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Is Dhgate Legit For Shoes

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How Can I Buy Wholesale From China

DHGate.com | Legitimate or fake?
  • Are you a seller that has been struggling where to buy bulk orders?
  • 3 Steps to Find China Wholesale Suppliers.
  • Step1: Find and research your supplier.
  • Option #1: Buying from Chinese Wholesale Sites.
  • Option #2: Visit Trade Shows and Factories.
  • Option #3: Find Wholesale Companies form Directory Websites.
  • Who Is Going To Bear The Customs & Import Taxes

    Customs taxes are not included in the price of the item or in the delivery costs.;You will probably pay the customs fees on items ordered from DHgate, and your purchases on DHgate;are considered imports since the packages are shipped from overseas.

    To avoid any unforeseen surprises, pay attention to the following:

    • Ask the seller if you need to pay any additional import duties, taxes or other customs-related charges.
    • Sellers are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country.
    • Some sellers offer domestic delivery. This means that they will send your order from a warehouse in your country. In this case, you wont be asked to pay for any additional customs duties and taxes.

    They Dont Accept Credit Cards

    Its very easy to copy and paste credit card images on a website, but on fake ones, they are only there for show.

    Scammers dont like credit card payments because credit card companies can give the customer his/her money back if a dispute is filed.

    Watch out for a website that accepts Western Union and Moneygram. Through those anonymous direct cash payment services, scammers can run away with your money scot-free.

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    Is Dhgate Really Cheap To Buy Products From

    Another big plus point of DHgate is that products are very cheap and affordable. This is because most of the sellers on the DHgate online store deal in products wholesale, which means that goods are manufactured in bulk which reduces costs. And then they are also sold in huge amounts, which of course drastically reduce the prices.

    Also, the prices for goods bought in bulk are even lower, and since this is a B2B wholesale site, it benefits businesses immensely. Similarly, it also benefits individuals who are looking for a bargain.

    It’s Hit And Miss When You Use This

    Any chance these Salomon running shoes on DHgate are real ...

    It’s hit and miss when you use this service, the protection is there but if you go through to mediation you cannot review the seller.Sellers know this so they draw out resolutions to go to mediation so they won’t get a poor review.DHGate know this and seem to have no intention of indicating when a seller has been taken to mediation or allow buyer to review a poor experience.In the end it takes a long time to get your money back and I could not leave a feedback telling people to be wary of this seller as they refused to refund, time wasted, contradicted themselves and generally had no intention to resolve the issue themselves so I was forced to mediate.

    Reply from DHgate

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    Check The Reviews And Feedback Left By Other Customers

    As referenced above, before you pick any product, guarantee that you investigate the info and feedback left by various clients. Never buy the products simply on the basis of the photographs uploaded by the seller; most often, the pictures are deceptive and not true to what you receive. It is always a good and safe idea to check what previous customers have said about the product.

    Check The Pictures Thoroughly On The Product Page

    A picture speaks a thousand words, this is so true in the case of online buying. Reliable and authentic sellers have pictures of their products displayed on the product page.

    These are as close to the real thing as a buyer can get. Studying these pictures thoroughly is very important.

    If there are no pictures available on the page, ask the supplier for the pictures of the product. If they dont agree, back off! This is a red flag and shows that the supplier is not reliable as he is not showing the buyer the product.

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    Chapter 1: What Are Dhgate Reviews And What Do They Prove

    Ordering online is always a tricky business. You can never be sure that the product being displayed by the seller is authentic or not or whether the product being sold is of good quality or not.

    So, does this mean you should not order online? Well, websites like DHGate have some of the best suppliers.

    The trick is to check the reviews of people. The end-users always give honest and true feedback when the product is concerned.

    The best way is to check the DHGate reviews and see for yourself what people have to say. Reviews show so much about a supplier/seller

    Do Not Buy From Dh Gate

    DHGATE seller scam

    Do not buy from DH Gate. Ordered item Feb 2021, numerous emails to seller, does not allow me to request mediation from DH Gate. Now September 2021, seller says it has been delivered…..I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ITEM and was offered $00.01cent in a refund?? Never again will I use DH Gate. Have lost money and not received item.

    I’ve order something over a month ago & it still has not come in.

    Reply from DHgate

    Tried to order some earphones but they never came so I then tried to refund it and it said on the app the refund would be completed by 24h which it hasnt.

    Reply from DHgate

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    International Products Are Not Sold On Dhgate And You Should Avoid Buying These

    The suppliers on the DHGate website do not have original international products. If you find a supplier selling international products for a low price, it is most probably fake.

    The reason for this is that it is a website where most of the buyers come to get the lowest price for the best quality. This is not possible when there are international and branded products. So, it is better to avoid it.

    Fake Products Available On Dhgate

    You will hardly find original brands selling on DHGate or any other e-commerce website. Big names like PRADA, GUCCI and many others dont sell like this.

    So, if you find a product like this, there is a big chance it is fake. People, who dont realize this, end up buying it because fakes are at a much lower price.

    Once they buy it and see how low the quality is, they leave a bad review. Proper research needs to be done before you buy a product from a seller on DHGate.

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    Check If Review Pictures And Product Pictures Match

    When you go through the reviews, see if any customers also posted pictures of the products they received. If they did, then match those pictures to the pictures as shown in the product page.

    If they match, then its a good product. Its better to find many matching instances for any product so always look for picture proofs. If it looks fake and defective, then always avoid buying.

    Is Dhgate Legit For Shoes

    Is DHgate Legit? The Ultimate FAQ Guide to DHgate ...

    If a deal looks too good to be true, it likely is.If you find an item on DHgate that is dramatically lower than its typical selling point, youd be wise to question that seller and that item. Also, if you are not happy with the order received and you open a dispute against the transaction, DHgate will not release the payment to the seller until the dispute is solved between you and the seller.5. As a large and well-established site, DHgate is a legitimate website, and DHgate is safe with your credit card information. As an officially registered wholesale company based in Beijing, DHgate has been serving global buyers and sellers worldwide since 2004.

    Talk And Ask Questions From The Suppliers And See If Knows About What He Is Selling

    Once you are satisfied with all the parameters, it is a good idea to make a checklist of questions you would like to ask the seller. This has two main purposes.

    First of all, you can clear your queries and questions. Secondly, you can get to know how much the supplier knows about the product he/she is selling.

    Is Dhgate Legit Platform

    Dhgate is one of the leading online wholesale websites, with a great selection, money-back guarantee, and a solid reputation. However, this doesnt preclude some Internet users from questioning its credibility due to extremely cheaper products sold on this platform.

    Honest reviews from users indicate that the quality of items varies, but you wont be disappointed with your purchase if youve chosen well. Regarding shipping, there have been some complaints about items being late, but this mostly happens during busy days like Christmas.

    The other major problem of Dhgate is the poor tracking system of the order. Many users have faced this problem as they cant track the delivery of their item after placing the order, due to which they assume that they have got scammed by Dhgate. This case might be exceptional, but some users have faced this.

    Heres what a user says about the delivery system of Dhgate.

    Heres what another user says about the shipping service of Dhgate.

    So, Id advise you whether you buy shoes or another item from Dhgate, always buy from the highest rated sellers. Also, check all the reviews of buyers on that particular item sold by the respective seller. I always follow this step, and Ive never faced a problem. I have even tried the AliExpress platform, which is also located in China. I receive the item within 30 to 40 days from the time it is ordered.

    I found this comment on a Youtube video by a person who buys shoes frequently from Dhgate.

    Dont Buy From Dhgate Anything If You

    DONT BUY FROM DHGATE ANYTHING IF YOU DONT WANT TO LOOSE YOUR MONEY AND DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY FOR A VERY LONG TIME TRYING TO FIGHT YOUR MONEY BACK!!! The quality of their products is super bad – you might get your shoes looking completely different from pictures they provide! The smell of sneakers I got was so strong and disgusting! I shipped them back and nobody refunded me shipping cost that I paid for 2 pairs of 140$!!!! They dont mention to you first that the shipping cost refund they process later is bonuses they give to your account , not real money!! Im still fighting after half a year to return my money!!! Nobody needs this headache! JUST PASS BY THIS WEBSITE!!!

    Whats Better: Dhgate Alibaba Or Aliexpress

    Dhgate Best fake shoes in 2021

    If we know that Alibaba is a B2B, bulk order marketplace, and Aliexpress is a B2C marketplace for single item orders, then you can consider DHgate to be a mixture of both.

    Even though technically, DHgate is a B2B marketplace, and many suppliers sell in bulk, there are a lot that will sell one piece only.

    When it comes to product quality and shipping times, it all depends on the reliability of individual sellers on the platforms.

    Regarding the product prices, when it comes to bulk orders, Alibaba and DHgate go hand in hand. However, for one piece orders, Aliexpress might be cheaper than DHgate.

    Free Shipping Then Why Seller Charges For Shipping

    Free shipping option is available on DHgate; if you select that option your parcel will be delivered by economic shipping via services like ePacket or China Post. It is also dependent on the volume and value of goods that you buy.

    On the other hand, if you choose the commercial shipping method, then shipping wont be free, especially for low-volume and value products. Free shipping may still be available if products are very valuable. The costs of shipping will then be added to your expenses.

    In short, the free shipping method is available but it really depends on the methods you choose and what kind of products youre buying.

    How To Buy From Dhgate Safely Without Getting Scammed

    Here is a step by step guide on how to make your first purchase from DHGate safely and how to mitigate your risks.

    First off, its essential that you create an account on DHGate. Remember, in order to qualify for buyer protection, you must conduct all transactions through DHGate directly.

    Go to DHGate.com and

    Then, type a product into the search bar and start shopping. When you find something that you like, simply

    Once you are on the shopping cart page, its important to and see what else they sell.

    Find Out The Shipping Cost

    Knowing the total shipping cost is very important when buying products from a distant country like China. Youll be in a better position to decide if the deal is worth it or not.

    Sometimes, you may learn that buying from local stores around you is much better than buying from DHgate or other related platforms.

    How Do I Find A Seller On Dhgate

    Counterfeit Yeezys and the booming sneaker black market ...


    DHgate.com is the worlds leading online wholesale marketplace for goods made in China, connecting international buyers with Chinese wholesale sellers who offer the same quality products found elsewhere at a fraction of the price. It is easy to source and sell products with Freewebstore and DHgate.

    How To Cancel A Dhgate Order

    If you have buyers remorse, you can cancel your order on DHGate quite easily but it depends on the timeframe.

    If your order is within 2 hours of your Item Being Processed, you can simply on your order page.

    The order will be cancelled immediately.

    However if 2 hours have already elapsed, you must use the Request Refund button instead. From there, you must wait for the seller to reply.

    If the seller doesnt reply within 7 days, you are automatically issued the refund.

    However, the seller has the option to reject the refund and ship out the package before the shipping deadline. As a result, if you are thinking about cancelling your order, make sure you do it within 2 hours!

    Best Dhgate Wedding Items Sellers

    The best place to buy tailored wedding dresses at a cheap price is on DHgate and not even on Aliexpress. Listed below are the top stores.

    Misshow Dress

    The MissHow Dress is the biggest wedding dress seller on DHgate. They have bridesmaids dresses, brides dresses, dresses for proms, flower girls dresses and more. It caters to all types of dresses required for a wedding. The store has a 96.2% rating with over 2500+ purchases.

    Magic Glasses

    Magic Glasses is another amazing store that deals with wedding dresses and dresses for other occassions ranging from under $30 to up to $500. They make dresses for flower girls and for quincanera dresses as well. You can pick your dress, the colour and speak to the seller about the specifications!

    Dress Save;

    The Dress Save store is know for their Prom Dresses. Theyve sold more than 10,400+ items with a 96.6% rating.

    The Url Looks Wrong Or Suspicious

    You cant expect a legitimate transaction to happen from a website with a URL that reads cheapdesignershoes,designershoeswholesale, or brand-name-shoes-outlet. However, some scam websites have gotten creative.

    In the image below, you can see how they have worked around the suspicious URL problem by using other seemingly innocent-looking albeit non-shopping-related URLs.

    If you click on them, they redirect to another website, which is a clear sign that a shopping website is fake.

    Customers Have Difficulty In Getting Refund For Unsatisfactory Products Damaged Packages Or The Delivery Time Beyond The Promised Time

    Shoes from dhgate

    Generally, the reason for applying for refund can be summarized into 5 types.

    • The actual item is not the same as described in the product listing.
    • Defective items
    • Packages being damaged during the transit
    • The delivery time is beyond the promised time
    • Shortage of products quantities

    Generally, if you encounter the above problems, responsible sellers will refund you directly to avoid disputes or bad reviews. But if the item has a high value, you may need to return the product back to China or the sellers warehouse in your local country. After sellers receive the item, they will arrange a refund.

    For example, you buy 10 Xiaomi mobile phones from China, but sellers send you the wrong one. Then the seller will arrange the refund after you return the product back according to their requirement.

    But if you just buy some low-value products like 20 bottles of nail polish with a $2.5 unit price, it is impossible for you to return the goods back to China because of the high shipping fee. Besides, if you return the products back to China, which will experience the importing process. It will take a long time to deal with the customs clearance process. Hence, for such products, a good seller will refund you directly or resend products to you.

    We can regard such suppliers as irresponsible sellers as they dont want to tackle the problem from the bottom of their heart.

    Sellers Provide Fake Shipping Information

    This is one of the most common scams on DHgate. The seller provides fake shipping information to DHgate, and the products is shown as being shipped to another location on the tracking feature of your account.

    In reality, the product is never shipped, and the seller gets your money anyway because they can trick the site into thinking that they actually sent the product.

    Can I Buy Shoes From Dhgate Final Thoughts

    Yes, you can buy shoes from Dhgate without worrying about being scammed. But, keep in mind that you should only buy your favorite shoes from trusted sellers on Dhgate. Some people end up losing their money because they dont check the sellers history. So, Id recommend you only buy your shoes from trusted sellers on Dhgate mentioned above.

    If you have any questions or cant find the item in the store, you can feel free to ask in the comments section. Ill research and find another trusted store on Dhgate for you.

    Selling Fake Products On Dhgate

    Some sellers deal in fake products on this site. Sellers will disguise this product as being genuine by giving false information and even pictures.

    Usually, the price is lower as well so customers sometimes buy these products because it seems like a good deal. When you receive the products, they are fake or defective. This scam is common with branded products especially electronics.

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