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What Are The Best Non Slip Work Shoes

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Waiter/waitresses And Restaurant Workers

The World’s Best Non-Slip Shoes

Restaurants and food service industry are usually housed in buildings with awkward and unpredictable floors and thus they endanger their workers and especially the waiters and waitresses who move about the most. Restaurant owners need to arrange for slip-resistant shoes and also reduce traction on the surfaces of their floors.

Sr Max Malibu Womens Black Slip Resistant Sneaker

There are several brands in the market today, claiming to sell non-slip shoes. However, most are clunky and uncomfortable. The Malibu is a sleek and lightweight work shoe for ladies who dont want heavy shoes that can slow them down. These shoes can be used in healthcare, grocery, food service, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. The shoes feel and look great and the arch support is just excellent. The shoe fits perfectly in both size and width. The sole is made from rubber, making it light for easy movement. The shoes are also fitted with mesh fabric lining for keeping your feet comfortable. The insoles provide full cushioning and can be replaced with better ones if you want to maximize your support. The upper is suede and made with a genuine leather upper. It is easy to maintain and sturdy to serve you for many years to come. For quality, affordability, and comfort, the SR Malibu Womens Shoe is the perfect selection.

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Picking The Right Size

Well try to be brief here, but this is just as important as anything in picking out shoes. Getting the proper size can make you either the happiest person on earth, or it can turn you into the meanest, most ornery person imaginable. Here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction:

Measure Your Feet

Identify your true size. Most already know this and can access this information by looking at their current shoes and judging by those. This is very helpful, but its not always the only thing you need to know because some shoes will either run large or small, so you might have to adjust for that. If you are unsure of your size, go in store and measure yourself or get someone to do so. Some foot specialists will also do this, and they can tell you a wide range of other things like gait , if you need any special inserts, and other valuable pieces of information.

Try on some shoes, even if they arent what you want. This step is huge, and especially if you are buying for someone. No one likes to guess and hope, and this is doubly true here. Even if you try on pairs that arent anywhere close to what you want, it helps to get a grip on what you need both in terms of width and length.

Understand the Length & Width of Your Feet

Give Your Feet Room to Breathe

Water Retention & Foot Sizing

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Does The Slip Resistant Sole Work Under Outdoor Conditions

Most likely the answer is going to be a no. While slip resistance is going to help you some, they just wont give you the traction you are hoping for when you arent on stable ground. If you are, for example, running on a trail, you will need something that has some depth to it to give you traction.

Most slip resistant shoes dont really have that, as they have relatively flat bottoms, so it wouldnt be the best combination for you. Non slip is meant to help you inside and maybe on sidewalks and the such, but not so much in wooded areas or in grass so much.

Skechers For Work Mens Flex Advantage Food Service Shoe

Best Non Slip Shoes For Women 2020: Comfortable For Work ...

The next on our list of comfortable work shoes are the Skechers for Work Mens Flex Advantage Food Service Shoe. The first thing you will notice about these shoes is what they dont have. Laces.

These work shoes are a slip-on design which is great for men who dont want to be bothered with laces coming undone.

If you think no laces means no support, think again

These shoes have been designed with a high and sturdy back of heel area, so your heels and ankles are fully supported. The strong, thick sole is also designed for comfort and support, whilst also being slip-resistant.

These work shoes are specially designed for men working in the foodservice/food preparation industry. Since this profession requires many hours of standing and walking, we think these work shoes are up to the job. Heres why.

Like standing on a cloud

Firstly, the top of the shoe is constructed of lightweight, mesh fabric with elastic side gores. These features ensure that your feet will remain cool and ventilated.

Secondly, the padded collar and memory foam insole will ensure that your feet remain cushioned and comfortable all day, no matter how long youre on your feet!

The Skechers for Work Mens Flex Advantage Food Service Shoes are a fantastic choice for men working in the food industry. Their styling is smart and formal, but their overall comfort feels like youre wearing your favorite pair of slippers to work.

What more could you ask for?

Our rating:

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Mens Flex Advantage Mcallen Shoe

  • It is made of durable synthetic material for added durability.
  • Its upper is made of mesh lining for increased breathability.
  • Its outsole is made of rubber for slip-resistant quality.
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable.


  • It does not equip laces.

Mens Flex Advantage Mcallen Shoe is another excellent product by Skechers, a well-known company globally respected for its quality footwear.

The shoe features an easy put-on and takes-off slip-on design that helps in comfortable wearing. You need shoes like these in a work nature where you have to repeatedly put them on and take off.

Also, if you work at a restaurant where you need to continuously move from table to table. There are chances of getting slipped on a fancy floor which is usually slippery.

In those cases, these shoes are the best solution that features a non-slippery outsole to keep you firm on the ground.

Best Restaurant Shoes For Front & Back Of House

Chances are, your team is spending almost all day on their feet. A recent study actually found that servers take an average of 23,000 steps per day.

When youre spending most of your shift on your feet, it makes sense to invest in a quality pair of restaurant shoes.

But how exactly do I find the right pair of restaurant shoes?

What should I avoid?

What are the best kitchen shoes?

Youll walk away from this post with answers to all these questions and a shopping list of the best 10 restaurant shoes for your front and back of house staff.

Ready? Lets get steppin.

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Skechers Soft Stride Galley

Since its inception back in the early 90s, Skechers have really been hard at work creating some of the best pieces of footwear. However, we can all agree that even the brand itself did not foresee such immediate global explosion in the footwear industry. Now, Skechers is a common household name that is more than preferred in the athletic field. Today, well be checking out their non slip style termed the Soft Stride Galley shoe. But are these just another pair of sporty tennis shoes or can they actually save your life when the proverbial dung hits the fan?

Well, the protective features on this bad boy are quite encouraging. This brawny, black and highly durable work shoe comes as the ideal work shoes for men in all professions. However, there has to be a solid reason why our boys in the food, beverage and hospitality industry cant get enough of this shoe. It could be due to the high traction slip resistant rubber outsoles that keep you 100 percent safe from slips and falls on wet surfaces. Or maybe its the micro-perforated black leather uppers that have breathtaking and extremely detailed stitching. Whatever it is, youll have to get your own pair today and find out for yourself.

Our Final Thoughts On The Most Comfortable Mens Work Shoes


We hope our list above has helped narrow down your options and that our buying Guide has pointed out some details to look out for when searching for your next pair of comfortable work shoes.

For us, the

are the most comfortable work shoes of them all.

The simple, yet smart styling of these shoes means that they are very versatile and we love the attention to all-round comfort that Reebok has put into them.

The DMX Ride Technology ensures that your feet stay comfortable, no matter how long you are standing or walking. They are well constructed and offer great value for money.

Have you chosen yours?

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Difference Between Non Slip And Slip Resistant Boot Soles

Remember when I first got into the world of safety work gear, all the definitions drove me crazy. Choosing the right work boots includes fitting, designs, safety functions, and so much more. One of the questions that got my mind bending was: Is there a difference between non slip and slip resistant? Brands keep advertising amazing properties of their boots without providing any thorough information.

After many years of wearing and purchasing work boots, Ive come up with a comprehensive answer. For our new fellow boot wearers, the terms are technically the same and can be used alternatively. You can sigh with relief now. However, they are two different terms for a small reason.

In this article, we will explain the difference between non-slip vs slip-resistant, along with tips to buy the best slip-resistant boots. Dive in!

Dr Scholls Work Vital Slip

With the working class in mind, Dr. Scholls has created a line of footwear thats perfect for both work and play.

Each shoe design from the said line features the brands oil-resistant and slip-resistant Lock Step Outsole that meets SATRA TM63 and TM144 standards. The SATRA TM144 standard is the international standard for dynamic friction measurements, while the SATRA TM63 is the standard for oil resistance.

The Vital slip-ons are one of their most popular styles. These easy slip-on shoes are made of durable synthetic materials with dual-side goring for extra flexibility, breathable mesh linings, and cushioned footbeds with gel heel pads for shock absorption and heel protection.

The non-marking oil and slip-resistant outsoles also feature patterned treads for a stronger grip.

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Does A Rubber Sole Mean That I Will Be Resistant To All Slips

The simple answer to this is no. The majority of shoes out there are made with rubber soles nowadays, yet you dont see those people working in kitchens with them. Just because you have a rubber sole does not mean you will be protected from falls, and you had better not believe that your employer would be very happy with you declaring they are safe only to find out that they are not in fact.

The tread of the shoe plays a major role at throwing off water, and normal tennis shoes and sneakers just dont have the ability to do that, even with the use of rubber. Rubber soles will help, over something like leather or another type of material that is used for the sole, but they dont automatically give you a better chance of staying on your feet in a slippery area.

Srm600 Sr Max Rialto Womens Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker

10 Best Non Slip Shoes for Work

The SR Max Rialto is a non skid and budget friendly athletic sneaker that can also be used as a work shoe. This euro casual, low profile work shoe offers maximum performance at an affordable cost. Designed with a slim-fit feature, this shoe is ideal for women with narrow feet. This shoe is man-made and comes with a very thin sole for lightweight movement. The shoe comes with a removable interior cushioning pad for easier washing and replacement. The upper part of the shoe is also made with lightweight materials for ease of use and comfort, together with industrial strength. An outsole that prevents skidding, ensures that you can work confidently without worrying about slipping on wet surfaces. The fit is perfect and the feel snug. The width is great and the quality of the shoe is just excellent at that price. If you want to wear thick socks during winter it is recommended to order a size larger. Otherwise, they are very comfortable shoes to take you through your hectic workday.

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Top 10 Best Slip Resistant Shoes Reviews In 2021

Slip-resistant shoes are perfect for everyday use. They are designed to offer stability and safety on all terrains. Additionally, these shoes are perfect for different activities. They boast a soft insole that offers enough cushioning for strenuous activities. And yes, most of these shoes are work perfectly in official and non-official events. The shoes are designed to withstand heavy use. And yes, their advanced sole design ensures that you enjoy the most convenient experiences. The shoes also boast a breathable construction for adequate feet ventilation. That way, your feet feel comfortable at all times. If you want to have a pair of high-quality best slip resistant shoes, you may consider buying one of our suggestions below.

Skechers For Work Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe

Keeping your toes protected in certain work environments such as restaurants is nothing to take lightly. Things can fall from shelves, counters, tables and land on your feet. Its enough to ruin a workday, if not cause injuries.

The Skechers Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe provides all of the slip-resistance you need, but also comes with an alloy safety toe front that keeps you protected when mishaps occur.

Comfort also is important, of course, and the Skechers Synergy has you covered with a design that helps your feet from becoming weary or sore over the course a long shift. A padded collar and tongue prevent rubbing and blisters, while the shoes overall relaxed fit gives your feet plenty of room without being too loose.

Shock absorption comes from a memory foam cushioned insole that reduces the stress and strain on your feet and joints. The flexsole design moves with your feet to offer long-lasting comfort even during the longest, busiest shifts.

The Synergy Ekron has an overall sporty look that features a lace-up design that allows you to get a secure fit every time. Theyre another example of excellent non-slip shoes for wide feet.


  • A bit heavier because of alloy safety toe

Bottom Line

Skechers combines comfort, style, and protection in its Synergy Ekron Alloy work shoe, which makes it ideal for restaurant workers or anyone who spends long hours on their feet.

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Mens Mid626k2 Slip Resistant Lace

The Mens MID626K2 Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes from New Balance has been designed and manufactured to help the athletes achieve what they aim to achieve without getting into the hassle of controlling themselves while performing due to possible slippage problem in their shoes. The company which manufactures this slip-resistant shoe has been emphasizing on research and development to ensure that all times, the latest possible advanced research goes into the making of the shoes.

Thorogood Mens American Heritage Moc Toe Work Boots

BEST Non Slip Shoes 2021 (TOP 10)

The Thorogood mens American Heritage Moctoe boot instantly recalls the good ol days. The ones when youd kick off your American-made work boots at the end of the day, sit back in your lawn chair, and crack open a cold one.

It may look like a boot that a time traveler visiting from the 1970s would wear, and the American Heritage series genuine leather upper, Moctoe style, and lace hooks are rooted in tradition. But Thorogoods MAXwear Wedge outsole and fiberglass shank make the boot belong in modern job sites.

Thorogood collaborated with actual workers to create MAXwear technology, which resists slips, oil, and electrical shock up to 18,000 volts which is the highest ASTM-prescribed standard for electrical hazard safety footwear. For comfort, Thorogood adds a removable shock-absorbing footbed.

If you walk on hard or potentially slippery surfaces a lot at work, the Thorogood American Heritage Moctoe looks like the tool for the job. Plenty of cushioning and a high-performance outsole characterize the stylish mens work boot. The series is also available in 8-inch, and steel-toe builds.

For more durable footwear like this, check out our selection of the best combat boots.

High-performance outsole for hard, slippery surfaces

Cushioning footbed

Moc toe for vintage style

  • Electrical Hazard ProtectionYes, up to 18,000V
  • Slip ResistantYes

Great for concrete or wet, smooth surfaces

Looks cool casually or on the clock

Low lugs mean its not an all-terrain boot

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Who Do We Love It

Fila Mens Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe weighs only three pounds making it incredibly lightweight on the feet. Besides offering comfort, performance, and durability, the shoes are safe as well.

They are testified for safety and meet ASTM F2913-11 standards. Overall, the shoes will be a great match if you are looking for something to withstand wet areas.

Best Non Slip Shoes That Will Protect You From Slipping

If you work at a place where there is water or oil spilled on the floor all the time, such as a car wash. Similarly, if you are an athlete and play in a wet field such as a basketball court and volleyball court with water spilled.

In these cases, ordinary shoes will not be enough because they are designed to resist slip on dry surfaces rather than oily and wet areas.

In this situation, only non-slip shoes help make you firm on wet areas by offering slip resistance. Its outsole is made of synthetic material such as rubber with a tread pattern to keep you firm while running or walking.

We have compiled a detailed review of the best non-slip shoes for men to help you decide which one to choose for your work or sports.

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