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What Are The Best Running Shoes For Arch Support

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Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Best Arch Support Shoes For Flat Feet 2021? Maximalist Running Shoes!

Running is a natural choice of sport for many men and women because it requires few skills and very little gear. Many people assume that all you need is a comfortable pair of shorts and T-shirt, some good socks and a pair of running shoes to get started.

This is true, as far as it goes however, it is important to understand that good technique and form, along with a truly well-fitted pair of running shoes can make all the difference in the world to the quality of your running experience.

Shoes or Insoles?

Paying close attention to your posture and technique and wearing shoes that are truly suitable for your feet and your gait can help you avoid a wide variety of aches, pains and injuries.

In this article, we will focus on the problems of runners with very high arches. We will explain the gait problem associated with underpronation or supination and provide sound advice on selecting just the right shoes and orthotics to address this condition. Read on to learn more.

The Truth About Arch Support:

Athletic footwear industry size has reached a whopping $80 billion according to Global Market Insights.

Shoe manufacturing companies have huge marketing budgets. Salespersons would love to get some extra sales from customers who are in store. All these marketing campaigns and persuasion will make you think that a specific shoe or insert is the solution to all of your problems.

Look at the following examples:

See how these are focusing on the issues like pronation or cushion and how these shoes can help you with these.

You will rarely find a shoe that doesnt promise extra support, balance, cushion, or motion control.

The question is do we really need extra support? Looking at all these studies and research reports, we can safely assume that it’s not the case.

Our feet are amazingly complex devices with 26 bones, 107 ligaments, 33 joints, and 19 muscles. A simple arch support can hardly improve upon this mechanical marvel?

You should not choose a shoe based on wet test. That is a static test. A wet test or an other static motion test are extremely poor ways to prescribe footwear. You don’t stand still when you run. You move. Thus it would make more sense to choose a shoe based on motion analysis. However, what has been shown in the research to be one of the best ways to choose a shoe is how comfortable it is. If the shoe is not causing any weird rubbing spots, is comfortable and fits well, go for it. – Dr Mathew Klein

Best Comfortable: New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoes

Runners will notice the New Balance Fresh Foam shoes before trying them on, as the bold foam sole is a feature that stands out. The thick, cushioned Fresh Foam sole will comfort your entire foot, adding extra support and cushion for your midfoot and arch area.

Aside from the extra-plush foam sole that makes this mens running shoe the most comfortable option for people with flat feet, these New Balance sneakers are great for running. They feature a snug fit that adheres closely to your foot, as well as a bootie construction.

These comfortable running shoes sport an almost sticky rubber outsole traction system. They are available in an extensive size range and different widths, from sizes 7 through 16, and in regular, wide, and extra-wide widths. Colors come in reliable grey and black combinations and neon colors like Phantom/Neo Flame and Vision Blue/Vintage Indigo.

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Keen Mens Detroit Xt Waterproof Boot

KEEN is a footwear company based in Portland, Oregon. The brand traces its history back to 1999 with the invention of the Newport Sandal by its founder and namesake, Martin Keen. However, the company was only founded in 2003, four years after the invention. The KEEN line of footwear spans from sandals to heavy-duty work boots and shoes.

The KEEN entry on this list of shoes with effective arch support is the Detroit XT Waterproof Boot. Based on hiking footwear form and function, this KEEN waterproof boot is heavy-duty yet comfortable enough to wear every day. It features an anti-slip outsole for added stability and a footbed design that features their proprietary KEEN KEY TECH FLEX technology as well as their trademarked METATOMICAL footbed design for superior structured arch support.

Best Cushioning: New Balance Fresh Foam More V3 Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes for Arch Support [2019]

What Youll Love: Along with offering cloud-like comfort, it packs more shock absorption than earlier models.

What You Need to Know: The extra cushioning makes the design less breathable and can be too plush for some users.

Despite offering plenty of cushioning for your feet, these sneakers remain super lightweight with their durable rubber outsole and supportive midsole. Arch support is a given , and youll also love how the design maximizes comfort by using an extra soft mesh upper, which minimizes irritation, and a padded tongue. Another favorite brand of Dr. Brenner, these New Balance kicks come in standard, wide, and extra-wide widths.

Rave Review: I ordered these shoes because they literally feel like you are walking on clouds. These shoes pretty much walk for you and definitely add a spring in your step. I have quite honestly never worn a shoe so comfortable!

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe


With the Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes, having flat feet or suffering from overpronation will not impede your ability to get out and keep fit. That is because these shoes are made to be everyday trainers and are specifically designed for men and women to get over with any foot issues that could be a hindrance to their running . Great arch support and lightweight stability shoes. You will find that the greatest areas of support come from the U4iC strobel boards and the double fan wave technology. The U4iC technology helps absorb the shock that your feet and body experience while running. It also offers increased durability for your footwear without adding extra weight to the shoes.

Best For Trail Running: Salomon Sense Ride 2

What Youll Love: The dirt-resistant mesh upper and tractioned midsole keep feet clean and steady during trail runs.

What You Need to Know: Theres less cushioning in the forefoot than the sole, which may make the shoe feel unbalancedand a few reviewers complain theyre noisy.

These durable running shoes are specifically created for trail running with a stabilizing design that prevents painful over-rotation. The structured outsole protects your feet and ankles from twisting on rocks and other uneven surfaces while simultaneously adapting to the foots natural movements to give an extra boost of support wherever its needed. You can quickly adjust the fit of the stitch-free upper with the quick-lace system, which uses one-pull adjustments to tighten and loosen the fit.

Rave Review: The trails around our city are pretty modest but full of scree at the steeper points, and regular running shoes just won’t cut it. We need shoes with a big grip to stay on our feet if we want to maintain any kind of speed, and the Contagrip outsole does the trick. Now there’s nothing all that special about this outsolein fact it’s a fairly simple sole with firm rubber diamonds that kinda work like spikes to hold you in placebut my favourite thing about them is that they’re spaced wide enough apart that it’s pretty much impossible to get anything caught in the treads to gum them up.

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The Benefits Of Shoes With Arch Support

Arch support shoes for women provide many benefits, whether you suffer from a foot condition or just want to feel comfortable on your feet and maintain and healthy and active lifestyle. Good arch support shoes will have a built-in orthotic insole with a defined arch placed in the correct position under the foot. Usually that is a little further back than where most people think it should be. The purpose of the arch is to support or hold the plantar fascia tendon so that it does not over stretch and become inflamed, leading to pain and discomfort. The arch also keeps the feet and rest of the body aligned, providing proper balance, and reducing stress on the joints such as the knees and hips. Overpronation is controlled and prevents the feet from rolling inwards.

The best arch support shoes for women are designed by brands that specialize in comfort or shoes for foot conditions and provide a solution for painful feet. Usually, these shoes have many additional features that make them healthy for your feet, plus they are available in extended widths and sizes to fit even the widest foot.

Best For Wide Feet: Altra Womens Torin 30 Running Shoe

Best Arch Support for Flat Footed Runners | 2 Insoles for Better Arch Support

A super tapered toe box can cause inflammation in your arches by disrupting the foot’s natural alignmentmeaning the narrow fit of many running shoes could actually be part of your problem. Luckily, the wide toe box on Altra’s running shoes allows your toes to spread out evenly, while a 0mm heel-to-toe drop encourages low-impact landings. While the super lightweight design might be an unconventional choice for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, it actually encourages a natural alignment that multiple reviewers say saved them from plantar fasciitis pain.

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Matters To Consider Shoes For Low Arches

The foot with a low arch tends to dont have any curve. As a result, the folks with this foot state may readily experience numerous harms on their feet and are more prone to overpronation.

You can readily discover that youve got a low arch when your arch is level on the earth. Therefore, deciding on the best running shoes for low arch will be more difficult, unlike picking the right running shoes for individuals with a normal or higher arch.

You must develop a more discerning strategy for the benefit of your low arched feet. The firmness of the running shoes and the support should be nicely prioritized each time you see the shoe stores.

If you happen to have a more severe overpronation state, then running shoes with motion control would be the best choice for you.

These running shoes are more likely to supply a whole lot of firmness to your feet.

The primary focus of these running shoes will be to enhance the running movements equilibrium while youre.

Should you have less interest in equipping your low arched feet with a pair of motion control shoes, you can nevertheless count on the stability shoes.

After all, you have been supplied by the running shoe marketplace with many athletic shoes that include distinct versions.

For sure, the best running shoes for low arches now are broadly accessible in many shoe stores in the state. Youll have no trouble locating your budget along with the right pair for your feet.

The Best Sneakers With Arch Support

The best sneakers with arch support on our list are ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes. Comfortable and supportive, they are made with organic nano-fibers and gel pads for optimal shock absorption. Keep reading to find out more about this outstanding product and our other top choices.

Our Winner – Women’s Gel-Kayano Running Shoes by ASICS

Available in 21 sizes and 20 colors, ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes come with a breathable mesh upper and EVA sock liners.

Arch support is essential for preventing common foot conditions such as heel spurs, ankle sprains, and plantar fasciitis. As such, sneakers with arch support should be an essential addition to your wardrobe, particularly if you lead an active lifestyle. Take a moment to look at our guide to the best sneakers with arch support, and put some spring in your step.

Our Top Picks

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Finding Your Level Of Support

Once you’ve decided what kind of ride youd like to experience from your shoes, depending on your biomechanics, you can find a level of support in your shoes to bolster your gait. There are three categories of running shoe support: neutral, stability and motion control .

Neutral shoes:

  • They can work for mild pronators but are best for neutral runners or people who supinate .
  • They typically do not have motion control features such as medial posts that reinforce the arch side of each midsole.

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 21 Black/raspberry 9 Medium

Best Running Shoes for Arch Support [2019]
  • THIS SHOE IS FOR: Runners looking for a supportive shoe that’s soft and smooth, the Adrenaline GTS 21 offers an improved ride and reliable support for however your body moves so you can forget the shoes and enjoy the run.
  • SUPPORT AND CUSHION: Provides just the right amount of stability and support, great for overpronation while providing high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Adrenaline GTS 20
  • BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: The DNA LOFT Crash Pad cushions each footfall and works with BioMoGo DNA to adapt to your every stride.
  • MODERNIZED FIT: A streamlined, engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit Print offers the structure and proven fit the Adrenaline is known for-without excess bulk.
  • GUIDERAILS HOLISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEM: We’ve shifted our focus beyond the feet to the most injury-prone part of a runners body: the knees. GuideRails keep you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.

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What To Look For In The Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

As with the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, comfort should be the number one factor when choosing running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Dr. Eckenride recommends that motion-control or stability-type running shoes are often preferred for runners with severe to mild pronation, respectively, and that runners with plantar fasciitis should also consider the amount of heel drop in the construction of the shoe. Heel drop is considered the difference in height from the heel to the toe of the shoe. Traditional running shoes have a heel drop between seven to 10 millimeters or greater. Given that limited ankle dorsiflexion motion is a risk factor for developing plantar fasciitis, runners may want to look for shoes with a higher heel drop , as this may help to accommodate for the lack of ankle dorsiflexion motion.

And when it comes to shopping for the best running shoes to wear in winter, there are plenty of styles that will accommodate feet with plantar fasciitis, too.

As frustrating and painful as the issue can be, the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, along with the proper treatment and a little patience, will have you on the road to recovery and pain-free strides soon enough.

Pairs Of Running Shoes That Provide Great Arch Support Picked By Podiatrists

Product photos from retailer site.

From bunions to bursitis, your feet can come with a slew of potential issues . And the anatomy of your feet often has a hand in what kind of foot pain or injuries you might experience, whereas your lifestyle and activity level is more indicative of how often these problems may occur.

Whether your feet are narrow or wide, long or short, no one foot shape or size is safe from some inevitable strife. That certainly goes for all those out there with low or high arches, too.

Even if you’re not familiar with the term flat-footed, which refers to an often irksome condition when one or both feet have little to no arch in the mid-foot between the ball of the foot and the heel, having high arches in your feet is no walk in the park.

To note, there are varying degrees of foot arches from the very low to the very high and there isnt a threshold that needs to be met for someone to be diagnosed with a high arch. However, in cases when the arch is much higher than average, doctors often refer to this as cavus foot.

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However severe your high arches might be, this curvature of the foot makes you more vulnerable to certain issues. Specifically, an increase in the height of the arch leads to excessive pressure on the ball of the foot and extra pressure on the joints of the midfoot, explains Hillary Brenner, D.P.M., NYC- and NJ-based podiatrist.

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How To Buy A Shoe With Better Arch Support

If you are training hard in the wrong shoes, you can land yourself in big trouble. Therefore, it is important that you buy the perfect shoes for your extensive training and running sessions.

The best shoes for arch support are those that follow the natural silhouette of the feet. So, while you go to pick shoes for yourself, select the best one based on these three parameters support offered by them, the stability you need, and the control you can achieve wearing the shoes.

Here are some things you must keep in mind while purchasing the best running shoes for arch support:

Weighing All The Factors

Arch Support Running Shoes May Not Be All that Effective

After reviewing numerous sneakers with arch support, ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes came out on top as the best sneakers with arch support on the market. Combining lightweight design and heavy-duty arch support, they offer both comfort and shock absorption. Our other 2 picks, Brooks mens ghost 12 running shoes and Brooks womens ghost 12 running shoes, are also great options worthy of your consideration.

Our Winner – Women’s Gel-Kayano Running Shoes by ASICS

Available in 21 sizes and 20 colors, ASICS womens gel-kayano running shoes come with a breathable mesh upper and EVA sock liners.

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