room for splaying and grabbing during power cleans, power jerks and snatches.

Rubber tread on the bottom of the Romaleos ensures stability when you stick landings during explosive lifts. There’s little flex in the upper portion of these raised heel shoes — some athletes who wear these say it feels like your feet are stuck to the floor, which is a good thing for an Olympic weightlifting shoe.

For what it’s worth, my first choice for this category was the Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe, one of the best-known shoes in the Olympic lifting community. At the time of writing, I can’t find these elevated heel shoes in stock anywhere. The pickings for the Romaleos seem to be slim, too, so there may be production issues on the supply chain . In any case, the Romaleos put the AdiPowers to the test for a dedicated weightlifter.

Nike Romaleos are a unisex shoe and sizing is in men’s.

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Which Womens Lifting Shoes Are Best

Whenever you plan to perform Olympic-style exercises, you need to make sure you support your body with the proper foundation. Lifting shoes are one of the most important aspects of your weightlifting workout. As you spend time shopping for workout clothes that will keep you comfortable and cute at the gym, make sure you invest just as much effort into finding the best womens lifting shoes.

Improve your workouts and do more to protect your body from injury with the ADIPOWER WEIGHTLIFTING II SHOES.

We Stock The Best Weightlifting & Squat Shoes On The Market

You dont need to be told that heavy weightlifting sessions put tremendous stress on your body. One wrong move or a lapse in your technique could result in serious injury. Thats why you need weightlifting gear you can trust to support your gains. All our weightlifting shoes have been designed with all challenges of lifting sports in mind. Excellent support, superior stability and the durability to withstand your workouts are all non-negotiables for our range of premium weightlifting shoes.

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Who Should Buy The Adidas Adipower Ii

  • Lifters who need a comfortable and versatile shoe, the AdiPower II are best in class.
  • This is a durable set of boots, so weightlifters looking for a shoe that can last for multiple years will find these stand the test of time.
  • The design of this shoe is very helpful for athletes who might feel like they have limited flexibility
  • Anyone with slightly wider feet, these shoes should accommodate you quite well.

Best Lifting Shoes For Squats

Nike Romaleos vs Savaleos – Which Ones Should You Buy? Nike Weightlifting Shoes Showdown

One of the biggest reasons strength athletes use weightlifting shoes is for their support in the squat. Whether youre a weightlifter, powerlifter, strongman athlete, CrossFit athlete, or bodybuilder, then squats are most likely essential to your training success. Weightlifting shoes provide a firm and hard base for a lifter to sit back on and drive through the floor with.

The elevated heel provides a lifter with the ability to achieve full-depth with comfort and mobility support. This can be increasingly more important for athletes who need to catch a bar in the bottom of their squat. A strong stable shoe can help prevent a lifters knees caving in.

One study from 2012 compared athletes squats in weightlifting shoes and running shoes. Authors found that those who wore the weightlifting shoe had higher quad activation and less forward lean. In addition, the authors pointed out that there was less flexion in the lumbar, which is seen when forward lean is present.

Whether you squat low-bar or high-bar, then lifting shoes can provide your squat some benefit. They can be a great tool for newer squatters who have to work on their mechanics and mobility. As lifters progress in their career, they may begin to squat without lifters more, as their mechanics, needs, and understanding of the squat improve. For beginning lifters, the use of lifting shoes can be a great tool to help teach squat mechanics.

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How I Chose These Shoes

To put together this list, I first recounted my own history with various lifting shoes. I’ve been bouncing between powerlifting, Olympic lifting and CrossFit-style training for more than eight years, so I’ve worn my fair share of trainers and lifters.

I also scrubbed the web for reviews of weightlifting shoes and training shoes, looking for key components like comfort, durability, stability and versatility. I looked to the well-known, longstanding brands for shoes that have several successful iterations , but I also looked to newer brands doing something innovative.

I read hundreds of Amazon reviews and RunRepeat became my best friend for the duration of this project. We’ll periodically update this article as I try more weightlifting shoes and come across new reviews online.

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Best Lifting Shoes For Crossfit

Shoes designed to support CrossFit®-style training will have multiple characteristics that can enhance an athletes performance. These shoes will often have a low-medium level heel. Since these workouts often require athletes to perform Olympic and powerlifting style movements in one workout, then versatility can be an important factor. Higher heels often correlate to greater offsets , which can be an issue for lifters who need a flatter shoe in multiple movements

In addition, a shoes security can play an important role. As an athlete moves from movement to movement, then theyll need a shoe that stays secure. Single strap options that cover the mid-foot may be preferential for this style athlete because it promotes a mid-foot shoe tightness. On the flip side, two strap shoes can also be preferential in providing full shoe security.

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Do I Actually Need A Pair Of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

The truth is olympic weightlifting shoes will assist you, but they cant fix issues for you. If you struggle with ankle mobility, hip mobility, or balance, you should continue to work on those things. Weightlifting shoes are the sprinkles on top of a solid foundation of mobility, position work, and strength. Do you need them? Yes, but you can and should be able to do competent lifts without them.

Are Chuck Taylors Good Shoes For Lifting

Gwen Weightlifting: Why Risto Sports weightlifting shoes ...

If youre a beginner, thenChuck Taylors are a reasonable option if youre not willing to purchase a pair of purpose built shoes.While youre starting out, learning the movements, and growing accustomed to CNS adaptability, Chucks work just fine.

However, if youd like to be competitive then Chuck Taylors are not a good choice for weightlifting olympic or power.

Even though they have a thin sole, it is compressible and therefore will not provide an efficient transfer of power between your feet and the floor. Some power will be lost and you will not be able to lift as much weight as a result.

While theyre a cheap viable solution for starting out, I would not recommend them for lifters trying to maximize performance.

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How To Choose Weightlifting Shoes

There are several factors to consider when shopping for weightlifting shoes, including:

  • Intended use. Are you a powerlifter? Or do you need a shoe that offers more versatility for short cardio bursts?
  • Mobility. According to Roser, its important to choose a shoe thats somewhat flexible and allows you easily pivot in any direction.
  • Profile and cushioning. Your weightlifting shoe should be flatter on the ground to help your deadlifting and squat form, Roser explained. These tend to be the lower-profile type of sneaker with less cushion all around.
  • Stability and support. To prevent injury, look for a shoe with a wide toe box and plenty of grip to keep your foot secure.
  • Fit. Its always helpful to try on shoes before buying to ensure that you buy the right size and fit, especially if you have wide or narrow feet.
  • Price. Weightlifting shoes vary greatly in price, so be sure to consider how much youre willing to spend on a pair. Its also worth shopping around to find the best price.

Buy Weightlifting Shoes Online

As a serious bodybuilder, you know that your power base comes from your lower body. The stability of your footing is critical to your lifting success. Thats why your choice of bodybuilding lifting shoes is so important.

But, just how do weightlifting shoes improve your gym performance?

And where can you find the best quality, sharpest priced mens and womens bodybuilding weightlifting shoes?

Benefits of Lifting Shoes

Whether youre doing an overhead lift or squatting, compression is your enemy. You dont want any squishiness in the heel that could negate the force that you are generating. Thats why squatting shoes need to have a firm heel.

Bodybuilding shoes with a firm heel will also allow you to be more straight up and down when you are squatting. This prevents the rounded back and improperly aligned ankles which is common to so many squatters. Flat-heeled shoes will allow for greater balance, which avoids the potential dangers of tipping over under the heavy iron.

If you have limited ankle mobility, squat shoes for men and women are going to be your best friend. They will allow you to have an upright torso. If you train in the powerlifting moves with running shoes, you will definitely lose some power in the press due to the compression effect of the softer heel of the powerlifting shoes.

What to Look For in a Lifting Shoe

– Flat Soles

– Solid foot lock

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Best Weightlifting Shoes For Squats

If you know that the bulk of your training program is going to revolve around squatting, the Nike Savaleos are our recommended weightlifting shoe. Super stable with a flat sole and slightly elevated heel, these shoes are going to help you feel the platform and help create the drive you need to stand the barbell up.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Weightlifting Shoes

Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes Great Value?

All shoes are not created equal! You do need sports specific style shoes if you are serious about your development and keen to excel. The right gear can give you have that all important extra edge over your competition. Or even against yourself. Progress is everything and sometimes you need a little helping hand. Thats where our guides come in to take the pain of hours of research out of the process so that you can get on with doing what it is you love doing the most, in this case weight lifting! So our guide has been designed to pull together the best the retailers currently have to offer and takes in to account important features like grip, support, fit and price to deliver a range to suit all budgets from the wide range of lifting style shoes on offer.

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Best Lifting Shoes For Powerlifting

The best lifting shoes for powerlifting will often come down to an athletes squat style, anthropometrics, and preferences. A low-bar squat will require more hip hinge and in many cases, will be easier to be performed with a lower heel. High-bar squatters might find they like a higher heel, as it helps them maintain a more upright posture.

Anthropometrics can also help a powerlifter determine which lifting shoe is best for them. Longer lower-extremities will typically need a higher heel to support strong postures throughout lifts. Shorter athletes with often find smaller heels benefit them best because it allows them to hit depth and maintain a strong rigid torso posture.

A shoes security can also influence a powerlifters shoe decision. Two straps will provide a lifter to pull a shoe tighter. Also, a strap positioned higher by the tongue will better support the ankles range of motion.

Features To Look For In Weightlifting Shoes

The key features and considerations to be looking out for in a powerlifting specific shoe are basically Grip, Support, Fit and of course your available budget. After that you should think about the type of lifting you do and whether the weight lifting forms an integral part of another type of activity, for example cross-fit and the level of cushioning and comfort you like. After that of course, style comes into play too! After all, style is important right, not just function and form.

In particular, pay attention to the elevation of the heel which could be anywhere from .3 to 1. The height you go for is a personal preference and to a certain extent also linked to your own anthropometrics but heel height does provide important anchoring and grounding whilst power lifting heavy weights. Also check out what the base of the heel is made from. Generally, there will be four main options: EVA, TPU, stacked leather and even wood. Each of these different heel types will bring with it a subtle difference to your stance, performance and ultimately your results.

Also consider whether you want traditional lacing or a more advanced strapping system. Weight lifting shoes that have a BOA lacing system or that feature double strapping can provide that all important extra security for when you are really lifting heavy loads and need to be firmly anchored and supported.

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Leading Brands Of Lifting Shoes

Some of the most recognizable brands in the weightlifting world include Adidas, Nike, and Inov-8. Each brand implements their take on what makes these trainers suitable for weight training.

Adidas weightlifting shoes are easy to spot with their iconic Three Stripe logo. They either use solid foam or TPU for the heel, materials that dont easily compress.

Despite being the only weightlifting option from Reebok, the Legacy Lifter is one of the most stable professional options, highly recommended by the athletes.

The Romaleos is Nikes flagship weightlifting shoe. They use a TPU heel that cups the back of the foot for steadiness, while the flared bottom provides a stable base when lifting heavy.

Inov-8 Fastlift lifting shoes are quite easy to spot. Instead of a solid piece of foam in the heel, they use pillars. Also, some models employ a BOA closure instead of laces and straps.

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