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Where To Buy Boxing Shoes

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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Boxing Shoes


This is like asking what the benefit of wearing soccer shoes is for a soccer player. The answer is straightforward. These shoes are specialized for combat fights in a boxing ring. They provide the support you need to perform at your highest level. Here are some specific benefits offered by boxing shoes:


Wearing boxing shoes helps improve a boxers balance the same way the cleats on soccer shoes help soccer players run on grass without falling.

Ankle support

Wearing boxing shoes supports the ankles of boxers by reducing the stress of constant movement and jumping.

Ease of movement

Boxing shoes are usually lightweight. This makes it easy for boxers to move quickly and alternate stances seamlessly.

How Are Boxing Shoes Different

Every sport and workout has specific needs and boxing is no different. Boxing shoes serve the individual needs of an athlete who is constantly moving around a ring, staying light on their feet and shifting their balance. The light weight of boxing shoes as well as the high-top design protect the feet and ankles during training and fighting.

You might start out with regular sneakers, like running shoes, but your whole body uses different muscles and positions during boxing. That’s why it pays to invest in boxing shoes.

Boxing shoes are part of suiting up for your boxing workout and are just as important as wrapping your wrists and putting on gloves.

When you’re ready to hit the mat, boxing shoes will provide you extra protection and support for the moves you’ll be doing during your boxing workout. Whether you’re doing traditional boxing or incorporating kicks, boxing shoes will serve as an important part of your boxing sessions. While the FightCamp appwatches your numbers, your boxing shoes will keep you moving–and get those numbers even higher!

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of boxing shoes? FightCamp Trainer Coach PJ gives you all the details:

Buying Guide For Best Martial Arts Shoes

The martial arts play a significant role in todays culture. Its popularity is due, in part, to the excitement and accessibility of Bruce Lees movies. Lees legacy played an instrumental role in the rise of martial arts schools in America and inspired the growth of the industry. Now with an abundance of martial arts students, its no wonder that theres a call for the right equipment to satisfy their needs.

Our shopping guide will help you figure out exactly what youre looking for. We invite you to step in the ring and size up the competition among the pairs we examined.

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Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes:

If you read my review about Rival Boxing Boots-RSX ONE-HIGH Tops in my review I mentioned them one of the best wide feet shoes for boxing but slightly heavy. ELITE HIGH TOP BOXING SHOES Is also one of the best boxing shoes for wide feet but the best thing is its an extremely lightweight high-quality boxing shoe.

Soles & Structure:

Mostly boxing shoes dont have insole or supportive padding for the elevation of your feet. The lightweight mesh upper combined with a premium rubber outsole provides extreme comfort to your foot.

Comfort & Flexibility:

ELITE HIGH TOP BOXING SHOES made with the finest high-quality material MICHELIN Sole, open weave mesh, microfiber & suede, which make them best for the speed and provides you with the best comfort and durability.

Sizes & Hues:

There is one issue with this only is that the size is a little small, so my suggestion always orders a size or half a size than what you normally wear.


Learn More About Boxing Shoes & Boots

Nivia Red &  White Boxing Shoes For Men


Upgrade Your Boxing Shoes Today

Shop this impressive line of boxing shoes from DICK’S Sporting Goods and find the right footwear for your next bout. Both amateur and professional boxers know your footwork has a lot to do with how successful you are in the ring. Boxing boots from this line are constructed with the latest materials and specially engineered with the modern athlete in mind.

Browse a selection that features styles from top brands, including Nike® boxing shoes that feature the iconic Swoosh logo. Ringside® boxing shoes come in eye-catching colors and are available in sizes for both men and women.

Step into the ring with confidence in a new pair of shoes for boxing. Lace up, loosen up, and best your sparring partner with this fantastic footwear.

Looking for a good way to improve your form, strength, and stamina at home? Check out premium punching bags from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

High-Performance Boxing Boots

When you’re evenly matched with your opponent, the slightest advantage can mean the difference between victory and defeat. At DICK’S Sporting Goods, you’ll find boxing footwear that’s made for the unique needs of a boxer, whether you’re training, sparring, or fighting for glory in a title match. Here are some advantages to these well-made boots:

Now that you’ve taken care of your feet, think about your hands. Discover a large selection of boxing, MMA & kickboxing gloves at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Featured Categories

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Care For Your Training & Boxing Shoes

After youve selected the best training or boxing shoes for your training. Wear them at home to stretch them to your foot size & shape to increase comfort for the initial use. Dont wear them outside as the soles are sensitive as they are only designed for internal use. Keep them well maintained and fresh with No Stink shoe Deodoriser.

Shop our full range of boxing equipment, training gear, training protection and with Made4Fighters. Check out our Best Sellers Page for the most popular Boxing Boots. Find more information about what qualities to look for in the best boxing boots for you over on our blog. Or finish off your boxing gear with boxing gloves and boxing shorts.

Made4Fighters is an authorised Nike retailer for Boxing boots, Wrestling & Combat Sports shoes and apparel.

Buying Guide: Boxing Shoes

Most of us have probably read or heard about Muhammad Alis immortal quote, Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” This quote vouches for the importance of precise footwork in boxing. Delivering a stinging punch with your glove is not enough. You have to stay light on your feet and practically “float” to evade your opponents punches and ultimately tire them down before knocking them out to win the match.

But what lies at the core of floating effortlessly in the ring? A pair of good boxing shoes. A well-supportive pair of boxing shoes helps boxers stay light on their feet to improve maneuverability.

The aim of this buying guide is to inform you of the specifics of boxing shoes, so you can identify the most suitable pair of boxing shoes for you.

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Asics Mens Jb Elite V20 Boxing Shoe:

The Asics JB Elite is the signature shoe of the US-based Olympic Wrestling Champion, Jordan Burroughs. Jordan Burroughs wears these shoes during wrestling and workout that is the reason this shoe has a strong name in wrestling shoes, And, if you love to wrestle and are looking for the best wrestling shoes, and best boxing shoes you must select them.

Soles & Structure:

The weight of the shoe is just 6.8 ounces with rubber soles. If you are a beginner or aperture boxer these best boxing shoes are among the best boxing shoes for you. The split soles of ASIC help you spin around and deliver punches with momentum and power.

Comfort & Flexibility:

The V2.0 is the newly launched and new version of this shoe, with a synthetic mesh and suede upper, and split sole design. These best boxing boots are one of the lightweight shoes and very comfortable for boxing training, rope jumping, and intense workout.

Sizes & Hues:

The shoe is available in a number of colors. My favorite one is the Granite/Green Gecko.

Pay special attention before ordering if you have wide feet because size issues The size table is different from the size on the shoes. Therefore, the shoes are quite small and always order 2 sizes plus from your normal shoe size.


Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes:


Cleto Reyes manufactures their boxing shoes from natural leather and suede, which not only make for excellent quality and durable boxing boots. They also have that retro, vintage look that no other boxing boots on the market offer.

Just because they are made from traditional leather does not make them inferior in any way. These best boxing shoes are Lightweight and designed specifically for boxers. Cleto Reyes Developed and designed these best boxing shoes after a lot of user-based research and they use only the highest quality leather uppers and durable Polyurethane and rubber soles.

Structure & Sole:

The sole of these leather lace-up high best boxing shoes is lightweight and designers make it with rubber which is not slippery. This also reduces impact and provides better steadiness for boxing laces and a wide top to abolish flexion tension. It also offers the best fit using a long-establish Round tip, cord on the front, and zipper on the side.

Comfort & Flexibility:

These are one of the best traditional style leather boxing shoes, the premium craftsmanship really shows, Cleto Reyes uses only the highest quality material. The Wide upper laces of these best boxing boots eliminate flexion damage whilst still being a flexible fit for complete comfort.

Sizes & Colors:


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Everlast Pivt Boxing Boots Grey/red

A lightweight low top boxing shoe engineered with the understanding that footwork is everything. Constructed with high quality Michelin® Technical Sole, open weave mesh, microfiber and suede to create the perfect formula for speed, comfort and durability. The versatile hybrid design allows athletes to seamlessly transition from gym to canvas for optimal training and competitive performance. The lightweight mesh upper combines with a premium rubber outsole to ensure maximum traction & stability without compromising speed & mobility.

The Best Boxing Shoes In 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide

A good pair of boxing shoes provide balance and grip to the ground, they are the point that transfers your power to the ground, and can make the difference between throwing a winning knock out punch or slipping and getting knocked out. If you are serious about winning then you need to have the right footwear during training and especially during a boxing match.

If you are just starting out boxing at a beginner level then you should choose the best boxing shoes to suit your needs. When you have quality boxing shoes you can improve your boxing by getting your footwork solid from the very beginning. And all good boxers know a boxing match is won by your feet not your hands. In the words of the late great Muhamad Ali Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

If you study the footwork of a great fighter to reveal the secret and mystery behind their powerful and devastating punches. Some of the best boxing shots originate from extraordinary footwork. It is obvious to professionals and amateurs alike that the better the boxing shoes the better your footwork game, the more power is transferred from the mat through your body which will help you win more fights.

Check Price

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Can You Try Them On

The major drawback of shopping online is really not being allowed to try what you are wearing. This is the shoe that you will need to enhance and help your performance. This shoe could mean everything and how successful you truly are inside the ring.

Thats why most experts agree, that the best way to go, is by shopping at a brick and mortar shop to make your boxing shoe purchase. Thats because there will usually be good help, an expert there to assist you, and most importantly, you can move around in the shoe to see how it feels when you pivot and move.

What Are The Different Types Of Boxing Shoes

Lordz Boxing Fighting Shoes Size 8: Buy Online at Best ...

Boxing shoes are divided into three types based on how far up the leg they go. There are low-top boxing shoes, mid-top boxing shoes, and high-top boxing shoes.

Low-top boxing shoes

Low-top boxing shoes are only as high as the ankle. They are not exactly ideal for offering leg or calf support. What they lack in leg support, they make up in speed and lightweight maneuverability.

Mid-top boxing shoes

As the name implies, mid-top boxing shoes end at the middle point between high-top shoes and low-top shoes. They extend higher than low-tops, at two or three inches above the ankle, but fall short of the height of high-tops. They offer a balance between support and speed.

High-top boxing shoes

High-tops offer the most leg and ankle support. They are ideal for boxers that are always on the offensive. The extra leg support helps them stay on their feet in the event of a punch that catches them off guard. It also helps them stay on the front by planting the feet firmly on the ground to deliver devastating punches.

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Features To Look For In Boxing Shoes

Material – The materials that youll find in a boxing shoe are similar to what youd find in many other kinds of performance footwear.

Durable materials like leather and tight-weave synthetics are combined with more breathable materials like open-weave synthetic mesh to help vent excess heat.

After that, the upper is generally paired with a thin EVA midsole and a grippy, flat rubber or polyurethane outsole for a better grip of the canvas or workout area.

Grip – Youll be moving around a lot when you train, spar, or fight, bobbing and weaving, and throwing counterpunches. All of this requires speedy footwork and a grippy sole.

A good rubber or polyurethane outsole is essential for maintaining your footing whether you tend to dance around the ring or youre more of a plant your feet and slug it out kind of puncher.

A grippy outsole is especially key to keeping your footing on a surface that can become slick with sweat or blood or with the beers that the fans throw in the ring if you keep running from your opponent. Get in there and hit the guy. Geez.

Ankle Support – Okay, this is a big deal, and its one of the reasons why you see so many tall boxing shoes. When you think about it, the ankles take a surprising about of punishment in training sessions and fights.

From stepping into a punch to pivoting on a big hook to slipping your opponents punches, your ankles play a huge part in your success as a boxer. So it makes sense to support them with a higher shoe.

Adidas Speedex 161 Boxing Shoes:

If you are someone who loves Ultra-light boxing shoes, Adidas Speedex 16.1 is the best choice for you. As the name Speedex boxing shoes, itself suggests the boxers that these best boxing shoes are reliable about speed.

Soles & Structure:

The best boxing shoe is made from an Adiwear rubber outer sole material. The best thing which is liked about this pair of shoes is they dont enfold from the edges like a wrestling shoe. The Speedex is designed only for boxing for professionals, and this pair is dedicated to hardcore boxers.

Comfort & Flexibility:

Speedex is made from a Single-layer mesh upper material which provides you with maximum breathability and makes you stay cool during an intense workout and boxing training sessions. If you are someone who is into training then this shoe is a must-buy for you.

Sizes & Hues:

Available size is normal footwear size from 8.5 to 12. Different colour schemes are also provided.


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Boxing Boots Or Wrestling Shoes The Fit Is What Counts

As with every sports shoe, a good fit is essential. Let us advise you so you can box without pain but with a good ankle stabilisation in order to get the best out of your sports. Mpre boxing garment like shorts for competition and training can be found in out PAFFEN SPORT online shop. We also offer professional training and competition equipment of Muay Thai boxing, K1 and Mixed Martial Arts . We always endeavour to keep our martial arts products up-to-date and work hard for your and our passion.

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Shop The Uk’s Selection Of The Best Men’s Boxing Boots Wrestling And Martial Arts Shoes

Boxing Shoes Review – should you get HIGH-top or LOW-top?

Complete your training get up with a pair of boxing boots or Martial Arts shoes. With a wide range of high quality boxing shoes in the latest styles and colours , you can be sure to find the perfect shoe for your training, boxing, sparring or wrestling needs. We offer a great selection of boxing boots from the world’s most respected athletic brands, like Nike, Adidas, Century, Venum and more.

Choose from Nike Machomai or Hyper KO boots, Adidas Box Hog, Venum Elite Boxing Shoes& Adidas Pretereo III Wrestling shoes, just to name a few.

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Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes:

Nike HyperKO Boxing shoes are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and are one of the most durable shoes we reviewed. These are some of the latest additions to our list of best boxing shoes. You know they are some of the best boxing shoes on the market when champion boxers, like Manny Pacquiao and Andrzej Fonfara, trust and use them.

Structure & Sole:

Nike HyperKo has a grooved rubber sole. It offers boxers great control over movement in the ring. With every movement, the high-quality rubber offers incredible grip, but they are not so sticky you cant pivot quickly. With these boots, you get great control of your boxing footwork.

However, these boxing boots are specifically designed for boxers, to give them maximum power and control, so if you require shoes suitable for wrestling or MMA these may not be the best boxing shoe choice. But if enhanced performance and power in the boxing ring are what you are looking for then these are some of the best professional-grade boxing shoes available.

Comfort & Flexibility:

Often with sturdy, solid constructed shoes, boxers complain about the heat retention and breathability of the shoe. With the Nike, HyperKo boxers dont have to worry about heat and breathability because one of the best features of this boxing shoe design is that it has breathable mesh. Designed so boxers feet will be free from overheating when they wear this boxing shoe even for long periods of training.

Sizes & Colors.


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