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How Much Do Michael Jordan Shoes Cost

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Air Jordan 11 Retro Premium Derek Jeter

Why Do Higher Model Air Jordan Retros Cost So Much?

Release Date: 2017

Selling Price: $18,257

Why have one athlete on your Nikes when you can have two? The 11 Retro Premium Derek Jeter Jordans were designed to commemorate Jeters retirement from the New York Yankees. Only five of these shoes were ever produced, making them incredibly rare and very expensive.

One pair sold for $18,257, and the shoes are now estimated to go for much higher at auction. If youre lucky enough to snag a pair, you will own a piece of both basketball and baseball history.

Career Accolades For The Air Jordan Iii

Year for of MJ’s NBA career marked the start of his most dominant years, winning his first league MVP award and Defensive Player of the Year. Here are some key highlights featuring the AJ 3:

  • The Air Jordan 3 in White Cement performed prominently in the 1987-88 season, including the All-Star games in Chicago, where his famous dunk from the foul line awarded him his second consecutive Slam Dunk Contest title. This dunk, reminiscent of his Jumpman logo, was also re-imagined in the 1996 film, Space Jam.
  • During the All-Star game, Michael wore the AJ 3 in Black Cement for the first and only time, in an impressive performance to win the MVP award with 40 points, eight rebounds, three assists, four steals and four blocks.
  • Jordan switched to the Fire Red colorway for the 1988 playoffs and the start of the following season.

Air Jordan : One Of Sneakerdom’s Most Iconic Shoes

Considered one of the most recognized sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan 3 introduced many firsts for the brand. First and foremost, Michael Jordan’s third signature sneaker introduced the now-revered Jumpman logoa silhouette of His Airness leaping through the air mid-dunkthat replaced the popular Wings logo found on the Jordan 1 and 2. It was a brand he could call his own, and a major selling point in his contract renewal with Nike.

The Air Jordan 3 also enlisted a new designer, Tinker Hatfield, already esteemed in the sneaker world and now considered a legend. Hatfield had designed the Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1, so the introduction of visible Air technology into the Jordan line was a no-brainer. Hatfield worked closely with MJ to incorporate the superstar’s vision into the designs. In addition to the Jumpman logo and visible Air, the Jordan 3 also introduced an eye-catching elephant skin print, softer leather and a mid-cut heightmoving away from the then-trendy high-top style. The overall design borrows design elements from its famous predecessors, the Air Jordan 1 and 2.

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Most Desirable Retro Colorways And Collaborations

  • Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard”
  • Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”
  • Travis Scott Cactus Jack x Air Jordan 1 High
  • Travis Scott Cactus Jack x Air Jordan 1 Low
  • Air Jordan 1 “Bred Toe”
  • Air Jordan 1 “Game Royal”
  • Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “UNC”
  • Union LA x Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”
  • Union LA x Air Jordan 1 “Storm Blue”
  • Melody Eshani x Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Fearless”
  • Dior x Air Jordan 1 High
  • Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low

Jordan 3 Returns With A String Of Retro Releases

20 Most Expensive Pairs Of Jordans For Total Sneakerheads ...

Following Jordan’s first retirement in 1993, Nike began to retro the Air Jordan I, II and III. Since 1988, the Air Jordan 3 has returned in many iterations, with the most popular being the OG colors White Cement and Black Cement.

White Cement has retroed five times: in 1994, 2003, 2011, 2013 and 2018. Of these retros, the 2013 pair was the first to reintroduce “Nike Air” on the back. The 2018 version commemorated the 1988 All-Star Dunk Contest, with a clear sole and red stripe across the forefoot where MJ would have stood on the free-throw linehence the nickname, “Free Throw Line.”

Black Cement, a fan favorite, also retroed five times: in 1994, 2001, 2008, 2011 and 2018. The 2008 release was part of the Countdown Pack , which was paired with a Jordan 20. These packs typically combine pairs to equal the number 23. The 2018 retro was the first to use “Nike Air” since 2001 and was the closest iteration to the original design.

The first series of retros in 1994 didn’t perform well and quickly found themselves in the sales racks. A string of retros in 2001 proved to be stronger, introducing a new Air Jordan 3 colorwaythe white and brown Mocha. This paved the way for future colorways, such as Pure Money, Black Cat and Do the Right Thing from 2007.

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Air Jordan 4 Retro Undefeated 2018 Sample

Release Date: 2018

Selling Price: $15,750

Undefeated is a brand known for its refined sense of style, so its only natural that they would be one of the first brands to collaborate with Air Jordan. While the collab goes back to 2005, samples started popping up in 2018.

The hunter green suede and bright orange laces are certainly a departure for the Jordans, but fans were pretty rabid. How did this particular pair net over $15,000? When the shoes were listed on eBay, the owner claimed they were made out of ballistic material.

Air Jordan 8 Retro Kentucky Madness Pe

Release Date: 2017

Selling Price: $7,000

Sneaker-ing in at #20, Drake is on the list one last time. It seems that once he puts on a pair of Jordans, the price skyrockets. This pair was worn for the Kentucky Wildcats Midnight Madness. While these shoes werent the first or even the last time Nike came out with Jordans in college colors, these are the most expensive. It seems what Drake touches turns to gold, and these will set you back around $7,000 if youre lucky enough to find a pair.

Most of us can afford a pair of Air Jordans or two, but not many have the cash flow it takes to be a true sneakerhead and own a pair of Nike history. You may need to start your own business or take on a second job if you want to snag a pair of these kicks. These most expensive Air Jordans truly prove that people are willing to pay whatever it takes to get their hands on a piece of pop culture history.

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Fun Facts About The Air Jordan Shoe Brand

  • Michael Jordan actually didnt want to sign with Nike. He was an Adidas fan and wanted to sign a deal with them. Sadly for Adidas, their endorsement deal was nowhere near the $2.5 million-plus royalties deal that Nike offered.
  • While Nike is known for its Swoosh logo, the Air Jordans second iteration was their first shoe not to feature the Swoosh. The shoe sold well, and Nike cemented their popularity.
  • Jordan famously wore different sizes on each foot. One foot was a size 13, while the other was a 13.5. If you are lucky enough to snag a pair of Jordans won by him, theyll be in two different sizes.
  • Perhaps the most famous pair of Air Jordans, the XI, was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who got his inspiration in an unlikely place. Something about a lawnmower covered with a tarp drew his eye and inspired his design.
  • Other Endorsements And Businesses = $500 Million

    What It Actually Costs To Make A Sneaker

    Nike isn’t Jordan’s only endorsement deal, though. He’s also had partnerships with Gatorade, McDonald’s Wheaties, Coca-Cola, Hanes, Chevrolet, Rayovac, MCI, Ball Park Franks, Upper Deck, 2K Sports, and Five Star Fragrances.

    Jordan’s Gatorade deal is likely his most lucrative after Nike. After the 1988-89 season ended, Jordan signed a ten-year, $18 million endorsement contract with Gatorade. That partnership brought the famous “Be Like Mike” ad to the airwaves and gave us a toe-tapping song, to boot.

    On top of his endorsements, Jordan also owns a car dealership and seven restaurants. All of these business ventures have brought him a whopping $1.6 billion.

    In 2018, Michael and Magic Johnson invested in the popular esports organization Team Liquid. About a year after their investment, new investors plunged money into the team at a valuation of $320 million. It’s not clear how big Magic and Michael’s stakes are.

    In 2017 when Derek Jeter led a group of investors in purchasing the Miami Marlins baseball team for $1.2 billion. Derek invited Jordan to invest and today MJ owns around 1% of the team.

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    The Air Jordan 13 Collectability: Often Imitated Never Copied

    The Air Jordan 13 is a great collectors shoe thanks to its role in both basketball and cultural memory, its revolutionary design, and its numerous retro re-releases . Each release has dropped in many colorways, one of the most well-known being the incredibly popular, navy blue Air Jordan 13 Flint which was part of the original generation before being re-released in 2005, 2010, and 2020.

    This combination of popularity, variety and high production volume make it relatively easy to find a good quality pair, whether new or on the secondary market. Unfortunately, it also means that the shoe is a popular target for counterfeiters.

    The 10 Most Expensive Jordans Sneakers In History

    Most everyone has heard the name, Michael Jordan. He is the famous basketball player who went on to develop an entire line of basketball sneakers that have become some of the most popular sneakers to ever hit the stores. Some of the sneakers have become so popular, they are being sold for high prices, and if you are lucky to be able to afford them, you get the privilege of being able to say that you own a pair of Jordans. People who have been following the different Jordan sneaker releases through the years, probably already know which models have sold for the most and which ones are more reasonably priced. If you dont know and are curious, keep reading to see what the ten most expensive Jordan sneakers in history, are.

    10. Jordan III OG $4,500

    The Jordan III OG was introduced in 1988 and is the first of the Jordan lineup to display the Jumpman logo that became synonymous with the brand. It was also the very first model include the visible air unit at the heel. The year Jordan wore the model, he had an amazing year taking home a win in a slam dunk contest against Atlanta Hawks player, Dominique Wilson, then won the All Star MVP honors the very next day. He was also named Most Defensive Player of the Year that year. This is one Jordan that became very popular with Jordan showing off what the shoe could help him accomplish and it was selling for

    9. Air Jordan VI $7,200

    8. Air Jordan V $10,000

    7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout $11,267


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    Michael Jordan Has Made Over $1 Billion From Nike The Biggest Endorsement Bargain In Sports

    Nike revolutionized sports marketing with Michael Jordan as the brand’s muse.


    The Last Dance, ESPNs documentary tracking Michael Jordans final season with the Chicago Bulls, has captivated the American viewing public at a time when sports are on lockdown. The first two nights of the ten-part series delved into Jordans running mates with the late 1990s Bulls in Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and coach Phil Jackson. This Sunday explores MJ as a global endorsement phenomenon, with ad slogans like Its Gotta Be The Shoes and Be Like Mike.

    Nike NKE has always been Jordans biggest backer, both financially and marketing-wise. The sportswear giant has paid him an estimated $1.3 billion by Forbes count since it signed its first deal with Jordan in 1984, and it has helped make him a cultural icon. It is the richest athlete endorsement deal ever but also arguably the biggest bargain given that Jordan helped transform Nike from a scrappy underdog into one of the largest, most valuable consumer brands in the world.

    The Nike Swoosh is ubiquitous today, yet that was hardly the case in the mid-1980s. Adidas was 50% larger by revenue. Reebok had just burst on the scene and would surpass Nike in revenue by 1987. Converse was the brand of choice for NBA stars Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Julius Erving.

    How Much Does Michael Jordan Make Per Year 2020 $120 $150 Million

    Michael Jordans signature Air Jordan shoes from 1985 sell ...

    That, of course, doesn’t include deals Jordan has turned down. He reportedly won’t accept a partnership unless he expects to earn at least $10 million, and even then, money isn’t always everything. Jordan said no to a headphone endorsement deal worth $80 million because he doesn’t like wearing headphones.

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    Michael Jordons House In Chicago

    Its located in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Highland Park. The mansion is stunning, huge and a luxurious home which he has actually been attempting to sell for five years now.

    The property is a massive 32,700 square feet and is set on 7.3 acres of glorious land. When you pull up to the home, you are greeted by private gates that are engraved with Jordans famous number, 23. Once behind the gates, you drive up a looooong driveway until you reach the property.

    The home was renovated in 2009 and features three stories of pure luxury. The entranceway features a gorgeous marble floor and cream marble staircases situated on either side of the lobby. It has floor to ceiling windows and skylit features.

    The entire home is designed to be very open plan with a modern feel throughout. It features a fully stocked bar and large screen TV is one lounge area which opens up via french doors onto a large terrace, which also features a circular infinity pool as its centerpiece, as well as a pond.

    The estate is complete with 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms! There are also five open fireplaces throughout the home, which all allow family and guests to congregate together.

    And what would Michael Jordans home be without a personal basketball court?! And theres not just one! The estate features an outdoor court and well as an indoor NBA style gymnasium for Jordan to practice shooting hoops .

    Michael Jordons House In Charlotte

    This 12,301 square foot home was purchased by MJ at a foreclosure sale for a massive discount. He paid $2.8 million even though it was listed at $3.49 million.

    The home sits on North Carolinas Lake Norman inside The Peninsula Club, specifically on the seventh hole of the golf course. It has 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

    There are gorgeous boardwalk lines shores, tons of luscious yard space, and views of the water for days! The best part? Its only 22 miles from where his NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets play.

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    How Much Is Michael Jordan Worth

    Jordan is said to have earned around $90 million from his career as probably the most successful basketball players in the history of the sport. But now according to Forbes, the sporting star has a net worth of $1.5 BILLION.

    This is due to his sponsorship by Nike and endorsement deals with Gatorade, Hanes and Upper Deck. He is also making millions thanks to his 90% ownership in the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

    Jordan bought a stake of the team in 2010 when it was worth $175 million. Now, the team has skyrocketed and is worth an incredible $780 million! And just to add to his fortune, he even owns a car dealership and 7 restaurants.

    Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt

    Why Nike Air Jordans Are So Expensive | So Expensive

    Release Date: 2015

    Selling Price: $30,100

    In 1015, Rapper Eminem, the clothing brand Carhartt, and Nike teamed up to create Air Jordans for charity. The collaboration resulted in a limited run of ten shoes. All were put up for auction on eBay, with all proceeds going toward Michigan States Literacy Through Songwriting program.

    Altogether, the shoes raised $227,552, with the highest bid going for $30,100 for a pair of size nine sneakers. Most of the shoes were at least in the $20,000 range.

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold: Michael Jordans Flu Game Shoes Top The List

    What is the most expensive pair of Air Jordan sneakers ever sold? Its still Air Jordan 12 , costing $104,000! Heres the 2021 list of the most expensive Air Jordan sneakers:

  • Air Jordan 12 $104,000
  • Air Jordan 12 OVO $100,000
  • Air Jordan Silver Shoe $60,000
  • Air Jordan 2 OG $31,000
  • Air Jordan I $25,000
  • Air Jordan 1 $25,000
  • Air Jordan 11 $21,780
  • Air Jordan 10 OVO $20,000
  • Air Jordan XVII $11,267
  • Air Jordan V $10,000
  • Undoubtedly one of the best-selling sneakers in the world, Air Jordans are also known for being among the most expensive ones in the market. Although a bit pricey for a pair of sneakers, Air Jordans remain popular among both fans and non-fans of basketball legend Michael Jordan. The brand has become an institution that most sneakerheads feel that no pair of feet should ever be without them.

    Proof of this is the fact that even as purchasing and selling such shoes are enjoyable prospects, people would actually give anything for a pair of Air Jordan. They will brave long queues for hours just to get their hands on a pair. Jordans have definitely replaced popular brands like Adidas, Reebok and Converse, to name a few. This first began in the 90s and continues to this day.

    Given these facts, it is no wonder that many believe that Air Jordans are not going away anytime soon. Its still popular as ever, with younger generations consistently joining the Air Jordan craze.

    Michael Jordans Divorce Cost The Basketball Star $168 Million

    Michael Jordan and JuanitaVanoy met at a Chicago restaurant while she was employed as a loan officer at abank and he already appeared destined to be the next NBA superstar. The firstof their three children had already been born by the time they married in September1989.

    When they split for good atthe end of 2006, the basketball star had accumulated a fortune from his line ofAir Jordan shoes with Nike and endorsement deals with the likes of Gatorade,Hanes, and McDonalds. Estimates of the time put his net worth anywhere from$400 million to $500 million, with the higher number the more likely of thetwo.

    That set the table for one ofthe most expensive divorce settlements ever. Even with their prenuptialagreement in place, Juanita Jordan left with $168 million, the couplesseven-acre estate and custody of their three children.

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