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Who Makes The Best Slip Resistant Shoes

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Merrell Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip

Top 10 Non-Slip and Slip Resistant Shoes for Women

Merrells Jungle Moc is a a real gem of a range: beloved by basically all reviewers, its not hard to understand why so many people love these shoes. And their Nubuck Waterproof Slip-Ons may just be the best of the lot.

They are made from a combination of nubuck leather and synthetics, making for a really solid, respectable-looking shoe that is super durable. And the outsoles provide a great deal of slip-resistance and stability, whilst channelling water away and making the shoes totally waterproof.

That might be enough for some, but these are also incredibly comfortable: they have a padded collar with a pull-on loop, a targeted air cushion on the heel, a compression-moulded EVA foam foot frame, and are incredibly breathable. They slip on and off with real ease and comfort, never straining under your heel.

Ultimately, this makes for a great outdoor shoe which will give you all the support and comfort you need for long walks or trips. A pricey pair, for sure. But when you consider the extraordinary durability, it starts to look more like an investment and a good one at that!


  • Very pricey, lets be honest!

Bottom Line

A very comfortable, very durable, very low-maintenance shoe that is great for anyone with a taste for the outdoors looking for a true investment.

How To Make Your Shoes Non

It can be dangerous to work in an environment like restaurants without a pair of non-slip shoes because the floor is usually soaked up in water. Well, its not always possible to watch every single step when you need to be on your feet all the time! Its truly a pain in the neck. During

Skechers For Work Womens Ghenter Shoe

Sketchers is well regarded for their work in this sector of the market, and as such they are at #1 with this sneaker look. And you can immediately look at it and not be disgusted, so thats a major plus, too, right? Despite the black, fairly plain look, it looks classy and isnt just plain Jane with a nice design.; On the bottoms, you get a nice surface with plenty of tiny treads on the bottom that will give you a good amount of traction.; One of the things you might be most happy with is the amount of mesh that is used in these shoes.; Mesh is used to give your feet the chance to breath, and this does that in spades, with it located all over the shoe in front, back, and middle.; The mesh also makes them very easy to clean, with you being able to throw them into the washer and then leave them out to air dry.; They are also lightweight in nature due to the use of the material, meaning you are able to not feel much of anything on you, which can be a real life saver toward the end of a long shift at work.; A downside to mesh is that they do let in water easily, so that is something to factor in.; Some users have expressed issues with a lack of arch support, so if you are flat footed, you might really want to do your research and think about these shoes because they might not be the right ones for you.

  • Tons of breathability built in
  • Not bulky at all compared to many
  • Arch support can be lacking
  • Mesh can let in water

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Best Shoes Like Dansko

Dansko shoes are a popular choice for working professionals especially for those who are standing all day at work. These shoes are often appreciated for being comfortable, practical yet beautiful. Sure, a pair of clogs will not have the same aesthetics appeal to a pair of stilettos, but with Dansko shoes you would not mind

New Balance Mens Mid626k2 Slip Resistant Lace

Black Waterproof Forced Entry Slip Resistant Mid Top ...

The Mens MID626K2 has been made using 100 percent leather. This ensures that the shoes would last longer and wont wear quickly despite rough conditions. These shoes also provide a comfortable fit, but there is no padded collar or memory foam which means that comfort can be an issue.

The Mens MID626K2 boasts a rubber sole which will give you a solid grip on all types of wet or oily surfaces. Rubber has great slip-resistant properties even under slippery conditions which is why it is considered a good material option for the outsole of slip-resistant shoes. The New Balance Mens MID626K2 also boasts an Abzorb crash pad in the heel to offer shock protection.

This shoe isnt as good as the other three we have mentioned above, but it should offer good slip resistance on light surfaces. So it could be an option for you if you want a durable slip-resistant shoe for light use.

Pros of the New Balance Mens MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes

  • Durable thanks to leather construction
  • Rubber sole reduces the likelihood of slips and falls
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Cons of the New Balance Mens MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes

  • Not too comfortable

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Skechers For Work Womens 76567 Shape Ups Maisto Elon Sneaker

The Womens Maisto Elon sneaker features a work shoe that promotes steady and stable walking on various kinds of;surfaces. The upper is made of leather and synthetic for protecting your feet. The shoe comes with a traditional lace-up design for a secure fit. Just like other Skechers, the shoe has;a padded tongue and collar for all day comfort. The fabric lining in the inside of the shoe gives the feet a comfortable feel and fit. A memory foam has been used to cushion the footbed for a long lasting support and comfort. The super soft midsole, with a kinetic wedge design absorb shocks for additional comfort. The rubber rocker outsole that is especially crafted, propels your feet forward while maintaining a stable gait and proper posture. The shoes fit as expected and they are some of the best when working on concrete or slippery surfaces.

Boot Bomb Rating:

A Pair Of Crocs With A Cult Following

If youâre on your feet for hours, you may want to slip into these supportive slingback Crocs that have gotten more than 16,000 reviews and an impressively high overall rating of 4.6 stars. The relaxed-fit clog is extra roomy, giving feet plenty of wiggle room if they swell, and the slip-resistant treads offer traction on slick floors. The back sling keeps the shoe securely on your foot, and the contoured foot beds offer targeted support. And if your shoes get spilled on, no problem â these Crocs are super easy to wipe clean with soap and water.

  • Available colors: 14

A happy reviewer: âBased on the reviews and comments from other people who’ve used Crocs, I thought I’d give them a try. WOW! Super comfortable, like wearing sandals. Light, good support, and non-slip.”

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Mens Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

The Mens Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe from Skechers has been designed and constructed by a manufacturer which has won awards and is a global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry. Its lifestyle footwear appeals very strongly to a wide variety of audiences globally which include men, women, teens, and children. It is particularly liked by those people who refollow modern design and fashion trends as well as the utility of the shoes.

Fila Womens Memory Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

SR Max Slip Resistant Shoes

The Fila Memory Runtronic is a pair of slip-resistant work shoes, designed for all-day comfort. These work shoes feature an upper made of synthetic and leather, designed to keep the shoes flexible while making sure that your feet have adequate protection and support. The upper also features numerous perforations. Therefore, even if you spend the entire day on your feet, your feet will remain cool and fresh throughout. Both the collar and the tongue are padded for extra cushioning and ankle support while a traditional lace-up closure will give you a relaxed, custom fit.

These slip-resistant shoes for women are also equipped with a proprietary COOLMAX fiber sock liner, which ensures that your feet have adequate cushioning and arch support, regardless of how many hours you spend standing. Their outsole is made of solid rubber, which supplies reliable traction round the clock. This durable rubber outsole also meets applicable standards on traction, which means the shoes are applicable in numerous industrial applications.


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How To Check And Verify Anti Slip Claims

Checking for yourself is a crucial part of ensuring that you actually have indeed purchased slip resistant shoes or that you will be purchasing said pair of shoes.; There are ways to do this besides just believing the advertising automatically, and you should always make sure to take a look before you buy them and realize you have made a mistake.

You also should do these tests when you receive the shoes as well, just to make sure that you were not sent something that is not what you ordered.; The best way to prevent all of this is to try them on in store, but given the busy nature of everyone in todays culture and the fact that online shopping is so prevalent, that can sometimes be too much of an ask.

The Importance of the Sole

These are the things that a sole need to have on the bottom in order for them to be slip resistant: pliable and rubber and a tread that is small.; Those dont seem to be a big deal, but a good number of shoes can be eliminated right off the bat.; A slip resistant shoe needs to have something pliable about it on the bottom, meaning they it is flexible and easily bent.; This doesnt mean the whole shoe, as we have discussed previously, but instead just the bristles on the bottom.

Finger Press Test

Sr Max Malibu Womens Black Slip Resistant Sneaker

There are several brands in the market today, claiming to sell non-slip shoes. However, most are clunky and uncomfortable. The Malibu is a sleek and lightweight work shoe for ladies who dont want heavy shoes that can slow them down. These shoes can be used in healthcare, grocery, food service, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. The shoes feel and look great and the arch support is just excellent. The shoe fits perfectly in both size and width. The sole is made from rubber, making it light for easy movement. The shoes are also fitted with mesh fabric lining for keeping your feet comfortable. The insoles provide full cushioning and can be replaced with better ones;if you want to maximize your support. The upper is suede and made with a;genuine leather upper. It is easy to maintain and sturdy to serve you for many years to come. For quality, affordability, and comfort, the SR Malibu Womens Shoe is the perfect selection.

Boot Bomb Rating:

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Mens Running Shoes Lightweight Non

The Mens Running Shoes, Lightweight Non-Slip Gym Athletic Sneakers from MAIITRIP has been designed and manufactured as a highly durable slip-resistant shoe which is equally good for walking or for activities like playing tennis. It is fully backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes with a 3-month quality warranty. The purchase is entirely risk-free and ensures a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Skechers Womens Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe


I have personally always used sneakers for tennis. Having tested many brands, I decided to try the Birkenstock slip-resistant shoes. Well, the results were impressive. These are high-quality shoes designed to offer unmatched comfort. They boast an incredible arch to shaft size making them quite comfortable. Additionally, the shoes feature a tough construction offering years of service. The advanced rubber sole design makes them ideal for all surfaces.; They are ideal for use even in slippery surfaces.

Furthermore, the lightweight construction makes them ideal for different activities like sports and walking. These shoes are also ideal for longer uses. The breathable design offers ultimate ventilation. The shoes also feature an elegant finish making them better and ideal for different occasions. You can easily match them up with different outfits. The shoes also boast a water-resistant construction making them perfect for use in moist environments. These non-slip shoes also deliver a snug fit. Therefore, they guarantee ultimate comfort for the users. The advanced construction makes them perfect for different users.

Extra features:

  • They offer a snug and comfortable fit

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Usage Of Sandpaper To Scratch The Soles

To make your shoes nonslip you can take the help of thin sand paper. A rough base of your shoes will create if you scuff your shoes from the bottom with thin sandpaper. This base will benefit the user and helped to pass any greasy surface without any concern. If you want to see improved consequences then you can have a 50 grit sandpaper and keep rubbing it until the surface becomes bumpy.

Combine Sand And Adhesive

This is an entirely foolproof method that works all the time.

How to do it? Simply get yourself a measure of fine sand. Make sure that the sand is free of stones, sticks and other sharp objects like glass or nail.

Place a generous amount of adhesive on the surface of your shoes soles. Make sure that the entire surface is well covered with the sand. Sprinkle some of the sand that you have collected over the adhesive and allow it to dry.

This may take time to dry up but by the time it is done, you should have shoe soles with a really good grip.

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Skechers For Work Mens Flex Advantage Slip

Skechers deserves another entry in our reviews with its Mcallen Slip-on for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is their breathable, mesh upper that keeps your feet cool and comfortable during a busy shift.

As its name suggests, it features a slip-on design that makes for easy on and off convenience, and includes elastic side gores for additional comfort whether youre slipping on or out of them. But the Mcallens highlight feature is its slip-resistant traction outsole. Its lab-tested for slip resistance and helps you to avoid dangerous situations that may occur in any kitchen or restaurant.

The sole is lightweight and wont make you feel that your shoes are weighing you down. Cushioning and comfort are other strong features of the Mcallen. The synthetic mesh fabric on the shoes upper is stylish and lightweight, while its FlexSole removable shock-absorbing midsole never feels too heavy, either. All in all, the Mcallens relaxed design helps to keep your feet fresh not fatigued during a long day. And youll never have to worry about your shoes coming untied.


  • The mesh upper isnt completely waterproof.

Bottom line

The Skechers Mcallen is all about comfort and safety, which is a nice combination to have. Its ideal for the stress and demands of a busy workplace.

Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer

Chef shoe – Best Work Shoes Slip Resistant Sole

Here’s a unique and modern machine-washable sailing shoe designed for comfort and good looks. The Swims Penny Loafer is a well-executed take on an old design and an excellent choice for warm-weather sailing.

The Swims Penny Loafer is completely waterproof and designed for use in wet conditions. It’s washable and contains antimicrobial materials to stay sanitary even in the worst conditions.

The shoe features a proven traction sole design with scoring and anti-slip compounds. It’s ideal for walking around fiberglass or wooden deck and maintains traction when the deck is wet.

These shoes are designed to look like penny loafers, which means they’re both stylish and comfortable. They can be worn with or without socks, but they’re designed primarily for sockless use.

Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer sailboat shoes are currently available in light blue, gray, brown, black, and dark blue. Two-tone gray and neon green are available, and the rest of the colors feature a close-to-matching sole.

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How About The Tread

The other thing to look for with non-slip shoes is the tread pattern. Youll usually see little squiggles, circles, or hexagons on the bottom of the outsole. This is intended to create friction, which helps you grip the floor without collecting water underneath. Generally speaking, the smaller the pattern, the better the slip-resistance will be.

Each style from the Vionic Pro collection features our exclusive Vio-Grip Technology. This means that with every pair, youll get a light yet sturdy rubber outsole with a small-scale hexagonal tread pattern for unbeatable traction that prevents slips and falls.

Skechers For Work Womens 76550 Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Skechers are shoes designed for better performance and a great feel. These shoes for the working woman are made of;smooth solid leather. They also feature a lace-up design for casual work. These rugged work shoes have also been fitted with side mini perforated panels that provide a cooling effect to;your feet. Memory foam removable insoles provide you with top-notch comfort. Just like other shoes from Skechers, the Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe comes with a lightweight, shock absorbing FlexSole midsole for durability and cushioning. These skechers give you the confidence you need at your work place. The insert can also be removed, if you prefer deep work shoes. Of if youd rather have other insoles in there, ofcourse. They are affordable; their arch support is ideal and remains some of the most comfortable work shoes. They are some of the best non slip;shoes for flat feet.

Boot Bomb Rating:

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Oil Resistant Vs Slip

When you say a shoe is slip-resistant you can also say, in many cases, that its oil-resistant. Theyre a lot alike, but also different, if that makes sense. Heres how it works:

  • A slip-resistant shoe is tested for use on all types of slippery surfaces those that are oily, have patches and puddles of water, etc. So, a non-slip shoe, generally speaking, provides sufficient traction on oily surfaces, but were talking primarily about the shoes outsole.
  • An oil-resistant shoe refers to the whole shoe, not just its outsole. That means it outsole, insole, upper, lining everything is designed for protection against potential oil damage. Common materials used in shoe-making quickly degrade if exposed to oil frequently. Corrosion still happens on shoes made of oil-resistant materials, but more slowly than shoes that dont use those materials.
  • A slip-resistant shoe can prevent mishaps and slips on oily surfaces, but its upper may be susceptible to oil damage if not treated with oil-resistant materials.

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