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Where Can I Find Mary Jane Shoes

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Reformation Abalonia Chunky Mary Jane

Tony Little Cheeks Barefoot Aqua Mary Jane Shoe

Mary Janes and lug soles: who wouldve thought? This ivory pair proves that combining the two trends isnt just a good idea, its a great one. With a buckled strap that offers more coverage, were categorizing them as a year-round shoe. Wearem on their own in the spring and summer, and slip them on over some cozy socks in the fall and winter.

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When you’re searching for shoes that will keep your look on-trend, while ensuring maximum comfort all day, look no further than women’s Mary Janes! With a wide selection of styles, colors, and brands, our women’s Mary Jane shoes collection will have you looking your best all day, every day!

Different Types Of Mary Janes

Creativity is endless, and so its no surprise that the modern-day Mary Jane shoes come in exciting shapes, colors, materials, and designs while retaining its classic closed-shoe and strap or straps across the instep.

But here are some of the iterations on the Mary Janes you will come across from generic shoe stores to high-fashion magazine spreads and runways:

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So Many New Ways To Wear The Classic Style

Design by Tiana Crispino

In This Article

Mary Janes are one of the few shoes that grow with us as we go through our fashion journey. From the shiny black pair many of us wore to special events as children to the stylish pump version that’s a top choice for job interviews today, they seem to always have a place when we’re trying to look put together. And thanks to the revival of ’90s and ’00s fashion trends, Mary Jane shoes are coming back into popularity with more variety than ever. Heeled, flat, multi-colored, and multi-strappedwith all these choices, it may be hard to decide just which pair of Mary Janes to try first.

Luckily, were here to help. Ahead, see 14 easy ways to wear Mary Janeswhether youre going for a Blair Waldorf-inspired look or a dark academia vibe, we’ve got you covered.

Women’s Mary Jane Shoes


Put your stylish foot forward in a classic pair of women’s Mary Jane shoes! The timeless look of this footwear option means that Mary Jane shoes are sure to become a staple in your everyday footwear collection.

With all the features that ensure all-day comfort and on-trend style – all while available at a budget-friendly price – you’re sure to find a new pair of shoes that suits all your needs at Kohl’s.

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Steve Madden Twice Mary Jane Platform Pump

OK, so we dont recommend these for running Sunday errands, but we definitely suggest adding them to your rotation of footwear. Pair them with your favorite boyfriend jeans and a form-fitting tee under a slightly cropped moto jacket and voila! A cool-girl fit with a touch of femininity for a night out.

Types Of Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

Within the women’s Mary Jane category of shoes, there are several different styles to choose from. One of the most iconic styles is the , which provides an elevated look for your formal occasions. Mary Jane platform heels can be combined with many different wardrobes and apparel pieces, making them a versatile selection in your footwear collection!

Aside from the styles with heels, many women’s Mary Janes provide a flat styling. These have a bit more casual look that can easily go from work to weekends.

Women’s Mary Janes are also available in a wide range of color options, allowing for more personalization and individuality in you shoe-buying decision. When shopping for a pair of women’s Mary Janes that will match essentially all outfits in your closets, look no further than black women’s Mary Janes. Timeless, classic, and always on-trend, these black shoes are sure to be a favorite.

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A Brief History Of Mary Jane Shoes: Timeline

1902 A comic strip called Buster Brown, drawn by R.F. Outcault, was first published in the New York Herald. The character Buster Brown has a sister named Mary Jane, and they both sport classic bar shoes.

1904 Outcault sold licenses of his Buster Brown characters to various companies among them was the Brown Shoe Company, an American footwear company. They created a girls line of shoes, similar to that in the comic strip, and called it, yes, Mary Jane shoes!

The 1920s The shoes became desirable to women, and the grown-up Mary Jane shoes also became dancing shoes in the Roaring Twenties usually in sophisticated hand-painted designs and made of silk satins.

The 1930s Mary Jane became a big hit among girls in North America. When child star Shirley Temple donned a pair in Harry Lachmans 1934 drama-comedy Baby, Take a Bow, Mary Janes skyrocketed to fame.

The 1940s 1960s The Mary Jane shoes popularity crossed continents, and European girls also began clamoring for them.

In the sixties, English fashion designer Mary Quant made British icon Twiggy wear one, and the shoes boomed, with brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Dior making their line of Mary Janes.

The 1990s Grunge alternative rock singer Courtney Love thrilled the fashion industry and trumpeted her pair of Mary Janes, further solidifying this style of shoes as timelessly appealing.

Alicia Silverstone wearing Mary Jane shoes with knee-high socks on the set of the 1995 movie Clueless

How To Wear Mary Jane Shoes With Each Type Of Outfit

Tony Little Cheeks Barefoot Aqua Mary Jane Shoe

Mary Jane style shoes are iconic. They found their start with schoolchildren, but have been reinvented by designers time and time again. Mary Janes are known for their distinctive strap across the instep of the foot, rounded toe, and black color. Ladies Mary Jane shoes are traditionally made of leather, but there have been different variations as fashion continues to take a new spin on classic styles.

Womens Mary Janes have traditionally been flat, especially considering they were designed for young women, but you can now find them with various types of heels. Theres everything from Mary Jane-inspired wedges, heels, and even athletic footwear.

Thanks to all these new options, ladies Mary Jane shoes can be worn with almost anything. Whether you are looking to be a bit more formal or more laid back, Mary Jane style shoes are versatile and stylish enough to fit with any occasion and give any outfit that extra pop it needs. Heres how to wear Mary Jane shoes with every type of outfit.

Pair Mary Jane Style Shoes With Pants

Womens Mary Jane shoes can go great with jeans or trousers, but it is important that the pants allow the shoe to stand out. In other words, the pants cant be too long or flared. Instead, they need to be tailored and fitted to give your ladies Mary Jane shoes some room to shine.

Our leather keep it classy and comfortable, though, thanks to the premium materials and Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed.

Wear Mary Jane Dress Shoes With Skirts

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How To Wear Mary Janes

The best thing about Mary Jane shoes is that you can wear them with practically anything: from shorts to trousers, to miniskirts and maxi skirts, to leggings and dresses. It screams childlike yet ultra-fashionable.

Keira Knightley, Liv Tyler, Selma Blair, Katy Perry, and Chloe Moretz show how to wear Mary Jane shoes with chic outfits

What Are Mary Jane Shoes 12 Best Places To Buy Mary Janes

The classic Mary Jane shoe is easily identifiable a low-cut closed leather shoe with a strap over the top of the foot and fastened either by a buckle, a button, or Velcro. It has a thin outsole or very low heel.

Also called bar shoes, or doll shoes, Mary Janes are usually associated with childrens school shoes or formal shoes.

Since its inception in the early 20th century, this unisex shoe is still as fashionable as ever among kids and adults alike, but primarily among women.

Perhaps you are a fan of these shoes, which is great. Not only is it chic, versatile, and deeply embedded in popular culture, it has also never run out of style and has even evolved into a variety of styles.

As a tribute to the Mary Jane shoes, lets dive into the origins of this shoe, how to wear them, and the most important of all where to buy gorgeous ones!

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