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Where To Buy Brunt Work Boots

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How Do I Take Care Of My Work Boots

Are Brunt Boots Just Hype and Marketing? (CUT IN HALF) Brunt Boot Review

To get the longest life out of your work boots, you’ll want to rotate them out with a second pair, keep them dry and clean, and care for them using leather conditioners.

  • Rotate your boots – Wearing one pair of boots until they wear out seems like a good strategy, but your boots last much longer if alternate between two pairs. You’ll give one a chance to dry completely between uses and your feet will be more comfortable.
  • Dry your boots Allow your boots to dry after a long day. Boots like to air dry without excessive heat. Never subject your boots to more heat than your hand can stand. Remove insoles to speed drying. If your boots get soaked, fill them with wads of newspaper to draw out the moisture.
  • Keep your boots clean Remove mud to keep the leather from drying out. A stiff brush works well and avoids getting your boots wet. Remove salt with a mild solution of vinegar and water.
  • Leather work boots like conditioners All leathers benefit from conditioners. Clean and dry your boots before applying conditioning products. Oil-based treatments will soften the leather. Silicone or PTFE treatments add waterproofing without softening the leather.

Use all these tips to stop your work boots from killing your feet. By thinking about the boots and socks you’re buying to adding durable arch support insoles, you’ll make your work boots much more comfortable and long-lasting. And that will make everyday on the job better.

Are Brunt Work Boots Made In Usa

Theres nothing like a good pair of boots when youre doing some hard labor. And if youre looking for a pair of boots that are made in the USA, you cant go wrong with a pair of Brunt work boots. Brunt work boots are known for their quality and durability, so its important to know where theyre coming from. These boots are built to last, even under the worst conditions. In this blog post, well take a look at the history of Brunt work boots, and explore whether or not are brunt work boots made in USA. Along with that, well offer some advice on how to determine the manufacturer of your boots. Stay tuned!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Wearing Work Boots That Are Made In The Usa

There are a few key disadvantages to wearing work boots that are made in the USA.

1: They can be expensive. While there are many great American-made work boots on the market, they can often come with a higher price tag than their imported counterparts.

2: They may not be available in as many sizes or styles. If you have specific requirements for your work boots , you may have fewer options to choose from if you limit your search to US-made brands.

3: Shipping and return costs can add up. If you need to return or exchange your American-made work boots, you may have to pay more in shipping and handling fees than you would for a pair that was made overseas.

4: There is a limited array for you to choose from. In general, there are fewer work boots made in the USA than there are imported brands. This means you may have to do more research to find the perfect pair of US-made work boots for your needs.

5: You may have to wait longer for your order. If youre ordering American-made work boots online, it can take longer for them to be delivered as most of such shipping relies on the roads instead of air shipping which is common in imported goods.

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Brunt Boots Reviews: Read This Before Buying

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For those who work in harsh environments and are on their feet all day, a pair of sturdy and well-made boots is a must. Depending on the severity of the work, even a decent quality pair of boots can be worn down quickly .

Brunt Boots aims to bring something essential to the table by focusing on quality that will withstand various working conditions. In our Brunt Boots reviews below, well provide all the details you need to discern if theyre worth the money.

Anyone Have Or Tried Brunt Boots

The Ryng  BRUNT Workwear

They look nice but the build quality scares me. I build semis for a living and cheap boots dont last.

I work construction in Boston, I’ve heard their ads on the Sports Hub but have never seen a pair on a job site. I looked into them and the moment the owner said something about the technology needed to make Brunt boots was only available in China, I stopped looking into them. They push hard on 98.5 with their ads though.

Yeah they definitely push the fact that the technology they use is only in china. I try to stay away from things made there as much as possible.

Check this vid by Rose Anvil

He does a bunch of boot reviews.

I got the Perkins. They are garbage. Cheapest feeling boot I’ve ever worn. The soles worn down within 6 months. Parts of the tread were chipping off within the first month. I work in ballast for the railroad. It’s been slow this year so I used these boots way less than I usually do and they still didn’t last. Wouldn’t even want another pair for free.

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What Are Customers Saying

To better understand if Brunt Boots will meet your needs, check out some of the most recurring comments from their customers below:

  • Many customers say the boots are comfortable and lightweight
  • Mid-range quality
  • Some say they are a good value, while others say they are overpriced
  • Some customers experienced wear and tear within the first couple of months
  • Overall, their boots seem better for those who work in factories or other areas that dont require super heavy-duty boots

Brunt The Bolduc Reviews

Price: $155

Built to protect you against electrical hazards, these boots come with many standard features such as waterproofing, safety toe, and slip resistance.

Theyre also some of theeasiest boots to take on and off, as they focus on a relaxed fit while maximizing comfort and breathability.

The boots features are similar to many others in their catalog, but the design is what sets them apart from the rest.

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What Makes A Good Work Boot

The short answer? It depends. Work boots are made to serve different needs since a delivery driver and a smoke jumper require different features. But the key features you’ll want to watch out for are boot height, weight, water resistance, safety toes, insulation, boot construction, and style.

  • Boot height Taller is better for linesmen and for protection in the deep woods. But taller boots are harder to put on and heavier. Shorter boots are lighter, cooler, and better for all-around use.
  • Weight The highest quality boots are massively strong but heavy. Backpackers say a pound on your feet is equal to 5 in your pack. Keep this in mind. Heavier boots used to be associated with better support but today’s improved materials make boots lightweight while still supportive.
  • Water Resistance Some boots have waterproof leathers or are made with especially breathable materials. Others have waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex. Waterproof boots can be great when you stand in water all day, but they don’t let moisture escape so your feet will feel hotter and wetter. Plus, waterproof boots are harder to dry each night so if you don’t need water resistance, they’re not your best option.
  • Safety Toes – Necessary on some job sites, steel-toed boots add weight and can make your feet cold in winter. Alternative protective footwear is made with composite protective toes instead of steel.
  • How To Identify If A Pair Of Work Boots Are Made In The Usa

    Brunt Work Boot Review | Pros vs Cons

    One of the easiest ways to tell if a pair of work boots are made in the USA is to simply check the tag. If the boots are produced in America, the tag will usually say so. Sometimes, it will also list the specific state where the boots were made.

    • Check the stitching:

    Another way to tell if work boots are American-made is to take a close look at the stitching. Generally speaking, U.S.-based manufacturers take pride in their craftsmanship and produce products with high-quality stitching that is even and straight.

    • Examine the materials:

    Yet another way to determine if work boots are made in America is to inspect the materials used to construct them. U.S.-based manufacturers typically use full-grain leather that is thick and durable. Imported work boots, on the other hand, are often made with lower-quality materials like split-grain leather or synthetic fabrics.

    • Check for a union label:

    Another indicator that work boots are made in America is the presence of a union label. Union labels are required by law to be affixed to products that are manufactured in the United States by companies that are signatories to a collective bargaining agreement.

    • Ask the manufacturer:

    Of course, the best way to find out if work boots are made in America is to simply ask the manufacturer. The majority of trustworthy businesses will gladly disclose this information to prospective customers.

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    What Are The Most Comfortable Work Boot Brands

    There’s one thing that makes the biggest difference in the comfort of your work boots. A cushioned outsole. The cushioning between your feet and the hard ground protects your feet from shock and stress, making your boots score much higher on the comfort scale and reducing your foot fatigue.

    When you’re shopping for new boots, hone in one these quality brands that feature cushioned outsoles:

  • Irish Setter – Ashby 6″ boots. Aluminum toed work boots with heat resistant outsoles and old school styling.
  • Wolverine – Durashocks 8″ boots. Waterproof, insulated boot with comfortable polyurethane outsoles. Could pull double duty as an upland hunting boot.
  • Timberland – PRO Hypercharge 6 Comp Toe Work Boots. A modified hiker style with waterproof features.
  • Keen – San Antonio Mid w/Aluminum toe. Running shoe inspired boot features a lightweight EVA midsole and a rubber outsole for comfort and durability.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Brunt Work Boots

    Wearing Brunt work boots come with numerous advantages. Some of these advantages include:

    1. They provide excellent support and stability to your feet, ankles, and legs.

    2. They help protect your feet from injury while working.

    3. They keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions.

    4. Because they are non-slip, you can rest easy while working in slippery environments.

    5. They are comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

    6. Because they are strong and long-lasting, you can wear them for many years to come.

    7. Not to mention, they look great, too! Thus wearing Brunt work boots can help you feel more confident and stylish on the job.

    8. Because they are reasonably priced, you can purchase a fantastic pair without going over budget.

    Whether youre looking for a new pair of work boots or just want to know more about the benefits of wearing them, be sure to check out Brunt. With a wide selection of styles and sizes available, you can find a perfect pair of Brunt work boots for everyone. Order your pair today and see how they can help you work feel and look better on the job!

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    Utilizing Decades Of Experience

    On top of the technological innovations offered by Whiplash, our vast operational expertise is a major asset to our customers. With over a decade of experience working with both small and large-scale brands, Whiplash is well-versed in making the fulfillment process seamless and transparent for merchants.

    Trust is the key ingredient for achieving a strong fulfillment strategy, and Whiplash prides itself on developing strong relationships with all of our customers Says Brian Weinstein, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Whiplash. By engaging in regular communication and goal-setting, we are confident in our ability to deliver omnichannel fulfillment solutions for every kind of business.

    Brunt Workwear Secures $20 Million Series B Funding

    The Most Durable and Lightweight Work Boots a Guy Can Own

    Brunt Workwear, a boot and apparel brand targeted at construction workers and tradespeople, has closed a $20 million Series B round led by Stripes, a growth equity firm that invests in consumer businesses including On Running, Reformation, Siete and Califia Farms. Returning investors include TF Cornerstone, Bolt and Suffolk Technologies.

    Last September, a Series A funding round brought in $8.4 million.

    More from WWD

    The investors were drawn to Brunts mission to serve the 17 million workers in in the construction, installation, maintenance and repair industries in the U.S. alone.

    The direct-to-consumer brand was created a little over two years ago by former M.Gemi executives Eric Girouard and David Chernow and it quickly established a foothold in the market with sales in 2021 exceeding projections by 80 percent. This year, it is expecting sales to increase more than 200 percent.

    Brunt launched with just four styles of work boots but since then has added more models as well as socks and apparel. Its tag line is: The Tools You Wear and it offers affordable prices, such as its bestselling Marin model that retails for $135 or the DiStasio for $175.

    In addition, the brand will explore the next best retail channel to grow the business, which could either be another digital channel, or something physical like our own retail stores, Girouard said, adding that going international, however, is the likely next step for us.

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    What Was The Big Lesson Learned Since Launching Brunt

    Eric Girouard:How fast this customer group was willing to adopt and try this, a new work boot brand in a category that is completely run by 100-year-old incumbents. That was the big question mark how slow is the adoption trial going to be? And it is exceeding all of the expectations that we had.

    Why Do My Work Boots Hurt My Feet

    It all comes down to support. Unless your boots are custom, they don’t have enough arch support built in to support your feet properly. Each day, the impact on your feet is equal to the weight of a fully loaded cement truck. Your arches need some help holding up to all that pressure, especially if you have flat feet or arthritis. Adding insoles to your work boots will help keep your feet from hurting.

    The lack of arch support in your work boots can cause problems. Big problems. Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and tendinitis all have one thing in common. They can be helped, or even better, avoided with proper arch support in your work boots.

    Here’s what orthotic insoles for work boots can do to make your feet stop killing you at the end of your shift:

    • Relieve pressure on the ligament that connects your heel to your toes. This makes your feet feel comfortable at the end of the day and prevents the acute heel pain of plantar fasciitis.
    • Spread the impact of each step over the entire surface of your foot, reducing pressure on the heel and ball of your foot.
    • Correct alignment issues that cause pain in your knees, hips and back. Ensuring a stable foundation pays huge dividends in overall comfort.

    To determine which work boot insoles will give you the support you need to be comfortable all day, you’ll want to look for a few things.

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    Why I Started Brunt

    A little over two years ago, I set out to build a company that makes high quality, comfortable work boots and clothes. The idea is simple and straight-forward, but the passion behind the business runs much deeper. Growing up in a blue collar household, I spent my teenage years roofing and landscaping alongside my childhood buddies.

    Eric Girouard

    • Take $5 off your first order of $100+!
    • Be the first to hear about new releases, special offers and more.
    • Browse inspiring content and stay tuned to Bucket Talkour podcast.

    How To Find The Best Deal On A Pair Of Work Boots That Are Made In The Usa

    Brunt vs Thorogood Boots

    There are a few different things that you can do to find the best deal on a pair of work boots that are made in the USA.

    • One thing that you can do is search for coupons or discounts that may be available from online retailers.
    • Another thing that you can do is search for sales or clearance items at your local brick-and-mortar stores.
    • Finally, you can also try contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they offer any type of discount or coupon code that you can use towards your purchase.

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    What Are Brunt Boots

    A company founded around a passion for durable and reliable work boots, Brunt Boots offers a wide range of footwearbuilt for gritty jobs and harsh working conditions. The products are aimed at those who practice trades such as construction and any other field that demands comfortable yet functional work boots.

    Moreover, their boots are designed to protect the feet as hard work tends to take a toll on the body over time. Plus, their prices are typically more affordable than other big-name boot brands due to their direct-to-consumer business approach.

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    Brunt Work Boots Tested

    So whats the verdict on these boots from Brunt? Break in time for me was quick, which is huge factor when putting on boots for the first time. You dont generally have time to wait around for a boot to feel good on your feet if youve got a job to do. I had them on for maybe 20 minutes before I felt that comfort level hit while digging holes.

    I did have to drop down one set of eyelets on the laces though. Im used to wearing a shorter boot and the stiffer uppers on these 6 leather boots will absolutely soften up over time. But with taller boots I work my way up after a few wears for a quicker and more comfortable break in.

    So whats the final word? Brunt Work Boots appear to be a quality pair of kicks without the premium price point. The comfort level is pretty high, although theyre not as cushy as my hiker inspired Danner composite toe boots. If the traditional moc toe isnt your style or you want something without a composite toe, they do offer a handful of other styles . You can find these boots and more for purchase exclusively on!

    ~ Lazy Guy

    *These boots were provided to me by Brunt Workwear in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.

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