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How Much Are James Harden Shoes

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Best James Harden Basketball Shoes

James Harden unveils new Adidas Harden vol. 3
  • rating based on;8 expert reviews
  • Amazing performer with outstanding cushioning and top-notch traction
  • Perfect for players of all positions who value court feel and freedom of movement
  • rating based on;8 expert reviews
  • Good traction, soft Lightstrike cushioning, and a fast, low-to-the-ground silhouette
  • Best for guards looking for a fast, low-to-the-ground, and supportive shoe
  • rating based on;8 expert reviews
  • Thick Boost cushioning provides a ton of impact protection
  • Works especially well for bigger guards and heavier players
  • rating based on;2 expert reviews
  • The budget model Harden Stepback 2 is arguably better than the signature Volume 5.
  • Best for guards or wings who want court feel and don’t need a lot of compression.
  • rating based on;8 expert reviews
  • Amazing traction and Adidas’ Boost cushioning
  • Great shoe for guards with wider feet
  • rating based on;2 expert reviews
  • This Harden budget model convinces with solid overall performance
  • A great choice for price-conscious guards who like responsive cushioning
  • rating based on;4 expert reviews
  • James Harden’s 5th signature shoe is a disappointing basketball shoe
  • Only recommended for players who hoop outdoors and need a responsive shoe.

Are Kyrie 5 Good For Wide Feet

The fit is good for narrow feet but I struggled mightily with my wider feet. This is probably one of the best locked down shoes to date. The Kyrie 5 is really hard to get on but once the shoe is laced up, the experience is hard to beat. The Kyrie 5 fits great out of the box with no heel slip or side to side movement.

Hardens Shoe Deal Alone Is Worth Nearly As Much As His Nba Contract

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Clearly, Harden earns his keep in the NBA. Hes a draw, keeping fans invested in watching games and buying tickets in Houston. And he makes bank for the rest of the league, reports SB Nation, serving as something of a heel. Fans like to see their teams take on Hardens frustrating iso ball style, even though he often gets the better of his opponents.

Yet Hardens money-making ability in the NBA only tells half the story of his finances. His recent contract with Adidas accounts for up to $200 million over the next 13 years. That includes incentive opportunities based on sales, reports Forbes, which Harden continues to cash in on. His shoes are the crown jewel of Adidas sportswear line.

Thats in addition to other high-profile endorsement gigs. His work with Trolli, a gummy candy company, nets him yet more income. That brand loves Hardens self-aware weird vibe, the way he plays against type for an NBA superstar. The $13 million a year Harden takes in from Adidas jumps up to $17 million a year accounting for Trolli and other commercial work.

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Adidas Reveals The Next James Harden Signature Shoe And With It A Bold New Technology

A day after announcing Trae Young will be getting his first-ever signature shoe next year, Adidas revealed the fifth look for NBA star James Harden.

The Adidas Harden Vol. 5 is the latest look for the Houston Rockets star, a court-ready shoe loaded with tech from the German athletic giant. The most notable advancement is Futurenatural, which will debut on this sneaker.

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Futurenatural, according to Adidas, is a one-piece shoe mold that works with an athletes natural movement to unlock total freedom and dynamic angles. The brand said it was made to mirror an athletes speed and quick change of direction and offer a seamless design and new 360-degree fit system to create a natural advantage for athletes.

Futurenatural is a new process for the creation of shoes, and is a perfect technology for Harden Vol. 5 with James dynamic style of play and moves on the court being unlike any other player, Adidas Basketball senior director of footwear Rashad Williams said in a statement. James offers feedback from a design and feel standpoint, which is extremely important during our creative process and it ultimately led us to develop the Futurenatural technology to match his game.

Although the Adidas Harden Vol. 5 has been revealed, the only release info to be announced by the brand is an early 2021 drop date.

Video: How the Nets Look After Acquiring James Harden

Can You Customize James Harden Shoes

adidas Harden Vol. 4 Release Date +Info

4.7/5Adidascustom James HardenshoesHardenpersonalizedshoeAdidasseen here

9 best James Harden basketball shoes

  • Adidas Harden Vol 3.
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Lace.
  • Adidas Harden B/E 2.
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Buckle.

Also Know, who makes James Harden shoes? adidas

Accordingly, how much are James Harden shoes?

The sneakers will retail for $130. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Barbershop.

Does Harden Vol 4 have Boost?

The internet has leaked what many believe is Harden’s next signature shoe: the adidas Harden Vol. 4. The shoe pictured has Harden’s branding, but is it his next signature sneaker? The cushion is not Boost, something that may come as a surprise.

8 best James Harden basketball shoes

  • Adidas Harden Vol 3.
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Lace.
  • Adidas Harden B/E 2.
  • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Buckle.
  • Adidas Harden Stepback.

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James Harden Basketball Shoes

Unlike other NBA superstars that receive a signature shoe right off the bat, James Harden had to go through his first years signature shoe-less. However, it wasn’t all bad as the athlete was signed with Nike as an endorser of several team shoe models.

During Hardens stint at Nike, which is undoubtedly;dominated by LeBron James, he was able to endorse some of the brands high-performing team model basketball shoes. The Nike Zoom Crusader, Nike Zoom Run the One, Nike HyperRev 2015, and the Nike HyperChase are just some of Nike basketball shoes James Harden endorsed.

In 2015, the NBA athlete was finally offered a signature shoe deal by the Three Stripes. He joins stars Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard in Adidass roster of greats.

Nearly Three Quarters Of Nba Players Took The Court In Nike Or Jordan Sneakers Last Season Puma Is A New Entry Having Relaunched Its Basketball Business Last Summer

There are 14 current or former NBA stars who earn at least $9 million from shoe deals by Forbes count based on conversations with basketball insiders. They range from Jordan to Klay Thompson . NBA sneaker deals are layered with potential bonuses for sales, individual awards and team performance. Our yearly contract estimates are based on players being All-Stars and playoff participants and earning royalties on signature shoes with strong sales. Bonuses for MVP awards and NBA titles will goose the totals even higher.

Nike, including Jordan, has 9 of the 14 players under contract, which helped it nab 86% of the U.S. basketball performance market in 2019, according to NPD analyst Matt Powell. Under Armour and Adidas battle for Nikes leftovers. Adidas has three big-money NBA deals, while Under Armour, Anta and Li-Ning all have one player making at least $9 million.

As Nike and Adidas put more emphasis on lifestyle apparel and shoes, NBA players are natural endorsement partners with the leagues significant influence on fashion and pop culture. The players below are the ones who drive the conversation.

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Are James Harden Shoes Good


  • Step 1: Step 1 :Preparing a Sneaker/Shoe for Paint.
  • Step 2: Step 2: Masking of Sneakers for Paint.
  • Step 3: Step 3: Painting the Fill/ Solid Color Sneakers.
  • Step 4: Step 4 Removing Masking Tape From Sneaker.
  • Step 5: Step 5 the Details /Clean Up.
  • Step 6: Step 6 Airbrushing Sealant to the Sneakers.
  • Sneaker Deals Are The Biggest Endorsement For Most Nba Players And Typically Represent The Bulk Of Their Off

    James Harden Gets Truck Load Of Adidas Shoes After Signing Deal

    If Zion lives up to the hype, he is going to be a constant source of content creation for Nike, says Kernan. Athletes are very monetizable right now with social media, and Nike will participate in all of that content every time he does something memorable.

    Zion didnt come cheap for Nike after his Nike PG 2.5 shoe split open on national TV in February and left egg on the face of the $39 billion-in-revenue sports giant. His multi-year deal is worth an estimated $13 million annually, including reachable incentives, and ranks fifth among current NBA players. A line of his own is all but certain in the near future.

    Its a lucrative career path. A shoe deal is almost always the richest endorsement deal for an NBA player, typically making up more than half of their off-court income. Michael Jordans massive haul in Nike royalties make up 90% of his current annual income and now totals $40 million more than the $90 million combined he made during his 15 years playing for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

    Basketball and soccer are the only true global team sports, which is why brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are willing to pay such massive sums to the stars in each sport. The players can be used in marketing campaigns around the world.

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    Are Harden Stepback Shoes Good

    The Bounce cushioning is heavily caged which results in a very firm and responsive ride with only minimal impact protection. The materials are surprisingly decent for an $80 shoe and perform very well on-court. For $80, the Harden Stepback is a solid performer as long as you are not looking for soft cushioning.

    James Harden Charity And Foundation

    Harden founded the ‘3 The Harden Way’ foundation to make charitable contributions. The foundation, as per its website, is dedicated to bridging economic and educational gaps in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

    His charity activities include a donation of over $240,000 to Houston to renovate outdoor basketball courts after Hurricane Harvey hit the city last year. Harden, who has been growing his bear since 2009, has once said he would shave it off if it could raise money for charity.

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    How Harden Justifies His Massive Endorsement Deals

    First person that comes to mind when you see this logo?

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    Harden is a great basketball player. Given the massive profit margins associated with NBA team ownership, he likely generates far more revenue than his contract nets him. Without a doubt, he earns his keep in the NBA.

    But what about the other half of his income? Is Adidas relationship with Harden really worth handing him $13 million and up every year? First, the revenue generated by top NBA stars needs to be contextualized. Harden is the face of Adidas, which isnt even the biggest shoe brand.

    Nike, and their Air Jordan sub-brand, are much larger. Their top stars take in even more than Harden does for shoe endorsement deals, reports Forbes. His contract with the company coincides with hundreds of millions of dollars in increased sales, still trending up to this day. As wild as Hardens contract seems at first blush, his impact is making Adidas millions more than they pay him.

    History Of James Harden Signature Shoes

    James Harden adidas Crazylight Boost White

    Harden actually wore Nikes from his high school up until two seasons into his run with the Houston Rockets. People were already getting excited about a possible Nike Harden since he got his own PE versions of the shoe and even had his own logo to match.

    But, in the summer of 2015, Adidas offered a 13-year, $200 million deal to James and Nike wasnt willing to match that. He signed with the three-striped brand and has been wearing their sneakers since then. The Harden Vol. 1 first hit stores in 2016.


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    The Nbas Richest Shoe Deals: Lebron Kobe And Durant Are Still No Match For Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan hasnt played in an NBA game in almost two decades, but the parlor game for fans and the media about who is the greatest of all time is thriving, fueled largely by LeBron James sustained brilliance. James passed Jordan in March on the career scoring list and has nine NBA Finals trips. Kobe Bryant ranks ahead of both players for scoring and had five NBA titles before retiring. Houston GM Daryl Morey argued this month that James Harden is a better scorer than Jordan.

    But when it comes to sneakers, nobody comes close.

    Wholesale revenue at Nikes Jordan Brand subsidiary hit $3.14 billion in the fiscal year ending May 2019, up 10% from 2018. MJs annual take is an estimated $130 million, four times more than that of James, the No. 2 earner, with $32 million. Arguably, 16 years after he last laced up his own high tops on the court, more Jordan-branded shoes and apparel are being sold than the signature lines of every other current NBA player. Combined.

    Michael Jordan Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Air Jordan At Palais de Tokyo In Paris.

    How Much Are James Harden Shoes

    4.4/5sneakers willHardenread here

    James Harden’s New Signature Shoe Has MVP Swag. The Houston Rocket’s brand-new sneaker puts a premium on style. Forget all the data Adidas gathers about James Harden’s on-court movement. 3 is nominally a basketball sneakerbut sneakers today cover much more ground than the basketball court.

    Similarly, are James Harden shoes good? It is also light-weighted and durable. The Harden LS makes use of the Primeknit technology- making them more comfortable and the shoes are soft straight out of the box, meaning it can be put straight to use once it is brought. It can also be used for multiple purposes and sports a good look.

    In respect to this, what shoe is James Harden wearing tonight?

    Adidas Harden

    Which harden shoe is the best?

    8 best James Harden basketball shoes

    • Adidas Harden Vol 3.
    • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Lace.
    • Adidas Harden B/E 2.
    • Adidas Harden Vol. 2 LS Buckle.
    • Adidas Harden Stepback.
    • Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low.
    • Air Jordan 34.
    • Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro.
    • Puma Clyde Hardwood.

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    Adidas Harden Basketball Shoes

    Harden initially partnered with Nike, but in 2015 it was adidas that signed The Step Daddy to a $200 million, 13-year signature shoe deal.

    In the years since, Harden has released four generations of the Harden Vol. basketball shoe, the Harden Stepback, and the Harden B/E 3 in more than a dozen colorways.

    The former Thunder guard turned Houston Rockets player first stepped onto the court in a pair of adidas all-white, Triple White Crazylight Boost PEs in November 2016. In December 2016, Harden released his first signature shoe with the brand, the Harden Vol 1s.

    Cornerstones of the Harden Vol. 1 sneakers included adidas Boost cushioning throughout the shoes length for maximum durability, flexibility and an exceptional return on energy spent during play; a herringbone outsole for perfectly planted step back threes; and a Primeknit upper.

    Together, these game-changing technologies provided support, grip, bounce, ventilation, and comfort to players and have since become staples of design when crafting new Harden shoes.

    Characteristics Of Harden Sneakers:

    Harden Vol. 2 Unboxing | New James Harden Shoe Revealed at LDN19

    All of James Hardens sneakers have been low tops. This seems to be ideal for The Beard since he does make a lot of shifty moves and step-backs. Freedom of movement and mobility have been top on the priority list.

    Boost was the weapon of choice from the Vol. 1 up until the Vol. 3. The first version had a thinner slice of the cushion and it was heavily caged with about only ¾ of the medial side exposed. The Vol. 2 saw the thickest slab of Boost in the Harden line and maybe even in Adidas basketball. This time, only the forefoot was caged and it offered crazy impact protection. With the third iteration, Boost was thinned out again and nothing was caged except for part of the forefoot.

    The Vol. 4 stepped away from Boost and went with full-length Bounce, which is no slouch. The fifth release in the Harden series saw the first combination of two Adidas cushioning: Boost and Lightstrike. The former was made to be a drop-in midsole with a torsional web bar for stability while the latter was the carrier.

    Materials have been consistent for The Beards signature line. Ever since its dawn, we have seen a combination of knits and synthetic leathers or fuse for high wear areas. This ensured that the shoe didnt feel bulky and conformed to ones foot but also was durable enough to at least last a season

    As for price, the Hardens have always been within the $130-160 range, which is a good deal considering the amount of technology that comes with a pair.

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    James Harden 2021: Net Worth Salary And Endorsements

    Born on August 26, 1989, James Harden first came into the NBA when Oklahoma City Thunder drafted him with the third overall pick in the 2009 draft. James shares the same name as his father while Monja Willis is his mother.

    Harden was coming into the NBA after playing college basketball for Arizona. He played three years with the Thunder before moving to Houston Rockets. Harden usually plays at the point guard position with jersey no. 13.

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    Reebok Question Crossed Up Step Back

    The Reebok Question Crossed Up Step Back is the second Reebok Question x Adidas Harden collaboration. The first Question x Harden, entitled OG meets OG, borrowed a current Houston Rockets color scheme and delivered amazing materials. Can the Question Crossed Up Step Back measure up to its predecessor? Find out in our video review.

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