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Can You Return Custom Nike Shoes

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Return And Refund Lead Times

How To Return Nike Shoes Back to Nike

We process your return as quickly as possible. The indicated lead times are maximum timeframes and most consumers receive their refund much sooner. If you want to know more please contact us.

Total return to refund time: up to 13 days

Return shipping

Up to 6 working days

Refund processing

Up to 2 working days

Payment processing by your bank or credit card company

Up to 5 working days

Nike Has Doubled The Return Time

If you are one of the loyal Nike fans familiar with the 30-day return policy, you were correct. This was the official limit for making returns of Nike products. The company has doubled the time with the new 60-day return policy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They realize that most processes are delayed. This also applies to the processing of claims for Nike returns. It means that it might take longer for you to receive your refund. Although refunds are not generated as quickly as they were in the past, its nice to have additional time to test the sneakers.

This Is The Official Nike Return Policy

Nike footwear is rated as a leading high-quality brand that strives to provide a variety of different styles, fashions, and functions. You should receive your Nikes in perfect condition with no flaws. If there are issues with the quality of materials or workmanship, the shoes should be returned as this is not acceptable to consumers or the brand. Multiple situations could result in the need to return a pair of Nike shoes. These are covered in Nikes posted return policy that is easy to access online. You may have questions about a pair of shoes you have and if youre circumstances qualify under the set guidelines. Here is the official Nike return policy that weve broken down to answer your questions.

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Nike By You Dos & Donts

So, you can really customize your kicks with several options. But that doesnt mean that you should. With that being said, you can definitely put your foot in your mouth very quickly. Its a good thing that you have us, because we are here to enlighten you.

We will make sure that you will stand out positively because of your sneakers and not because you look like an idiot. Mixing the wrong materials and colours can completely ruin the perfect sneaker.

Can I Return Nike By You Shoes

Custom Nike Air Force 1

Yep. Its quite simple, actually.

Nike gives you 30 days to return the sneaker for free. Thats pretty crazy considering that this sneaker is made just for you!

You get a free return sticker from Nike.

If your sneaker is older than 30 days and then breaks or the material fails, you can send it back to Nike. Nike will check the sneakers and try to send you a new pair. Here you can even send in sneakers that are already two years old! This is pretty awesome! However, you should always describe exactly what is broken or where the problem is with the sneaker.

Nike is usually very accommodating in that respect.

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How Do You Get 25% Off Nike

How to use your Nike BDAY25 promo code

  • Sign up to as a new member.
  • Go to the account settings and enter your personal details including your date of birth.
  • Wait for your birthday month and use the exclusive code sent to you during the checkout process.
  • You will receive: 25% off your purchase.
  • Get 15 Discount On Your First Order

    EYE-CATCHING SNEAKERS“I bought myself the AF1 ‘Wavy’ which are based on the black Nike Air Force 1. The hand-painted design made by Born Originals is just insane. Every brush stroke is unique. The yellow swoosh combined with the shades of blue in the wave design are truly eye-catching.”Martin W. from Amsterdam

    GOOD DURABILITY“When I first received the customized Sneakers from BO, I was not sure how long this design will stay on the shoes especially when I wear them on rainy days. But yeah, the paint is weather-resistant and they are also easy to clean with water and soap. Will buy another pair for my sister.”Carola T. from Cologne

    GREAT CRAFTSMANSHIPFinally I managed to get myself a pair of Born Originals’ so-called Collector’s Pieces and I could not be happier with the AF1 ‘Moments of Rose’ with its fine details. The shoes have hand-stitched leather applications and hand-painted parts. Everything about these shoes is special and I love it.

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    Official Nike Return Policy

    The official Nike return policy is simple. Customers can return merchandise for up to 30 days without Nike asking a single question about the return. After 30 days, the merchandise must be in perfect condition unworn. If electronics are purchased, such as the Nike iPods or iPod kits, the merchandise will only be accepted if it is unopened. If there is a problem with the production of the merchandise and after prolonged use an item is found to be faulty, Nike will accept the return for up to two years.

    Can You Wear Them And Still Return Them Before 60 Days


    Nikes policy on returning shoes that youve already worn is quite lenient. In fact, the official website encourages consumers to take their new Nikes out for testing during the 60 days. They further express their wish for you to wear the shoes and try them out for 60 days to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their performance. The site states that if the shoes are not right for you and the performance is not up to your expectations you may return them, even though theyve already been worn.

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    How To Return Or Exchange An Item At Nike

    Nike is a well-known shoe and athletic company with extremely expensive in-house brands like Jordan from Michael Jordan. Customers can purchase Nike equipment, shoes, clothing and other merchandise from well-known sports stores, Nike outlets, Nike stores and online via the Nike website. Customers returning items to a Nike store have a different set of rules than customers returning merchandise purchased online at

    How Much Is Nike By You

    Everything always costs money and time. Its no different here. Every sneaker has individual prices, but you can assume that a Nike By You sneaker costs about 20-40 euros more than the regular model. But thats just it normal sneakers are quite boring.

    The delivery time of Nike By You is usually 4-6 weeks. We have tested the service for you and can confirm that this delivery time is correct. If Nike needs to extend the delivery period, it will be shown in the shopping cart.

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    What If I Lost My Receipt

    If you dont have your receipt you still have options, especially if items are not worn or laundered.

    Just bring them back and youll get store credit for the current selling price.

    Keep in mind that managers approval will be necessary so be sure to give yourself ample time to make the return happen.

    How Long Do You Have To Return Nike Shoes For A Refund

    Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% By You Custom Running Shoe.

    According to Nikes official website, Nike is granting customers 60 days from the date of purchase to return sneakers. If the 60 day period has expired and you have a reason to return them, you will still be able to return the sneakers for a refund, but restrictions do apply. If its been more than 60 days and youve worn the sneakers or washed them, you will not be able to return them for a refund. Its essential to try your new Nike sneakers on and take them for a few test runs before the 60 days have passed to ensure that they are as advertised and fit you well.

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    Exceptions To The Any Reason Return Policy

    Most of us are looking for a bargain when we shop for new items. Nikes that are purchased from a Nike Clearance Store are not eligible for a return for any reason. Make sure that you will be completely satisfied before you make your purchase because all shoes purchased from these stores can not b returned for a refund. Make sure that you check all the tags on the shoes before you buy them. Some Nike products specify that the item is non-returnable. This applies to Nike sneakers and all other branded merchandise. Check the warranty card, label, and hangtag for details about returns as they relate to that specific item because some Nike products have different return policies. Its your responsibility to do so as Nike has publicly posted a list of exceptions that are legal and binding. Nike gift cards cannot be returned for a refund.

    Do Nike Members Get Discounts

    Membership is free, and youll be the first to hear about exclusive offers and salesincluding exclusive offers just for Members. Other options include shopping the sale section, using our military, student, first responder and medical professional discounts, and visiting a Nike Factory Store.

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    Where Are Sneakers Made That Are Designed By Nike By You

    Nike has more than 146 different shoe factories spread over 14 different countries. But most of the sneakers are made in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Unfortunately, you wont know in advance where your sneaker is manufactured. But you can always check this out as soon as you hold the sneaker in your hands, because the place of manufacture is always printed on the inside of the tongue.

    What Does Nike Do With Worn Shoes That Are Returned For A Refund

    I Try Customizing Nike Shoes First Time Viral TikTok Trend

    Some years back Nike recycled worn shoes that were returned, according to Nike Talk. The rubber materials were ground up and used to make surfaces for playgrounds. At this time, Nike does not explain what happens to the shoes that are returned in worn condition. They are not legally obligated to share the information.

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    Bonus: Dont Forget About Nikes 2

    If your Nike shoes are starting to fall apart within 2 years of the manufacturer date you stand a great chance of getting a FREE replacement.

    To check when your shoes were made take a look at the tag and youll notice 2 dates.

    The date on the left is when they were ordered by the retailer, and the date on the right is when they were actually manufactured.

    Its the date on the RIGHT that determines your 2-year return eligibility.

    Keep in mind that normal wear and tear does not make you eligible for a new pair of Nike kicks.

    There has to be what Nike deems a defective shoe.

    They keep their language fairly vague on what the consider defective on purpose as they dont want consumers gaming the system.

    But its definitely worth a shot if you feel your Nike shoes should have held up better.

    Ask the Reader: Whats been your experience with the Nike return policy? Anything else I should add to this post? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

    What Is Nike By You

    Nike By You is essentially Nikes individual service for clothing and shoes.

    You can customize Nikes most popular sneaker and apparel lines with various colour schemes, lettering and in some cases, logos to your own specifications and tastes.

    Want a pair of football boots or sneakers that match your teams outfit? No problem. You want completely black sneakers? Everything is possible.

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    What Can Be Customized

    Nike By You has always been pretty flexible in choosing what you can customize. Since Nike By You was founded, soccer and basketball shoes have always been at the starting line. But bags and accessories followed promptly.

    Meanwhile, Nike is constantly adding new articles and sneakers to the Nike By You program. Thus, it is not possible to provide a current list. It would be best to check the possibilities directly on the Nike By You page.

    Nike By You also addresses the everyday sportsman and offers individual adjustments for runners like the Air Pegasus, Free Run and Flyknit Air Max. So theres really a wide range of sneakers.

    Finally, Nike By You tries to do justice to the sneakerheads out there by offering them the possibility to personalize some of Nikes most classic silhouettes. Models like Air Force 1, Air Presto and Roshe are all available, as well as Nikes most popular Air Max lines.

    Nike Return Policy: Finally Get All Your Questions Answered

    Nike custom painted Jack

    Just Do It has been a popular Nike slogan for years. But what happens when you DONT want to Do It and would rather return your Nike shoes, apparel, or workout gear? Like most return policies, the Nike return policy has some caveats and quirks that need to be answered which is what Ive done below. Hope this helps you out so you can just do your return and get on with your life.

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    Has Anyone Ever Done Nike Online Customizing

    eternlgladiator said:I’ve never actually ordered a pair from nike id but I love putting pairs together on their and see they awesome combinations you can make. If I were you I would head to a store and try on that model just to make sure it fits right and it comfortable before you pull the trigger. Something tells me the returns process for id is probably very difficult and full of loopholes in nike’s favor. I would be careful.

    How Do I Send A Return Label To A Package

    Just a printed return shipping label with their package all the customer has to do is to take the item to the courier. Let the customer print it: You can also send a return shipping label by email or have your customers download one from your website and print the label from their printer at home.

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    What About Stuff Bought At Nikecom

    To initiate a return for an item bought from youll want to visit their online Return Center.

    Youll essentially use the return label that came with your order, box up your stuff, and drop it off at a UPS location.

    If you dont have a return label you can have one emailed to you or you can even download it.

    If you want to exchange an item youll have to call them at 1-800-806-6453 or take the item to your local Nike store.

    What Are Acceptable Reasons For Return


    Nike offers that you can return your purchased sneakers for any reason, as long as it is within the 60 day trial period. This offer also applies to Nike By You custom-made sneakers. There is a caveat that states that some exceptions do apply. You must be familiar with those exceptions before purchasing or wearing your Nike sneakers.

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    Any Return Policy Exceptions

    Yes there are 3 exceptions to this policy:

    • Gift Cards All sales are final.
    • Items Marked as Nonreturnable Self-explanatory.
    • Items with Specific Guarantees Some Nike products have guarantees or warranties that are item specific.

    Check the label, hang tag, or warranty card for details if youre unsure.

    What Happens After 30 Days

    You can still return stuff to Nike after 30 days but it must NOT be worn or washed.

    So the question then becomes how much longer than 30 days is allowed?

    Well, according to this Reddit thread some shoppers have returned stuff that was over a year old.

    Keep in mind that your mileage will vary by store and it comes down to the discretion of the manager if theyll accept the return or not.

    Be polite and you stand a great chance for success.

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