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What Brand Of Shoes Are Best For Bunions

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Orthofeet Wichita Womens Slip

Calla Shoes: Beautiful shoes for bunions

Stretchable shoes are a perfect solution for women with wide feet who have trouble finding footwear that doesnt cause them pain. These shoes come with a Bio-Fit orthotic insole with excellent arch support and shock absorption. They help ease pressure on the bunions and hammertoes, so they are highly appreciated by women who suffer from such problems. Their strap closure makes these shoes very easy to put on and remove. Their extra-depth design offers enough room for the toes to move freely. The front portion of the shoe is stretchable, thus allowing it to conform to the foots shape. This is an excellent feature, as it helps relieve the pressure on the joints, bunions, or hammertoes.

Things To Consider Stretchable Shoes For Bunions

There is a large variety of shoes for bunions, but you need to consider several things when selecting a shoe that will provide relief for your bunion pain. First of all, you need to choose a shoe appropriate for your foot and one that fits properly. You need to make sure that your shoe fits snugly around the bunion area and that it does not allow any movement or slippage.

Also, it would help if you chose a shoe with a flexible sole so that our feet can stretch it easily to accommodate the shape of your foot. In addition, you need to select a shoe with good arch support, which will prevent the shoe from sagging and allow the foot to move freely. If you have a high arch, you should avoid shoes with a low or flat sole, as this type of shoe will not provide adequate support.

You need to know three things before you buy a pair of stretchable shoes.

  • First, the heel must be as low as possible.
  • Second, the material should not rub against your skin.
  • Third, you should wear them for at least one hour a day.

A perfect stretchable shoe will help to correct bunions. In addition, they are available at a very affordable price.

Height Of The Shoe And Impact On Bunions

The shaft is the height of the shoe. In other words, it shows how high up your ankle the collar of the shoe reaches. It has a lot to do with support of your ankle but also, specifically for bunions and flat feet, the amount of pressure put on the top of your foot as well as the tightness with which the shoe locks to your foot. High tops, like Converse shoes for example, tend to put more pressure on the top of your foot as well as fit the forefoot with more tightness and inflexibility which will generally lead to swelling.

They do hold secure around the ankle so they wont rub or generally leave blisters though. The biggest benefit to a shoe with a higher top is support to prevent sprains and rolling ankles. You also have low top shoes which most of the shoes in this review are. They put less pressure on flat feet and fit less tightly around the ankle. These shoes, being athletic shoes for the most part, still fit securely without the high top but you wont find the same ankle support.

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Why Is It Important To Invest In The Best Shoes For Bunions

Wearing the correct footwear is essential the ideal shoe should have enough width to avoid adding to the pressure and depth in order for your toes to have enough space and not be on top of each other. Sole Bliss have the best shoes for bunions due to the award-winning technology that cushions, comforts and supports your feet as well as accommodating different bunion severity.

Carmen is one of our all-time best sellers featuring an elegant V shaped top line and luxuriously soft pale-pink lining. Boasting a comfortable 2.5 slim heel, this shoe for bunions is the perfect choice for desk to out-to-dinner days. It is now available in 5 versatile, easy-to-wear colours to match all your favourite outfits. This bestselling heel for bunions is also available on a kitten heel and a higher 3.5 slim heel.

Ayda fits just like Carmen but is the sling-back version. It is crafted form luxuriously soft suede making it ideal for all-day and all-night wear. Featuring 3 layers of underfoot cushioning and a deep and wide toe-box for bunions, this is your cross-seasonal wardrobe hero.

Verity is our favourite party heel for bunions! This comfortable shoe for bunions features a generous square toe-shape, a wide toe-box and our stretch panel for bunions. We gave this sling-back a chic twist with its metallic ridge-detail covered heel creating the perfect party block heel for bunions. It is available in black suede, nude leather and pale grey leather.

Take Aways

No : Birkenstock London Clog

Best Shoes for Bunions Based on Styles and Needs

Birkenstock shoes for bunions are our no. 3 most bestselling shoes in the ranking.

They are really one of the most comfortable and wide width shoes available in the market.

It has so many amazing features such as matte leather upper, adjustable buckle, a suede-lined footbed, a textured rubber outsole, an absorbent cork midsole, and many more others.

All of these features combined give us amazing comfort, support, flexibility and traction while walking and exercising.

Birkenstock London Leather Clog is highly breathable and durable in nature.

This shoe is ideal for people with swollen feet and bunions.

It comes with roomy toe box, proper arch support and very flexible footbed which provide flexibility, strength and protection for the feet.

The sole is made up of lightweight and shock resistant material which is again a bonus feature of Birkenstock shoes.

The most special thing about this shoe is it provides unique features such as molded arch support, molded heel cup and molded toe-bar.

These features give great support for your heels, arch and toes.

One thing to mention here is if you have small sized feet then this shoe might not be a good choice.

It is better to choose other smaller sized shoes from our top 10 list of best bunion shoes.

Verdict: Our Rating: 8.5/10

Greatly Recommended For Everybody Who are Looking for The Most Comfortable, Highly Versatile, Flexible and Supportive Shoes for Bunions

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No : Dansko Womens Professional Tooled Clog

Dansko shoes for bunions are our no. 2 most recommended footwear choice for bunion affected individuals.

These shoes are equipped with several amazing bunion healing features such as anti-fatigue polyurethane rocker-bottom sole, a wide roomy toe box, and great comfortable leather upper, etc.

With the help of Dansko shoes, you can move your toes comfortably and can stand or walk for long hours without any fatigue or stress on your feet.

Dansko Womens Professional Tooled Clog is specially designed to protect and support your legs, feet and back during a long walk and jogging.

It has marvelous foot and arch support along with superior shock absorption ability.

The shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes in our top 10 list and provides great safety, support and flexibility to the swollen feet that are suffering from bunions.

Verdict: Our Rating: 9/10

Very Greatly Recommended For Anyone Searching for The Most Wide-Width, Comfortable, Shock Absorbing, and Foot Supporting Bunions Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 18

Brooks is a favorite wide-cut shoe for people with bunions but they are more than just that. This is a performance running shoe that comes with top-notch cushioning and a smooth look. It is made of synthetic material and mesh with a rubber sole. Adrenaline GTS features over-pronation and stability support and high-energizing padding. It is made to be used on the road. And the differential is 12mm.

Its made from ventilated, flexible mesh and durable, sturdy materials for the upper. It has an asymmetrical saddle in the mid that makes it more secure with an adjustable, personal fit. It laces shut with a plush tongue and well-padded collar. The fabric lining feels comfortable on your foot. The molded foam insole gives light padding underfoot and its removable to allow your favorite aftermarket insole for perfect comfort. Brooks trademark Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is a tridensity midsole that provides progressive pronation control and seamless transitions through the cycles of your gait.

The full-length, segmented Crash Pad smooths your gait further that is combined with Deeper V which provides better release. HPR Plus reinforces high-wear sections of the outsole for enhanced durability. And the Flextra rubber outsole itself gives custom levels of support depending on gender and weight which make this shoe very versatile and a custom fit to you.

  • Like a combination of an ortho and an athletic shoe
  • More padding than preceding versions of Brooks Adrenaline


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Best For Bunions And Hammertoe: Allbirds Wool Runners

ââWith a contoured upper design made of Merino wool, these stylish and comfortable shoes can accommodate even the worst of hammertoes, according to Dr. Javed.

Thanks to their wool material, they naturally regulate temperature, preventing your feet from becoming too hot or cold. They’re also ethically sourced, featuring laces that are created from recycled plastic bottles and insoles created from castor bean oil.

They’re also super lightweight, so you won’t feel tied down like you might with a heavier shoe.

âBuy it:â ââ âââPrice:ââ â$110

Ecco Abelone Stretch Shoe

Wide Fit Trainers | Trainers for bunions – Calla shoes

Ecco is a renowned brand of shoes first established in Denmark in 1963. With its dedication to providing top-quality footwear to consumers, the company expanded and gained an excellent reputation from product users. It continues to live up to its promise of designing and manufacturing comfortable walking shoes that are not like any other.

In particular, the Abelone Stretch is an excellent pair of footwear for people with bunions and other similar issues. The textile material used for the upper is breathable and comfortable, while the leather lining gently eliminates moisture to keep your feet dry and cool. The footbed is also covered with leather, and it is cushioned to enhance your comfort with every move.

With PU outsole, advanced technology for the footbed, and ample traction, these shoes are indeed your best bet when you need footwear that is comfortable, versatile, and stylish at the same time.

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Tommaso Pista Aria Knit Womens Indoor Cycling Class Ready Shoe And Bundle With Compatible Cleat Look Delta Spd Black Pink Grey Blue

The second shoe suitable for bunion for women is the Tommaso Pista knitted shoe. The shoe is designed in the form of a running sneakers with knitted prints on major sides of the shoe.

The shoe is made from faux leather and manmade materials. It has a good support system created by the fiberglass sole and breathable leather. This Tommaso shoe has all the mechanisms needed to give balance and comfort to a bunion feet.

How To Treat Bunions

Treatments for bunions will vary depending upon the actual stage that your bunion is in at the time. While there are many suggestions on the internet about how to treat bunions, trial and error is really the only way to find what may or may not, work best for you. What brings relief to some, may not work as well for others.

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Bunions

The widest point of your foot should correspond with the widest part of the shoe, says Karen Langone, D.P.M., a podiatrist based in Southampton, New York. Your bunions will also find solace in pairs featuring a wide toe box, and constructed using materials with a bit of give, like soft leather or fabric, Dr. Friedman explains.

Paul Langer, D.P.M., a sports medicine podiatrist who trains athletes at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a SuperFeet wellness panel member, says that shoes with lots of height aren’t the best choice. High heels increase pressure on the bunion as well so lower heels will help minimize pain, he notes.

You also want to avoid shoes that are too narrow and small. Wearing shoes that are misfit is a leading factor in the development of bunions, says Matt Gooch, M.S., C.Ped, director of product and innovation with Superfeet Worldwide, Inc. Once you have a bunion, they often make your forefoot wider than it was originally, so being even more aware of how tight shoes fit around the ball of your foot is essential.

It may seem like your options within those parameters are limited or orthopedic-looking, but there are actually plenty of bunion-friendly shoes that are anything but. That said, Dr. Langer says the best way to find shoes for bunions is to try them on and see how you feel in them. Comfort is so personal and subjective. It is best to be able to try on as many shoes as needed to find best option for you.

Common Questions About Bunions

7 Comfy shoe brands we like for feet with painful bunions Viva Fifty!

Below are some of the most common questions the general public wants to know when they begin to research this condition on the internet. Usually, their quest for information is because they have already begun to suffer with bunions to some degree, and they are not quite sure how to treat them, or how to stop them from getting worse.

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Best Overall: Naot Footwear Galaxy Shoe

This shoe brand is highly recommended by podiatrists, other doctors and chiropractors alike to remedy all sorts of bodily ailments, from knee and hip pain to back and foot problems.

People with Morton’s neuroma can especially benefit from the shoe’s unique anatomical footbed. Made out of natural cork and latex and covered in a soft and soothing layer of suede, this footbed is specifically designed to alleviate some of the pressure points that worsen Morton’s neuroma.

The shoe also has an elevated center that reduces pressure on the ball of the foot, notes Dr. Oldani, which provides great shock absorption. Plus, he says, it’s a lightweight, comfortable sneaker that can be worn all day.

Buy it: Price: From $106.77

Topo Athletic Mt2 Running Shoe

Topos MT2 Running Shoe provides comfortable performance. It is versatile for different kinds of wear and differently shaped feet. It is constructed of ventilated mesh upper, sturdy midfoot overlays, an entirely gusseted tongue, and spacious toe box. The outsole integrates traction lugs in multiple diretions, flex grooves in the forefoot for agility, mud release features, with an improved surface area for grip against the ground and durability all in rubber.

MT-2 is the winner of Runners World Best Buy Award for 2016. The gusseted tongue prevents dirt from getting inside the shoe. Topo used an innovative, lightweight print technique to remove the need for seams and eliminate weight, and the carbon rubber outsole features multiple upgrades to improve traction and surface area for grip. These are best used for running on the road and light use on trails.

This is a 3 mm drop shoe. They are a very good alternative option to Altra Superiors for use off the beaten path. Topos MT-2 is more durable, has better cushioning, but its not quite as flexible. It is more protective and padded than MT-1, but hasnt lost the originals agility, responsiveness, and quality fit. Plus, the toe box is nice and wide for comfort. They have excellent grip and feel stable.

  • Light, comfortable fit for wide feet and bunions
  • 3 mm drop from heel to toe for natural movement
  • Wide toe box for spread of the toes without rubbing


  • Heavy compared to other minimalist shoes

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Best Sport Sandal: Vionic Toe Post Sandals

Dr. Sutera recommends the Vionic sandal, which are “made to wear for longer periods of walking and standing,” she says. “They offer support, a deep heel cup and cushioning.”

These sandals are also approved by the APMA for comfort, durability and support. The unisex design is also affordable, clocking in under $70.

Buy Price: $64.95

Best Sandals: Naturalizer Patience Sandal

Calla Shoes Review – Comfortable Heels For Bunions & Wide Feet

In terms of material, you can’t go wrong with soft, supple leatheralthough vegan alternatives can work just as well. “One, they’ll stretch a little bit and two, they’ll also be a little more forgiving in terms of exerting pressure against the bunion,” says Paul Langer, DPM, a Minneapolis-based podiatrist. These shoes from Naturalizer are designed with soft leather uppers and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap to prevent rubbing.Amazon shoppers rave about the sandal’s non-irritating straps and support. “The leather uppers are SO SOFT. These are some of the comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The sole has excellent support and absorbs shock. These would be great all day shoes,” said one Amazon reviewer.

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No : Orthofeet Womens Springfield Soft Fashion Mary Janes Shoe

The first thing we liked about Orthofeet shoes is that they are tailor-made for people suffering from bunions.

If you are suffering from Hammer-Toes or swollen feet or bunions then Orthofeet Womens Springfield Soft Fashion Mary Janes Shoe is a great option for you.

They are equally good for people having diabetic and arthritic feet.

It has elastic leather upper which is stretchable and takes shapes to the contours of your foot.

This automatically helps you to get comfort and release the pressure on your bony bump while walking and exercising.

In addition to stretchable upper, Orthofeet shoes for bunions come with soft and seam free lining design along with extra foam padding.

This enhances its ability to provide extra comfort and protection for your feet.

This shoe also features Bio-Fit orthotic insole that offers great support and shock absorption during high performance activities.

This feature is helpful in reducing your pain and discomfort of your feet affected by bunions.

Your toes can be freely moved in this shoe as it provides sufficient roomy toe box.

Its lightweight cushioning sole offers softness for your feet and avoids any unnecessary pressure on your toes and heels.

The only downside of this shoe is its less ankle support which is not a big issue as compared to its other excellent features especially supportive for bunion sufferers.

Verdict: Our Rating: 9.5/10

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