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What Company Makes The Best Running Shoes

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The Fine Print: Other Expenses Taxes And Net Profit

Running Shoe Company of the Year 2021

The gross margin of any respectable brand will be in its high 40s. In 2015, adidas had a gross margin of over 48%, while Nike made 46%, a full 2% lower than adidas. Asics made 44%.

Numerically astute readers might notice a disconnect. Based on our first few infographics , it appears that some of the adidas running shoes cost much more to make than similarly priced Nike shoes. So if Nike running shoes costs less to make than adidas, how can they end up with a lower gross margin?

We can make an educated guess. Firstly, from a product standpoint, adidas sells a lot more apparel than Nike, and generally apparel is a higher margin business. Nike has always been a footwear brand, and that shows in their numbers.

For the combined sales numbers of footwear and apparel, Nike sold 68% of footwear and only 32% of apparel. In whats a stark contrast, adidass sales split was 55% footwear and 45% apparel. The fact that Asicss gross margin is lower than adidas and Nike lends credence to our theory. After all, Asicss business is 84% footwear.

It is also possible that other categories like adidas Originals footwear delivers a higher margin than running footwear. The white adidas Superstar for example, sells for $80, but is produced for $16. That makes the production cost a mere 20% of the retail price, hence delivering a much higher gross margin.

It just so happens that adidas and Nike are public companies, so we have our work cut out for us.

The Details: Stack Height Drop And Weight

If you want to geek out on the stats of a shoe, thats fine. But I would steer clear of making decisions solely based on them. Pay attention but dont obsess.

Sure, there is a pretty big difference between a 12mm drop and zero drop, so much so that I dont suggest making such a drastic change. But between a 4mm and 6mm drop, its marginal. To put it in perspective, its the difference in the thickness of a nickel.

Stack Height

This is usually the measurement of the bottom of the shoe to the bottom of the inside of the shoe. It gives a measurement of how much material there is between your foot and the ground.

The higher the stack height, the thicker the sole. I say usually because some brands will not include the insole as part of the stack height measurements.


Drop is the difference in measurement of stack height between the heel and toe. It ranges from zero to 12 mm. The higher the drop, the less strain on the Achilles, soleus, and calves. Zero drop shoes are associated with a more natural barefoot running feeling.


The weight of a shoe can give good insight into the type of running for which the shoe is best suited. Lightweight shoes ones weighing less than 8 ounces for men and 7.5 ounces for women are typically designed for faster running and racing.

Reebok Floatride Energy 4

Price: £75/$100 | Weight: 250g/8.8oz | Drop: 9mm

The Floatride Energy 4 is fantastic value at its full RRP, and then is actually often available in sales for less. Its a reliable daily trainer with a protective and responsive ride that works for a wide variety of runs, from easy plods to intervals.

The outsole also grips well on wet roads and even light trails, and the Floatride foam midsole is long-lasting, making the shoe even better value. While we prefer the bouncier feel of the Nitro 2, if you want a more traditional shoe at a great price, the Floatride Energy 4 is very hard to beat.

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Top Ten Best Running Shoe Brands


Brooks makes amazing trainers and are my favorite brand which is why I think they’re the best running shoe. Nike though has amazing spikes and racing shoes. Brooks makes amazing spikes and racing shoes too, but I’d prefer nike for a spike or race shoe.

Nike is a fashion brand that creates shoes that make your think, “these are bad,” or “These are okay.” Brooks shoes are what you put on when you only want to have to say one word: amazing.

They are the best sneakers I’ve ever had. I’ll never buy another brand. Wear them to the gym for workouts & for walking. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Nuke is a lifestyle/fashion shoe. It is not a running shoe. Brooks are for true Runners.

Visit Website2Nike

Good running shoes that don’t look ugly. Also get cheap quickly after a couple of months after release that make them cheaper than other brands.Also people who say “You’re not a real runner unless you wear *insert shoe*” STOP. Just stop and think back at what you said. Many people here really need to take their chill. I mean like we’re talking about running shoes. Just wear what works for you

I agree, Nike is ore of a fashion shoe, but it did not say best preforming running shoe, it said best running shoe, therefore Nike seals the deal.

Brooks? Laugh out loud, is that a sick joke? Nike #1 always and forever!

Best shoes… Style, comfort, unbeatable…Rough & tough shoes…


Thank you for the advice. I bought some asics, hopefully they will help heal my patellar tendon.

Best Running Shoe Brands : Our Complete List

Best Brooks Running Shoes 2021

As a runner, youll agree that finding the best running shoes is a daunting task. Theres no shortage of running shoe brands on the market. However, not all running shoe brands are the same when it comes to the quality of the shoes, performance, comfort, and value for money.

Many running shoes on the market are affordable but unreliable. So, you can easily end up making a mistake and losing money on the wrong running shoe. Making a choice can especially be overwhelming for beginners. So, to help you find the best running shoe brands, our athletic shoe gurus put on their thinking caps and spent over 4 weeks to prepare the list.

In the guide to best running shoe brands, well list the top 21 running shoe brands on the market and discuss the pros and cons of each.


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How We Test Running Shoes

We believe editors disguised as experts cherry-pick popular shoes to earn more.

Heres proof that the top 1% most popular shoes are 245 times more likely to be picked in top-10 lists, and WHY expert reviews are biased towards popular models that are not always the best shoes.

Unlike most top-10 rankings, we list the best running shoes, NOT the most popular ones.

Here is how were different:

  • As an independent shoe testing lab, we purchase all shoes with our own money to stay unbiased.
  • We cut shoes into pieces and measure over 30 different parameters on cushioning, durability, breathability, and more.
  • Our testers run 30-50 miles in each pair before submitting their in-depth review.
  • Our scores include aggregated ratings from +2 million runners and 10,700 experts.
  • We consider all ~2000 running shoes on the market, not just the 25 popular ones.

Based on this, each shoe is given a CoreScore from 0-100. Because of this, our list is different from other top-10 lists you might be browsing.

How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

A lot of different factors go into buying the right running shoe, and top tier trainers dont come cheap, so its worth putting in the research.

First of all, what surface are you predominantly running on? Muddy, rocky trail running calls for trail running shoes, with the kind of tread that can perform on and protect from uneven ground. Road running, on the other hand, necessitates more comfort and bounce, to keep you puffing away for longer. But if you do a bit of both, then you should opt for a hybrid trainer that can, well do a bit of both.

Then theres gait, which is important for long-term runners. We cant help you there. If you want to drill into the more personalised aspects of your running style pronation type, inefficiencies, heel striking etc you should go to a place that specialises in such matters. Asics offers a video gait analysis in-store, as do a number of other running brands.

There are different kinds of lightweight running shoes, and understanding them is the key to buying right.

The majority of the entries on this list are cushioned trainers or neutral shoes for regular runners geared towards different levels of ability. Theyre plush and offer support, without being too rigid.

Racing flats with spikes are meant for experienced runners undertaking speed work and racing around tracks, whereas normal lightweight road shoes cut fatigue and generally prioritise comfort and shock absorption .

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New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo V5

Weight: 280g , 222g

Heel/toe drop: 8mm

Type: Road / Stability

The Vongo is the stability equivalent of New Balances 1080 offering premium cushioning but with an additional touch of support for mild overpronators. This version sees the introduction of a midsole of the brands Fresh Foam X for an ultra-cushioned, light-feeling ride. On top of this is a knitted upper with varying areas of thickness and support thin and elasticated in the toebox, with perforated mesh for extra breathability, while the embroidery under the N of the logo joins with the laces to wrap around the midfoot for a secure fit. Behind this, theres also plenty of foam around the ankle and tongue that helps create a plush and more comfortable feel. Rather than a traditional medial post, the inner edge of the midsole is a little higher than the outside, and the foam is also slightly firmer on the medial side. The support on offer is subtle and provides a smooth transition, too but you wont feel its guidance if you don’t need it.

Overall, this is a really impressive shoe one thats cushioned but fairly responsive, too. And its also reasonably light for a stability shoe that comes with so much foam underfoot. An excellent choice for overpronators looking for a shoe that can cruise through the miles in comfort but also work when you really want to push the pace.

Weight: 325g , 290g

Heel/toe drop: 6mm

Type: Road/Neutral

Weight: 275g , 230g

Heel/toe drop: 6mm

Type: Road / Neutral

Our Favorite Stability Shoes

How I Built A $7 Billion Shoe Company Called On | Founder Effect

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is a softer stability shoe that delivers a more-controlled ride than a neutral shoe would provide. The shoe reduces pronation with the help of two pieces of foam in the heel area that coax a foot into position. Runners World recommends this shoe for runners with flat feet, noting, however, that the pronation mitigation is subtle enough to work well for a variety of runners. We found that to be true.

The Adrenaline GTS 22 combines subtle support and softness, plus a smoother ride and pep . I felt like I rolled along comfortably in these, said Ingrid, who wore a womens 13 and found the shoes to be dependable and comfortable. Frank, who wore a mens 11, called the Adrenaline GTS 22 very plush, adding that they didnt feel tight in the toe box, even after running 9 miles. Unlike Ingrid, however, Frank found heavy absorption on the downstep that made it harder for him to snap my knees up in a liquid flow. We think these are best suited for daily maintenance miles and longer, easier efforts. The outsole initially felt a tad stiff, particularly during the first few outings. The shoes healthy amount of cushioning still allows for a satisfying ground feel. RunRepeat gives this pair high marks, as does Running Shoe Guru.

Size range: 5 to 13 , 7 to 15 narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths

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How To Choose Running Shoes For Men

After you know your stability and cushioning needs , picking out one of the best running shoes for men is a matter of personal taste and lifestyle.

Will you be using this shoe exclusively for running, with another pair in your rotation for gym workouts? Double down on a lightweight beast like the HOKA Clifton 6 or Nikes Pegasus Turbo 2.

Will you be looking for one workout shoe to do it all, from pickup football to weekend 5Ks? Look for a heavier, more versatile shoe like the Brooks Ghost 12 or Asics GEL-KAYANO 26.

Regardless, the worst thing you can do is fall in love with a shoes looks before knowing your running style and taking it for a spin. Style is nice, but fit is the be-all and end-all. So much of finding the best running shoe for you is trial and error. This is partly why you see runners wearing a wider variety of shoe brands than, say, basketball players. If Nike and adidas don’t work for you, find new shoes! It’s hard to look cool with a preventable injury. And with runner-friendly return policies like Running Warehouses 90 day exchange out there, Id even encourage new runners to pick a selection and see what works .

Experienced runners will have tried dozens of shoes before finding the ones that work best for them the only shoes I regretted were ones I tried to make into something they werent because of their aesthetics. The good news is: regardless of your running style or your needs, theres a great-looking runner out there. Here are my picks.

How Do I Know Which Running Shoe Is Right For Me

If youre new to running, or just want a running shoe thats intune with your step, the best way to confidently determine which running shoe is right for you is with a gait analysis. Many reputable sporting goods stores offer such service, with some even taking analysis into the digital realm with 3D foot scanners.

Wentz also notes that determining the right running shoes can be as easy as looking at the soles of your favorite sneakers. Thats what I do in evaluations with patients. Like, are they a heel striker? Are they wearing out more on the medial side, meaning they pronate? Or, are they more on the outside, meaning they supinate? These hints and signs can be a great roadmap to help you get into the right pair for your step.

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Running Shoe Brands To Avoid And The Worst Running Shoe Brands

  • New Balance: Although theres not much necessarily wrong with New Balance shoes, overall there are just better options available for the same price. If youre shopping on a budget , Tesla can fulfill your needs there, while the higher end of the New Balance line is outpaced by the likes of Nike and Brooks.

Diadora Blushield Mythos Vigore

Best Saucony Running Shoes 2021

Drop: 10mm | Price: $170

Dont mind us, well just be over here throwing even more love towards the Diadora Blushield Mythos Vigore. Yeah, the name sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, but this is the most comfortable shoe Diadora has probably ever made. We recently listed it among our most comfortable running shoes and thats the primary reason its on here. The Diadora Mythos Vigore certainly isnt a subtle running shoe. Case in point, our review was jam-packed with references to hearty Italian cooking. Your Nonna would be proud.

Anyway, back to the shoe. Theres a whole lot of it. Its even heavier than the Fresh Foam 1080v12, but its worth the weight. The Diadora Mythos Vigore is a light stability shoe, so it might not be for everyone, but theres certainly enough cushion for anyone. Diadoras decoupled midsole allows for extra movement and flex, while the TRX system keeps you from going too wild. The shoe finally adopted a new DD Anima midsole, which is just the Italian way of saying EVA, but its miles better than Diadoras previous platform. Unfortunately, its one of the most expensive daily trainers on our list.

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Reebok Energen Lite Shoes

  • Best for: Runners on a budget
  • How much?£26.25

A stylish and simple design that is available in eight colourways, these Reebok running shoes are so reasonably priced they make for an easy everyday running shoe. With a lightweight outsole, breathable upper and a cushiony FuelFoam midsole, they are an ideal running shoe on a budget.

Best Running Shoes By Foot Shape

If you’ve had a 3D scan during our fit id® outfitting process, you know whether you have high or low arches, you know your heel shape and you can see your foot width. Or maybe you’ve tried enough running shoes to know you need a wide width.

Millions of runners and walkers have had their feet scanned at a Fleet Feet store, giving us tons of data to identify which shoes will fit which types of feet. Whatever your foot shape, we can match it with a pair that will help you run comfortably.

Check out these categories based on 3D foot scans:

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Standing Behind Our Picks

Fleet Feet knows running.

We picked the best running trainers based on over four decades of experience outfitting runners of all abilities, ages and sizes. If you buy gear from us and you dont like the way it looks, fits or performs, bring it back within 60 days for a full refund.

Plus, we offer free shipping & returns on all orders over $99 on, and well match a lower price from a qualifying retailer. Thats our Happy Fit Guarantee.

How Do You Pick The Right Running Shoes For You

The Best Barefoot Running Shoes | Vivobarefoot Review

From carbon-plated running shoes designed to go fast to rugged trail running shoes, there are shoes for every ability, size, level and surface. With so many options to choose from, how do you find the best running shoes for you?

Whether youre just beginning to run or are training for a race, your running shoes should feel light on your feet, cushion your landings and support your foots natural motion. Narrowing down the best running shoes for you, however, will typically come down to one thing: comfort.

If you’re new to running, here are some basic guidelines to follow when trying on shoes to find the perfect fit:

  • Length – Generally speaking, you should have a space about the width of your thumb between the end of your big toe and the front of your shoe.
  • Width – Your feet should sit in the middle of the footbed and not spill over the edges. If your foot is bulging out of the sides, consider trying a wider width.
  • Comfort – There shouldn’t be a break-in periodyour shoes should be comfortable right out of the box

As you gain experience and try more pairs of running shoes, you’ll learn if you like more cushioning or less, a stiffer model or a more flexible one.

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