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What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans

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Why Women Over 50 Love Mom Jeans

how to style MOM JEANS! WHAT TO WEAR with mom/girlfriend denim!

The name Mom jeans started as a joke on Saturday Night Live in 2013.; The sketch shows women over 50 with large behinds wearing unflattering elastic waist jeans.; Baggy but comfy.;

But recently designers have embraced the need for easy to wear and style jeans that come up to the waist and today Mom jeans are an important item in every older womans closet and in many younger womens wardrobes too.

What Are Mom Jeans

The mom cut is a trendy piece of casual wear. It features a high waist, long zipper and is one of the most fashionable pieces.;This denim is more feminine than the boyfriend-style, as it has a longer leg.;They are usually available in the classic blue color, with no tears or rips in the fabric. However What Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans Winter, they can look great with a little bit of wear.;This denim is perfect for a casual brunch date or a night on the town with friends.

Which Outfits Goes With Mom Jeans

What Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans Winter, There are so many places mom jeans can be worn, from a café to an art gallery.;This style can be worn at any time of year, with a simple T-shirt or biker jacket as well as a silky blouse.;For a casual look, you can swap your heels for sneakers or add a belt and roll neck to make it more formal.;Youll feel like youre on the runway, complete with jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.

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How To Style Mom Jeans And Hoodie

If you are into casual sporty look, then go for this pink hoodie tucked in dark blue mom jeans completed with white sneakers. Speaking of hoodies, I do recommend to check my post on ways how to wear hoodies for women, Ive got lots of cool ideas to share with you, as you can style it in many ways:

Buy Similar Here

Chunky Heel Ankle Boots That Will Take Your All

What Shoes To Wear With Mom Jeans This Fall 2020 ...

Promising review: “These are amazingly beautiful boots. The pictures do no justice to their beauty. Mine arrived quickly and I was so awed and enamored with their look and quality I ordered the other two colors right away. I wore the champagne color already and have received rave compliments. The Black boots are to die for. Haven’t worn them yet, but I can hardly wait. The snake print pair are true charmers. Recommendation: BUY these boots while you can! Oh yeah, they fit true to size and feel comfortable while wearing.” Carla Branscomb

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What Should I Wear Withmom Jeans

Most often women pair blue mom jeans with white. Its classic, its genuine, its the ultimate look. These jeans come with a white-wash denim look, and yes its trending right now. Style it with a crop top or a plain silk shirt, its up to you. Let me tell you ladies one more thing, they dont just look comfortable . Here are;25 Cute Ways to Wear Crop Tops This Season.

15 Baggy Look With The Mom Jeans

The beauty about Mom jeans is that its for all body shapes and sizes so wear these baggy mom jeans for a more laid back look. Team them up with bra tops in summer! Mom jeans are high waisted enough to cover most of our belly, we dont want to be too covered up during summer so bra top or a crop top will be a good choice! Plus its always a nice touch to add that extra pop of color into your outfit. You should definitely try out this look as well.;Do check out these;16 Ideal Shoes to Wear with Baggy Jeans.

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Finding The Right Fit

I found a solution in sizing down in a pair of mom jeans from AE. On first try, they did feel tighter in the waist, but they fit me perfectly everywhere else. With wear, I found the waist stretches a bit and makes them more comfortable. For reference Im wearing them in 00 x-short. Im 410 and around 105lbs.

Pair With Statement Shoes

How to Wear Ankle Boots w/ Jeans: Skinny, Boyfriend, Mom Jeans, Straight Jeans & Cropped

Want to know the fastest way to give a touch of style to anything bordering on the edge of ugly? Pair it with some killer shoes. It’s as if a switch is flipped and all of a sudden your iffy piece is fashion forward. To give some youth to your baggy jeans, pair them with cut-out booties, stacked heels, or boots with some serious hardware. The bold shoes will drag the eyes downward and balance out the look.

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21 Chunky Chelsea Boots

If you love pushing the envelope a bit with your everyday fashion, you might want to check out this look right here. By pairing a patterned top with a short kimono, baggy boyfriend jeans, and some chunky Chelsea boots, you are sending a bold and powerful message to the world: Look Out, Because Here I Come.

How To Wear Mom Jeans With A Crop Top

Personally, Im all for a good crop top. Having said that, rocking a crop top can either be a hit or a miss.

Either it looks cute and casual, or it ends up leaving me tugging at my clothing, hoping to conceal any unwanted to skin.

To avoid this, always make sure your mom jeans are ultra high-waisted and are able to sit comfortably on your hips. If your mom jeans are sliding down, youre either going to constantly be tugging at your crop top, or pulling up your jeans. Neither one of these is a great option. This pair from Reformation fits the bill on both those criteria.

As for your crop top, look for something that sits relatively close to the waistline of your jeans, almost touching . Trust me, once you start moving around, your top is going to shift and ride up, exposing more skin. If youre wearing something thats super cropped, youll likely be uncomfortable.

Having said that, you can also go for this crop top style with your mom jeans

With this crop top style, the fit is looser, minimizing riding up, making it much more comfortable to wear. You can check out these mom jeans here;and a similar crop top here.

Either way, though, both crop top styles look great with mom jeans.

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With A Bottom Down Shirt

The list of what to wear with mom jeans cannot be complete without a good ol bottom down shirt. Bottom down shirts whether fitting or oversize are timeless and comfortable to wear. They are also versatile especially if you go for whites, blacks or nude colors. They are as easy to pair with your mom jeans as t-shirts are.

You can also use an accessory like a hat to make this look fun and perfect for the weekend.

Gorgeous Supplely Soft Waterproof Leather Booties Because *these* Boots Are Made For Walking And That’s Just What They’ll Do And One Of These Days They Might Just Make Their Way Into Your Cart

The Best Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans

Psst! The brand mentions that the toe of this boot is kinda snug, so if you have a wider foot or like to wear thicker socks, they recommend ordering a half size up!

Promising review: “I essentially had these boots in my cart for a year, and they do not disappoint; they are supportive, they stand up to walking miles in the rain, and they add a touch of refinement to casual and office looks. It only took two full days of wear to break them in, and I will hopefully wear them for years to come.”

Get them from Nisolo for $240 .

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What Shoes To Wear With Your Flare Jeans

2021s hottest jeans shape, flares and bootlegs have been everywhere this year. Not sure what shoes to wear with flare jeans? Keep reading for some styling inspiration. Wear them with chunky ankle boots like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for a 90s throwback look thats perfect for a UK summer. For a more dressy, easy-to-wear look, pair your bootleg jeans with court shoes like Sienna Miller. Keeping your look low-key and casual like Alessandra Ambrosio? Dress down with a simple pair of white trainers for maximum comfort and style with minimal effort.Shop flared jeans here.

Mom Jeans With Black Long Sleeve Slim Fit Sweater

Some people that the disadvantage of mom jeans is that they make your waist look short. Like many things in life, the weekness is often also the strength. For some people, especially those that have relative narrow shoulders, they actually look better when you visually move up your waistline by wearing high waisted pants. They achieve a better body proportion with seemingly longer legs. Not saying that everyone belongs to that group of people, I am saying that you really have to try them on to see whether you actually look better with high waisted pants. This outfit is a perfect one to test whether you belongs to the group. For the top, wear a black, long sleeve, slim fit sweater with with mom jeans and ballet heels.

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Heres The Most Important Thing When Choosing Outfits With Your Light Wash Jeans

Here are a few important things to remember:

  • Choose light wash jeans THAT FIT. No gapping at the waist, no pointed crotch, no squeezing to fit into them.
  • Light was jeans are casual, so make sure youre choosing tops accordingly. If you choose a dressier top, choose dressier shoes to match.

Ill be sharing more ideas over on , but check out a bunch of ideas below!

30 Block Heel Sandals

How to wear mom jeans

Most of the time, boyfriend jeans are worn rolled at the cuffs. This provides the perfect opportunity to show off some glam jeels. With this look, opt for some dazzling rhinestone block heels and pair them up with some distressed high waist boyfriend jeans. A cute tee and some fun accessories add the finishing touches to the look.

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8 Get The Sleek Look With The Mom Jeans

Trendy straight-leg mom jeans are made to hug your hips and then fall straight to the hems, youll be surprised at how beautifully these mom jeans will flatter your hourglass figure. You want to show off your waist, right? Just tuck the shirt in, even better with a belt! Always wear jeans that fit your waist perfectly. Go for a sophisticated, elegant look! Pointer: Nude heels are a must have!

What Exactly Are Mom Jeans

If you have a look at someones 90s wardrobe, youre surely going to find a pair of mom jeans. These are basically jeans which in the earlier time were considered unflattering and boring but today they are one of the trendiest types of jeans that you can own. They are mostly high waisted with long back pockets and come in a very relaxed fit around the waist, that makes them a great option for everyday wear.

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Rocker From The Neighboring Yard

A leather jacket with a shirt or t-shirt creates a layered look that is favored by the modern fashion industry. Standard thinking suggests adding sneakers to this look, but the girl in the photo opted for high-heeled shoes. We create a slim and feminine light rock style for women who are ready for new adventures.

Black Pants With White Sneakers

The Best Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans

What to wear with black jeans? Well, these black jeans have that wide fit, so it can be a bit hard to style them. The best outfit with black jeans could be a pair of white sneakers, along with a sturdy trench coat. This combination of formal & casual wear can give you the ultimate relaxed semi-casual outfit. Choose an interesting touch to your outfits, such as a stylish watch or a tie to complete the look.;

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Work/hiking Boots With Jeans

Chunky boots also provide ballast for wider-legged denim; overly slim or skinny jeans on the other hand will contrast too harshly, which may well be your desired effect, but wont fool anyone into thinking that youre genuinely handy or outdoorsy.

Also, unless youre going for the skinny-stacked look, your jeans will need to be on the shorter side, or rolled up: if you want to exude maximum vintage vibes, try a single oversized cuff.

Cute Outfits With Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are a closet staple, and there are plenty of cute outfits you can make with these style of jeans. No matter the time of year, you can always find new ways to style your mom jeans. Whether traditional or experimental, its hard not to look and feel great. They can be dressed down with a simple tee, a chunky cardigan, your favorite pair of tennis shoes, and a skinny belt. For an elegant and trendy look, you can always throw on a silky blouse, a velvet blazer, designer heels, and a solid leather handbag. Complete your cute outfit by adding jewelry, like layered necklaces, stacked rings, or dainty bracelets.

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Brown Leather Boots With Stylish Pants

Brown boots black jeans work amazing for fall! This stylish fit is also wearable to the office, but also for some less-important events & gatherings. Try to style this outfit with some unusual colors. For instance, throw on a unique green color shirt and add some bold accessories such as jewelry to finish the look.;;

Outfit #: Oxfords And A Felt Fedora


A pair of oxford shoes instantly makes an outfit feel a little more sophisticated and preppy. A chic turtleneck and a felt fedora complete the outfit without feeling over the top preppy. A button up shirt would be a great alternative here you could even add a blazer!


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11 Always Classy In White

When in doubt wear white! Totally chic and easy to pull off. Pair white-coloured wedgie mom style jeans with a darker shade shirt to break things up, itll;make the world of a difference. We recommend you add some accessories! Oh and a great hat can never go out of style. Power to the women of the world! Here are;23 Chic Ways to Style White Jeans.

Ripped Mom Jeans Outfits

Every woman can rock a pair of ripped mom jeans to create an edgy and chic outfit. This style provides a hassle-free daytime look, being both comfortable and cool. Complete your outfit by wearing an equally distressed top, like your favorite vintage band tee. For a layered look, wear fishnets or lace tights underneath your ripped jeans and slip on a matching black top. Ideal for a brunch date or casual outing with friends, youll want to leave your fashionably cut-up jeans at home for more formal events, like a dinner date or the office. However, you can still dress them up by wearing a sleek blazer, printed blouse, and ankle boots.

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18 The Vintage 90s Look With Mom Jeans

Do these jeans scream retro or what? This goes without saying that mom jeans are actually from the late 80s so Ill always have a soft spot for them. Middle-aged women went absolutely crazy for these in those times, and now theyre back with a bang! Pick a shirt that also looks like the current trends and pair it with mom jeans. Go for a Vintage look tonight because why not?

What To Wear With Mom Jeans

The Best Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans
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Mom jeans are one of the easiest pieces of clothing to wear. Theyre versatile and when styled right, they can take you from a daytime look to one suitable for the evening or simply from a casual to a dressy look. If youre a big fan of jeans then you probably own them in different types, including mom jeans.; Normally, mom jeans are cinched up at your waist then have baggy legs making them flattering and worthy of being in any womans closet.

They were mostly worn back in the 90s but made a comeback to the fashion world in recent years. Safe to say mom jeans are here to stay considering the many different ways that you can style them regardless of the season.

If youre looking for more ways to style your mom jeans or wondering what to wear with them altogether, here are some ideas to get you started:

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What Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans came out being the opposite of skinny jeans, basically to provide a bit of comfort to us ladies who got tired of tight jeans. They are usually a little baggy and they are meant to give that sort of nonchalant vibe of, oh, dont mind me, just raided my boyfriends closet is all. There is a lot to love about boyfriend jeans but a lot of us often find ourselves stuck when it comes to what shoes are best to wear with boyfriend jeans. Rolled up boyfriend jeans have a unique shape and as such, certain shoes will definitely work better with them than others. But what styles of shoes are ideal?

Well, wonder no more. Here at Outfit Trends, we are bringing you 30 different types of footwear to wear with boyfriend jeans.

Lets get started with some quick and simple tips for styling boyfriend jeans.

Now lets look at some examples!

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