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What Are Best Shoes For Diabetics

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The Buyers Guide For Diabetic Shoes

8 Best Men’s Diabetic Shoes 2017

Diabetics are always in search of comfortable and easy to wear shoes that can reduce the effect of peripheral neuropathy. Buying something medicated is not an easy task, one has to struggle a lot to get the right shoes that could be beneficial for a long life without pain and stress. That’s why I have chosen the 7 best shoes for diabetics to serve you with an accurate and perfect product. The shoes are featured with high-quality material with a durable sole for excellent walking and running experience.

When buying the best shoes for diabetics you have to consider some points that can help you in buying the right product for yourself. Let’s have a look at them. For a more detailed buyer’s guide please take a look at The Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Diabetic Shoes.

Coral Stretchable Womens Diabetic Sneaker

Orthofeets Coral womens lace up sneakers incorporate cutting edge footwear technologies to help absorb shock and alleviate pain, pressure and friction making them a top choice for the best walking shoes for diabetics.

These unique shoes are designed with 4 way stretch fabrics that can contour to the foot shape, offering the best fit for swollen feet, bunions and hammertoes.

Corals multi-layer construction incorporates a premium orthotic insole designed to reduce over pronation, plantar fasciitis and other common foot pain. The footbed has air and foam cushioning pockets to disperse shock forces during impact so feet feel comfortable and supported.

The footbed cover is made from an anti-microbial fabric to wick away moisture, keeping feet clean, cool and dry, which is especially important for people with diabetes.

The wide toe box & soft, padded uppers create a supportive, yet pressure free environment that allows for maximum toe movement, making Coral ideal for those who may have bunions, hammertoes, arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes or swollen feet.

Corals protective interior offers a soft, seam free lining that eliminates pressure points and friction against the skin. The soft, padded collar at the heel helps to prevent feet from slipping in your shoes, while offering cushioned support at the back of the heel.

*If you are looking for these walking shoes in a version designed for men, shop for Lava Mens Stretch Knit Walking Shoes

Best Mens Work Shoes For Diabetics

1. Avery Island Comfort Orthopedic Shoes for Men

This is one of the most versatile diabetic work shoes in the market. It comes in two colors; black and brown and in addition to that, it has over 50 different sizes to choose from. The shoe is very light, and you will be able to maneuver with it quickly.

It is made of pure leather and a rubber sole to ensure your heels are adequately cushioned. The shoe is spacious and has enough toe room to allow the toes to spread and relax for maximum comfort.

If you are suffering from foot pain, knee pain, back pain, heel pain, and arch pain, this is the best shoe for you. It has contoured insoles, and on top of that, features a gel padded heel seat that helps alleviate pain, and it offers maximum support against any pressure points.

The non-binding and extra depth design helps alleviate any pressure on the bunions while the interior lining padded with foam provides support for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

In addition to its incredible features, this shoe is slip-resistant making it the best for the elderly. Not only does the rubber sole offer a very firm grip, it also protects you from falling on wet surfaces. If you are a diabetic working for long shifts, this shoe is ideal for you as it offers maximum comfort even when worn for long durations.

2. Dr. Comfort William- X mens Diabetic Shoe

3. Aertex- Mens Hook & Loop Oxford

4. SAS Bout time Lace Up Shoes

5. SAS Time Out

8. SAS Navigator Non-slip

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Dr Comfort Marla Womens Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

Heres another option for diabetic women who want to stay fit and active. The Dr. Comfort Marla Womens Extra Depth Sneakers offer comfort and functionality at one go. Designed as a therapeutic shoe, these sneakers are made of a Lycra shoe cover which is highly stretchable, eliminating the risk of rubbing your skin against it and causing sores. It also has padded linings for added protection. The soft materials will keep your skin safe from chafing and blisters, so you can engage in intense workouts without worrying about your feet.

Dr. Comfort Approved

It also comes with Dr. Comforts sophisticated design, so you can proudly wear it at the gym or on the streets. It looks just like your regular athletic sneakers, so nobody will ever know what these shoes are for. Its also perfect for hard to fit women who often take forever when looking for a shoe that will fit them. You can stop feeling like Cinderellas sisters now with these shoes since they provide extra room for wide feet and enlarged ankles. This makes it great for those suffering from swollen feet, bunions, or hammertoes.

Easy Velcro Straps

These shoes are also easy to put on thanks to its tie-less, one strap Velcro closure. So you just have to slip it on and forget about it. No need for bending so this will work well if you experience back pain when you bend down. Its also machine washable, so you can maintain these shoes easily.

Comfort Fit Footwear for Your Pain

Boot Bomb Rating:

Do I Need Diabetic Work Boots When I Have Diabetes

Dr. Comfort Stallion

Some people think because they have diabetes, they need diabetic shoes. But that is not the case. It is based on the condition of your blood circulation, and it depends upon the current state of your feet and overall health. Do you have neuropathy? If you don’t have it, that’s good. But if you have any of the well-known complications or you have the feeling your feet hurt, it’s a sign you need to buy the right shoes as soon as possible, to avoid any further damage to your feet.;

Below are some of the key elements a diabetic work boot should have;

  • A steel toe .
  • Durable leather uppers for extra protection.
  • A roomy toe box so your feet won’t be cramped together.
  • To protect your soles you will need a shock-absorbent and pierce-resistant midsole.
  • Diabetics have a common issue of muscle fatigue. Especially when you’re a person who has a very tough schedule. One cannot run from this routine, but a comfortable shoe can give you some relief.
  • Breathable work boots for diabetics are also very important.
  • The softer the sole from the inside, the more pleasurable your walk will be. So, always try to buy boots with a soft inner and a tough outsole.
  • Diabetic Steel toe shoes are not less than a blessing for people working in industries or at construction sites.
  • Water-resistant diabetic shoes or a water-resistant shoe skin membrane are a must for outdoor adventures.
  • A diabetic shoe insole that embraces the feet and protects them from any possible complications.

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How Does Diabetes Impact Foot Health

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that affects 60-70% of people with diabetes. It causes damage to the nerves in your legs and feet, which can cause you to lose sensation in the affected areas. Consequently, you may not be able to feel cuts or sores on your feet, or feel extreme temperatures, which can lead to serious infections or foot health issues.

Approximately 1 in 3 people with diabetes over the age of 50 have a condition known as peripheral vascular disease. This condition causes decreased blood flow, which can significantly slow healing time for sores or cuts. As a result, those with diabetes and PAD are more at risk of developing serious ulcers or gangrene that may require amputation.

Since we have just established that the diabetic foot is extra sensitive and requires special care, the decisions about what shoes to buy should not be taken lightly. There are multiple important features that make a diabetic shoe a good one so we have eliminated all the guess work for you and outlined them below.

Great Pleasure Walking Ease And Comfort Diabetic Foot Pain

The SKECHERS GO walk Joy Centerpiece shoes explore the pleasure of walking in absolute ease and comfort.;; With the most comfortable walking experience yet, they support revolutionary 5 GEN midsole style and comfortable mesh fabric upper with Air Cooled Goga Mat insole.

In diabetes, Foot care is of vital importance in case of foot pain due to the slow recovery and eroded blood flow. Therefore care is important for the successful health and treatment of the foot as these are the best shoes for diabetic foot pain. Special Memory foam was designed to mimic the natural force of walking into the sand to help and recover.

This shoe possesses innovative and highly responsive 5GEN® midsole cushioning with Parametric cushioned 5Gen® midsole for additional comfort. For a comfortable fit, it has air mesh fabric. It is a soft and lightweight design with Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat® insole for cool cushioning and support. It has a rubber outsole and foam footbed with padded collar. It is a slip-on design with great comfort for diabetics.

;To sum up, when it came to ease and elegance, the Skechers GOwalk Joy outpaced consumer demands. For extended wear durations, it has been excellent walking footwear. It is regarded as the best athletic shoes for diabetics.

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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Feet On The Job

There are three major ways diabetes affects your feet, which can impact your productivity:

  • Untreated Injuries

You may unknowingly injure your feet and lesions on your feet can become infected. The extra glucose in your blood may also feed an infection which will only make it worse. Nerve damage can in many cases cause pain, foot deformities and alterations in the muscle and bone structure of the feet which in the end alters their shape

  • Nerve Damage

Diabetes can oftentimes be the cause of nerve damage which can mean that the nerves in the body slow down and send signals at the wrong time or even stop sending signals altogether. This nerve damage may cause a patient to lose sensation in their feet, making it so that they will not feel the heat, cold or pain but numbness.

  • Poor Blood Flow

Poor blood flow means basically that there is not enough blood circulating to the legs, feet and other extremities. This then makes it much more difficult for an infection to heal, which usually results in gangrene. Because diabetes causes excess glucose in the bloodstream, the patient may develop poor blood circulation.

Best Womens Walking Shoes For Diabetics

8 Best Men’s Diabetic Shoes 2018

1. Orthofeet Verve Diabetic Athletic Shoe for Women

Orthofeet Verve is unquestionably one of the best walking shoes for women with diabetes. If youre looking for a comfortable pair of diabetic shoe that will guarantee you maximum support as you go about your daily strolls or exercises, then look no further than this athletic offer from Orthofeet.

What I find so exciting about this shoe is the fact that it gives you a perfect fit. It is made from durable synthetic and is available in two different colors- turquoise and fuchsia to compliment most casual outfits.

It boasts an excellently cushioned footbed, which makes your feet very comfortable. It also absorbs sweat efficiently, making your feet dry and cool inside the shoe. The contoured anatomical arch support contours to the shape of your feet relieving pain all the way from the heel to the knee and lower back.

With regards to convenience, the shoe is extremely breathable. It has a gel-padded heal seat, to prevent your feet from becoming too hot as you walk. The massive toe room at the front is designed such that your toes will find enough room to spread naturally with no restrictions.

2. Aetrex Womens Wide Athletic Walker

Its Mozaic insole works to absorb any shock and impact whenever you land your foot on the ground. Its slip-resistant rubber outsole offers excellent traction and stability. You can walk with confidence knowing that you wont fall even when traversing slippery surfaces.

3. Apex Womens Athletic Shoe

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Best Diabetic Sneakers For Diabetes & Neuropathy In 2021

Good diabetic sneakers are rare gems! Have a quick look at the classic diabetic footwear companies websites and youll understand. Old fashion, ugly, leather and velcro house shoes. Athletic performant shoes for diabetics? Almost nothing.

Fortunately, things are changing and orthopedic shoe brands have understood that physical exercise are part of every diabetics life. Still, choices are limited and scams do exist. So, to help you make a smart purchase decision, heres a selection of 7 quality, comfortable and protective sneakers for diabetes and neuropathy on the market in 2021.

  • Best Sneakers for Diabetes and for Neuropathy: 2021 Product Review
  • Reasonable price and great customers reviews

Orthoshoes Sneakers for Neuropathy: Cons

  • Not made for walking long distances.
  • Not as supportive as other diabetic sneakers.

Should Diabetics Wear Steel

It may be needed for security and health motives in some industries. Most warehouses, manufacturing, and construction sites require steel-toe work boots to prevent injuries.

But, steel toes can cause injuries on your feet. The design of the steel toe is an important factor when choosing your work boots. It’s important to always have enough space around the toe area and that it’s wide enough.

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Foamtreads Mens Physician Slipper

Foamtreads men slippers are another great diabetic house shoes that will keep your feet warm during cold weathers. These slippers are closed and come with hook-and-loop straps at the instep and heel which allow you to customize the size. Because the size is customizable, you can fit these on even if you have wide or narrow feet. The interior padding provides shock absorption and cushioning, which is why many customers feel superior comfort while wearing these slippers. The 100% rubber outsole is also non-marking, making them perfect if you have wooden floors.

Wide Toe Box and Added Comfort

These slippers also come with extra wide toe box, so you can have enough room to move your toes around. They tend to run on the large size, so we advise that you purchase one-half to one size smaller. The materials used in these slippers are also bacteria-fighting so that you can have added protection from sores and irritations due to bacteria accumulation. They also have great traction, so even seniors will be safe in using them. Theyre also very easy to slip on, making them a great pair of house slippers for wheelchair-bound men. They are not too warm as well, so you wont have to worry about excessive sweating. However, if you live in warm areas and find these slippers too hot, just take them off every once in a while to let your feet breathe.

Soft Upper for Added Comfort

Perfect for: Diabetic men looking for comfortable, closed house slippers and are great for wide and narrow feet.

Sorrento Mens Outdoor Walking Shoes

The 6 Best Walking Shoes for Diabetics in 2020

Sorrento Outdoor Mens Shoes are lightweight shoes that offer comfort and protection for those who enjoy time walking or hiking outdoors. The durable upper along with the forefoot toe guard, and metal lace eyelets make this shoe prefect for your rugged adventures.

The soft, protective interior is constructed with seam-free linings to eliminate pressure points and friction against the skin, which is especially important for those with diabetes.

Foam padding at the heel and along the forefoot of the shoes offers additional cushioning and support, while creating a relaxed, comfortable fit.

The stretchable uppers, along with the deep, wide toe box provide extra room for toe movement while alleviating pressure on bunions & hammertoes.

Sorrento Outdoor Mens Shoes include a removable anatomical orthotic insole and an ergonomic sole to facilitate proper alignment and gait.

Shop Sorrento Mens Outdoor Walking Shoes

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Deal With Your Foot Problems First

Four main circumstances could be a hurdle when buying diabetic slippers. Pay attention to these and make sure if they bring you any discomfort to consult a doctor.

  • Injury
  • Extreme swelling
  • Inflammation

The above injuries are the common causes usually seen in severe cases of diabetes. The inadequate blood supply may be the reason of inflammation, and neuropathy may result in injury or infection. Thus, you should consult your doctor and try to cure the symptoms before buying slippers. The reason for this is because an injury or extreme swelling could be a problem when fitting your slippers.

When you are ready to buy don’t forget to check out The 10 Best Diabetic Slippers For Men & Women product review.

Are There Any Diabetic Hunting Boots

There are no diabetic hunting boots on the market in 2021. Orthopedic footwear companies have not designed any yet. If youre a hunter and have diabetes, there are some hunting boots that are more suitable for you than others.;

A podiatrist I regularly refer to actually is a hunter and has done some research. According to him, 8 Fans Lightweight Hunting Boots;with memory foam insoles would be the best hunting boots for diabetics.;

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Keep In Touch With Your Healthcare Team

For all diabetics it is essential to see a podiatrist once a year for a check-up, which gives you the chance to discuss those changes you noticed throughout your daily feet examination. However, if you notice any major changes do not wait until your appointment – seek medical help immediately.

Have a chat with your healthcare professional about finding out your risk of developing foot problems. If you are at high or moderate risk, please make sure you understand what needs to be done to prevent problems in the future.

If you have new questions that crop up about how best to care for diabetic feet, or about shoes for diabetic feet, speak to your footcare specialist.

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