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What Stores Sell Nobull Shoes

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Cushioned For Short Runs And Sprints

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The Ripstop performs best on runs in the five-mile rangeanything longer than that, and the firm cushioning felt harsh and unresponsive on the pavement. However, testers found they could push the shoes mileage a bit more on the treadmill, where a softer tread belt added a more forgiving bounce than the roads. A dense medial post also gives the Ripstop a supportive ride that one overpronator liked for her runs between 1.5 and 3.1 miles. And, though very stiff on toe off, it felt lighter to her than her usual plush and sturdy Saucony Guidesand transitioned better for agility-focused workouts. Overall, its not a go-to stability trainer, but its flared platform and heel counter offered balance for both overpronators and neutral feet during cross-training sessions.

Nobull Trainer First Impressions

Nobull Trainer Pair

My first impression of the NoBull Trainer was a little underwhelming

Having never owned a pair of NoBulls before, but having heard great things about them and knowing their popularity in the Crossfit community I was excited to try them. Looks-wise they were pretty plain .

The same texture, pattern and colour all over, and the shoe felt overall quite heavy and rigid.

On the foot, the feel reminded me of when youre wearing bowling shoes- very smooth on the inside, flat sole, hard rigid upper and thin tongue kept in place with flat laces.

I struggled to see how the $129 price point was justified with this simple construction.

The fit was true to size, and narrower and slightly shorter than the Reebok Nano or Nike Metcon if this is what you are used to. They were comfortable on the feet, if a little roomy around the midfoot and heel area.

Not a very exciting start, but hold tight. They were a grower

Nobull Trainer Upper Unit

Nobull Trainer Top

The NoBull trainer upper is made from a seamless one piece material, called SuperFabric, which is designed to be extremely durable, breathable and abrasion resistant.

This SuperFabric is a mesh, with tiny rubber textured guards to add to the durability.

Unlike the Nike Metcon and Reebok Nanos, the NoBull trainer doesnt have a full extended sole rope wrap extending around the sides of the upper to further protect it, but the rubber pattern protects the upper well from all it will encounter.

The tongue is made of a thin suede, with holes for ventilation. This felt very soft on the foot, causing no problems with rubbing or irritation.

The laces come up quite long which needed to be double knotted.

Two pairs of laces come as standard with the shoes, which is fortunate as the ones I have in there currently which came in the shoe have started to fray slightly from rubbing on the metal holes after a month of wearing.

Due to the simple style of the upper, the midfoot felt quite loose at times, but as I got used to this different style of training shoe it didnt bother me so much.

The heel counter is rigid for stability and padded at the top. From workouts to runs the shoe didnt rub at all. The external heel is also reinforced to eliminate wear down from handstand push ups.

The NoBull branding is printed on the side in reflective material which may or may not be a useful feature.

The same shoe also comes in a high top version, if thats your preference.

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Words From The Wear Testers

Amber K. | Tester since 2017Arch: Medium | Gait: Overpronator | Footstrike: MidfootThese are good shoes for daily wear or cross-training because I felt the cushioning was lacking. With every step I ran, it felt like I was pounding the pavement, so I did not run more than five miles at a time outdoors in these shoes. I had to really tie the laces very tight to feel secure, and there were times on runs when I had to stop because my shoe was coming untied and felt very loose.

Solid Grip Indoors And Out

Tin Haul Men

Scalloped outsole lugs provide traction for cross-training that you wont get on a regular running shoe. The cross-hatched pattern allows for better sideways movement and grips better laterally to stabilize the foot when you land unpredictablylike when youre leaping for the top a box jump, prone to wobbling during jumping lunges and split squats, or simply hopping a curb or puddle on your run. Light and tacky underfoot, the outsole held firm from the pavement to the stationary bikes pedals, without feeling at all heavy or clunky. Youll especially appreciate that grip if youre still working out from a home gym, where you might encounter slick tile, cement, or wood rather than rubbery gym flooring.

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Learn More About Cross Training Shoes


Versatile for Your Fitness: Learn More About Cross Training Shoes

Jumpstart your workout with performance-designed cross training shoes. Cross training shoes are built to meet the requirements of a variety of activities. Shop men’s cross-training shoes, women’s cross-training shoes and youth cross-training shoes.

What are cross training shoes?

  • Cross trainers are the most multi-faceted of any athletic shoe
  • They provide basic comfort, cushioning, stability and durability
  • While they’re not recommended for dedicated runners, they are a great choice for gym-goers who participate in a variety of workout activities.

Stand out in bold hues or go subtle in a variety of athletic shoe styles and colors.

Cross-training shoes offer a moderate amount of cushioning, primarily at the heel and forefoot of the shoe. Cushioning is usually fairly durable and dense, which enhances the shoe’s overall stability. If you are wearing your cross-trainers for a variety of activities, especially running or vigorous exercise, you should replace them twice a year as they wear down in various spots.Cross-training shoes feature two types of cushioning:

  • EVA: Lightweight cushioning, but not as much stability and durability. EVA can be compressed to make it somewhat more durable.
  • Polyurethane : More dense and durable cushioning material. Adds stability and weight.

Expert Advice

Learn more about the construction of your cross-training shoes:

Featured Categories

Nobull Trainer Review Summary

NOBULL seems to have a pretty solid return policy, so if you can figure out the size that fits for you, my guess is youll like these shoes. I found them very useful in the gym and generally more comfortable outside it than other training shoes. Theyve been fantastic for squatting, and besides rope climbs, I havent found a movement they werent suited for. Theres not a lot of extraneous fabric or add-ons that restrict your movement, and they make your feet feel very aware of and connected to the ground.

And while Im sure theyll wear out eventually, so far, the NOBULL trainers have been damn near indestructible for me.;

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Take Them To The Gym Or Pack Them For Your Next Trip These Things Do It All

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits.

The only downside to owning highly-specialized sneakers? It makes packing a nightmare. I stared at my shoe rack for a decent half hour last week, ahead of a trip that I rightfully suspected would include some combination of running, hiking, basketball and partying.

On the rare occasion, though, that I stumble upon a true unicorn of a shoe one thats designed to dominate a specific activity, but can still tag in for a variety of other pursuits Im a very happy man. To that end: NOBULLs athletic trainers fit the multi-purpose mold better than just about any shoe Ive ever worn.

The Boston-based brand , launched back in 2015 but has really hit its stride in recent years, after earning the allegiance of some of the biggest names in CrossFit and powerlifting. Lately, the label has expanded into golf shoes, cycling shoes, slides, and even just debuted a line of runners, but their bread and butter remains lifting shoes stable, flexible wide-boxed trainers youd wear to the gym. I spent the last couple months testing them out for myself.

Reebok and Nike have long cornered the mainstream market on lifting shoes, with their Nano and Metcon series, respectively. Meanwhile, gym rats in the know like to wear canvas sneaks or skate shoes, and few-times-a-year lifters tend to show up in running shoes . But NOBULL is a worthy alternative for all of the above.

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7

SAS Helps DSW Get the Right Product to Stores

The Reebok Nano 6 was my go-to gym shoe for a while, and I rarely had a bad lift in them, so I was eager to work out;in the Nano 7.

My first workout in the Nano 7 was on a day I focused on my back, which I ended with a battle rope and kettlebell swing superset. The shoe held up when extra stability was required, especially for a;standing row; I felt locked in at all times, with my heels screwed to the floor.

What should be noted is how versatile the Nano 7 is. I wore these after a rest day to hit legs, and aside from squats, I also put them through lunges and box jumps. The shoes upper is durable, but that doesnt hinder the flex when doing lunges, and the traction is great ;I felt like my feet were glued to the box whenever I landed on it.

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Nike Metcon Dsx Flyknit

Nike designed its Metcon DSX Flyknit with two of CrossFits toughest workouts in mind: Murph and Helen, which are brutal combinations of calisthenics and running. The brand also noted, when it unveiled the shoe, that its great for its Row Down and The Big 4 workout plans, which are available on the Nike Training app.

To wear-test these sneakers, I opted to do a mix of all four a decision that left me sore,;and rendered me physically useless for the rest of the day.

My plan consisted of three circuits, separated by squats and deadlifts; I;started with running, box jumps and pull-ups. This shoe could easily be featured in the brands running category; the cushioning is plush;and they are very light, which also helps during box jumps.

If youre just lifting and avoiding cardio, plyo or HIIT, theres no need to wear something different; this shoe still performs well during heavy lifts. I felt locked in and had the proper support for barbell squats, trap bar deadlifts, goblet squats and single-leg kettlebell deadlifts.

Latest version: Womens Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit $105 ;

Kurt Busch Moving To Possibly His Last Nascar Team With A Monster Of A Sponsor

The Matryx one-piece upper includes breathability, moisture wicking and abrasion resistance. The technical yarn includes Kevlar-backed medial and lateral support, reflection for visibility and padding for comfort and fit.;

For us, it is always going back to performance, Wilson says. There are a lot of underfoot materials out there that perform really well, and we are not trying to create anything new and put a logo on it. The upper is so meaningful in training and trail running for all the abrasion we encounter. For us, it is always coming back to function and only putting on the shoe what is necessary.;

NoBull has expanded its running line to offer a mix of materials on the upper.


The spread beyond CrossFit has come organically. With CrossFit fans training with runners, the crossover has come word-of-mouth. Trail running only extends the footprint.;

Both Will and Caeleb were NoBull customers before being sponsored athlete, Wilson says. When we signed Will, we told him we are not focusing on what you do on the field on Sunday, but the work you put in every other day of the week.;

Starting in CrossFit and weightlifting, NoBull has worked to capture the training market.


We are seeing a lot of growth as it relates to social media and consumer connection, Wilson says. We are connecting directly to consumers and finding these relationships are deep-rooted and meaningful.

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Nobull Has Taken Training Shoes To The Streets And Trails In Ever

NoBull has embraced the training category, allowing the footwear brand growing success.


Training starts in the gym, but as the Nobull progression of footwear shows, it extends beyond CrossFit into running, cycling and, now, trail running. The footwear brand birthed in CrossFit has embraced the entirety of athletic training and the 5-year-old Boston brand has seen growth because of it.;

For us, says Marcus Wilson, Nobull co-founder, it has been about expanding our definition of training. In all these sports, there are athletes who work hard and dont believe in excuses.;

Wilson and co-founder Michael Schaeffer, both Reebok veterans, launched Nobull in 2015 with a focus on the pairs passion: CrossFit. The functional fitness space became a sweet spot for Nobull, with the footwears military-grade upper offering durability across multiple training activities. But CrossFit athletes dont spend all their training time on just one activity. They like to run, cycle and more, leading to the expansion of the brands footwear and apparel outside the gym.;

The latest addition to the NoBull lineup is the Matryx Trail Runner.


Nobull Trainer Sole Unit


Nobull Trainer Sole

The outsole contains a uniform lug pattern which flexes well with the foot, which I also found increased in flexibility over time.

The design I had chosen featured a black and blue patterned midsole, with clear outsole overlay.

The outsole colors are where the shoes get most of their visible design features, with many different limited edition versions and designs out there to suit everyones preference, from gum, to palm tree, to pixelated.

This outsole is made of a carbon rubber which wraps slightly up the lateral and medial sides of the outsole to protect the softer foam of the midsole from wearing down during rope climbs.

In some colorways this wrap isnt as visible as the full sole is one colour, and in some such as the version I have its two different colors so this can be identified more clearly.

Under foot the sole feel solid and doesnt compress down when squatting or deadlifting which is the main desired feature, and the main difference youll notice if youre currently working out in running shoes or other training shoes.

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New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer

If a Vibram sole is on a shoe, I immediately think of the outdoors. So before I went to the gym, I brought the Minimus 40 to the local high school track. I ran the stairs, hit the turf football field for suicides and did some running on the surrounding grass. The grip did not disappoint on any surface.

What I also liked was its comfort when running. Right away I could tell New Balances running background influenced its construction; they are cushioned , and you could easily knock out a few miles in them. If you incorporate running into your workout, you wont be let down.

When I got to the gym, I went total-body with some lifting and plyo. The sneakers are light, which helps get good elevation on box jumps, and I felt locked in and secure during heavier lifts . I was most impressed when I did a standing row, which targets;the middle of your back. During the row, my;feet often move when I lift heavier weight, but the outsoles traction helped keep them in place.

Womens New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer, $120;;

I Kept Seeing Crossfit Friends Wearing Nobull Sneakers When I Tried Them I Knew Why

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

When I first started CrossFit, a good friend of mine was wearing Nobull trainers. I noticed them right away, not only because they were a gorgeous bright red, but because they were so simple and no-nonsense-looking, which I loved. Here’s what it says on the brand’s website that I just had to share: “Nobull is a footwear, apparel, and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. If you think gimmicks in your shoes make you a better athlete, Nobull is not for you. Our gear won’t make you fitter. The only thing that will make you fitter is you.” Hell yeah!

More and more athletes at my gym started lacing up with Nobulls, so I felt compelled to try them for myself. Here’s what I thought.

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Stylish Upper Has Its Shortcomings

One tester liked the Ripstop Runner for the times he had a run or workout on his schedule, but it wasnt his whole day. Unlike some running shoes, the sleek Ripstop transitioned inconspicuously from his workouts to casual weareven if that just meant looking stylish while checking off a to-do list or working long hours at a standing desk. The uppers perforated ripstop polyester repelled water well, dried quickly, and was both comfy and durable for a full day on his feet. However, the comfort for casual wear didnt translate as well to distance running. Testers noticed that the lacing bunched and the midfoot lockdown waned after several miles, and others also experienced chafing around the ankle collar. There was no rubbing on my toes during runs, though I did develop small blisters on the back of my Achilles from the limited padding, one tester said. These shoes were better for my strength training and riding the stationary bike.

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