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Where To Sell Fake Shoes

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Some Common And Costly Mistakes

Selling Fake Shoes Scam! (STORY)

Although I had done my research, I was still in over my head and had a lot to learn. After my biggest month, I made some preventable mistakes that nearly caused me to lose everything I had earned.

First, I ended up with some fakes and it was a mess trying to get my money back from the seller or PayPal.

Nicks Notes: As you might expect with shoes that sell for $1000, theres a thriving black market for counterfeit sneakers.

The other issue I ran into was with my PayPal account itself. They werent used to me taking in such large amounts of money per month, so PayPal put a hold on my money. Since I relied on reinvesting that income into more inventory, that hold took me several months to recover from.

I think I could have avoided that if Id warned them in advance that I would be taking in as much money in a month that I used to take in in a year, but then again I had no idea that I would make so much money so quickly!

Fortunately, I made a recovery and have gathered more knowledge than if it had been smooth sailing from the very start.

Stockxs Verification Test For Spotting Fakes

But it doesnt answer the question of whether StockX sells fake sneakers?

After all, StockX is a billion-dollar company with numerous wealthy and popular investors such as Eminem and Mark Wahlberg, and if StockX did have an actual problem with selling fakes, we would have more concrete evidence from users.

In order to evaluate whether or not it really is simple and even possible to sell fakes on StockX, a couple of popular sneaker reviewers on Youtube tried to sell fake sneakers on StockX. Here are the links to their videos Ari Cagan and TomStefaniuk.

Both of them purchased High-Quality Fake Sneakers from third-party websites and then essentially sold it to themselves on StockX. Once they shipped them to the verification center of StockX, they received an email from StockX 3-4 days later informing them that their sneakers didnt pass the verification test and were thus not being delivered to their destination.

Obviously, only these 2 individuals experience isnt enough to say for sure that StockX does not sell fake sneakers but it does shine a light on the fact that StockX has a professional team that verifies each and every sneaker. Because if you see the videos you will be able to see the quality of these fakes and how they could pass as originals if looked at from a blind eye.

How To Recognize A Store With Fake Products

Every eshop is different. Not every retailer has access to unusual or limited sneakers. This is due to the necessary long negotiations and fulfilment of conditions related to the business portfolio, its contribution to the culture and

In short, this means that if you start a business right now, you definitely cant start selling leading brand products the very next day, let alone the most limited ones. But how to recognize a fake eshop?

Counterfeit stores rely on the ignorance of the customer. Their products are often not described accurately and lack the necessary specifics. The presentation of the product can also arouse suspicion its pretty easy to recognize a low-quality image or even a stolen one. A fundamental rule to follow is that if the store doesnt have its own product photos, the risk of buying fakes is higher. Therefore, dont be afraid to use for example internet reverse image searches.

When choosing a store, look for signs that guarantee authenticity, usually the presence of a warranty card or the retailers business conditions, which must be available on the website you can try out what it should look like here at Footshop. You can find a detailed analysis of how to recognize a fake store, which also requires some skill with the technical capabilities of the browser, in this article. We want to alert you in advance that the link will redirect you to a different site.

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How To Find Shoes To Buy And Sell

Before you can even begin finding shoes to buy and resell, you need to understand the market better.

Reselling shoes are similar to the stock market. There are pairs of shoes that dont start out too hot but eventually accumulate value later on. Conversely, some sneakers generate lots of attention only to fizzle out as time goes by.

Want even more step by step details on how to find great shoes you can sell for a profit? Check out the Hypemaster Playbook for a great course into the shoe reseller world.

To truly benefit from learning how to resell sneakers, you need to purchase products that are sold on the cheap but have lasting value in the long run. One way of doing so is by buying the sneaker on release day at retail prices, which is where they are at their most affordable.

However, instead of lining up to store for hours to buy them, you can quickly place your orders on Frenzy, a Shopify-owned app.

It will notify you of the release dates of the latest sneakers from the biggest brands. From there, you can place your orders and make a profit by reselling them. The goal of the app is to reduce that friction between retailers and consumers so both can seamlessly make transactions and make money faster.

However, new pairs of shoes come far and few in between. To make money in reselling shoes, you need to find pairs sold under reseller price so you can profit off them. But how can you know how much a pair of shoes cost?

Are You Ready For The Rigors Of Selling Used Shoes


This post offers a great overview, but you will need more if youre getting into the game of buying and selling sneakers. If you want to learn from the true expert and get much more depth for how to make this business work for you, you dont need to start as a newbie.

Without a mentor, your chances of losing money and wasting time are higher since youre competing with the experts.

If youre ready to learn how to become a sneaker reseller, youre going to want a mentor to speed up the process.

How to Learn More About Reselling Shoes

I recommend taking a look at the Six Figure SneakerHead HypeMaster Playbook Here.

Use coupon code NICHEMONEY for an extra 10% off.

Reselling shoes is a fun way to make money as a part-time job, if not as a full-time one, and regardless of your age. If you are into basketball and hip-hop or if you have experience in flipping items before, then you are already a step ahead of other beginners in the game.

If youre looking for other ways to make some money, look at buying and selling concert tickets.

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Does Ajio Sell Original Nike Products

Yes. Ajio sells original Nike products.

I was shocked to discover this amazing truth. I never even realized that Ajio sells Nike products until I made my research and discovered that they sell Nike products.

Furthermore, I was a bit skeptical about making the purchase because I just heard about Ajio at that time and all I heard was that they make fake products.

However, I gave it a try because of the cheap price and the first Nike sneakers I got were amazing. I still use it till today.

Ajio sells original Nike products which are durable and trade-marked by Nike.

Dont expect your Nike product to come in a NIKE-BRANDED box anyways. Since its sold by Ajio, then the package comes with an Ajio branded box.

There is nothing to worry about concerning this at all. The Nike shoes sold by Ajio are so soft and comfortable to wear.

The SKU number on the label of the package box is the same as that on the inside of the Nike shoe.

When it comes to Nike products, there is nothing to worry about. From my experience with Nike shoes, Ajio sells original Nike shoes and this also extends to all of the Nike products as well.

The price might be cheaper than what you would find in the original Nike store, but the products are of good quality.

Cheap Nike Shoes From China Are They Worth It

Cheap Nike shoes from China are not like how they are in the past. These are super high quality shoes and exact Nike replicas.

The best part is about worldwide shipping at a fraction of the cost, if you are looking for Nike copy shoes in the UK or Nike replica shoes in the US, you can still get these shoes delivered from Aliexpress.

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What Are Replica Goods

Replica goods are close copies of the original goods. Also referred to as knockoffs, they are acknowledged to be modeled after the original famous product. Therefore, even though they share a striking resemblance with the original goods, they are not passed off as being the real deal.

Replica goods are considered to be legitimate copies because they do not bear the branded products trademark. So, while a replica might have the same feature and functionality of a famous or branded product, it usually carries a different symbol or logo which is admittedly similar to the famous one.

As a result, they are not outrightly illegal.

Replica goods can be created to look similar to branded items in many various categories including but not limited to:

  • Clothes

Does Dsw Only Sell Made For Discount Or Outlet Shoes

I Sold Fake Sneakers on StockX. This is What Happened

Disclosure: I had another post on this but I deleted it because I used the term knockoff to describe the practice of creating a secondary product line using cheaper materials and/or manufacturing to be sold at discount stores. Heres an article on this practice. Racked article: Buyer Beware: What You’re Actually Getting at Outlet Stores

I deleted the other post because the term knockoff was creating a lot of confusion and distraction. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience/confusion from that post to this. From here on out, Im using Made for discount as was suggested.

I am singling out DSW because, while other companies do this, I stumbled across a class action lawsuit naming DSW as the defendant in CA. DSW class action lawsuit accuses the shoe retailer of tricking consumers into thinking theyre getting a bargain that may not even exist.

The shoes I saw in question were made by Naturalizer:

Original, Emiline

Other than the price and placement of the seam from the front to the back, theres not much of a visual difference without seeing them in person. Using the websites, its clear these Kit2 shoes are Made for discount and are a cheaper version of their Emiline shoes. Hopefully this isnt in dispute.

Thoughts? Comments?

And if this is the wrong sub for this, please simply suggest another sub and Ill remove it and ask there.

Original Step Allena Sun –

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What Is The Criteria For Shoes Being Checked

The program currently authenticates the most popular sneaker styles and brands on the marketplace Nike, Adidas and New Balance in new and most recently, used condition.

As these three brands are the most popular, they unfortunately have some of the most counterfeited shoes.

These include the top three favoured sneakers in the UK which are the Nike Air Jordan 1’s followed by the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s and the Nike Air Max 90’s.

For shoes to be covered by the guarantee they must be purchased for £150 or more on eBay.

Wahaaj Shabbir, a sneaker lover, works to help sellers make the most of their listings on eBay

Applying The 10x Rule

Thinking back again to the successful commodity traders, I recognized the obvious fact that the reason that these traders became millionaires is because they were trading in large quantities of money.

I had also been watching the TV show Million Dollar Listing at the time, where real estate agents made as much money selling one house as the average American would earn in a year. They did basically the same amount of work as the typical real estate agent but made ten times more simply because they were selling houses that were ten times more.

I was selling $50-$100 items and making about $10 per sale and $50 per week, so I thought, why dont I sell items that are priced at $500-$1000 and make $100 per sale and $500 per week?

A similar amount of work for 10x the results.

I had saved some money and was ready to start flipping more expensive items but wasnt really sure where to start, so I searched for higher ticket items to sell. I knew luxury items were expensive, so I researched high end designer items and expensive watches.

Through my research though, I found that it was nearly impossible to make money reselling name brand luxury items. In fact, they were almost universally selling for less on eBay than they were in the store, even when they were on clearance.

Every now and then, I would find a luxury item on deep clearance at the mall and see on eBay that I could make a profit, but that the margin would be too thin and the sale too slow to justify the upfront investment.

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Faqs On Buying Nike Copy Shoes

Do the shoes come with free shipping?

Yes most sellers offer free shipping. But be warned, they might take longer to come. The paid options range from $2 to $10 per shipping and this depends on the location. But you will get your shipment within a week.

What are the most popular Nikesand are there replicas for them?

Currently the most popular Nikes are

  • Nike Joyride Flyknit Yes

There are replicas available for most of these Nikes.

What is the best selling Nike shoes of all time?

There is no exact number unless Nike publishes it, but based on popular demand, it was the Nike Air Jordans

What are the different types of Nike shoes?

Nike makes running shoes, basketball shoes, skateboarding shoes, casual sport shoes.

Which Nike shoes are the most comfortable?

If you want pure and true comfort, then Nike running shoes are the best. The soles protect your heel from impact and eventually, pain.

What is the best website for fake shoes?

Fake is mimicking the logo. Replica is a better term. There are numerous sites for replica shoes. But most importantly Dhgate and Aliexpress have a good collection.

What are replica sneakers?

Replica sneakers are imitation sneakers. The manufacturers dont necessarily want to pass off their shoes as original Nikes.

That is why, they dont add the logo in some cases or they modify it a bit. Replica sneakers are legal and are not illegal. Fake sneakers are illegal as they circumvent the copyright of the brand.

Where to buy fake nikes?

Harmful Effects Of The Counterfeiting Industry

Selling Fake Shoes Scam! (STORY)

Unfortunately, the counterfeiting market is a booming industry across the world as many buyers are wanting to achieve that high end designer look for that thrift store price. Buying and selling fake goods can destroy the reputation of a legitimate business. It can decrease their rightful profit margin and hurt their overall business. Not only does the counterfeiting industry impact the actual business whose product they are trying to replicate, it has further ramifications that most consumers may not be aware of. What you may not know is that whether youre purchasing a knock-off pair of fake shoes or buying counterfeit designer goods, you are causing a huge impact on the world around you.

In order to help combat this epidemic, consumers must beware of their purchases. If a bargain seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Although it might seem like a good idea to buy that $300 dollar designer bag for $10 from some street vendor, just be aware of the dire consequences that your purchase may come with. Better yet, just save your hard-earned dollars for a purchase that will be more worth it.

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Where And How To Buy And Sell Shoes

Now that you have the shoes, you must find the best channels where you can sell them to turn in a profit.

You can start by creating an account on a consignment shop like StockX to resell the shoes there. Both sites serve as middlemen between buyer and seller. Therefore, you deal directly with either website to sell your shoes. Send them the sneakers when youve chosen the highest bid, and they will take care of the rest.

Sites like StockX are convenient ways to sell your shoes and ensures buyers that they wont be duped by fake sneakers.

On the flipside, you dont get the personal touch from consignment stores that go with seller-to-buyer transactions. However, if youre not much of a salesman or a people person, then this shouldnt be a problem.

If you want the traditional way of reselling shoes, you can always go the way of Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and eBay. These sites allow you to put your personal touch on your pairs product page.

As a best practice, you need to be descriptive and detailed as possible about the sneakers. Leave no stone unturned and make sure that you are honest in your description. Assuming that youre a new seller, itll take time before buyers warm up to you. Therefore, you need to keep working on gaining the trust of buyers and continue marching forward.

What Is Flight Club A Scam Or Is Itreal Legit Sneakers

Flight Club is a website that sells updated products, including footwear. This website was created for sneakers. Here you will find sneakers from the classic version to the latest version. The specialty of this site is that products can be purchased at affordable prices here.

Not only this, with the help of the flight club, we can get top branded clothes. Flight Club provides authentic products thats why it has become a popular marketplace, Where you can buy and sell also. And yes, it real legit sneakers. But that depends on the honesty of the seller of the sneakers.

However, you can check before you buy. But how to check? Before buying shoes, you need to know where the seller bought the shoes from. You can see his receipt. However, it is not easy to verify the authenticity of the receipt, especially if it was shoes a few years ago. This may be a limitation of this site. However, in 99% of the cases, good feedback was received from this site.

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