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Where To Get Cheap Skate Shoes

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Best Cheap Skate Shoes In 2021


There are loads of reviews and guides about trucks, wheels, and boards. But only a handful for shoes. This is crazy because its an important part of your skating.

Having the right skate shoe can help improve your skating by a surprising amount. It might even be the reason why you might not be improving as fast as you can. This is why companies like Nike spend so much money on R& D for the shoes alone.

In todays article, I will be going over the factors that make up the best cheap skate shoes and I quickly review some of them for you.

This shoe features some unique skate shoe technology and utilizes durable materials. All this adds up to a great skate shoe that lasts a long time.

It comes with the classic 3 Adidas stripes, giving it a timeless and stylish look. Features a one-piece toe cap a seamless transition from the outsole to the upper part of the shoe. This allows it to be even more resistant to wear and keeps the shoe and sole in shape protected from ripping, even after a lot of use.

With this shoe, there are loads of color and materials options to choose from. Allowing you to get the color plus material that works best for you.

A lot of people say the shoes are bulky and that they need a little break in period before they will work perfectly. These offer a generous amount of features but still come in at an affordable price.

Mens Skate Shoes Sale

The only thing better than a pair of DC Shoes, is a pair of DC Shoes on sale. Here you will find the latest sales on mens shoes from hi tops to low tops, skate shoes to street shoes, and dirt shoes to beach thongs. You know DC Shoes provides the latest in extreme sports gear and cutting edge styles in Mens shoes, and you also know you can count on DC to have the hottest shoes of the year no matter what the season. But its even better when you can find the shoes you know will perform in the styles you love on sale.

Our full line of skate shoes, trainers, classics and thongs offer killer looks and outrageous performance. Weve made a name for ourselves by building on our core business, kick-ass shoes, so you know if they have our name on them, theyre special, and finding them on sale just makes them more so. Whatever youre looking for: new skate shoes, trainers, a pair of thongs, or just a pair of Classics for hanging out in, you know your feet will be taken care of in a pair of DC Shoes. We started out by making a name for ourselves selling skate shoes, but you can count on our full collection of mens shoes to have that same functionality and styling in all of our men’s shoes and flip flops, helping you incorporate the latest trends into your individual look.

What Are The Differences Between Normal Shoes And Skate Shoes

Although nowadays people are wearing skate shoes due to their trendy and sleek design, they are different from normal shoes in certain facts-

First of all, skate shoes are much durable compare to your regular sneakers. They are made to tolerate a lot of stress. They are made of rugged material and designed with double or triple stitch and lace protectors as well.

Secondly, what is superior in skate shoes is their safety. Skate shoes strict protection with toe caps, lace protectors, padded heels and soles, thicker and wider soles et cetera. Compared to normal shoes, they tend to have wider tongues that help fasten the shoes to avoid grinding down while loosening off.

For those who are suffering from ankle injuries, skate shoes are not comfortable. They should choose high-tops enhanced ankle support providing normal shoes.

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C Skate Shoe Sole Style

There are two general kinds of sole style. Knowing about the different sole styles will let you differentiate their features and decide which best works for you.


This style looks like a regular shoe. It has a lighter sole that makes it light, flexible, and easy to maneuver. It provides a tighter grip. The downside may fall on the shortage of cushion, as well as the crash absorption for tough touchdowns.


Compared to Vulcanized, this style has a more solid sole with extra layers, better crash absorption, and is best used when doing tricks and sliding down. It offers great durability and extra heel comfort. The downside is, it doesnt have a good flex like the vulcanized style.

Best Cheap Skate Shoes In : The Top 5 Shoes For Skateboarding

Cheap Womens Skate Shoes

When you skate, you need superior traction to grip the board. Slipping simply wont do it when youre riding the halfpipe and doing tricks or trying to get from point A to B. You also need flexibility and durability, for when you scuff the shoes. It is also great to look cool while doing it. These best cheap skate shoes will make your feet look great and give you the control you need while skateboarding, without breaking the bank.

Fits well, depending on shoe size Budget-Friendly
Mid-Range Soft and comfortable

There are not many athletic activities I have not tried, and skateboarding is among those that I enjoy. While Im not necessarily a committed skater, I do enjoy climbing back on my board from time to time and I understand the importance of a quality shoe while skateboarding. For me, things like having a textured sole to grip the board and having enough bend into the shoe that I can do a few tricks is most important.

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Can You Wear Skate Shoes If You Dont Have Skate

Skate shoes are designed efficiently to withstand jumping down gaps, stairs, and everything else related to skating. But, what if you wear them without skate? Well, skate shoes have a flat bottom. Wearing this type of shoes on working for long hours every day is a nuisance. If you wear them for skating, that is a different scenario, but for otherwise, I dont find it any good.

As skate shoes provide comfort in your heels area while skating, but others are liable to suffer from foot pain. So, your everyday activities such as walking can be quite challenging wearing skate shoes.

Learn More About Skate Shoes


Athletic Classics: Vans® Shoes

Vans® shoes deliver up instant style for wherever the day takes you. From street to surf, you can count on this iconic footwear.

Go for iconic skate with classic Vans® sneakers, or pull together your look with high-top shoes, slip-ons and more. Vans® footwear is the perfect way to make a statementstand out in bold all-over prints, bright colors and classic textures.

And with Vans®, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. This footwear features die-cut EVA midsoles for impact protection and comfort. Padded tongues and collars minimize irritation on the foot. A waffle-grip outsole maintains traction and grip, especially for skaters looking to maintain their edge.

Vans® shoes are available in men’s and women’s styles. Check out the entire collection today or shop the entire selection of athletic footwear at DICK’S Sporting Goods for more.

Featured Categories

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The Right Size For Your Skate Shoes

Of course, above all else, your shoes have to fit you. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that, for example, the shoe size US 10 does not always correspond to size EU 44. Or differently: You might have shoes from different brands in the same size, which fit differently. This is because there is no standardized size key.

To help you find the right size for your new skate shoes, we ‘ve broken down the sizes of all brands in our size charts. You can also switch between US, UK and EU sizes for each shoe in our shop. If a shoe runs particularly small or large, you will find an additional note in the product description.

Everything You Need To Know About Skate Shoes For Men


Skating is a hobby and a profession. Skating originated in Finland more than 4,000 years ago. Although it was first done on snow during winter, the sport has evolved. Today, recreational skating is the most common type of skating. Skating shoes are vital for skaters because they offer foot and ankle support. These shoes are made from different materials depending on the specifications of the manufacturer. There is a wide variety of skate shoes that can be distinguished by their features and design.

What types of skate shoes for men are there?

You can choose between high, middle, or low-cut shoes, depending on your style and preference. The height of the shaft is used to differentiate between these shoe types.

How do skate shoes for men fit?

When buying skate shoes for men, consider that the sizes differ based on the manufacturer. A lot of the time, skate shoes will have a looser fit than other shoes. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s site if you are unsure about how your skate shoes will fit.

What are the popular skate shoes for men?

The list below includes some of the best skate shoes for men.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by adidas, Nike, or Converse.

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Converse Cons Louie Lopez

This model of converse makes for a solid choice of skate shoe. With a similar design and feel to the Janoski, the shoes will appeal to skaters with wider feet that arent comfortable wearing Nikes or other thin shoes. Theyre sold at a very affordable price compared to most skate shoes.

However, the best feature about the shoe lies in the sole, and its overall high flexibility. The sole is incredibly resistant -you barely feel landing primo- and comes with the Converse signature stripe patterns. The outsole, covered in rubber, last long and break in easily which will be a brilliant choice for street skaters.

Shop Affordable Skate Shoes At Skatedeluxe

Nothing lasts forever and at some point you’ll simply need a new pair of skate shoes. If you’re looking for low-priced skate shoes, we recommend the shoe sale in our shop. There, you’ll regularly find current and freshly discounted skate shoes.

Do you want more detailed knowledge about skate shoes or need additional information to find the perfect pair for you? Then just check out our Skate Shoe Wiki. In addition, we regularly put the latest skate shoes to the test for you in our Wear Tests.

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Hot Promotions In Skate

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What Makes A Great Skate Shoe

Cheap Skate Shoes Girl, find Skate Shoes Girl deals on ...

While the best skate shoe also depends on the shape of your feet there are a couple of things that you should look for. Not all skate shoes are equal and some are utter trash.

I already wrote a very detailed post about what makes a great skate shoe and I suggest reading that one if you want to educate yourself before you buy. Anyway heres what to look for when buying skate shoes.

  • First of all look for suede skate shoes, this material deals much better with friction than other material such as canvas.
  • Make sure the shoe provides some heel support, the less risk on a heel bruise the better
  • Look closely at the seams, some shoes dont even have seams on the nose of the shoe. This will make you shoes last longer and they wont fall apart as easily.
  • If you have the budget get insoles that can absorb shocks. These are very comfy shoes and it feels like youre walking on could.
  • Lace hole protection. Some shoes have metal or plastic rings that support prevent the lace holes from tearing.
  • Toe caps when you like transition skateboarding and wear knee pads. It will protect wear and tear when sliding on your knees.
  • High-tops for ankle protection. If your board has a bit of razor tail, high-tops protect your ankles and heels from sharp edges. Low-tops for more freedom of movement and mid-tops for something in between.

I tried many shoes but a couple really stood out, if you want the best shoes on a budget, check out the best skate shoes we tested over 100 hours.

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Why Skate Shoes And Their Properties Are Important For Skating

Skateboarding is not only about riding your board, but also about tricks. These are primarily performed or controlled with the feet. Therefore, it is extremely important that the shoes allow the best possible interaction of skater and skateboard. Skate shoes therefore need special properties:

  • Flexibility for a good board feeling
  • Grip for firm footing
  • Durability and resistance to abrasion

These features are found in the soles, upper materials and other characteristics.

Skate shoe soles: Cup or Vulc?

The soles of skate shoes shouldn’t be too thick in order to ensure optimal control over the skateboard. However, cushioning properties are also important. The profile of skate shoe soles has special patterns that make them more grippy. Generally, skate shoes distinguish between vulcanized soles and cup soles.

In addition, there are intermediate forms that combine elements of vulc and cup soles. An example is the Wafflecup sole from Vans, which you can find on the Vans Crockett Pro for example.

In case you’ve always wondered why skate shoes have such thick soles: the high sole portion on the side of skate shoes is more of an extension of the outsole that provides durability. The actual sole that you stand on is much flatter.

Vulcanized / Vulc soles

In vulc sole shoes, the outsole and intermediate elements are welded to the upper material of the skate shoe by a lateral rubber strip . The insoles or the footbed of vulc skate shoes provide the main cushioning.

Cup soles

Picking The Right Shoes

When you are buying your shoes, make sure they are something that you think looks good and that they are appropriate for your skate style.The materials and construction affect how a shoe feels, performs, its shock absorption capabilities, its grip, and its durability. We look deeper into this topic below:

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Globe Mens Motley Skate Shoe

They are the most affordable option on the list and because they are cheap, you get what you pay for.

They are pretty basic and dont provide that much protection from the effects of skating. This is a problem if you are planning to skate in them. However, I would recommend these to beginners or to people who wont really do a lot of flip tricks. If you like cruising or longboarding, these are perfect. Also if you just want a stylish skater type of shoe.

They do feature a vulcanized sole, maximizing board feel and flexibility. With many options to choose from, you can get leather, suede in different colors and patterns. Makes it easy to get your own pair of inexpensive suede skate shoes.

Factors Need To Consider While Choosing The Best Cheap Skate Shoes:

Cheap Skate Shoes (Affordable Options & Advice!)

In the following segment, we will briefly discuss some features that you must know to find the perfect pair.

Vulcanized Soles VS Cup Soles

You can determine the durability and the broadness of a skate shoe by the type of soles you choose. Cup soles are sturdier and support the heels better since they are a part of the shoe itself. In that regard, Vulcanized soles are foxed and stitched to the shoe body and are debated to feel lighter and have a broader space.

High Tops, Mid-Tops, and Low Tops

This feature determines ankle protection and freedom of movement. High tops provide more ankle protection mid-tops, on the other hand, provide ankle protection and movement, whereas low top provides the most freedom of movement.

Skate Shoe Soles

A lot of small features of a sole contribute to making a good stakes shoe. Look for heal support and quality of insoles. More so, look for the tread patterns of waffle or herringbone for extra grip. Thin souls are better for stake boarding, but they do require extra padding.


The cushioning is your protection layer. They prevent blisters and bruising of heels. The insoles are removable and thereby, replaceable. This factor will ensure the long use of your pair.

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