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Where To Buy Xero Shoes

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Gives Toes Room To Play Without Being Sloppy

Xero Shoes TerraFlex – first thoughts from Ady Benn

This zero-drop shoe boasts a wide, high toe box that gives toes room to play without being sloppy. It has the feel of a high-quality shoe built to last.

I followed Xero Shoes advice to size up by at least half a size, and the shoe is a near-perfect fit. The strap system allows you to tighten the heel. This is a very nice feature for anyone who, like me, has a narrow heel.

The straps also allow you to adjust the instep if necessary. The laces themselves are a little long for my liking but do stay tied. I feel very secure in the shoe, whether Im running downhill on the trails or lifting in the gym.

The mesh upper makes this a breathable shoe. The Prio reminds me of the Merrell Pace Glove or Trail Glove, but feels just a little more substantial, with more padding around the upper. All in all, this is a very comfortable ride.

The Prio is about as attractive as a foot-shaped shoe can get, in my opinion. Shoes with a wide toe box may never look as sleek as a more conventional shoe, but it does come in several different colors.

S To Getting Your $10 Xeroshoescom Gift Certificate*

Buy your Xero Shoes at REI — at a store or at Take a photo or video with your new Xero Shoes and post it on social media, tagging @xeroshoes and @REI and hashtagging #LiveFeetFirst, or email it to us at Write your name, email, and Social Media account name on your receipt, circle the Xero Shoes item, and get us a copy. Text it to 340-1401 or email

Xeroshoes Terraflex Gears Rating

As for feeling rocks and roots through the sole of the shoe, I would say that some of xero terraflex reviews this is not a bad thing. You will definitely feel more connected to the surface.

This is reinforced with welded overlays around the middle of the foot that provide a bit of extra durability and support. Around the toe is a slightly stiffer band of rubber and foam to add a little protection if you are prone to stubbing your feet on rocks, roots, etc. While the only way to know how a shoe will fit your particular foot shape is to go try it on, Ill provide some general context on my experience with the Mesa Trails fit. For reference, my foot is not particularly wide or narrow, the height of my arches is fairly average , and I tend to enjoy shoes with a wider toe box.

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I Would Not Do Business With This Company

I ordered shoes direct from xero. I was going on a trip and paid for two day shipping. The shoes did not arrive in two days and then when I asked for the difference between ground and two day shipping I was told no, as they dont guarantee shipping! We had several back and forth emails and it finally ended with me returning the two orders I placed, being charged $9.89 for each order plus being out the original shipping of two day fed ex that did not happen. I would stay away from this company as their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

Reply from Xeroshoes

You Smell Soap Shark Tank Update

Xero shoes Prio Black buy and offers on Traininn

Steven Sashen established Xero Shoes in 2009, with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The entrepreneur has a long list to accomplishments in a variety of fields. The company ships its products globally to customers in 94 different countries.

Xero Shoes is a sustainable company that has a non-profit arm that donates a pair for each purchase made to a needy child in Philippines

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Worried About Your Kids Outgrowing The Prio

We know that kids grow, and were not fans of buying shoes that theyll grow into.

To help out if your kids get too big for their Prio, weve created a Facebook Group where you can trade/swap/buy/sell your shoes and pass your still-wearable pair to someone who still fits your size, and find a pair for the next perfect fit.

*5,000 mile sole warranty is non-transferable and only valid for the original purchaser of the shoes.

Check out these reviews from kids and their parents

Xero Shoes Prio Review

I hadnt heard of Xero Shoes before but was eager to try the brands offering in the minimalist running shoe category. So far, Ive hiked over thirty miles, run over fifty miles, and worked out in the gym at least twenty times wearing the Xero Shoes Prio.

I most appreciate its flexibility, fit and low weight . These characteristics make the Prio the kind of shoe that you can lace up and forget about. In short, I love it.

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Diy Feeltrue Sandal Kit

Over 45,000 people in 92 countries have made their own sandals in minutes with a DIY Kit made with our exclusive FeelTrue® rubber soles.

for help choosing between 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact. to see how to measure your feet to get the right fit.

Note: Currently, only Black and Mocha soles are available.

  • The perfect combination of protection, comfort, light weight, natural flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability.

    Adventure Everywhere

  • Add your support to the Tarahumara of the Copper Canyon with a donation of any size.

    On behalf of the Tarahumara Childrens Hospital Fund, THANK YOU!

  • What Happened To Xero Shoes At Shark Tank

    Why I don’t wear comfortable shoes (and why YOU shouldn’t either)

    Steve and Lena came to Shark Tank looking for $400,000 for 8% stake in company. He explains that he has made over $650,000 in sales over the last two years and was targeting to make more than $1.2 million in 2012.

    During the presentation Daymond commented on product and goes out of the deal. While Kevin OLeary offer $400,000 for 50% equity shares of the company.

    Meanwhile Barbara, Mark and Lori go out of the deal due to valuation of the company. Finally during the pitch with Xero Shoes no deal was closed.

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    List Of Products By Manufacturer Xero Shoes

    Xero Shoes is an American brand that only manufactures shoes and sandals 100% minimalist or pure minimalist. The base of your footwear is the basis of our body: the soles / feet.

    Xero Shoes is an American brand that only manufactures shoes and sandals 100% minimalist or pure minimalist. The base of your footwear is the basis of our body: the soles / feet.

    The FeelTrue® soles of Xero Shoes allow you to feel the soil, connect with the world, while providing just protection. These patented soles offer you an exclusive warranty of 5000 miles .

    *Xero’s warranty is covered in the US market. If you are located in another country you can access this service by contacting Xero Shoes. For this process, the customer must send the shoes to Xero and pay for the shipping of the replacement .

    If you use Xero Shoes, they may stop you on the street and ask you: Where can I get them? If you do not like people, do not use Xero Shoes!

    The Prio Provides Traction In The Gym On Roads And Easy Trails

    For roads, gyms, and non-technical trails, this shoe is great. The sole is a fascinating design that Id never seen before.

    Normally, the tread of a shoe runs to its edge. The Prio sole, in contrast, has a rim, or outline, of smoother material. While I was skeptical about this feature, its not at all noticeable when wearing the shoe. Im curious to know the reasoning behind it.

    The thinness of the sole means that you will feel larger rocks underfoot, but thats always a trade-off with minimalist shoes. With these things considered, I do not recommend taking the Prio on wet surfaces or technical trails.

    The sole allows for a nice level of ground feel but also offers some protection, which is a tough balance to strike.

    Without the insole, the feel underfoot is similar to the Merrell Pace Glove. Add the insole, and it reminds me of the New Balance Minimus shoes I used to run in. However, this shoe has already proved to be more durable than the Minimus. The sole is extremely flexible in all directions.

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    The Best Zero Drop Shoes In Canada

    Leguano barefoot shoes are the best zero drop shoes available in Canada!

    Zero drop shoes are ones that are designed with little or no built-up heel lift or steep slope from the heel to the forefoot. As a result, the feet sit parallel to the ground. This places ones feet in the most natural position for various activities and movements, specifically running.

    In recent years, the evolution of running shoes has resulted in the common belief that we require maximum support to engage in strenuous activities. Trendy maximalist shoes that are characterized by stiffness, cushioning, and a large heal-to-toe differential have become the most popular options.

    What we do not realize is that when we wear maximalist shoes, specifically ones with a heel lift, our feet are forced into an unnatural sloped position. As a result, our feet must adapt to the structure of the shoes instead of being able to move freely and naturally. This, in turn, leads to significant changes in our movement technique as the rest of our bodies must compensate for the restricted movement of our feet.

    Running in maximalist shoes has been associated with various injuries, partially because it encourages the body to have a heavier heel strike, higher impact forces, and overpronation.

    How Long Do Xero Shoes Last

    Xero shoes HFS Red buy and offers on Runnerinn

    Xero Shoes offers no time frame for their designs, but they assure customers that their footwear is made to last a long time. If youre not satisfied with your set of sneakers and sandals, the brand offers a 5,000-mile sole warranty for buyers to use.

    Under this guarantee, users can trade in their FeelTrue soles for a newer pair. This is only for inserts that are less than 1 mm in thickness.

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    Lots Of Wear On First Pair Being Replaced

    5/17/2021: Xero is taking care of this and sending another pair. I appreciate their support on this and I look forward to having another pair to run and walk in. These are advertised as running/ racing shoes and around 200 miles I have a hole in the sole. Love walking around in these, most comfortable shoes I own. Will reevaluate running in them when I get the new pair and hopefully they will last a little longer.

    Reply from Xeroshoes

    Be Prepared To Pay Shipping Fees

    The company is a great company and have responded to all of my queries. I purchased a pair of shoes which turned out to be too big for me so I had to return them. I had to pay the cost of shipping when I returned them and was refunded the cost of the shoes. I was not refunded the shipping cost when they were sent to me. So, I am out of pocket about 30 with nothing to show for it. They are an online retailer and this is how business is done, which I get. I really would love to get a pair of their shoes as I think they look great but I am not willing to chance being out of pocket again. Pity really!

    Reply from Xeroshoes

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    Best For Road Running

    I’ve tried several of Xero’s various running shoes, and the HFS is my favorite for running on human-made surfaces like concrete and asphalt. That said, the HFS work great on trails too. I went backpacking in mine with 45 pounds on my back and had no problems. Barefoot purists would perhaps rightly argue that these are pushing the definition of barefoot, but why let semantics get in the way of a great shoe? These are comfortable and durable, and they offer about 7 millimeters of padding to soften the impact of running on concrete.

    Where To Buy Xeroshoes Terraflex

    Z-Trail Sport Trail Hiking Sandal – Special Offer! from Xero Shoes

    Finish it with a durable Tough Tek toe bumper and more aggressive breathable mesh upper, you now have the new TerraFlex trail running and hiking shoe. I did several runs it on varying terrain, hit the gym, wore it to the playground with the kids, hiked, climbed and was comfortable in all these activities. The step in feel of this shoe is great, it has a natural shape so your toes can move but its not sloppy on the foot. Underfoot its a solid platform and Xero really hit the outdoor all-purpose nail on the head with the lugs on these. Large enough to shred some mud and soft surfaces, but not overly aggressive that you lose surface area or proprioception on slick-rock or boulders.

    • The TerraFlex just perform and feel good on my feet.
    • We started with a 6 mile gradual descent to our campsite by the river in the valley.
    • At the end of the first day, the soles of my feet were in agony but they had just hiked 17 miles on tarmac and my wifes feet were just as sore in here well padded boots.
    • This is because all through life, youre brain has been trained to account for that elevated heel which is built into so many shoes on the market.

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    Xero Shoes Review Not Good

    I purchased a pair of the sneakers and am totally disappointed. BTW these shoes are made in China. My toes are jammed against the side of the shoe and the old sneakers I have are much wider in the toe area, Very uncomfortable and the advertising is dishonest. I called about returning them and they refuse to refund on the shipping and I have to pay to ship them back. Basically I was ripped off and end up paying around $20 to try on a pair of cheap shoes from China.. I will never buy from them and encourage anyone to think before you deal with this company who is dishonest in their advertising and has a pathetic excuse for customer serviceI have taken pictures of the xero shoes compared to other shoes I have which are several different brands and they are ALL wider in the toe area than the xero shoes and very noticeably so. If I could post the pictures here I would or if anyone knows how to add a picture here I will. If anyone would like to see the pictures I would be glad to email.

    Reply from Xeroshoes

    Who Is The Founder Of Xero Shoes

    Steven Sashen returned to the sport after a 30-year holiday.

    Sashen is a Veterans All-American sprinter, which means he is one of the fastest men over the age of 55 in the United States.

    After two years of injury-prone competition, he joined a local barefoot running club in Boulder, CO at the recommendation of a friend who handed him a copy of Christopher McDougalls Born to Run.

    Its stride altered as a result of running barefoot, and his ailments subsided.

    Sashen wanted to prolong the barefoot experience in locations where foot covering was essential. He created his own modern huarache-style sandal inspired by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexicos Copper Canyon.

    This original model is currently available as the Xero Shoes, and it features a thin rubber sole sourced from Vibram in Italy and nylon polypropylene laces.

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    Are Toms Minimalist Shoes

    TOMS. Though not specifically designed as a minimalist shoe, TOMS classic shoes are actually a decent option for those wanting a normal looking shoe that doesnt offer too much cushion or have a positive heel. TOMS certainly arent the best option, but they offer most of the benefits without being too weird.

    Who Is Xero Shoes For

    Xero shoes Prio Black buy and offers on Runnerinn

    It goes without saying that Xero Shoes is intended for athletics and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Compared to streetwear brands like Nike, Adidas, and Fila, this brand focuses more on comfort rather than style. Theyre the type of label to swap for in case of muddy terrains or long hiking trails.

    Due to their footwear technology, this apparel brand may seem friendly to those who have foot pain. Their Barefoam inserts and Tough Tek toe bumpers can be seen as nifty features in an orthopedic sneaker or sandal.

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    Review: Nike Pegasus Trail 2

    So it makes sense that wearing a minimal shoe with a zero drop should feel more comfortable to us. If I was designing a shoe, I too would start from this very basis of thought. As I said above, I would choose this shoe for running in the desert, which, for me, is often a springtime activity. And in my mind, the natural running style that requires a reactive running gait contributes to increased strength in the feet and ankles .

    They have so much flex in them, allowing full movement of your feet when navigating the trails. In terms of dexterity, so long as I am intentional with my running gait and where and how I am placing my feet as I run, the Mesa Trail can handle most terrain well . Where I found them to be lacking was in rock scrambling environments. The rubber on the outsole was less grippy than I would have liked in these scenarios, and even fully cinched down on my foot, I just didnt feel stable on prolonged rock scrambles.

    This would be the hike to The Walls of Jericho in northeastern Alabama. On this trip the high was around 85 F and it was very humid. There was a lot of thunder during the afternoon but the worst stayed away, with only a few light showers and a welcomed cooling breeze as a result. The elevation on the trip was between 700 and 1700 ft .

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