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What Are The Best Waterproof Shoes

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Superfeet Ash Flex Ankle Boot

The Best Waterproof Running Shoes 2019 | GORE-TEX Footwear Buying Guide

Superfeet is best known for their insoles, but when they announced their very own shoe line in 2017, we got to try out several pairs. These shoes are built from the inside out, so you never have to worry about functionality and comfort. They sponsored us last year, but this one is #notsponsored.

The Superfeet Ash Ankle Boot is my overall go-to travel shoe for fall, winter, and spring. I wear them so much, I have two pairs the Chipmunk / Tan and Dove / Light Grey. They are stylish, lightweight, comfortable, waterproof, and versatile. Its almost too good to be true.

Ive worn them dressed down with jeans and with dresses. I have also taken them on impromptu hikes and was surprised to find that the outsole has quite a grip.;Jacob liked the;Superfeet Stuart;in both red and old blue color. It wasnt waterproof, but one of the most lightweight shoes weve found for him. You can see our full reviews here and here.

Note:;Unfortunately, they stopped making our sizes so now I have to use these shoe fillers to help with sizing. Also, the newer versions are narrower in the toe box, and I liked the fit better of the original version.

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Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Best Hiking Boots

Almost all hiking boots have some level of water resistance, but Merrells Moab boot is fully waterproof so you can forge across that pond or head out for a hike in the rain without worry. Theyre also some of the best-rated hiking boots on sites like REI, Backcountry and DSW year after year, no matter the conditions the wearers encountered, making them an excellent investment even if you dont plan to hike in wet weather.

Best Inner Material For Waterproof Shoes

  • Rubber
  • Synthetic material

If you want both the inside and outside of your shoe to be waterproof, then you may need to sacrifice some comfort. However, some shoes use rubber or synthetic material to keep the insides dry. These materials are also good for people with foot odor since they dont absorb.;

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Sorel Womens Out N About Plus Waterproof Breathable Shoes

Sorel has introduced Womens out n about plus conquest, which are ideal for harsh climatic conditions. Carrying outdoor activities in cold weather can be hard,; and you need proper accessories. Soral keeping that in view has come out with light and heavy rain sneaker boots with waterproof suede.

Made up of 100% leather, giving water-resistant and durable qualities, with rubber sole inserted within to provide traction and are slip-resistant. Shaft length is till ankle arch. They are available in 5 shades with multicolored laces and offer a good color combination.

Sorel womens out n about plus conquest features a microfleece lining, which is great for keeping the feet warm by taking away the moisture. The outsole is made up of handcrafted vulcanized rubber, which is resistant to water absorption, good insulation, and proves best for having good traction on wet areas.

Another feature is water resilience which keeps out the water infiltration leaving the feet dry and warm. Sorel sneakers have added a new feature called EVA footbed inserted in the shoes for cushioning, comfort and durability. The footbed is also detachable.



  • Not suitable for every season

Sorel Womens out n about plus conquest, having a variety of color does not limit your choice. Features like water resistance, removable EVA footbed. It is durable for a longer period of time which is cut out for cold climate. The Comfort level is top-notch.

Best Overall Hiking Shoe

Wet Willy: 10 Best Waterproof Running Shoes For Men ...

Weight: 1 lb. 10.8 oz.Waterproof: Yes What we like: Great mix of lightness, on-trail performance, and durability.What we dont: Gore-Tex model runs warm.

The Salomon X Ultra 3 is our top hiking shoe for 2021, combining a feathery feel with impressive on-trail performance. As with each iteration of this popular model, the third edition puts it all together: the shoe is competitively light at 1 pound 10 ounces , the tread design offers impressive grip in just about all conditions, and the stable chassis and cushioned interior are great for long trail days. All told, we highly recommend the X Ultra for day hikes, quick summits, and even lightweight backpacking.

Salomon drew heavily from their trail running expertise with the X Ultra 3s design. The single-pull laces are fast to use and provide a secure fit, and the shoe is far nimbler than traditional hikers like the Merrell Moab 2 or Keen Targhee below. But you dont sacrifice protection like with a trail runnerSalomon includes a substantial toe cap and enough cushioning underfoot for hauling a pack. We found the fit runs narrow in the toe box, but the good news is that the low-top GTX version is offered in wide sizes. Tack on the non-waterproof Aero model, and the X Ultra 3 stands out as the best all-around hiking shoe line on the market. Finally, its worth noting Salomon recently released the X Ultra 4 GTX, which we break down below…;Read in-depth review

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Keen Womens Presidio Shoe

Best Womens Walking Shoes for All Day Exploring

I bought my first pair of travel walking shoes from KEEN when I was 18 and on my way to the jungles of Costa Rica. Ive been a big believer in the quality of KEEN shoes ever since because I wore them for over 10 years and they were still supportive and looked great after a decade.

The KEEN Womens Presidio Shoe is a great option for those who want a lot of comfort in their womens waterproof walking shoes, but dont want to carry around full on hiking boots.

Seriously though, these shoes are amazing when it comes to comfort and giving you optimial support for long days of walking. Plus, they come in a lot of fun colors.

They also feature Cleansport NXT for natural odor control, an important thing to have for those adventurous travelers who regularly work up a sweat.

These KEENs are one of my top picks for best waterproof shoes on this list because of their versatility, comfort, and quality.


Best Travel Shoes For Comfort Style And All Weather Types

What makes the best travel shoes? Its hard to make a blanket statement for everyones travel style and trip itinerary, and there will always be times you want to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. When it comes to travel, however, some shoes are superior and some shoes are better left behind.

Ive made plenty of mistakes in the past where I took the wrong pair on a trip and ended up suffering with blisters, while other times I tried to pack too minimally and didnt have the appropriate shoes for the occasion.

Luckily after 6 years of full time travel, we lived and learned, and today were sharing our top tips and which shoes have been our favorite to date. Well update this post as we continue to search for the perfect and best travel shoes.

This post may contain affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on sales of the products that are linked at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always our own. Read our full disclosure;for more info. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Local Adventurer possible.

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Carhartt Wip X Converse Chuck 70s Hi Gore

When you see a collaboration between two of the industrys leading clothing manufacturers, its safe to say the product in question is going to exceed expectations especially those set forth by footwears harshest critics. Carhartt WIP and Converse are no strangers to the outdoor sneaker game, and with their most recent GORE-TEX endowed offering, the retro shoe makers iconic Chuck has been outfitted with the best breathable, waterproof fabric around. Of course, it stays true to Converses authentic silhouette, utilizing the same vulcanized rubber outsole, toecap, and branding, but with the addition of Carhartts innovative canvas/GORE-TEX upper. Reflective branding and glossed print adorn the lower half of the shoe, while a contrasting apron stripe, laces, and eyelets round out the stylish, weather-ready footwear.

New Balance Womens 759 Country Walking Shoe

Blondo Villa Waterproof Boots Review – One of the Best Waterproof Boots for Travel!

Secondly, the brand New Balance Womens WW759 Country Walking Shoe.

The padding-top features of this design set comfort at the center of the merchandise. This shoe would certainly be neutral because it was created to have a smaller modification against pronation.

The feature design can concentrate more on padding and maximum comfort for the Weekend day stroll or the hilltop hike.

The shoe has a thicker midsole for much more strength and light ponder arch support.

That is another great shoe in the waterproof walking shoe range. This walker again gets the high standard Gore-Tex part for security and breathability and, at all times, excellent safety again the unpredictability of climate.

Itll also provide maximum cover to never compromise the fun of walking by thinking about uncomfortable; or annoying footwear. You will see no long-term side effects caused by limited footwear.

Furthermore, Much like all shoes in the brand new Balance Natural Range, the product includes a few of the most leading-edge features for comfort in a walking shoe.

This consists of the utilization of RevLite, which really is a light foam that still retains the same strength as bulkier foams; N-Energy to give a more impressive range of cushioning and steadiness web which, in keeping with Steadiness shoes, allows a for better overall flexibility of the forefoot without reducing the balance of the middle foot.

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New Balance Tokyo Design Studio R_c2

New Balance has found a way to balance the blocky, retro styles of old with the sleek, rounded variants of the modern day, and the companys Tokyo Design Studio R_C2 sneaker has certainly inherited all of the best attributes of the companys extensive lineup. As the second project in the brands Reveal series, the collision of American and Japanese shoe styles is certainly prevalent utilizing strict attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship all in a durable and dependable silhouette. A reinforced, ripstop nylon upper and GORE-TEX lining give the R_C2s a technical, waterproof orientation, while a translucent TPU lacing saddle and ENCAP REVEAL cushioning provide the ultimate in comfort, support, and functional wear.

Sam Edelman Tinsley Booties And Ecco Turn Gtx Chelsea Boots

Short boots are good picks for rainy days, as they help prevent water from splashing in around your ankles. For women, the Sam Edelman Tinsley booties are affordable, durable, and comfortable. For men, the Ecco Turn GTX Chelsea boots are a stylish pick that you wont need to change out of as soon as you get indoors.

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Ugg Indra Combat Boot

I never thought I would own a pair of UGGS, but I also didnt realize how wide a selection of shoes they have. With winter around the corner, I decided to get a pair in hopes to keep my feet warm.

These wedge boots are lined with soft wool so they are extra comfy. I only have a few boots with a heel, and since this ones a wedge it helps with comfort. Ill let you know how they fare in NYC winter. Jacob picked up a pair of the Hannen Boot, which are really heavy duty but lightweight.;

Note: The Indra Boot fit slightly narrow but I used;these to stretch them out. Now I wear them all the time.

Readers review: I love Uggs so when I saw your blog with the Ugg Indra Boots on your list of travel shoes, I didnt hesitate to buy them. Living in Oregon, its a win win that its waterproof. Super comfy. And soooo cute.. You can dress it up or down. I love it!

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What Makes The Best Travel Shoes Here Are The Features To Look For


There are a few qualities and features we always look for when shopping for new shoes

  • Comfort and Support Gone are the days where I sacrifice comfort for style How did I live in stiletto heels back in college? Living in NYC has taught us that its okay to complete your dressed up outfit with sneakers. It may look strange to you at first, but its the classic NYC look . If youre driving everywhere, wear whatever you want, but if youre traveling, the chances are youre going to be exploring on foot.
  • Stylish Because we do judge a book by its cover, and thats okay too when it comes to shoes. Just because we want comfort and support also doesnt mean we will settle for ugly shoes. If you need a heel, try chunky heels, since it has better support and gives you more area to distribute your weight.
  • Lightweight shoes are also a huge perk. Whether they are on my feet or in my suitcase, heavy shoes just start to become a burden.
  • Versatility; If I have to limit myself to a few pairs of shoes per trip, they need to cover a range of activities. That means I need something rugged enough to handle the outdoors but also stylish enough for going out in the city. You cant always have both, but every so often you find a lucky pair.
  • Performance Lastly, I like finding shoes that have some sort of;performance feature. That could mean breathability, which helps with comfort, or waterproof since you never know if youll be caught up in a rainstorm.
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    Merrell Womens Siren Edge Q2 Waterproof Sneaker

    Best Womens Waterproof Hiking Shoes

    If you care more about comfort than you do about fashion or versatility when it comes to womens waterproof shoes, Id recommend getting a proper hiking shoe or boot for optimal comfort.

    These Merrell hiking or running waterproof sneakers are a good lightweight pick for your next adventure, especially if you plan to have a somewhat outdoorsy trip.

    The best thing about these sneakers is that theyre designed with arch support in mind to keep your feet happy and dry for long walks. They also have durable traction on the bottom that grips slick surfaces well.


    Features To Look For In Waterproof Running Shoes

    There are plenty of features to be on the lookout for in a pair of waterproof running shoes so lets take a look at some of the more important ones to consider before you drop some cash on your next pair of winter kicks.

    Water Resistance vs Water Proof – This might seem like a subtle distinction, theyve both got the word water in the title after all but rest assured there is an important difference between the words resistant and proof when used in conjunction with those winter running shoes. Resistance means complete protection from the elements whereas the latter will only provide brief not prolonged exposure to water. So if you do intend hitting the roads on trails when its lashing it down, look for water resistance not waterproof trainers.

    Support – How often do you regularly run? If you are hitting the sidewalks and the parks a couple of time a week, then you need a shoe that has plenty o cushioning and support and not just offers waterproof protection. Think about the anatomy of your foot too and make sure that you go for something that is suitable if you have a high or low arch for example. Its a good idea to have your gait professionally assessed before you invest in an expensive new pair of running shoes to ensure that youre not compromising your form by wearing the wrong fitting runners.

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    Saucony Excursion Tr14 Gtx Mens Trail Running Shoes


    Sauconys been making fresh, reliable sneakers since 1898 and the Saucony Excursion TR14 GTX Mens Trail Running Shoes wont let you down. Theyre excellent overall trainers, perfect for an easy nature hike or a day in the city. But they wouldnt be on this list unless they were waterproof, which they most definitely are thanks to their breathable Gore-Tex fabric membrane. Toss in a textured rubber sole for traction and youve got one excellent throwback pair of waterproof sneakers.

    To Get More Durability Out Of Your Waterproof Shoes You Should Look For:

    10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men 2019
    • Larger-sized models
    • Durable material
    • Thick outsoles

    We recommend avoiding the lightweight models if you care about durability. While these types of shoes are incredibly fast, they also fall apart quickly. We recommend large shoes with durable material like synthetic textile or plastic along with thick rubber outsoles.

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    Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Gore

    Best Gore-Tex Sneakers

    If you want the best-of-the-best waterproof gear, just look for the Gore-Tex stamp. According to the weather-proofing company, these slip-on sneaks will not only keep your toes dry if you step in a puddle, but will also allow your feet to breathe throughout even the longest of days.

    Jbu By Jambu Womens Gwen Rain Shoe

    Best Stylish Slip Resistant Shoes for Muddy Days

    The JBU by Jambu Rain Shoes for women are not everyones cup of tea, but theyre a great choice if youre looking for something a bit more weather proof but still inexpensive.

    Bonus points if youre a fan of duck shoes, because these are basically the traditional duck shoes more packable little sister.

    These shoes can handle slush and rain, have more grip on the bottom than the previous three shoes on this list, and they have a somewhat warm interior for chilly days.

    The one thing to watch out for is that these rain shoes run small, so its recommended to order at least half size up, or full size up if you like wearing thick socks.

    They also dont have a ton of support if youre going to be walking long distances, so make sure to get some insoles for added comfort and support. For the price of the shoes, its still a steal for everything else they offer even if you have to purchase insoles for more comfort.

    The JBU by Jambu Rain Shoes are made of 100% rubber and vegan leather.


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