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What Are Vegan Shoes Made Of

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Do Any Popular Brands Like Nike Offer Vegan Shoes

Recycled and Recyclable: LA Designer Makes Vegan Shoes

Yes! Tons of vegan shoe options are available from mainstream brands like Nike, Reebok, and adidas.

Nike started using vegan glue in 2015, so you can rely on any new models to be totally vegan . When in doubt about the materials, call Nike and ask about a specific product to make sure its vegan before you purchase.

Top 13 Vegan Adidas Shoes For 2021

You love your sneakers for comfort and style, but little do you know that most shoes flooding the market are produced from animal skin. If this is something that breaks your heart, then you would better opt for vegan synthetic non-leather shoes from Adidas. When you do not wish to wear animals, a pair of vegan sneakers surely gives you a reason to smile.

If you are unable to trust a brands commitment to end cruelty against animals, you might literally struggle to find cruelty-freesneakers, right? Luckily, there is something like animal-free fashion too. Leading brands, including Adidas, have shown their commitment to their vegan audience, coming up with synthetic non-leather shoes for men. You can trust their compassionate skin-free materials. With veganism growing in popularity, vegan-friendly shoes are a must for many companies. Adidas is one of those who realizes that vegan items are a large part of the future of fashion.

It might help to read the materials list first to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Here is a list of top vegan Adidas sneakers that might interest you.

Disclaimer: Most or all of the links to these vegan Adidas sneakers are affiliated, meaning that I get a percentage of any purchase you make on Amazon, with no extra cost to you whatsoever! This allows me to sustain this website, and to keep posting reviews and guides for vegan men and women.

What Makes A Shoe Sustainable

We know what makes footwear vegan, but what makes a shoe sustainable? Sustainable shoes are made from materials that typically include natural fibers from sources such as mushrooms, hemp, and pineapple, or upcycled and recycled materials, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint. At Nagaba Vegan, each shoe is handmade using simple, eco-conscious materials such as microfiber, recycled shoe soles, polyurethane, and car tires that mimic the characteristics of natural leather. The company also tests each fabric in independent laboratories to ensure they are free from agents that are harmful to health and the environment.

The sustainability of footwear is not only dependent on the fabrics being used in the shoes but also the ways in which they are sourced, as well as the employees work conditions. As a small family business, Nagaba Vegan takes care to ensure that all of their workers and vendors are treated as extended family and that the materials they use are sourced from companies that share the same values and responsible practices.

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Are Vegan Trainers Durable

The quick answer: yes! But you can make them last longer by taking care of the shoes. Just as you would care for animal-leather trainers, you should look after your vegan leather trainers. With proper care, vegan trainers can last anywhere from two to five years, depending on how much wear and tear they encounter, which is the same as their animal-leather counterparts.

What Makes Animal Leather So Threatful To Nature

Insecta Shoes

First, huge amounts of fossil fuels are consumed in livestock production. Plus, cow-based leather negatively impacts the environmental 3X more than its synthetic counterpart, and that includes PU leather.

Producing leather is harmful for the animals, nature, as well as the workers involved in the manufacturing process. The main beneficiaries are those who profit from the suffering and misery of others. But the good news is, today, there are wide-ranging sustainable vegan leather choices to pick from that offer similar properties like leather with no harm to the environment or animals.

On top of that, breeding animals to get leather and food calls for massive amounts of feed, water, fossil fuels, and pastureland. Factory farm animals excrete 130X compared to the whole human race and reap no benefits of waste treatment plants. The Environmental Protection Agency in the US has also recognized that livestock pollution is the biggest danger posed to our waterways.

Even though certain leather manufacturers and brands promote their products as environmentally-friendly, thats not the reality. The truth is making leather out of skin also calls for huge amounts of dangerous chemicals and energy, which includes mineral salts, coal-tar derivatives, formaldehyde, and several dyes, oils, and finishes, a few of them essentially cyanide-based. The majority of US-produced leather is chrome-tanned, and wastes the chromium and is seen as dangerous by the EPA.

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Be Careful With These Materials

Some materials may or may not be vegan. PETA has listed all maybe-materials you should be careful about before buying.;

  • Chenille: usually made from cotton but can also use wool or silk
  • Chiffon: can be made from polyester, rayon, or silk
  • Felt: can be made from polyester, rayon, or wool
  • Flannel: can be made from cotton, polyester, or wool
  • Fleece: can be synthetic or u made from natural wool
  • Khaki: can be wool, cotton, or a combination of those two
  • Jersey: can be made from cotton or wool
  • Satin: can be made from rayon or silk
  • Taffeta: can be synthetic or made from silk
  • Velvet: can be synthetic or from mohair or wool

Vegan Shoes: Here Is How They Are Made

In ancestral cultures, man lived in harmony with the environment around him, as if they were two sides of the same coin. Since industrialization, however, humans have begun to exploit raw materials more and more, releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and into the ground during production, to achieve their industrial goals.

Production soon skyrocketed with the consumption of large quantities of non-perishable materials such as plastic. Production waste was hidden underground or thrown into rivers and seas. The intensive production cycle has made our wonderful planet sick.

There are only a few years left to reduce the carbon footprint with which each individual impacts on environmental health and this is only possible by changing our habits and making them eco-sustainable.

The environmental issue was one of the key themes of 2020 and is reconfirmed as a priority even today, felt above all by young people who wonder what their future will be like if nature were to perish under the domination of man.

According to Albert Einstein “You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created it. We need to learn to look at the world with new eyes.

Here then is that the new generations do not want to stop shopping, buying fashionable and made in Italy products, but they want to do it responsibly.

Why are vegan shoes the right choice for those who want to be fashionable but make conscious purchases at the same time? Read on and you’ll find out.

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What Vegan Materials Are There

These days, there are endless opportunities for vegan materials. From cotton and seaweed to fruit waste and coffee-plastic blends virtually everything these days can be broken down to fibers and woven into an innovative fabric.

Here is a list of all vegan materials divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. We also added a few materials that you need to be careful about: sometimes they are vegan, sometimes not.

What Makes A Shoe Vegan

Adidas to Launch Vegan Sneaker Made from Mushrooms

Nagaba Vegan is an eco-conscious company that specializes in making fashion-forward shoes with 100% vegan materials. Learn what makes a shoe vegan.

Step out in style with Nagaba Vegan Footwear. Nagaba Vegan specializes in crafting handmade shoes that are lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, weather-resistant, andmost importantlyfully vegan, with market-recognized Vegan Action certification. Read on to learn what makes a shoe vegan.

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What Are Vegan Shoes

You wouldnt put them on a sandwich, but vegan shoes can be made from plants such as mushrooms, bananas, or apples or from synthetic materials like polyurethane , microfiber, or rubber. What makes shoes vegan is that they dont contain any animal-derived materialssuch as leather, suede, or wool. Vegan shoes arent made of animal skin , hair, fur, wool, or any other animal parts. Cows, who are commonly used for leather, are intelligent beings who understand cause-and-effect relationships. For example, they can learn how to push a lever to operate a drinking fountain for when theyre thirsty. Similarly, we as humans can understand that if we buy leather, were supporting the slaughter of cows.

Its nearly impossible to tell the difference between animal-derived leather, suede, and wool and the animal-free versions of these materials just by looking at them. Vegan shoes are stylish and comfortable and can last a really long timeand they dont sentence animals to a miserable existence and violent death.

What Do I Do With My Old Non

This can be a hard bridge to cross for new vegans. Yes, they understand that producing animal-based products causes a lot of suffering. So its hard for them to wear them on. But youve already bought the shoes, worn them and since theyre now used, you cant also return them.

However, you cant and shouldnt just throw them out. Itll be a waste of the animals life, above all. Rather, you can:

  • Keep wearing those old shoes till theyre completely exhausted. After that, purchase only completely vegan shoes
  • Sell or donate them to a homeless shelter or a secondhand shop, and you might stop someone else from purchasing new leather footwear
  • Gift them to a friend who you know will make the right use of it

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Taking Sustainable Shoemaking Seriously

Taking the ethical shoe game seriously means asking the hard questions. Digging into the production process, considering the source of every material you use, questioning manufacturers and recycling resources whenever possible thats what BENDY is all about, but this eco-friendly shoe brand is not the only one making shoes that are kinder to the planet.

Allbirds, Reformation, Rothys and more make their sustainable motive known. Like my team at BENDY, these brands are playing the long game, considering their environmental footprint in every step of their product cycle.

Im confident that this shift in perspective will make a big difference for fashion-forward eco-warriors the world over.

Final Thoughts On Best Vegan Shoes

Vegan shoes... made from pineapple ?? : vegan

What you put on your feet matters. Did you know that improper footwear can leave you injured and in pain?

So, we understand why it took so long for good vegan alternatives to leather to arise but now theyre here we cant imagine a good excuse for not converting to them.

Change from leather and live your life in better harmony with nature and the universe at large without compromising on comfort with these superb brands.

From Los Angelas to Tokyo, Berlin to Vancouver vegan shoes are all the rage!

PRO TIP: If youre on a budget you can find many great deals on vegan footwear at one of the many thrift stores online.

*Affiliate Disclosure: We may be compensated if you purchase through affiliate links on this site. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Renewable Materials And Economic Sustainability

As we mentioned, vegan shoes can be made out of renewable materials, including plants like cork, jute, cotton, and bamboo. This means that the natural resources can quickly replenish themselves without any intervention from humans. In other words, using these vegan materials doesnt negatively impact the environment or affect the future availability of resources.

Another component of sustainability is the economy. Thats why some vegan shoe brands use fair trade fabrics loomed by artisans, which helps ensure producers in developing countries are paid fairly for materials and labor.

Kave Footwear Czech Made Vegan Shoes

I adore KAVE Footwear. Not only are their sneakers vegan, theyre also made in the Czech Republic, where I live.

Additionally, every single pair of KAVEs vegan sneakers are unique, so no one else on the planet will have a pair like the ones you buy. How awesome is that?

To read more about these amazing shoes, check them out in my Vegan Sneaker article.

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Behind Stellas Vegan Leather

Stella McCartney is a popular brand, and they just so happen to be vegetarian. I think theyre making a pretty noble stamp on the industry, especially when so many labels take shortcuts wherever possible. Regardless, Stella still makes their vegan shoes out of a mixture of polyester and vinyl.

Specifically, they use a recycled polyester backing and a coating made of 50% vegetable oil. Most other faux leathers in the market are way worse, but the bulk of Stellas materials remain chock full of eco concerns. At the end of the day, a pair of lace-up sneakers from the high-end brand come at a steep ecological price not to mention the dent itll put in your wallet.

Shoe Glue And Why Its Not Always Vegan

100% Vegan Safety Shoes made of Microfiber | Buy Vegan shoe made in India | Prevent Animal Cruelty

Traditionally, shoe glue has been made from the collagen of animals, making it a product that isnt vegan friendly.

While synthetic glues are generally more popular now as they are both cheaper to make and can be stronger, some shoes still use animal-based ones, and its impossible to tell which unless it is specifically labelled. This makes shopping for vegan shoes a bit of a pain.

Yet there are loads of vegan shoes brands out there, and some of the big brands also have vegan collections in order to cater to this market.

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Are Vegan Shoes Eco

While petroleum-based faux leathers have their own environmental impacts, when compared to the manufacturing of animal leather, we believe its the lesser of two evils. Animal hides need to be treated with dangerous chemicals to prevent it naturally decomposing, such as chromium, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. As the majority of leather is tanned in countries with little or no environmental regulations or health and safety regulations, pollution from the tanneries is a major problem, ranked within the top ten worst toxic pollution issues in the world by the Blacksmith Institute. On balance, we feel our faux leathers, sourced from Italy and produced in line with EU environmental law, is the better choice.

A post shared by Beyond Skin on Aug 11, 2020 at 2:22am PDT

Matt & Nat Vegan Accessory & Shoe Company

  • Personally Tested No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company Yes, 100% vegan company!

Respected Canadian vegan company Matt & Nat is famous for its animal-free bags and wallets. Did you know that they also make vegan sneakers? With both athletic and casual styles, Matt + Nats sneakers use rubber, recycled canvas, and synthetic materials to craft its vegan sneaker styles.

You can find Matt & Nat in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia. Their vegan sneakers look incredibly comfortable yet super stylish.

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Freewaters Vegan Shoes & Clean Water Cause

  • Personally Tested No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company No, but they have a vegan range.

Freewaters;do not only make fantastic vegan sneakers, but theyre also a company that gives back. With each pair of shoes purchased, the company partners with grassroots organizations to provide clean drinking water to communities in the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya.

You can browse the materials in each shoe to check if its in their vegan range all vegan styles are clearly labelled. The vegan sneakers use knit fabrics and foam rubber, which are shipped in recycled packaging. In addition, you can shop for vegan sneakers according to your destination and climate, which is incredibly useful.

Getting To Know Our Shoes

Kids Vegan Shoes Ankle Boots Made by Cork With Gold Flakes

Shoe manufacturers and retailers are required to label the composition of the entire footwear, specifically identifying the materials used for the Upper, Lining & Sock, and Outer Sole.

If youre lucky, you can find out if the shoes were made from animal skin by reading the shoe tag.

To avoid shoes made from animal skin, youll want to ward off from materials labelled as leather, coated leather, suede, fur.

Vegan-friendly materials are made from anything other than animal skin so that includes anything and everything from PVC, polyurethane, rubber, fabric, and man-made materials.

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Vegan Shoes Guide + 39 Vegan Shoe Brands Crushing It

Vegan shoes are having a moment. And vegan shoe brands are killing it with beautifully made, cruelty-free products.

Not too long ago the the closest thing you could get to vegan shoes were cheap canvas or synthetic leather shoes from one of the big-box stores. Obviously, these shoes were not made to last. Plus, they pretty much looked as cheap as the store they came from.

Boy, have things changed! Vegan leather is now a thing! More and more big brands are realizing that if they want to please the growing number of ethical vegans out there, they too are going to have to produce vegan shoes.

By the way, if you want to learn more about what it means to be vegan and live a vegan lifestyle take a peek at my article on veganism.

Here are some other relevant articles you might like:

Keep Vegan Unisex Sneakers

  • Personally Tested No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company Yes, totally vegan!

Keep offers cruelty-free, vegan, unisex sneakers. The materials used include rubber, cotton, and synthetic leather. Some styles even use natural vegan indigo dye to create distinctive patterns. The company often teams up with special artists, musicians, or non-profit organizations to tell a story with each shoe collection.

A great thing about Keep is that they offer a uniform program for companies that employ workers in the hospitality industry. Their kitchen shoes are non-slip, water-resistant, and offer arch support. These vegan sneakers help improve safety conditions for workers a win for everyone.

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