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Reef Silver Glitter Flip Flops

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Recommended Model: Rainbow Premiere Leather Sandals

CLOUDSTEPPERS by Clarks Brinkley Reef Flip Flop Sandal

These two Rainbow flip flops have attained legend status. The only difference between the two is one is thicker for those who prefer a deeper form fitted foot-bed, vs the thinner version.

Reef Sandalia Stargazer Para Mujer Negro 4 M Us

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  • Chanclas clásicas: las sandalias Stargazer de Reef están hechas a mano para estar contigo sin importar a dónde te lleve tu próxima aventura. El diseño clásico y la versatilidad significa que puedes ir sin problemas del almuerzo a la playa.
  • Respetuosas con el agua y duraderas: las sandalias Stargazer son resistentes al agua, por lo que puedes ir de sillas de terraza a olas y a cualquier lugar intermedio. Adelante, comprueba el surf, sumerge los dedos de los pies en el lago o sobrevive a una intensa lucha contra salpicaduras sin preocupaciones.
  • Correa superior: la correa respetuosa con el medio ambiente, 100% libre de PVC garantiza que todo tu pie esté cómodo, mientras que la correa brillante significa momentos de diversión bajo la luz solar o la luz de la luna. El Stargazer es el complemento perfecto para cualquier atuendo.
  • Sin perÃodo de rotura: equipado con comodidad y apoyo, la sandalia Stargazer mantendrá tus pies cómodos sin importar dónde te lleven.
  • Playa libremente: Reef anima a las personas de todo el mundo a abrazar el espÃritu de la playa mientras viven con una simple regla: playa libremente. Nuestros productos están diseñados para que te sientas cómodo en cualquier entorno, ya sea en la playa o no.

Recommended Model: Reef Fanning

Talk about viral success! TheREEF Fannings are practically worshiped by beach party-ers.

Besides being very durable they are the only flip flop that doubles as a bottle opener. So, now you get to do the party trick and be the hero at the same time.

The Fanning design is so popular its now available in a number of variations.

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Longest Lasting Flip Flops

I own the longest lasting flip flops on earthand you cant have themunless you go to Africa that is.

My African friends know a thing or two about tough flip flops and the rest of the world is missing out. Theyre hand-made from recycled truck tire treadsand quite frankly last forever and are highly repairable.

I bought mine from a street vender in Benin for only $3!

Aparrantlly, the Mexicans have a similar version they call huaraches. I just wish we could buy these guys on Amazon.

Ok, lets cut to the chase. You wanted the most durable flip-flops? Here they are!

Below is a list of some of the most durable well-built flip flops money can buy. For more on each model read on.

Recommended Model: Original Wanderer

REEF Juniors

Luxury and durability dont usually meet in a sweet spot as is the case with these flip flops. As I mentioned youll need some deep pockets if you want to step up into these world-class flips.

The Original Wanderers come with an exclusive lifetime warranty that covers you as long as the sole has tread and the leather has not worn through. That means youre covered for toe or side-strap pullouts.

The Wanderer is saddle-stitched by hand from full-grain leather available in 3 color tones. Thats the best grade of leather available and the only leather that develops that classic rich patina with age.

If that werent enough you can have them made to order with whatever leather embossing youd like.

What I really love are the Vibram soles though. For some perspective, Vibram is industry leading rubber usually found on the soles of the most durable industrial work boots like the Danners, Thorogoods and Redwings I recommend in this article on tough workboots..

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Recommended Olukai Model: Ohana

The classic Ohanas are one of Olukais best sellers. Theyr quick drying and feature an EVA midsole and ICEVA drop-in footbed for a comfy form-fit for your feet.

The Ohana is a true-blue beach flip flop. Sand and water are its friends. Its a tried and true design with plenty of fans and repeat customers.

The Ohanas are a true beach flip flop and even has a coral inspired tread pattern. A solid choice for multiple summers of hard use.

Id say theyre quite comparable to Rainbow Sandals, although I personally still favour Rainbows.

What To Look For In Durable Flip Flops

After a ton of research, I can say with a high degree of confidence that these companies make the longest lasting flip flops. I had nine companies on the shortlist but trimmed it down to six because I wanted every single recommendation to be rock solid. So, no hit-and misses here.

Note: There is no particular order to this list. Each Company is unique in its own way and offers extremely long lasting flip flops. Depending on your taste, youll be happy with any one of them

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