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Where Do Sneaker Plugs Get Their Shoes

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Where Do Sneaker Plugs Get Their Shoes


Older buyers 65 are less trusting of online shopping and dont tend to do it as much. Theyre loading up Instagram with their adventures around the world pimping those shiny cars and locking down VIP tables at the club every single weekend.

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Get In Touch With A Professional Stylist

The stylist needs you to sell their wares-including sneakers- and reach other customers interested in their products.

There is a perfect chance that the stylist will include you in their mailing list to promote or sell their products.

Many stylists will also let you into the latest materials, colors, and designs that customers prefer.

This is a sure way of helping you save the time and energy you spend shopping for sneakers that meet your taste and preference.

How Much Does Sneaker Reseller Make

For starters , you can easily make a few thousand a month considering it as a side job. Its not a wonder that most people in this sneaker niche are college students who just resell casually and earn a decent income.

Moreover, sneakers are always on release, which you can make bucks on. And whats even great is that when you buy an item that you cant resell for some reason, you can simply return it for free. Nothing to lose, apparently.

You can also ideally buy multiple pairs, sit on them for a while, maybe months, and theyll probably be worth even more. Theres always a handful of shoes throughout the year, which will certainly go for 5-10 times the retail price. Sometimes quite a lot more, going for 3-5 times markup.

However, theres a catch. Some of the major sneaker companies might try to stop you. This could mortar stores or online websites. They are likely to set limits of one pair-per-individual on certain exclusive sneakers.

Its more fun as some will even employ some of the most profound cybersecurity companies in the world to try and prevent resellers from purchasing online. And as we all know, in a case where profits are so abnormally high, its probably a cat-mouse game. But sneaker resellers always find a way around things.

Is Sneaker Reselling Legal?

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Running A Sneaker Store

While the products sold at a sneaker boutique may be particularly exciting and unique, an exclusive sneaker shop is still a business and should be run as such., reporting on opening a sneaker store, asked Jason Faustino, co-founder of the New York sneaker boutique shop Echo Butter, about the most important things in running a store like his.

Faustino said that knowing how to run a business was the most important thing. He explained that the business practices he applies to his sneaker store could just as easily be applied to other types of companies, such as ice cream stores. A good business plan is key.

To build a good sneaker business plan, consider the following:

How To Avoid Common Sneaker Reselling Mistakes

20 Of The Most Bizarre Shoes You

While its important to be excited and have the energy to really jump into the sneaker resale game, sometimes you need to slow down. Jump on good deals. But any time you feel that something is off or theres a red flag listen to those instincts.

Even the top shoe reselling hustlers have been taken in by fake sneakers before. While in theory PayPal or other services have a money protection guarantee, getting your money back can be a hassle.

For anyone who has ever dealt with PayPal returns, its not a guarantee, either. If you get into a he said, she said argument with the seller of fake shoes a PayPal customer service rep is not the one you want making a final decision on hundreds of dollars.

Another common mistake, is not warning PayPal about a surge in transactions.

If theyre not used to seeing a lot of movement in your PayPal account, many transactions in the thousands of dollars for used sneakers could get the account flagged. This is a headache, but it is one you can work around.

If you have to upgrade to a business account, so be it. Better than losing out on deals. Or having your hard earned money frozen in the account.

Finally, have a plan for management.

Do you have a good bank roll and plan on buying a large number of authentic sneakers before selling? Are you planning to buy shoes and then flip them quickly? You need to know how much space you have, have a plan for tracking inventory as well as expenses and profits, and manage your process.

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They Changed The Game Completely So That People Who Have Jobs Or School Or Any Other Responsibilities Cant Compete With That

For many, resellers are the worst part of the industry. They drive up prices, make shoes you actually want to wear impossible to get and, more often than not, exploit the culture. Collectors like Roya Afsharpourknow the struggle all too well. The days are long gone when you were able to wake up at 9 a.m. and head over to Foot Locker and grab your shoes and go home and have breakfast. They take the chance away from the everyday people who love the shoes and love the story of the shoes. They changed the game completely so that people who have jobs or school or any other responsibilities cant compete with that. You have to be in line by Thursday night and the spend the night until Saturday morning just to get a shoe.

For others, it can be a necessary evil. Personally, I have always looked at resellers as one of the biggest pitfalls of sneaker culture until I flipped a pair of shoes. Now, I get it. Sites like Stockxand GOAT and stores like RoundTwo and Flight Club make it easier than ever. Sometimes the only way to get the shoes you want is to buy a pair of shoes and flip them for the shoes you actually want. Then you read stories about 16 year olds making six figures from reselling sneakers and youre back to realizing how deep this wormhole goes.

How Much Do You Invest On A Sneaker Drop

“Every release is different, and the main goal is to purchase as many as possible before they sell out. On that Off-White Air Jordan 1 White release last year, I got about 100 pairs. The rest of my team did similar numbers. Each pair cost $190, and I spent about $6,000 on the setup to make it happen, so that’s like $25,000 total. The sneaker released exclusively in the EU, so resale prices were very high. We could flip each pair for $1,000 profit the same day we bought them, but today that stock of 100 shoes is worth about $290,000. Not too bad for a days work. Less exclusive sneakers like Yeezys may have profit margins of only a couple hundred dollars, but securing 1,000 pairs will make up for that.”

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How To Find A Sneaker Plug

Sneaker plugs or connects play a significant role in helping you find and buy good kicks as soon as they hit the market.

Some of these plugs work in shoe stores, while others are simply friends or buddies with a passion for finding and collecting the most recent and trendy sneakers as soon as getting released by different designers.

With just a little effort, it should be easy to locate a sneaker plug or sneakerhead near you who is good at finding sneakers that meet your taste and preference.

This article will share a total of 9 tips you can employ to find that plug that will connect you to the nearest and most dependable sneakerhead or store for you to acquire the sneakers that meet your budget and taste.

How To Become A Retailer For Exclusive Sneakers

THE REAL WAYS of Becoming A Sneaker Plug : How to Start Reselling Sneakers


Even though sneakers tend to go with casual outfits, exclusive designer sneakers are a hot market in fashion these days. A number of websites, such as Exclusive Sneakers Sa and Sole Collector, dedicate their time to tracking brands as they release new fashionable models. Setting up an exclusive relationship with a designer can be complicated but rewarding when done right.

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Ive Seen Other Apps That Serve Similar Purposes What Makes Plug The Best

Plug sets out to eliminate the problems that sneaker enthusiasts face in today’s marketplace apps. We provide an unrivaled experience by having quicker delivery times and lower selling fees, while upholding an authenticity guarantee. Additionally, we have already established 7 verification centers , and are looking to establish more prior to launching. We have designed every aspect of Plug to bring a better experience to sneaker shopping.

The Process Of Reselling Shoes

While earning over a million dollars for reselling shoes at this stage is still possible, there are lots of obstacles you must overcome to reach that goal. Aside from bagging clients willing to shell out serious dough for sneakers, you need to learn where to find and acquire the most sought-after shoes.

The competition nowadays is fierce as youll be lucky to establish a client base as a beginner.

Therefore, you need to immerse yourself in the sneakerhead culture and apply yourself 100% to have a fighting chance. There are more individuals than ever involved in sneaker collecting so the sneaker resale market has room for more entrepreneurs .

Weve already discussed the sneaker industry in general above. Now, its time to delve into the process of the actual process of reselling shoes and sneakers.

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Approach Designers For Exclusivity

With a solid business plan, it’s possible to start approaching designers and manufacturers. This is where market research can help target the most relevant looks and brands, including any local designers who could be showcased in the store and contribute to its specific identity.

Building the relationships between store and designer or manufacturer is essential to the success of both parties, and this relationship should be protected with an exclusive commitment for a set period.

This exclusive contract should ensure that the store adequately represents the designer in the market and that the designer doesn’t take their original work elsewhere until the term ends.

Location And Exclusive Sneakers

Do you need more information on sneakers? Then simply ...

Location is especially important for a store selling exclusive sneakers. Many cities have specific “style districts” where residents and those who work in the area are known for dressing fashionably or distinctively. Retail space in such areas can be intensely competitive but a real boost to a store selling exclusive and designer looks.

It’s important to locate a sneaker boutique in an area that reflects that store’s specific style and those of the designers and brands it plans to sell. As part of researching a location, monitor the foot traffic in the area at various times of day and confirm that your target consumers frequent the area during planned business hours.

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How Sneaker Resellers Get So Many Shoes

You may have seen or even know sneaker resellers that are constantly stocked with hundreds, if not, thousands of sneakers. There are tons of pictures on Instagram where resellers show off or flex whenever they get a new shipment. It leaves you wondering how sneaker resellers get so many shoes.

This may also blow your mind if you have ever tried to buy a popular sneaker on release day. It can be frustrating trying to buy a sneaker only to be forced to buy that sneaker off the resale market, sometimes at astronomical prices.

As a new reseller, you may be frustrated with trying to cop even one pair on release day. Watching them on social media and YouTube it appears super easy and appealing which is probably what inspired you to find out how sneaker resellers get so many shoes.

Using Different Shipping Addresses

Some stores give you the ability to purchase multiple pairs using the same shipping information. However, most of the time stores will cancel additional orders that have used the same shipping address. To get around this, many sneaker resellers will change up the format of their shipping address to bypass those cancellations.

There are many ways to customize a shipping address. For example, you can customize by using abbreviations like St., St, Str., etc. You can also use your familys and friends address to have them shipped to.

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The Cons Of Reselling Shoes

As a hustler, you need to be aware of the potential problems you will be facing with every venture you undertake. And as profitable as reselling shoes can be, it also has another side of the coin that you need to know before diving deep into the sneaker business.

Below are some of the more pressing issues:

Cons to Consider when Reselling Sneakers

How To Find Shoes To Buy And Sell

Becoming A Sneaker Plug : How to Start Reselling Sneakers

Before you can even begin finding shoes to buy and resell, you need to understand the market better.

Reselling shoes are similar to the stock market. There are pairs of shoes that dont start out too hot but eventually accumulate value later on. Conversely, some sneakers generate lots of attention only to fizzle out as time goes by.

Want even more step by step details on how to find great shoes you can sell for a profit? Check out the Hypemaster Playbook for a great course into the shoe reseller world.

To truly benefit from learning how to resell sneakers, you need to purchase products that are sold on the cheap but have lasting value in the long run. One way of doing so is by buying the sneaker on release day at retail prices, which is where they are at their most affordable.

However, instead of lining up to store for hours to buy them, you can quickly place your orders on Frenzy, a Shopify-owned app.

It will notify you of the release dates of the latest sneakers from the biggest brands. From there, you can place your orders and make a profit by reselling them. The goal of the app is to reduce that friction between retailers and consumers so both can seamlessly make transactions and make money faster.

However, new pairs of shoes come far and few in between. To make money in reselling shoes, you need to find pairs sold under reseller price so you can profit off them. But how can you know how much a pair of shoes cost?

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Is Reselling Sneakers Legal

“It is, for now. There are trends that come along in life that people are aware of, but for some reason they let them pass by without taking any action. Before they have a chance to make any money, its too late. Sometimes opportunities appear that you just cant ignore. This is one of them. I always tell people, take advantage of it while you can.”

What Its Like To Be A Celebrity Sneaker Plug

Founder of The Smoking Section, Air Trainer 1 enthusiast.

We all see celebrities wearing the newest sneakers and assume the process of them getting the shoes is easy, but that’s not always the case. Many entertainers and pro athletes use resellers as a proxy to make sure they stay laced in the latest in-demand footwear. Thats where people like Yuanrun 23Penny Zheng and Andre Croatian Style Ljustina come in. Theyve been supplying customers from all walks of life with hard-to-find sneakers for years, establishing themselves as two of the biggest independent resellers online in a burgeoning, billion-dollar industry.

Ljustina, a visible presence in Los Angeless nightlife scene, got his start around 1999 through message boards and eBay. Along the way, he built a name as the guy who had early access to key products, which led to him becoming the connect for everyone wondering, Whered you get those?Jadakiss, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Greg Street, and the late DJ AM were a few of his earliest celebrity customers.

When asked to recall the first big celeb he worked with, Zheng says it all started with R& B singer Lloyd, who he met through a mutual friend. At the time, Lloyd was recognizable with videos in rotation, performances and public appearances on the regular. And Zheng was helping him stay laced in fresh footwear. I interacted with his stylist so Im sure some of the sneakers ended up in a few video shoots,Zheng says.

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Travis Scott Asked His Sneaker Plug If He Could Bring The Nike Dunk Back

Image via Getty / Taylor Hill

Its not too hard to see that the Nike Dunk and the SB Dunk have regained their popularity in recent years. While theres been a lot of debate about what ultimately led to their resurgence, its easy to point to Travis Scott being one of the driving factors. Throughout the last two years, the Houston rapper would appear to casually lace up some of the rarest Dunk and SB Dunk colorways on social media every so often, but it turns out his choice in footwear was deliberate.

In the latest episode of the Complex Sneakers Podcast, guest Andre Ljustina, also known as Croatian Style, shared with co-hosts Brendan Dunne, Joe La Puma, and Matt Welty about a conversation with Scott about making the Nike Dunks popular again. Travis came in, but it was literally one point where he didnt get the heavy ones yet and we had a conversation and he was like, Yo, do you think I can bring the Nike Dunk back? Croatian Style recalled. Whether that was talked about with his team or whatnot, I was like Bro, you are the guy.

Croatian Style, the owner of the elusive sneaker store Project Blitz, has sold Scott a handful of the rare Dunk and SB Dunks that he was flexing on social media including the Paris, What the SB Dunk Lows and more. Although it isnt clear when the conversation took place, its safe to assume this took place prior to last year with the release of Scotts eventual SB Dunk Low collab.

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