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Where To Buy Sebago Shoes

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Sebago Hallmarks: Comfort Craftsmanship And Styling

Sebago Boat Shoes – Made in USA – in 4k UHD

Sebago shoes are expertly crafted in a wide variety of styles and colors. Sebago offer premium quality shoes that are the peak of shoe craftsmanship. Sebago stock , boat shoes, boots, Oxfords, sandals, and sneakers. Due to the versatility of the brand’s range of shoes they are suitable for any and every occasion. Sebago shoes a traditional, authentic look with stitching and brand logo detail.

About The Sebago Bala Boat Shoes:

Described as Equal parts cute and casual by Sebago, the Bala shoe is a hand-sewn moccasin slip-on shoe that features premium suede uppers and cushioned Latex foam sock lining. The Balas are slip-resistant. Their patented Sebago Lakes sole offers traction and support.

  • The Sebago Balas are hand-sewn moccasins
  • Crafted from premium full-grain or suede leather
  • Three-quarter cushion sock lining with latex foam
  • Adjustable, cotton flat woven lace
  • Corrosive-resistant Sebago® eyelets
  • Sebago® Littleway-stitched Lakes Drivers sole with rubber and heel kicker

The RRP for the Bala shoes is $95

Its also worth noting that according to Sebagos USA website, the shoe has 4.5 stars out of five, from over 220 reviews.

Is Sebago Considered A Cheap Brand

Founded in 1946, Sebago was the first answer for a boating shoe. It is an American Michigan-based brand that manufactures boating, docking, and outdoor shoes. The brand gained popularity in the United States in the 70s. Since then, Celebrities have worn it, including John F Kennedy, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen. The hand-crafted shoe comes at a premium price because of its quality and durability. Undoubtedly, Sebago is there at the top as one of the best handmade footwear brands.

In 2017, Wolverine Worldwide sold Sebago to the Italian company, BasicNet for $14.25 million.

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Where Are Sebagos Shoes Made

Sebago, founded over seven decades ago, has its headquarters in Rockford, Michigan, United States. In the 1980s, Sebago moved its making to Dominican Republic, Mexico, and El Salvador to rely on craftsmens prowess. However, it is looking to establish a specialized production in the United States. Its products are available in over 85 countries worldwide.

Is Sebago Considered A Good Quality

buy Sebago shoes man ENDEAVOR DOCKSIDES

Three words to describe Sebago are timeless, durable, and contemporary. The shoe brand builds on them well to establish a heritage of producing high-quality and durable shoes. Sebago is unique, not just because of its style. But also its unique mix of high quality and a traditional handmade construction to achieve long-lasting and well-fit shoes. Sebago is not hype if you can touch it, you will understand it uses quality leather that goes into production.

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Are Sebago Shoes Sustainable

Sebago does not publish enough relevant information about its product sustainability. However, it is worthy of note that Sebago doesnt use fur, angora, cashmere, wool, or exotic animal hairs or skins. Its primary production material is leatherno sufficient information on the source of its leather. Sustainability should be a primary goal of every individual, brand, or organization. Sebago needs to do more in terms of sustainability.

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