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Where To Buy Bowling Shoes

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Learn More About Men’s Bowling Shoes

How to Buy Bowling Shoes | Bowling Tips


Roll in Style with Men’s Bowling Shoes

Whether you’re a casual bowler who hits the lane a handful of times each year, or a professional with pinpoint accuracy, strength and a perfect game under your belt, you deserve comfortable men’s bowling shoes that allow maximum control over your approach. Never rent a pair of bowling shoes again, that rental money adds up. Instead, buy your own pair, save on rental fees and bowl in style. DICK’S Sporting Goods carries quality bowling shoes for men from industry leading brands who know their way around the lanes.

All men’s bowling shoes from DICK’S Sporting Goods are made to offer support in key areas that need to absorb the extra stress of bowling, have high-tech slide pads and non-marking outsoles. DICK’s Sporting Goods carries bowling shoes in normal and extra wide sizes. Order a pair today and say goodbye to rentals.

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Features Of Bowling Shoes

Knowing the features of Bowling shoes is essential before purchasing these shoes for your children. Thats how you will understand the value of these shoes.

An excellent gliding motion: All bowling shoes have been made with the idea of gliding motion. The gliding motion is a kind of material that makes bowling shoes more durable than normal sneakers. To achieve this gliding motion, they created two-sided sliding soles so that a bowler on the left side could make the same progress as a bowler on the right side. The manufacturers also added a sliding pad to gather friction from various alleys.

Two-sided Sliding Soles: If you like to play the bowling ball game and using normal sneakers then it can be more dangerous for you because a normal sneaker gives the maximum discomfort and pain. With the specialty of the best bowling shoes, you would be able to play efficiently with any kind of pose. However, both sides of bowling shoes are equipped with sliding soles. This is an amazing feature that gives maximum comfort to every bowler.

Interchangeable sole: The best bowling shoes come with easy to interchangeable soles that will help you to become the top soccer in bowling. Therefore, if you want to take your bowling to the next level then these shoes are the perfect choice for you.

Heel-less Soles: Is your shoe heel less than many sneakers that have a small heel? The feature keeps you comfortable and improves your personal balance.

What To Look For When Buying Bowling Shoes

The Sole

One of the most important things to consider when choosing shoes for bowling is the sole of the shoe. You will notice that they are different from normal shoes.

Sliding shoes have smooth soles. They are intended for sliding to help you with the delivery of the ball, improving your approach and follow-through. The problem with having a sliding shoe on both feet is that too much slide can cause you to go over the foul line unintentionally. For this reason, a lot of mid-range and high-end bowling shoes feature interchangeable heels and soles. This allows you to adjust the amount of slide. Beginner and cheaper bowling shoes usually have sliding soles on both the left and right foot that are not removable while more expensive shoes feature one sliding sole that is adjustable and one traction sole.

Traction soles are often only featured on competitive and more expensive shoes, however, they can be key to producing more power in your throw. They also allow you to pivot more easily during the delivery phase. Traction shoes should be able to bend comfortably at the ball of your foot. They are recommended for bowlers who play often, however, if you are not a regular you probably wont need them yet.

If you are looking for a good pair of bowling shoes with traction, opt for a pair with one sliding sole and one traction sole. The sliding sole should be on the leading foot of your dominant hand and the traction sole should be on the other.

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How Performance Bowling Shoes Differ From Others

Each performance bowling shoe serves a different purpose. One bowling shoe is for sliding, and the other is for braking. It’s because of this, that bowling shoes are designed specifically for right-handed or left-handed bowlers. The shoe for sliding is the one opposite of the hand with which you bowl. For example, a right-handed bowler will have the left shoe as the sliding shoe.

Best Bowling Shoes Buying Guide

Brunswick TPU X Performance Bowling Shoes Black Red Right ...

Buying bowling shoes requires a little more thought than just picking the best-looking pair in your regular shoe size. A good pair of bowling shoes need to be comfortable, supportive and provide you with balance and stability. You need to consider the fit around your toes, ankle, and heel support as well as the arch of your foot. Of course, you also want a pair of shoes that will last at least one or two seasons. In this guide, well outline everything you need to consider when buying a pair of bowling shoes to help you improve your game.

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Q: Do You Have To Wear Bowling Shoes

A: Strictly speaking, bowling shoes arent absolutely necessary, but you wouldnt go out for a long run in your golf shoes, and you wouldnt play tennis in your mountaineering shoes. While a multi-purpose sneaker can support a whole of general pastimes, if you are serious about your sport and excelling in it, stands to reason that you will want to invest in technical equipment and sportswear to support your on-going progress and the shoes you wear are certainly no exception. So if you enjoy bowling and you have the budget, you should definitely consider investing in a pair of proper bowling shoes.

The Right Fit For Your Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes come in a variety of widths. While it’s probably obvious that you don’t want too tight of a fit, it’s also important to avoid a bowling shoe that is too loose. Bowling shoes that do not fit snugly can throw off your balance, and can have an negative effect on your game. Measure your feet, or have them professionally measured, even if you already know your size – feet can change over time.

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Advantages Of Custom Bowling Shoes

In addition to the price, there are many more reasons why getting your own pair of bowling shoes is a good idea.

Rental shoes are usually older, cheaper and more worn-out. Bowling alleys dont usually want to spend the money to replace them.

Also, many bowlers dont enjoy putting on footwear that has already been worn by hundreds of other people.

You can find affordable bowling shoes that come in a variety of colors and much cooler designs, and they will also have added features such as padded insoles and linings.

Also, as is the case with a custom ball, your own pair of bowling shoes will fit you much more comfortably, which will help your balance and facilitate and easy delivery.

Using the same equipment every time will provide consistency, which will allow you to focus completely on your bowling stroke.

Features To Look For In Bowling Shoes

Cheap Bowling Shoes

Weve cherry-picked some excellent recommendations for you in our product guide but in case you still arent sure exactly what you should be looking for features wise in the best bowling shoes, weve selected some of the main criteria to be aware of.

Durability – Durability, of course, has to be one of the most essential factors in any pair of shoes you purchase, especially if they are more expensive than usual or specialized in nature meaning your usage will be limited. You want to invest in a pair that will last you for years to come. Keep in mind that while the cheaper models that are constructed from synthetic leather might look great and will certainly be lightweight and flexible, they wont last you as long as a premium pair of leather uppers. Textile uppers are also another popular choice, and while these can look stylishly retro, they may be lacking in some of the athletic style support that gives the more substantial sneaker style looking shoe its comfort.

Ventilation – If youre playing competitively or in a league where you might have repeated games, chances are your feet will get hot and so ventilation will then be a consideration. It totally depends what material you go for, but we highly recommend that you go for options that offer breathability.

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Other Qualities To Consider

Bowling shoes with padded linings and collars and cushioned insoles will provide extra comfort. They can also provide extra support and stability by minimizing the movement of your foot within the shoe. This added stability can improve balance and thereby improve your performance. For maximum comfort and coolness, you will also want to look for bowling shoes that have breathable uppers.

Tips For Choosing The Right Bowling Shoes

December 26, 2019 by Writers

Just as youd never try to compete on the court without basketball shoes, take the pitch without soccer cleats, or run a race without proper running shoes, you cant bowl without bowling shoes! While we offer bowling shoe rentals in a full range of sizes from toddler size 5 to mens 20, more frequent or serious bowlers generally tend to invest in their own shoes.

If youre considering buying bowling shoes, youre in the right place. Check out these tips for choosing the right bowling shoes, and visit our Staten Island pro shop to order or ask any questions you have about bowling gear.

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Buying Bowling Balls & Bowling Shoes

Find The Ball Right Weight:

  • Average adult men usually bowl with a 15 to 16-pound ball.
  • Average adult women usually bowl with a 10 to 12-pound ball.
  • Lighter balls allow for more control and precision, but heavier balls knock down more pins. Try using the heaviest ball you can comfortably hold and control.
  • If youre larger or smaller than average weight, experiment with different bowling balls for the size thats right for you.

Find The Right Ball Material:

  • Polyester and plastic balls are recommended for beginners and entry-level players. They roll straight with a slight hook and perform well in dry conditions. Theyre more forgiving for novice players
  • Urethane balls are great for skilled players. They have more of a controlled hook and tend to hit pins lowwhich creates a better opportunity for strikes. Sanded finishes assist with hooking on oiled lanes.
  • Resin balls are similar to urethane balls but with a sharper hook and more abrupt power. Using resin, bowlers can achieve a greater entry angle than with plastic or urethane. Many believe these balls offer the best strike potential of any material.

Find The Right Finger Angle

Bowling balls should be drilled unless otherwise specified. Always take your ball to a qualified driller. Professional bowling ball drilling lets you customize the placement and size of finger holes. Try asking around at your local alley for the best local driller.

Find The Right Bowling Shoes

Dexter Jenna 2 Bowling Shoe

Vintage Hyde Bowling Shoes Women

Dexters Jenna 2 for women is an impressively unique bowling shoe offering. They have a knit fabric upper, offering a breathable and lightweight alternative to comparable thin leather options. They also provide the comfort needed to bowl frame after frame after frame.

However, the draw to the Jenna 2 goes beyond comfort and support. These bowling shoes also come with high-performance built into the rubber sole, helping to provide a consistent slide for even beginning bowlers.

Overall, the Dexter Womens Jenna 2 is a nice blend of technology, comfort, style, and price. Definitely a budget-friendly option that still performs like a top-of-the-line shoe.

Pros of the Dexter Jenna 2

  • These shoes com with a lightweight and breathable knit upper, far more adaptable than leather competitors.
  • With a U-Throat patterned upper, a fabric-lined collar and tongue, and a hot melt toe feature, these shoes are all about comfort and support.
  • A defined rubber horseshoe-style heel and an EVA outsole ensure that these shoes will be in top notch working condition for years.

Cons of the Dexter Jenna 2

  • The price for these shoes can be a little high for what you get.
  • The original Dexter Jenna ran a bit larger than sized, a trend that seems to have continued with the Jenna 2.

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What Materials Have Used In The Construction Of Bowling Shoes

Our bowling shoes are made from a variety of raw materials. A bowling shoe is constructed from the upper part of the shoe and the sole. There are slide areas and tread surfaces on its sole. A sliding pad is also included for easy removal by the manufacturer. It is made primarily from leather, making it durable and strong. These bowling shoes are also commonly constructed from fluorocarbon. Kids would feel the innersole comfortable and relaxing.


There are many different fields in which bowling can be played, like any other sport. In the same way that other games require special shoes and places to play, bowling also does. Modern society offers a variety of indoor games, and bowling is one of them. There is nothing special about the grounds on which they play.

Between bowling and other indoor games, the only difference is in the way you dress, especially in shoes. They are not considered necessary like other sports footwear. Their primary purpose is to make sure the athletes are as comfortable as possible. In order to keep the players safe, the shoes are specifically designed. Also, it allows players to adjust smoothly to different alleys since the sole paddings can be adjusted easily. Furthermore, its inner surface provides you with maximum comfort. The result is delivering a great bowling experience.


Focusing On Shoe Size

Sizing is one of the most important pieces of a bowling shoe. As such, your bowling shoes are definitely going to be sized appropriately to guarantee positive results.

Many shoes tend to have varying issues in sizing. If youve spent any time with rented shoes in a bowling alley, you know this pain well. It can become very frustrating. Larger shoes can be uncomfortable on the feet, and slip around in all the wrong places while bowling. Comparatively, smaller shoes may not slip about, but can be very painful and tight.

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Potential Drawbacks Of Some Bowling Shoes

Mistakes are common in bowling. One of the most common mistakes that can occur when looking for a strong pair of bowling shoes is thinking there are only going to be benefits. As with any other type of shoe that we have reviewed and written these guides for, no shoe is perfect. Bowling shoes in general are no exception to this.

Here are two of the most obvious drawbacks that come with a new pair of bowling shoes:

  • Bowling shoes are notorious for not being extremely durable. This lack of durability is relatively common across the board, and is one of the reason it is recommended that bowling shoes are not worn outside the alley, ever. Shoes can even sometimes break amid a frame. Remember, bowling shoes are built to offer the strongest results while bowling, while also being very lightweight. However, they wont hold a candle to comparative outdoor or cross-training shoes.
  • It should come as no surprise that even the most stylish pair of bowling shoes are going to be quite unfashionable. This is something that needs to be kept in mind. As a nice rule of thumb, if your shoes look incredible, they likely arent proper bowling shoes, plain and simple. Remember, they are made to be extremely effective in the alley, and not just to look nice on your feet, period.

Q: Do Bowling Shoes Make A Difference

Cheap Bowling Shoes

A: A bowling shoe has been purposefully constructed to support the game and in particular, the bowling approach and action which needs to be smooth and unobstructed. What mostly sets a bowling shoe apart from something like a regular sneaker is the sole which is soft and supportive and wont have a physical heel. Bowling shoes not only help protect your feet on the approach but also the floor of the alley too, ensuring a safe environment for all. Bowling shoes feature sliding soles on each side that have been designed to support both right and left handed bowlers. Additionally, in a good, quality pair of bowling shoes, the wearer should have the flexibility of being able to adjust the sliding pad so that the friction level can be changed. This attention to detail can make a world of difference, improving your gameplay and taking your results and consistency to a whole new level.

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Focusing On The Weight Of The Shoe

When you are bowling, you will likely be moving rapidly to push the bowling ball down the lane. If your shoes are on the heavier side, you are going to find yourself more fatigued after each frame. This can be detrimental to the effectiveness of your overall game in the long run, especially when doing multiple games in one day.

This being the case, we highly recommend checking the weight of a shoe. Compare the trade-off of a heavier shoe that may be more durable, compared to a lighter shoe that may not be as long-lasting, but is far more user-friendly when bowling frame after frame.

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