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Does Vans Make Steel Toe Shoes

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How Should My Blundstones Fit

Nautilus steel toe shoe on feet review

Length is primary consideration when fitting Blundstone boots. Walk around in the boots and get a sense of whether your front most toe is touching the front of the boots.; If they are consistently touching the front of the boots, then the boots are too small. A thumb width of space between the end of the customer’s foot and the end of the boot is recommended for a good fit.

Width can be focused on now that you have determined the length of the boot. Blundstone boots are commonly referred to as outdoor slippers, referring to the ease of putting on and taking off these boots.; Blundstone boots typically have a loose fit and a centimetre or two of heel lift is very common with Blundstone boots. If you still find that they fit too generously, the insoles provided in the box are helpful for snugging up the fit.; It may also be common for you to feel pressure across the instep of the boot where the v-stitching comes across the instep. This pressure will often dissipate with regular wear after a two to three week period, once the leather begins to stretch.

All Blundstone styles aside from the Womens series, are unisex. This size conversion chart provides a simple guideline.

How To Tell If Boots Or Shoes Are Steel Toe

If you are going to buy a pair, you must trust the manufacturer . You can never be 100% sure of it unless you cut the toe out and test the cap components . They may have some sort of marking on the footwear, but it varies from brand to brand. However, you can easily presume its a steel-toed one by seeing the toe and forefoot area. These tend to be bigger, and the leather usually shows the end line of the toe cap. You can also tap on the toe cap and feel the sound and vibration.

Puma Safety Womens Celerity Knit Sd

Comparable to the Vans Ultrarange Shoe

Vans Ultrarange sneakers are super cute and stylish for the athletic woman, but Pumas Safety Celerity Knit SD is just as nifty, yet with the protection of an industrial level safety shoe. They are slip-resistant like any good work shoe and the mesh look keeps your feet breathing during those long, hot days.

There is a walnut structured insole, meaning extra protection and comfort, as well as shock absorbent technology. They also are really light on the feet, when compared to the average work boot, so your feet will not tire out too fast and they are easy to pack when working out-of-town or just to keep as a spare shoe in your car.

So, despite the fact that Vans brand currently doesnt make steel-toe shoes, you can still get the look of Vans, yet more importantly, be protected.

So, what did you think of it? Do you have some steel toe shoes that look like vans? Let me know what you are wearing in the comments below!

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When Should Steel Toe Boots Be Worn

  • Whenever your job requires you to wear them at work.
  • Whenever your work has risks. If heavy things can fall, or roll over the forefoot- these are better.
  • Some insurance may require you to wear them.
  • Very few hikers prefer these, but they have their reasons, they know what they will do and stuff like that.
  • However, you should not bother wearing them unless its necessary.

    Why Do Some Steel Toes Feel Uncomfortable


    As steel is heavier and these boots tend to price less, manufacturers try to use less steel.

    No, it does not mean that necessary hardness and impact protection is gone. What it means is, most of the steel toe capped shoes and boots do not come with ample wiggle room for your little toes. You see the equations, more steel means more stress while walking. This may cause soreness which means, the boot you are wearing is not comfortable.

    Anyways, comfort is now limited by a less roomy toe box.

    The way to go over it?

    Use other toes or buy from good old reputed brands. They sell big toe or in the case of Red Wings, `king toe boots. ASTM, ANSI and other testing measures can always help you ensure the protection.

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    Does Nike Make Steel Toe Boots Shoes And/or Sneakers

    No. Nike makes no steel toe boots, shoes or sneakers. They did not create or at least continue any ST products as of today. We have found no steel toe boots or shoes on Nikes official site or at

    How can the `Nike steel toe rumor live for so long?

    Thats because some sites are using the term Nike steel toe.

    Zappos have pages and products on this topic, but the result shown there do not have steel toes which is misleading. We had to read through a handful of sneakers before we could say anything. Pretty discouraging. Some third-party sellers are also doing this in popular platforms like eBay.

    Why doesnt Nike make steel toe footwear?

    Thats because Nike is not a work boot or work shoe brand. Steel toe is somewhat a sole property of work footwear. Nike deals with lightweight shoes and sneakers, and steel toe goes the opposite direction. Steel is heavy.

    Does Converse make steel toe shoes?

    No. Converse does not make ST boots or shoes. Nike owns this company, none of them make steel toed footwear.

    Caterpillar Men’s Brode Steel Safety Work Shoe

    • Sneakers have logos at sides and tongue
    • Steel toe safety toe for confident protection
    • Durable cement and Strobel construction

    From the manufacturers of heavy equipment and machines to a range of casual and industrial footwear, Caterpillar has managed to remain true to their original goal in life. That is to create genuine and hard working shoes that stand a foot above the rest. Their diligence and ingenuity have made one thing very clear to consumers. If you ever need a work boot but prefer not to wear one instead- go for Caterpillar. These guys make their safety toe shoes so light and flexible that you wonder where the safety comes in.

    One such versatile specimen is the Caterpillar Men’s Brode Steel-Toe sneaker that looks no sturdier than your average sneaker. But careful, looks can be deceiving. The casual sneaker exterior hides an incredible array of features that you can expect to find in a work boot. This includes an ASTM rated steel toe safety toe to protect against toe stubs and compressing forces. It also boasts of the sturdiest Strobel and cement construction that guarantees years of dedicated service before the sneaker goes out of commission.

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    How To Keep Your Toes Warm In Steel

    If they are for winter, you better go for the insulated ones. The best way to keep your toes warm is to buy a pair of safety approved comp or carbon toe footwear are at least water resistant. If you already have steel toe shoes and you want to resist the cold, you can try adding some thin memory foam into the toe box only if your shoe has toe wiggle room.

    Are Steel Toe Boots Allowed On A Plane What About Metal Detectors

    SAFETY TOE WORK BOOTS- Steel, Composite or Carbon?!?

    August 18, 2019 by JoJo

    Are you planning a business trip and need to bring a pair of steel toes? Or maybe you are going on a hiking trip and you cant imagine making the trip without your favorite steel toe hiking boots?

    Whatever the case, your next concerns;might be, can I wear them on the plane? Will have I have problems going through airport security?

    Dont worry, you are not alone.

    We have found that many travelers have the same questions as you. And the best thing you can do is find the answer now, before making the trip to the airport.

    With that being said, in this post, we are going to answer these two questions and we will also talk about some great alternatives to traveling with steel toes.

  • Final Thoughts
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    Alternatives To Steel Toe Boots

    Most workers use steel toe boots because of the safety that they provide. However, they are also available in allot or composite toe boots. The composite or allow toe boots are also durable, comfortable, and resistant to oil, water, and chemicals. This shows that workers of construction and manufacturing companies can wear these boots instead of steel-toed boots.

    For a less stressful flight, you can opt for the alternative footwear for steel toe boots when traveling in an airplane. Some of the alternatives to steel toe boots that you can wear are stated below.

    New Balance Mens Steel Toe Industrial Shoe

    New Balance Mens Steel Toe Industrial Shoe is an upgrade to 627 V1 with more room in the toe end for tow movement. But like the earlier model, this work shoe too offers static dissipation, slip-resistance, and steel toe safety-all in a versatile and comfortable package.;

    This kick boasts of New Balances tried and true ABZORB cushioning that could bring some relief to those with foot pains. ABZORB, like memory foam shoes, is excellent in not only absorbing shock but offering energy return to the feet as well.

    Are you a person with extra-wide feet? New Balance Mens Steel Toe Industrial Shoe could put an end to your search for the most comfortable steel toe sneakers for work. It exists in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide models.



    • Quality could be better

    New Balance Mens Steel Toe Industrial Shoe comes to the rescue of those looking for extra-wide, comfortable, and low-cut work shoes. The pair is light, breathable, and lasts a little long, but not as long as our other reviews, though.

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    Skechers Mens Go Walk Performance Sneakers

    This last choice is the most reviewed and probably the most comfortable performance shoe you will ever meet. It features a Goga Max insole that is widely known for having high-rebound cushioning.;

    To add to that, the fully breathable upper and 5GEN lightweight cushioning promote top-quality comfort that many shoes cannot match. In fact, one customer who gave this shoe a one-star rating on Amazon noted that they feel like walking on cloud even though the soles grip left a lot to be admired.

    Skechers Mens Go Walk Performance Sneakers feature a solid mesh toe end that may offer safety standards that are a bit below composite toe designs. The shoe also exists in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide.


    • No steel or composite toe
    • Some people complain that the sole sticks on smooth surfaces causing possible trips and falls;

    Skechers Mens Go Walk Performance Sneakers might not make the cut as an industrial shoe. However, its extreme comfort, lightweight, and breathability could be what those in extreme foot pain need. If that sounds like you, then this pair might help you get through your shift successfully.

    Caterpillar Womens Brode Steel Toe Work Shoe

    Vans Black and Green Camo OG SK8

    Comparable to Vans X Laxy Oaf Style 29

    Ladies, are you looking for a great safety shoe, but dont want to sacrifice on style? Are you looking for steel toe shoes that look like vans? If so, check out these Caterpillar Brode Steel-Toe-Shoes.

    They not only are made by the world-renowned brand, they are stylish as well. Similar to Vans X Lazy Oaf Style 29 shoe, these feature a 6-row lace up, a helpful pull-on tag in the back and a cool two-tone look. Styled like the average sneaker they are very low-profile, all the while keeping your feet guarded and secure.

    Contingent on which color you use, these Brode shoes come in with either a suede or leather upper and each pair is;manufactured with a slip-resistant sole. Even better- they not only protect your toes from a heavy drop, but they also will protect you from getting shocked with the electrical hazard safeguard.

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    Can You Take The Steel Toe Out Of Boots And Shoes

    Yes, you can take the steel cap out of your boots and shoes. But, it is most probably not a good idea. Let me explain why:

    You must cut through the uppers of your shoes. Or, you can do it by dissecting them just above the outsole line. Only then, you can get it out.

    Now, the problems are:

  • You cant restore its original look and feel.
  • Your toe box may tap into or even collapse.
  • You may not keep certain crucial features such as waterproof, breathability and electrical safety.
  • Still, want to do it?

    Just bring it out and then use super adhesives with caution so that your boots do not look ugly. For a solid feel in the toe box, you can use thin plastic sheets in steel toes place. If you can successfully mimic a steel toe with semi-hard plastic sheets and a super glue stick- insert it and try the pair .

    Are Steel Toe Boots Safe For Electricians

    Yes, many steel toe boots/shoes are safe for electricians. You must make sure that your steel toe footwear is electrical hazard certified from authorities like ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA.

    Do electricians need steel toe boots?

    Not all electricians need safety toes. Electricians in factories, warehouses, and construction sites may need safety toes. If your situation requires you to wear them, you can choose EH steel toe boots or shoes.

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    Top 4 Reasons For Shoe Creasing

    Shoes are an important piece of clothing, an item that is worn constantly and can make a huge impact on comfort and style. Most people wear shoes at least five days a week, so its no wonder why creases in footwear are common- especially when theyre new! Here are some top reasons you might be experiencing shoe creases that can save you from the embarrassment of wearing them out!

    • Unwanted creasing could be caused by not allowing the shoe to air out fully before wearing: if your shoes havent been aired out for at least 24 hours, they may still have wet spots or smells left over from water. This can cause the glue that binds the material of the shoe together to come apart, leaving a crease from where you might have sat or bent over.
    • If your shoes are new and have been creased from improper glue, you can try to turn them inside out and rub Scotch Guard® Invisible Treatment on them before wearing them. This will help strengthen the shoe material so it wont break apart when bent.
    • If your shoes are leather, check for signs of moisture because they could be prematurely aging or being damaged by rainwater or snow.
    • When storing high quality leather shoes , dont store them in a plastic bag or store them next to a humidifier. This helps prevent the shoe from absorbing moisture, degrading leather and causing wet spots.

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    Caterpillar Brode Steel Toe Work Sneakers

    5 Best Work Boots – Steel Toe Boots

    Recently I tried 10 popular steel toe work shoes, including this Caterpillar Brode Steel Toe Shoe. I named this shoe my favorite sneaker-style shoe due to the casual style that it has.

    This is the current price of this Caterpillar Brode casual steel toe shoe available at Amazon . This is a shoe that transitions easily off the clock and looks very natural paired with jeans.

    This is not a lightweight, flimsy work shoe. Overall I found this to be heavier than most other low-top steel toe shoes. It has a durable build made with 100% leather on the upper.

    My size 12 mens shoe weighs 1.53 pounds per shoe. This shoe also has a rubber overlay over both the toe and the heel for extra abrasion resistance.

    Overall, I found this shoe to be much more durable than other lightweight, low-top work shoes on the market today. It combines a casual vibe with a durable toughness needed on the job. But even though it is more durable than most other low top steel toe shoes, I found the flexibility to still be very good:

    Ultimately, this is a casual steel toe shoe that will make you stand out a bit in a crowd full of people wearing heavy-duty work boots. This shoe blends very well with both jeans and shorts, and looks good even off the clock.

    this Caterpillar Brode casual steel toe work shoe available at Amazon . In my experience, this shoe fits true to size. Wide sizing is available.

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    The Best Steel Toe Shoes For Work

    Although steel toe work boots are most workers go-to choice for the job site, steel toe work shoes are a solid second. Steel toe shoes are the best work shoes for less-demanding jobs that do not require ankle protection or additional ankle support but still require toe protection.

    Even though strap-on steel toe guards do exist, often times these can be a bit clunky and not nearly as comfortable. This is why the steel toe shoe will always be your best bet, especially for construction workers. Its a great alternative to the steel toe work boot.

    Reebok Soyay Mens Steel Toe Skate Shoes

    If you are looking for trendy and fashionable skate shoes then look no further. Rebook Soyay Mens steel toe skate shoes will help you keep your skate clothing style while providing extra safety for your feet at the same time. There are many people that work in factories, warehouses and similar facilities that find these shoes perfect for their job. They are electrical hazard rated and have long lasting EVA cushion .

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    Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On A Plane

    You can wear steel toe boots on the plane when you are flying through the homelands in the US. Furthermore, the TSA states that not only can you wear steel toe boots, you can also carry them in the luggage without any security issues.

    However, when traveling to other countries, you may need to check the countrys security screening list at the airport to know whether they allow safety shoes or not.

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