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Which Shoes Are Best For Tennis

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Adidas Adizero Ubersonic Tennis Shoe

The Best Tennis Shoe For Every Foot Type, Game Style, And Injury Explained By Real Foot Doctor

If youre a competitive tennis player, on the court a few times per week or more, and need a high-performance and durable shoe, the Adidas Adizero series of shoes is for you.

This shoe is made with a combination of textile and synthetic upper, with a thick rubber outsole for excellent durability. Adidas removed the tongue from these shoes, creating a mesh upper that you simply slide your foot into. It enhances the comfort level by reducing the chances of a tongue rubbing or irritating your foot. This new upper design also wraps around your foot like a sock, letting you control the shoe easier, increasing performance.

The thick, rubber sole makes it durable, making it one of the most reliable shoes on the market. For tennis players who drag their foot on serves or volleys, the Adituff toe creates extra protection.

This new line from Adidas is also more lightweight than their previous shoes. It seems like they reduced some of the cushioning around the ankle and top of the foot, which doesnt decrease comfort, but may decrease support slightly.

Pros and Cons

What Are Some Features Of A Boy’s Tennis Shoe


The first and most important feature of every boy’s tennis shoes is the comfort level. Even though you may have the correct size, be sure to see if they are pleasant to wear. Most tennis shoes won’t require any break-in, so this means that if the shoe doesn’t provide the proper comfort now, then they may never be comfortable to wear.


Tennis is mostly played during the hot summer days, and one match might last a couple of hours. So, another crucial feature that you should think of is the breathability of the tennis shoe. Without breathable fabric, your kid’s feet will overheat, and this could affect his playing performance.


A player is doing a lot of stopping and starting in various directions during the tennis match, and to prevent unexpected injuries, having stability is pretty crucial. Your boy should feel locked in at all times because even a tiny bit of slippage can lead to a doubtful feeling, and even worse a terrible injury. To have maximum stability, be sure to look for tennis shoes that have anti-slip rubber soles and plenty of support around the midfoot and ankle.

Flexibility & Performance Vs Support & Stability

Choosing between flexibility and support is similar to choosing between a durable and lightweight shoe. As you prioritize one, you sacrifice the other.

Who Uses More Flexible Shoes?

Flexibility allows the shoe to mold to your foot better as you move around the tennis court. A more flexible shoe will help you cut and run around the court better because as you move, the material in the shoe will adjust with your movement.

A more high-performance, flexible shoe is typically for advanced players who are in good shape, and less prone to injury. This type of player moves quickly on the tennis court and needs a shoe that can respond to their movements fast.

A good rule of thumb is, the more flexible you are, the more flexible your shoe can be. A shoe that is more flexible, however, will also usually have less support.

Who Needs a More Supportive Shoe?

Support provides stability and cushion for your feet and joints. A supportive shoe can have a higher profile around the ankle for extra support. It can also have more cushion in the sole and upper to absorb the impact and keep your foot stable when it hits the tennis court. This helps with pain and can help prevent injury, but does sacrifice mobility and flexibility.

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How Do You Choose Your Tennis Shoes

File Photo Credit: Wei De/SportSG

Selecting a pair of tennis shoes that best fits a player is essential to his or her performance on the court. A typical game of tennis involves sudden starts and stops, and rapid side to side movements that will impact your feet and ankles.

That being said, wearing a good pair of tennis shoes makes all the difference between bringing your A game to the courts andinjuring yourself. Here are a few tips to help you pick your dream pair:

4. Reinforced toecaps are the key to rapid start and stop motions frequently found in serve and volley players. They are the extra piece of material added to the external toe area of the shoe to increase durability and stop forward movement quickly. Too much or too little space in the toe box will cause unnecessary pressure on your big toe for the same reason.

Find your tennis shoes with the right fit and sole. Lateral support and reinforced toecaps makes the difference between an enjoyable game and an injury.

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How To Lace Tennis Shoes

Best tennis shoes for wide feet that offer maximum comfort ...

Lacing your shoes is not as simple a question as it may seem at face value. There are a number of different ways to lace your sneakers and the manner in which you do can help to alleviate pain and specific foot problems you may have. There are a few basic rules to follow. Always lace your shoes starting with the eyelets closest to your toes and then work your way to the tongue.

The best and most common method of lacing shoes is the crisscross method. There are a few other methods out there that will help people with specific needs and we run through a few of them here for you.

Narrow Feet

Pull the laces tight to the sides of your sneakers by using the eyelets that are situated the furthest from the tongue of the sneaker, then lace them up, ensuring they remain tight.

Wide Feet

The wider your feet the more room you will need. Using the eyelets that are the nearest to the tongue of the shoe will give your foot a little more room to move.

Heel Problems

If you suffer from heel problems it would be best to use all the eyelets on your sneaker and to tie the laces tightly at the top to give the heel a little more support.

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is hands down one of the most popular tennis shoes on the market with a star-studded lineup who wear them, including Roger Federer.

One of the main reasons we love this shoe is because it delivers excellent performance in a lightweight package. As a tradeoff, one of the shoes biggest pitfalls is durability because Nike sheds protective weight wherever possible, but its a tradeoff were happy to make.

At the shoes heel, youll find Nikes low profile Zoom Air technology, which combined with Phylon throughout the remainder of the midsole offers responsive comfort thats not too mushy or harsh.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X also features a breathable mesh upper that makes it one of the best-ventilated tennis shoes on the market, but its also part of how the shoe maintains a lower weight.

Last but not least, this is our pick for the most stylish tennis shoe on the market, and youll find it available in more color combinations than almost any other shoe out there to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Adidas Womens Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

A ladies shoe that is not only a tennis court but also an exceptional cross trainer as well. You can wear the adidas Gamecourt lace-up sneaker tennis shoes both on and off the court. First and foremost this is a tennis shoe. The rubber sole offers exceptional grip on any surface, and is perfect for the hard courts. The lightweight mesh uppers and textile lining give the shoe a great look for wearing both on the court during a match or off the court when in training.

The shoe is lightweight and easy to move in, your feet are well supported by the ADIWEAR outsole. This outsole also makes the shoe incredibly durable and flexible and, along with the mesh uppers, provides a snug and comfortable fit for your foot keeping them cool and dry. ADIPRENE cushions and protects your heels and along with the forefoot straps offer additional support in the midsoles.

For high performance both on the court during the game, or off the court while training the Adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoes provides all the style, support, and comfort you need. Featuring Adidas ADIPRENE, ADIWEAR and rubber soles, you can be sure of quality, excellent cushioning and ultimate support.


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Best Tennis Shoes In 2021

Disclaimer: This guide will be covering athletic tennis shoes that are used for playing on the court. If you are after a pair of casual sneakers, see our selection of tennis-inspired kicks.

When you are just starting out, all tennis shoes appear the same. However, the way they feel and perform on the court can vary greatly. We have tested over 40 pairs of tennis shoes to help you find the one that works best for you.

Some tennis shoes are made for nimble players, others have more cushioning or stability for the most active playing styles. When in doubt, just go with the best overall.

To learn more about choosing tennis shoes based on the type of court and your playing style, scroll down to the guide below.

How Long Do Tennis Shoes Last

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Summer / Fall 2021

Any athletic shoe will last you for about 500 miles or the equivalent of three to six months and tennis shoes are no different. This, of course, depends on how often you use them and how aggressively you play, this makes a difference in the wear and tear of the cushioning of the sneaker and curtails their lifespan.

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Profile Of The Asics Gel Resolution 8

As if Asics had explored all boundaries to provide the best when it dropped the Gel Resolution 7, it has more explosive revelations with the 8th generation. Though built with subtle updates, this trainer is packed with the top attributes linked to the Gel Resolution label, namely durability, stability, and comfort. And, its bound to deliver more.

One of the modifications is the Dynawall, which visibly beefs up and internally stabilizes the lateral side. It is met by the Trusstic midfoot system that works as torsional support. For improved locked-in feel, the Dynawrap lacing system is added into this version. The Gel Resolution 8 is not entirely lightweight as the Gel Solution Speed 3 and the Flytefoam-made Solution Speed FF 2, but it doesnt overburden or drag the foot down.

Quality Vs Value In A Tennis Shoe

As with any purchase, you have to decide how important the quality of the tennis sneaker is to you.

The Prince T22.5 shoes are great value shoes for beginners and advanced players.

There are many shoes on the market you can get for under $70, but they will typically not last as long or have the combination of performance and stability that competitive players look for.

That said, if youre only a recreational tennis player who only plays a few times per month, then a better value could be more important to you.

You ultimately have to decide for yourself. Above, we have reviewed both types of shoes.

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Best Budget: Nike Women’s Court Lite 2

Nike’s Court Lite tennis shoes for women are a longtime classic that won’t break the bank, Garcia says. Their soft ankle padding helps prevent chafing and blisters as you shift your weight from side to side.

They’ve also got a thick outsole, which is ideal for hard courts, she says. Thicker soles are more resistant to wear from the court against your shoe. But if you’re playing on clay or both hard and clay courts, she recommends opting for a clay-specific or hybrid shoe .

Buy Price: $64.99

Lotto Mens Mirage 100 Best For Ankle Pain

Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes For Women (2020 Edition)

To help the players with top pros, or the player who is searching for the best tennis shoes for working out, Lotto men mirage 100 tennis shoes are the best one in regards to stability and comfort. The upper layer of the shoes is equipped with a multi-layer Kurim for more breathability. With the anti-abrasion toe cap, you will feel feather-weight while playing tennis. It will help in keeping your feet dry in hot weather conditions.

The middle of the shoes has the moulded E.V.A. cushion Technology that aids in more stability of the player. Therefore, it is counted among the best-cushioned tennis shoes. Moreover, SYN-Pulse Technology adds more comfort with extra padding of the shoes. It reduces the court shock and helps you in moving quickly at each step.

The Ortholite feature of the shoes has a maximum thickness of 5.5mm minimum of 4mm so that you can enjoy the slim fit shoes. For the enhanced traction and durability, there is a geometric and innovative outsole for the user. You will have a tight grip on the court surface while using the shoes. The shoes allow the user more bouncing capability while replying to the incoming shots.

You can select between White, Navy, and Orange colour if you choose these shoes from the best tennis shoes list. After manufacturing, the weight of the shoes was found to be 12.6 ounces. Therefore, it is light to carry while you are facing a hard game. Bringing shoes to the wardrobe and focus on the winning prize!



Bottom Line

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Best For Clay Courts: Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 3+ Clay

Diadora’s Blushield shoes are best for matches on clay courts, Garcia says.

Clay courts are softer and often more slippery than hard courts. When you don’t wear the right pair of shoes, the surface can feel unstable. Diadora’s shoes have a rubber tread on the bottom that helps prevent excessive sliding or slipping.

Buy Price: $135

How To Choose The Best Nursing Tennis Shoes

Few points to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a good nursing tennis shoe:

  • Look for cushioning and arch support because nurses need to be on their feet for a long.
  • The toe box should be wide so that cramping of the toe is avoided. Not taking care of this could lead to bunions and other such problems. See also:Best Shoes for Nurses With Bunions
  • The sole should be of the best quality rubber or other synthetic material so that the risk of slips and falls is totally eliminated.
  • You have to choose between leather and mesh. According to experts, the mesh is a better option because it offers greater flexibility and stretchable features.
  • Also, pay attention to quality socks because your nursing tennis shoes are as good as the socks that you wear them with.
  • Never compromise on quality and ever settle for low-cost unbranded tennis nursing shoes.
  • Easy maintenance and washable facilities should also be kept in mind.

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New Balance Womens 411 V1 Training Shoe Top Tennis Shoes For Nurses

New Balance shoes require no introduction, they have been in the market for a long period now, and they are known for their reliability and comfort.

The New Balance 411 V1 training shoes are specifically made for walking purposes. Therefore New Balance claims them as THE WALKING SHOES.

Believe me its not just another marketing gimmick there is more to it.

Firstly, the shoes are well-cushioned you have to use them to believe how lightweight and comfortable these shoes actually are. The inner of these shoes is well-padded and provides your feet with a snug fit.

Moreover, the midsole of these shoes is made out of Cloudfoam, which is shock absorbent. On top of that, these shoes also have imported rubber sole, that provides traction and control on a variety of different surfaces.

Plus, it is also highly durable. That means you can use these shoes for an extended period of time, without any problem.

Besides, the perforated mesh also ensures that your feet are well-breathed in these shoes.

Lastly, there are ample amount of color choices available on these shoes. So, you can choose the color that suits your personality.

Best Value: Adidas Mens Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes For 2021 (Spring)

Tennis is a fasts, competitive sport that demands a lot from your feet. You need to be able to move effortlessly and quickly across the court and your feet need protection from the pressures you place on them during the game. The adidas Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe gives you all of that and more. A rubber sole provides the traction you need to stop and turn instantly and the textile upper is lightweight and supportive of your foot.

The shaft of the shoe is low-top inches from the arch. The Torison system provides support and comfort in the midfoot for when lunging for balls and Adiprene cushions your heels and toes as you move around the court. The insole of this tennis shoe is removable and replaceable with your own specialized orthopedic sole for ultimate comfort. The synthetic upper is not only durable but also stylish in design.

When you are starting out in the sport, you do not want to spend a fortune on shoes, but you know that these are one of the most important parts of your entire kit. The adidas Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe is not only well priced but offers everything you need in a tennis shoe to perform on the court.

Your feet are guaranteed the best support, comfort and protection with the Adidas when you are speeding around the court during the match. Lightweight synthetic uppers, rubber soles for superb traction and excellent pricing make this tennis shoe one of the best for value on the market.


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