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Super-star Ltd Sneakers With Colored Glitter Star And Heel Tab

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Fake Golden Goose Super

Skechers Rhinestone Slip-On Shoes – Madison Ave on QVC

While the replica-factory made each text thicker and wider in other places, they did the total opposite here- the letters in the right picture are smaller and narrower when they are supposed to replicate the effect shown on the authentic tag.

The fuzzy background is not so fuzzy either on the fake pair.

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Discover the new sneaker releases, handmade clothes, and womens fashion accessories by Golden Goose. Ill be uploading this post whenever I find a new release from Golden Goose that I love!

Golden Goose is a luxury brand that offers high-end shoes, handbags, and other clothes. The company was founded in 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. Golden Goose has been a favorite of mine since I saw a pair at Nordstrom a few years ago. My love for the brand only grew stronger when I started sharing my favorite clothes here on the blog!

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Legit Check Golden Goose Super

The replica label is rectangle-shaped when it is supposed to be square just as shown in the left picture.

The original letters are thinner, narrower, and just a tiny bit tilted to the right, whereas they are bolder, thicker, and more leaning on the replica label.

The stitching in the right picture is done with white thread when it is supposed to be black.

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Golden Goose Super

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How To Legit Check Golden Goose Super

Even though the authentic collar is silver it doesn’t make it holographic which we see to be the case on the fake pair: not only the collar but the heel counter itself is shiny holographic material too, when it is supposed to be beige suede.

The measurements are different too as the fake heel counter is wider and the shiny material goes to the sides.

The thread used for the stitching in the left picture is thick and high-quality which points out its durability whereas the thread used in the fake pair is thin and might come off any minute.

Fake Golden Goose logo is very sharp and narrower while it is supposed to be bolder and thicker with a distinguished grainy look.

Golden Goose Sneaker Construction

When authenticating Golden Goose sneakers, I ensure the stitching is consistent and clean. Counterfeits often neglect detailed stitching near the toe and counters, Finch warns. Every pair has a raw, unfinished interior, Purestar included. There should be no visible glue residue. Pay particular attention to the stitching and construction of the iconic star. The top point of the star should not be visible and the tips of the star should never be lifting always make sure the star is stitched down to the edge.

The special wedge insoles also deserve a look when inspecting for authenticity. The insoles should be constructed from a single molded piece with angular insets. To attempt to create the same shape, counterfeiters often fuse pieces together with clear, heavy glue that can leave a residue, so be on the lookout for that.

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Golden Goose Sneaker Materials

The most commonly used textile is a sturdy calfskin, notes Finch. However, Golden Goose uses plenty of different textiles from denim to suede, even calf hair and goatskin. But one thing all Golden Goose materials should have in common? They offer durability, long wear and a rugged feel. Another element to consider are the laces. Most but not all laces come with knotted ends at retail, says Finch. The majority of laces are a distressed grey, but they do come in a myriad of colors you can see variations in glitter and printed patterns like leopard. But while there are many options, they arent just mixed and matched at random. The color of the laces should correlate consistently with the color and style of the shoe, he explains.

We Have A Firm Will To Preserve Traditional Craft Making It Of The Moment Channeling The Warmth Of The Artisanal Hand Through Perfect Imperfections

Skechers Ultra Grove Pure Vision LaceUp Sneaker

Our family is ingnited by energy, positivity, and shared values. We let each individual’s creativity flows, we put our trust in each other and in our dreams. Everybody can be a part of this: being Golden means sharing these ideals and making them your own. This is who we are and what we represent: a patchwork of stories, memories, and experiences that bring us together.

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How To Tell If Golden Goose Super

The authentic font is bolder and sharper which can be caused by a pitch-black background. On the other hand, the letters on the fake insole are smaller, differently shaped, and not as bold This can be explained by the textured and faded background.

The numbers are different too- the original sizing is bigger and deeply engraved whereas the replica sizing is the total opposite.

Golden Goose Sneaker Brand Identifiers

Italian craftsmanship is central to the Golden Goose brand, so all sneakers should be marked Made in Italy. Look carefully at the tags on the tongue of the shoe. Many say GGDB Made In Italy Size ___ some have a perforated GGDB, and you may see other variations as well, but according to Finch the printing on the tag should be bold with consistent fonts. Another place to pay attention to the fonts is on the counter, or outer heel of the shoe, where the brand logo should be neatly debossed with a slight arch. When authenticating, the font to watch out for is the traditional arched logo stamp on the exterior counters. This font will be serifed and have an arch. Again, this stamp will vary depending on the style, but styles with the traditional stamp are most counterfeited.

The insoles for Golden Goose sneakers are also quite consistent. Each will be stamped with black ink in a bold, sans-serif font, notes Finch. The stamp should include the style name of the sneaker, brand logo, a registered mark, and country of origin. The insoles should also be blind stamped with the European size and Genuine Leather in a serifed font. Also keep an eye out for a perforated GG and DB near the toe and notches on the edge towards the instep.

Ready to add a pair to your collection? Shop Golden Goose sneakers here.

Please note: Brand standards, logos and other identifying features may have changed since the time of publication.

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Deliveries are made during office hours from Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays. The courier will attempt delivery at the address provided in your order. In the event of a failed delivery, your package will be delivered to the nearest DHL Access Point.

Real Vs Fake Golden Goose Super

Golden Goose Ltd Super

Somebody might consider the detail less important if it doesn’t show up while wearing the sneakers- they couldn’t be more wrong.

The replica factories do those details carelessly so you should look for the flaws in those exact places.

The zig-zags of the original soles are not as big as they are on the fake sneakers but their quantity in the left picture is bigger.

Not only the size but their shape is different too- the points are rounder on the authentic pair.

The positioning is considered to be a flaw too as shown in the bottom right pictures.

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How To Spot Fake Golden Goose Super

In this method, we’ll compare the most iconic part of these sneakers- the stars.

The original star is made of glitters that are different in shapes, sizes, and colors which makes the star super good-looking.

On the other hand, glitters used on the fake star are all equal and similarly shaped, which loses the main effect we just highlighted.

Each point of the authentic star is longer than the fake one and the top point is half-way shown whereas its cut-off in the right picture.

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