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How Much Do Red Bottom Shoes Cost

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Christian Louboutin Shoes Are Works Of Art

Why Louboutin Shoes Are So Expensive | So Expensive

The price of Louboutins is often a deterrent for potential buyers. However, affluent footwear is more a form of artwork than a piece of equipment.

In the same way someone might curate a collection of fine art, owners of Christian Louboutins are also accumulating works of art. They are just displaying them through their style, rather than on the walls of their home.

Either method, the artwork is used to make a statement to the planet and the luxury fashion market is a testament to that.

How Much Does Christian Louboutin Shoe Repair Cost

Christian Louboutin shoe repair prices range from $10 to $100 depending on the repair service, but at FavoriteFix we offer top quality work at the best prices. All of our services included prepaid return shipping. No need to pay extra.

  • Heel repair: Starting at $20
  • Sole protectors addition:$5+
  • Christian Louboutin leather repair, dying or refinishing: $15+
  • Shoe polish: $10+

Christian Louboutin Designs Shoes For This Kind Of Woman

Christian Louboutin sells quite a bit of shoes every year. In fact, more than 500,000 pairs of his designs leave stores in the hands of happy customers every year, with prices starting under $400, going all the way up to $6,000 for some of the fanciest pairs. So you may be tempted to think that Louboutin has something for every buyer in order to appeal to a broad customer demographic.

However, that’s not the case, as Louboutin’s style is only for customers with an edge. “I’ll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men,” he revealed in a chat with The New Yorker. “But where I draw the line, what I absolutely won’t do, is the lady who plays bridge in the afternoon!”

That’s not lost on Hamish Bowles, Vogue‘s European editor-at-large. “There’s the promise of something wicked in Christian’s shoes,” he proclaimed. “They’re a little dangerous, and there’s a sense of teetering on the precipice between avoiding dreary conventional good taste and tumbling into something far more outrageous.” And we at The List are here for it.

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The Reason Why Those Red Bottoms Are So Expensive

Would you drop a stack on a pair of shoes? What if they have a red sole? Christian Louboutin shoes are back since Cardi B revised the popularity of the red bottom shoes with her song “Bodak Yellow,” and now women all over the globe are rocking the shoes again. I say again because “Lous” really took off over a decade ago. Yup, I had a couple pairs, one I sold for a fraction of a fraction of what I paid for, and the other pair I donated to a women’s group.

I’m going to keep it real. While Louboutin’s are a very, very pretty shoe, they are not comfortable at all. But there is something about that red bottom that gets us all excited and it’s also a status thing to rock them because they cost so much money — way too much. If they were more comfortable I wouldn’t be tripping but it seems as though they are unusually uncomfortable and I just can’t walk around in pain trying to be cute!

Check out the video to find out why the popular shoe is so expensive. I still have a pair of Christian Louboutin boots but I need to find them, I’m sure they’re somewhere in that shoe closet that probably needs to be cleaned out again soon.

Why Are Louboutin Shoes So Expensive

how much does red bottom pumps cost, christian louboutin ...

Christian Louboutins red sole shoes have become a beacon of luxury footwear in the realm of designer labels. The iconic red bottoms are not only a symbol of the Louboutin brand, but of the exorbitant cost as well. Rocking these shoes says you dwell in the elite society of high fashion. But why exactly are Louboutin shoes so expensive?

With prices ranging from $650 to $6,000, there is no arguing the fact that Louboutins are a lavish purchase. Lets take a look at what justifies such a top valuation.

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This Is What Christian Louboutin Says Is The Biggest Misconception About His Work

When you think of a pair of Christian Louboutins, what immediately pops to mind? In all likelihood, you probably conjured an image of stilettos, which is understandable given how popular Louboutin’s high heel designs are. But as he tells it, the notion that he only makes high heels is the biggest misconception out there about him. “From the beginning, I’ve done everything, including flat shoes,” he explained in a chat with Footwear News. “I’ve always loved them.” That’s good news for those of us who just never could figure out how to walk in anything but flats!

While high heels are often synonymous with sexiness and feminine beauty, Louboutin believes that they’re far from the only shoe that can convey that kind of beauty. “For me, flat shoes can be as sexy and as liberating as high heels,” he continued. “It depends on the person. They have to make it their own.” We’ll get right on that.

Production Costs Of High

Its no surprise that designer clothing items are sold at exclusive rates. Even in the elite fashion industry, Louboutins are known to be on the pricier end of the spectrum.

The reason behind the steep expenditure is simple: producing premium merchandise is costly.

They are Made in Europe

In this NY Times article, Christian Louboutin admits a reason for the top price tag. Louboutin stated, It is more expensive to make shoes in Europe nowand its for a very boring reason.

As the Euro strengthened against the US dollar over the past decade, the expenditure of producing shoes in Europe has also increased.

High Quality Materials

Another major factor in the lofty payment amount is the cost of materials.

Premium-quality materials are necessary when creating a chic, fashionable shoe. From Swarovski crystals to exotic furs, the materials used in these trademark pieces are of the finest quality.

The Louboutin brand is not the only one in the market for exclusive materials. As competition with Asian factories for quality materials continues to grow, the gap in raw materials also grows. This situation of larger demand and lower supply also factors into the final value of a pair of Louboutins.

Attention to Detail

The attention to detail found in Louboutins shoes is legendary. Designed to stand out, its the unique details that draw attention to these signature shoes.

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Yes There Are Christian Louboutin Shoes For Men

Christian Louboutin designed women’s shoes for decades, and enjoyed wild success while doing so. But back in 2009, pop star Mika approached the designer for a few pairs of his own to dazzle in while wearing them on stage. That’s when Louboutin found himself inspired perhaps more than he expected. “I drifted towards designing a full collection, which of course he didn’t need,” he told GQ. “He needed a few pairs. I ended up putting some of them in my stores and they flew away.” Thus, Louboutin’s shoe lines for men were born.

Designing shoes for men was a new challenge for Louboutin, who, like many men, had been conditioned to equate the notion of a good shoe with its longevity. But he’d also realized that a lot of men had jettisoned that concept altogether. “It could be called metrosexual or whatever,” he continued. “But a lot of guys who are really into shoes are just like women who are really into shoes.” Hey, sometimes you just want something shiny!

Similarly People Ask: Why Are Red Shoes Expensive

How to protect Louboutins red sole

Signature Louboutin Pumps start at 695 and the most expensive pair is nearly 6,000. Louboutin came up with the idea of red soles in 1993. He said that shoes are so expensive because it is expensive to make shoes in Europe. The high production costs and craftsmanship add to the high price of the shoes.

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A Look For All Seasons

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Reaching For New Heights

Many Louboutin shoes are extraordinarily high , making walking in them quite a feat. . . or at least quite a strain on your feet. Recently, the designer even added an 8-inch heeled bootie to his range, which were touted as the worlds highest shoes, but critics point out that actually, other similarly high options have existed throughout the centuries, and have in fact been popular with professional strippers for many years. Some Louboutin fans do point out that the construction of Louboutin shoes, though, are made to make them easier to wear and to minimize strain on the wearers back.

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While Designing Shoes Christian Louboutin Has To Be In Specific Locales

One thing that’s evident about Christian Louboutin is that he’s a little bit extra. For one, in addition to his French properties, the shoe juggernaut owns homes in such far-flung places as Egypt, Portugal, and Syria the latter being an actual palace. “I have this disease that if I feel good somewhere I sort of buy a house,” he explained to The New Yorker. Clearly Louboutin appreciates the finer things in life, and that includes real estate.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the well-traveled Louboutin prefers to design shoes on location in seasonally appropriate locales. “What is really important is the heat,” he continued. “It’s difficult to think of winter when it’s sunny, so it’s really a big thing for me to have the correct radiation.” So, of course, Louboutin prefers to be somewhere more chilly when it’s time to buckle down and create a winter collection.

The Case Was Not Over

how much do red bottom heels cost, cheap christian louis ...

Let off the hook, so to speak, because its shoes namely, its Tribute, Tribute, Tribtoo, Palais, and Woodstock styles consist of an all-over red body complete with a red sole, YSLs counsel, prominent New York-based litigator David Bernstein of Debevoise & Plimpton, claimed victory, as well, telling the press, The Court has conclusively ruled that YSLs monochromatic red shoes do not infringe any trademark rights of Louboutin, which guarantees that YSL can continue to make monochromatic shoes in a wide variety of colors, including red.

The case was not over, though. Still up for debate as of January 2013 was the actual language of the trademark registration for Louboutins red sole, as in limiting of the breadth of Louboutins trademark rights from the sweeping lacquered red sole on footwear to a red sole on a contrasting colored shoe, the Second Circuit ordered that the USPTO modify the language of Louboutins trademark registration.

Ultimately, the language would be determined to read as follows: a red lacquered outsole on footwear that contrasts with the color of the adjoining portion of the shoe.

On one hand, the validity of the famed footwear brands trademark has been upheld by a series of important decisions, including ones from the Paris Court of Appeal, the Court of Justice for the European Union, the Hanseatic Court of Appeals in Germany, the Beijing High Court, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office, among others.

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The Making Of A Legend

Christian Louboutin was born in France in 1963 and is said to have become obsessed with the silhouette of the stiletto heel at a young age. He credits watching Paris show girls in their fancy costumes and footwear for fueling this passion. He ultimately left school to pursue this interest, studying design and also traveling broadly. He landed an apprenticeship with famed shoemaker Roger Vivier, who is known for creating the stiletto heel and who taught Louboutin the craft of building a shoe. Louboutin also learned some of his design tricks under the tutorage of Chanel and Yves St Laurent, taking what he learned in these and other prestigious settings to eventually start his own brand. He opened his first boutique in Paris and his career took off from there.

Monicarina Leather Thigh High Boots $ 2:

These are extremely sexy, leather, thigh high boots that have been heightened further by a platform and exaggerated heel. These shoes definitely have that head turning quality that demands attention. There is a side zipper and the signature red sole of the Louboutin brand is present. The boots are created in Italy and provide quite a statement for anyone that chooses to wear them.

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The Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide

Unsure of what size you would take in Christian Louboutin heels? The brand uses French/European sizing, and you can use the size below to convert into your usual UK or US size.

For example, if you normally wear a womens UK size 5 or a US size 8, you should buy your Christian Louboutin shoes in a size 38. They typically fit true to size, but there may be some that come up slightly small or large depending on style.


The Takeaway: Louboutins Are A Shoe Closet Investment

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN UNBOXING | Red Bottom sneaker unboxing | Mens designer shoes

As pricey as Christian Louboutins may be, there is no denying the universal truth: you get what you pay for. People from all over the world can agree that Louboutins shoes are a statement.

When you pay top value for Louboutins, you are making an investment in your wardrobe. Red bottom beauties are not only iconic, they are timeless pieces that will elevate your look no matter how you wear them.

If youre thinking about investing in your shoe closet, let Fine D3sign help. Well help you find the perfect luxury pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that fit your personal style. We help shoppers like you find and buy their perfect shoe, saving you time, money, and energy!

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Christian Louboutins Can Change The Way Your Body Looks

High heels aren’t exactly a new invention, as they’ve been around for some time since at least the 16th century, as noted by ABC News. But until Christian Louboutin came along, most high heels weren’t so, well, high, says Elizabeth Semmelhack of the Bata Shoe Museum. “He has sort of upped the ante in terms of how high the heel can soar,” she said .

Thanks to the height of Louboutin’s stilettos, you can make your body look more desirable in a variety of ways. Obviously, you’ll appear to stand taller, thanks to the shape of the shoe. But in addition to this, Christian Louboutins make your legs look longer, give your calves more definition, and lift the way your buttocks sit. And while it may be expensive to shell out the money for a pair of these miracle shoes, it’s arguably cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

To that end, you should probably know what happens to your body when you wear high heels, as some of it isn’t so pretty. But for some of us, it’s worth it.

Repair For Womens Christian Louboutin Shoes Heels Pumps Flats & Other Styles

Christian Louboutin makes top quality and extremely popular shoes for women including Christian Louboutin heels, flats, work shoes and everything in between. Favorite Fix offers service for all of them.

Did your favorite pair of Christian Louboutins get damaged? Scuffed? Need a new heel? Eyelet replaced? Favorite Fix and get your Christian Louboutins looking and feeling like new in just a few days with our Christian Louboutin shoe repair service. Our shoe services include anything you might need, but our most popular include:

  • Christian Louboutin heel replacement
  • Christian Louboutin shoe leather repair and refurbishment
  • Eyelet, lace replacement
  • Christian Louboutin strap or buckle repair
  • Shoe stretching and fitting

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So Just Who Is Christian Louboutin Anyway

So who is the man behind the stiletto? Christian Louboutin grew up on the streets of Paris, the child of working-class parents. A free spirit, Louboutin started drawing at the age of 10, frequently missing school in favor of getting lost in museums. In fact, it was a sign at a museum banning high heels that captured Louboutin’s imagination, sparking his lifelong love of shoes. “Rather than being attracted to forbidden things, I was drawn to the sign on aesthetic grounds,” he recalled in an interview with the BBC. “It dawned on me that most objects start life as a drawing.”

After spending years in the ’70s in the queer and punk scenes in Paris, Louboutin started freelancing for fashion houses such as Chanel, though he didn’t exactly thrive in those positions. “I found it hard to be a nine-to-five artisan,” he continued.

In 1991, Louboutin opened his first boutique, eventually rising to the top of the footwear field. Nowadays, there are 150 Christian Louboutin stores across the globe and plenty of satisfied customers.

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