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Does Skechers Have Wide Shoes

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How To Clean Your Skechers Shoes

Skechers Wide Shoes For The Win

SkechersNylon/Mesh Shoes

  • Most non-leather casual shoes can be safely machine washed on the gentle cycle and air-dried.
  • Use a washing bag and max 30 degrees celcius.
  • Do NOT place shoes in the dryer.
  • Do NOT machine wash light-up shoes.
  • Apply a protectant such as Skechers Water Proofer Spray to protect the shoes from water and stains.
  • The shoes must be completely dry before use
  • For shoes with Skechers Memory Foam insoles, allow shoes and insoles to air dry for 10 to 12 hours to ensure the insoles are fully dry.

SkechersLeather Shoes

  • Apply a protectant such as Skechers Water Proofer Spray to protect the shoes from water and stains before wearing in wet conditions.
  • Use a leather cleaning lotion or spray such as Skechers Athletic Cleanser to clean.
  • Apply a leather lotion or oil periodically to keep the leather supple.
  • Do NOT machine wash leather shoes.

SkechersSuede or Nubuck Shoes

  • Apply a protectant such as Skechers Water Proofer Spray to protect the shoes from water and stains before wearing in wet conditions.
  • Use a suede/nubuck cleaning product to clean shoes.
  • Brush with a suede brush for the best results.
  • Do NOT machine wash suede or nubuck shoes.

SkechersLight-Up Shoes

  • Machine washing light-up shoes is not advised as it may damage the lights.
  • Clean with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.
  • Do NOT place shoes in dryer.
  • The shoes must be completely dry before use

Skechers Performance shoes

Skechers GO Flex Walk

How Do I Know Which Insoles Are The Best In My Skechers Walking Shoes

Like most everything else it is going to be a matter of opinion and what works best for each individual person. Everyones feet and comfort level are different. My preference for my every day shoes is the Skecher Memory Foam. They make you feel like you are standing on a cloud. I have to have comfort and support in my shoes and the memory foam is designed to be for fitting and will shape to the bottom of your feet offering a personalized fit and support. The ones that I purchased, have been designed with a removable insert so that I can purchase another memory insole and replace it allowing the new fresh feeling inside of my shoe again. With the memory foam it seems to allow me to stand or walk more than most inserts have without as much foot or leg pain. In my research there are also people that love some of the other types of insole such as the Gogas. It is going to depend upon your feet and how much support that you require. Unfortunately, as we get older sometimes the level of support that is needed will also change. If you work out and walk the track on a regular basis and as your muscles strengthen, that can change the level of support that you will need. My best recommendation, is if you are on your feet and your feet start hurting, get another insole and protect your feet.

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoes

These lightweight womens pull on walking shoes have been designed to offer quality and comfort. The upper of this shoe has been made from 100% soft mesh fabric and a seamless construction for a smooth and comforting fit. The mesh allows the upper to be breathable allowing the airflow to circulate throughout the shoe. A stabilizing fabric heel overlay has been added to offer more stability to the heel area. A built-in pull portal has been added to give more durability to help the shoe being pulled on your feet. The Skecher S logos are displayed on the sides of the shoe to complete its style. The outer sole has been designed from rubber and has created a quality traction to help with a secure footing. The inside is lined with a soft fabric to help comfort your feet. The footbed has been bamboo lined to help prevent bacteria odors. The Goga Max footbed has been used to offer energized steps all day. The midsole has had a tapered design and created with the 5 Gen cushioning to add responsiveness. This shoe comes in a variety of colors offering the customers a choice of colors. This shoe is worth its price as it supports your feet all day.


  • Bamboo lining covers the foot bed to prevent bacteria odors
  • Gogo Max footbed offering energizing with every step


  • Not enough support for some wearers
  • Sizing may not be correct for all wearers
  • Pillars came off of the soles for some wearers

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Can I Use A Skecher Walking Shoe For A Running Shoe


I would not recommend using any walking shoe for a running shoe. Even though Skechers are one of the quality shoe brands on the market, when you select a walking shoe, that shoe has been designed for walking. It gives your feet the flexibility to move freely in areas that your foot will naturally use for walking. When you are running your feet will flex in different areas and will need additional flexibility in different areas. I would think you would be more prone to causing injuries to your feet or muscles and maybe having to sit out a bit to let your injury heal. To me it would not be worth the chance. Some of the walking shoes may be okay to wear to the gym and use on some of the machines, but even with that I would check with a fitness coach and make doubly sure that they are comforting and give your feet the support that you need. The walking shoes also offer a variety of support depending upon which style that you have selected for walking, running many times will also require different levels of support depending upon the type of runner that you are.

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Features Of A Good Skechers Wide Fit Womens Shoe

  • UppersUppers are made of either Flyknit, mesh, Mesh, and Synthetic or Leather materials, which offer breathability. A smooth interior lining is desirable and ensures excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. The Uppers of the Skechers wide fit range is either more roomy or flexible or comes in wider width options that you can choose from.
  • Cushioning You can look for comfortable cushioning systems such as the Air-Cooled Memory Foam, Memory Foam, Goga Mat, or 5 Gen cushioning system.
  • Sole EVA or foam in the midsole offers even better shock absorbency, and rubber in the outsole ensures long-lasting durability and high traction.
  • Other Features Other features may include a padded heel or collar for a more snug fit and flexibility.

Causes And Concerns Of A Wide Foot

You may have been born with a wider shaped foot, or your feet may have become broader with age, none the less wide feet are absolutely nothing to worry about. If a health concern causes wider feet, you may require some treatments for problems that may occur, such as pain and foot deformities however, this is a different concern.

There are a few causes to wide feet in general

  • Genetics You are most likely born with a naturally wider foot, particularly if you have a family with wide feet.
  • Age With age and weight gain, your feet can become broader and even longer.
  • Foot Condition Issues Certain foot conditions may broaden your feet and cause growths or deformities that may widen your feet or call fire a wider width shoe. These conditions include Bunions, Hammertoes, and injuries to the joints and ligaments in your feet.
  • Improper Footwear Wearing shoes that do not fit well or do not provide adequate support increases your risk of foot deformities and conditions, injuries, and swelling, which in turn may add to the need for a wider width shoe.
  • Swelling Swelling of the feet and a condition called Edema from water retention may increase your feet size and width quite a bit.

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Skechers Athletic Shoes For Women With Wide Feet

Not every sneaker comes in a wide width, but Skechers lives up to its reputation for comfort, size, and selection. With an athletic shoe for every sport, the company excels in creating athletic shoes that offer support and style. There are many colors, sizes, and styles of Skechers W width athletic shoes available, including 37 athletic shoes that come in a wide width.

What kinds of sports does Skechers make athletic shoes for?

From wide heels to high arches, you’ll find a pair of Skechers athletic shoes to fit the bill. The company sells “no sport” athletic shoes that cover a range of uses, styles, and fits. They also sell athletic shoes specifically designed for these five sports:

  • GO Golf shoes in one style
  • Walking shoes in 30 styles
  • Running shoes in five styles
  • Training shoes in 13 style
  • Trail shoes in one style

What kinds of walking shoes does Skechers sell?

Skechers makes 30 unique styles of walking shoes, ranging from lightweight mesh uppers and traditional walking shoes to loafer-style slip-ons. If you have a special need, this is the place to find it. Choices include memory foam insoles and the company’s famous Goga Mat technology as well as other distinguishing features. For walking comfort, choose GOwalk Lite, GOwalk Prized, or one of these styles in a choice of medium and wide widths:

  • GOwalk Smart
  • GOwalk Coral

What other Skechers come in a wide width?What is the Skechers Ultra Flex?

Ultra Flex-Statement

Best Skechers For Arch Support Review Pros & Cons

Skechers Wide Fit? Go Walk 3 vs Go Walk 4

Skechers is prominently known for producing high-quality, versatile, and affordable footwear. It is also a brand known to make shoes with good arch support.

These shoes provide support especially to people with sore feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, chronic back pain, or other health issues requiring certain footwear. With them, you can stand all day comfortably.

Nevertheless, not all shoes from Skechers have good arch support. For this reason, we have carefully selected most of the Skechers that have good arch support.

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Do Skechers Arch Fit Run Big Or Small

Skechers Arch Fit runs true to size. You have different fits that you can choose, like the relaxed fit or extra wide. Ideally, you dont add your insole to these shoes, so you dont need a bigger size. Even if your feet swell, you can go for the extra wide fit.

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Mens Arch Fit Banline Oxford and Skechers Womens Arch Fit-Sunny.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Arch Fit:

I dont have much to say about the Arch Fit style since it wasnt a best seller and was very specific for certain customers. But, from what I remember, it was true to size.

What Amazon Reviewers say about Skechers Arch Fit:

Very comfortable and fits perfectlyGood fit true to size and very comfortablePerfect fit to size.True to size, very comfortable and supportive.Fits true to size and the arch support is amazing.Buy a size too big . These shoes are very narrow.

So Are Skechers True To Size

The question of whether a particular brands shoes are true to size can be a little hard to answer, considering that people have different expectations as far as fit and comfort are concerned. No to mention that a comfortable fit might differ from the general guidelines.

While Skechers are made in California, American sizes are converted to the most relevant UK equivalents. Nevertheless, we recommend that you get fitted by experts at your local shoe store.

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Skechers Womens Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoes

Another ladies centric golf shoe from Skechers is the eagle spikeless shoe. This also comes in a very stylish design that is set to wow women golfers.

Talking about the design, you get to choose from a set of 6 different color options. Also, the variety of sizes is great and you get a narrow and wide fit option in all sizes.

Again, a rubber sole has been used in the making of these popular golf shoes and we are not complaining. Furthermore, the outsole is made from resalite foam that is usually found in higher priced holy shoes.

It uses the goga max technology in the footbed to resist rebounds. foam. As you might have guessed from the name itself, it is spikeless and has buttons for grip and traction.

The synthetic material used for the upper part of the shoe is quite breathable but still resistant against water. The 5 gen special foam used is lightweight but also provides class-leading cushioning. Also, the usual ultra flight midsole for better comfort and weight management is there.

Agion technology, which is a mainstay among most Skechers shoes is also present. It goes a long way in ensuring your shoes dont smell.

This is important as the inner shoe is made from soft fabric that is susceptible to foul smell. All this is done through the dri-lex moisture management system. Lastly, the color and tongue are made from ultra soft fabric too, which provides sock-like comfort.



Skechers Womens Go Walk 5 Prized Sneaker


This womens walking shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice in the Skechers Go Walk Womens shoes. This means that this shoe has received high ratings from their customers, they are reasonably priced and are ready to be shipped out when they are ordered. This pull-on style has been made to be lightweight and flexible allowing for comfortable movements of your feet. The upper of this shoe has been designed from a seamless breathable knit allowing the no seams to fit smooth and not rub the skin on the feet. A pull-on loop was secured at the top of the heel area to make this shoe easier to put on. The Skecher logo is displayed in the heel area and on the bottom of the sole of the shoe. The outer sole is made from rubber in a Dual density Ultra Go form with comforting pillar technology. The inside offers a smooth lining and the air cooled Goga Mat insole. This shoe comes in a variety of 6 different colors giving you the choice to match your wardrobe. This shoe is worth its price with all of its technology and quality comfort that it offers.


  • Outer sole with a rubber dual density ultra-Go and pillar comforting technology


  • Toe box ran too narrow for some wearers
  • The sole was squeaky for some wearers
  • Sizing didnt work well for some wearers

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Skechers Size Chart For Childeren

Below Skechers Shoe Size Chart for Infants and Toddlers, footwear is about the sizes for the most little ones. Skechers has some nice collections for Infants and Toddlers like S-Lights, Cali Gear, SKECHERS Street, Sport, Twinkle Toes, and Uniform Shoes. Below Kids Skechers Size Charts are divided into age groups:

  • Skechers Size Chart for Infants & Toddlers
  • Skechers Size Chart for Kids
  • Skechers Size Chart for Teens

For children like infants and toddlers, Shoe Sizes are as important as anything else, even though they just learned how to walk. Its all about getting the right support when taking the first steps. Size does matter.

Skechers Size Chart For Kids

Shoes in the correct size for Little kids or big kids are essential. The Skechers shoes must fit firmly and support boys and girls feet in each activity or school. Skechers has a big School Uniform Shoe collection check them out here after you determined your size. The Size Chart below is for Pre-school children.


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Do Skechers Relaxed Fit Run Big

Skechers Relaxed Fit runs true to size from my experience with Skechers customers. The Amazon reviews say this style comes smaller than expected . I advise you to buy your size and then check if you need a half size bigger.

The Relaxed Fit style is roomier on the toe area when compared with the Classi Fit shoes. For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men Elent-Mosen Trainers and Skechers Superior Milford Mens Trainers.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Relaxed Fit:

This was a popular style for people that needed extra room in the toe area. It was often to see customers buy their size since the shoes came true to size. We had the odd person that would buy a bigger size if they had wider feet, and the shoes felt narrow.

What Amazon Reviewers say about Skechers Relaxed Fit:

Plus its sized smaller than other Skechers shoes I have.I will be sending them back for the next larger sizeHad to go up a size to make it fit.These run way too small, and we sent them back.Too small. Need to order half or 1 size larger.This fits true to size and is very casual, but nice.Great shoe but would buy half a size bigger than your normal shoe size

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