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Are Indestructible Shoes Any Good

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Indestructible Shoes Is Overpriced

Are Indestructible Shoes Legit???

Indestructible Shoes is not inexpensive. Many people complain that it is too expensive. Because the quality of Indestructible Shoes is not superior to that of other similar products, the higher price is not justified.

You will be able to find a similar or identical product at a lower cost elsewhere. Let me tell you where at the end of this Indestructible Shoes review.

Indestructible Shoes Waterproof Camox

The CamoX was Indestructibles first foray into waterproof footwear for work environments. Crafted mostly from military-grade Kevlar, they do appear to be incredibly tough.

Despite their rugged construction and steel toe caps, each shoe weighs only 1lb.

The outsole is a shock-resistant, puncture-resistant, and non-slip design supplemented by a supportive insole featuring 3D arch support and a squishy heel cup, ensuring those lengthy overtime shifts dont completely destroy your feet.

A perma-laced, slip-on design, you dont have to worry about them coming loose in compromising positions in the workplace, but it does mean you have to get the sizing just right.

Promoting even weight distribution across the length of the foot, you can tell theyve paid a lot of thought to ergonomics with the CamoX, and they dont shirk when it comes to style either.

The slick camo graphics and numerals will help anyone bring a little personal flair to an otherwise bland work environment.

Is Indestructible Shoes A Scam

I cannot say Indestructible Shoes is a scam for legal reasons. I researched them thoroughly, including their social media pages, review sites, forums, and so on. And while I see nothing suspicious about their business, I cannot find any verified positive reviews.

If Indestructible Shoes is a genuine and well-established company offering high-quality products, you should be able to find numerous positive customer reviews about them online.

But, strangely, I cant find any. This could be due to the companys service quality rather than its product quality. As a result, I have less faith in them. Thats why I looked for a similar or identical product on Amazon for you. Let me elaborate later.

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Who Is Indestructible For

Indestructibles work shoes are for anyone who feels limited by the typical offering of protective work footwear. Those who want a combination of comprehensive protection, light construction, and sleek, slip-resistant footwear will be well served by the switch to Indestructible.

These shoes are well-suited for those looking for stylish and performant footwear in the military, construction and labor jobs, security personnel, and the restaurant industry.

The All New Ares Black Sneakers By Indestructible Shoes Are The Future Of Footwear

44 % OFF J3 Grey

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Just like the foundation of a house, they provide support and stability for everything up top. And if they fail, so does the rest of you. Thats why its absolutely essential to protect your feet, whether you work in the trades, or youre just a weekend warrior doing projects around the house. And the good news is that protecting your feet doesnt have to mean wearing old-fashioned work boots that are heavy, uncomfortable, and unstylish. Thanks to the all new Ares Black from the innovators at Indestructible Shoes, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style for safety.

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What Is Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes manufactures high-tech work shoes for men and claims that their footwear is safe and nearly indestructible.

Indestructible Shoes was founded by Eric Nyugen and a group of other guys who had been working on their feet for years. They were determined to create a shoe that could perform all of the functions of a regular sneaker, work boot, or slip-resistant shoe. This one-size-fits-all shoe would be designed to work in a variety of environments and protect the feet from workplace hazards.

Indestructible promises to make work shoes that are both stylish and durable. You dont have to choose between being fashionable and staying safe.

Indestructible Shoes recommends its shoes for construction and labor, hiking and outdoor activities, military and security, and restaurants.

Indestructible Shoes Meets The Product Description

Many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements to increase sales. This does not always imply that the product is a scam.

Indestructible Shoess advertisements are quite impressive and can catch the attention of customers. Some may believe they are overhyped. However, you cannot conclude that it is a scam because Indestructible Shoes does, to some extent, deliver on its promises.

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The Latest Reviews From Customers

Amanda Dietrick

I love Verelle! I definitely noticed my hair being softer and have a more defined wavy/curliness to it after only one wash. And thats with just the shampoo and conditioner. Once I started using the after-shower products, it just got even more curly, with little effort. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a better product than generic drugstore brands, but dont want to pay the high prices of the customizable brands.

Christine Orlando

No matter what Ive purchased from wow Ive been pleased fully. It is so refreshing to finally have a product that stands behind the name. WTG WOW! I cant wait as I look forward to to see whats next.

Steve Haynes

Have bought 4 pairs of these shoes starting with the original blue camouflage ones. Now I stick with the high tops. I got everyone at my job buying these. I walk on nails and have had the forklift ride over them with no problem. They last about two years with good care.

Cindy Smith

Tom Yager

I have bought brand name items from SSENSE for years now and have no complaints on any purchases I have made. They have been shipped in a timely fashion and I have met the free shipping minimum in most cases. I have made a few returns without incident.


Indestructible Military Shoes Review

Indestructible Shoes Ryder Honest Review (BAD)

As the name suggests, the Military Shoes are high-level and hardcore. The Kevlar for these shoes is indestructible, as it will not deteriorate no matter what. These Military Shoes come with a shock absorption layer and wear-resistant technology that will enhance their durability.

Indestructible Military Shoes are available in camouflage green, grey, and blue. The anti-puncture steel and shock protection will offer you safety from any workplace safety hazards. Besides that, the anti-slip sole will also ensure you dont skid.

If you want to invest in a highly durable pair of civilian footwear, you must not look further than the Military Shoes. These shoes are some of the best work shoes you will ever invest in.

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Indestructible Ryder Shoes Review

The Indestructible Ryder Shoe is the most popular one by the brand. Military Times featured the shoes, which took their popularity to the next level. The Ryder shoe comes in pink, grey, and black.

You will notice that Indestructible Shoes manufactured the Ryder Shoe using a breathable Kevlar fly mesh. Because of this fabric, your feet will receive the airflow they require to stay comfortable all day. You will also not experience stinky or sweaty feet during work.

The soles of the shoe include padding for extra comfort and are puncture-resistant. Besides that, you will notice that the shoes are lightweight as they weigh less than one pound.

Indestructible Shoes Waterproof Camox Review

The Indestructible CamoX shoes come in three colors Black, White, and Black-Red, and are currently marked at a whopping $79 for a regular retail price of $160.

The CamoX model boasts several hundreds of 5 Star reviews on the brands website, with customers raving about how sturdy and comfortable the shoes are. They seem sturdy and well made. They are just a more breathable fabric to allow the lighter weight while still being waterproof.

Like the Ryder shoes, the CamoX range features the military grade kevlar, an incredibly tough and lightweight material that allows your feet to breathe, erasing any potential stinkiness and providing great comfort. They also feature the European heavy-duty steel toes, which offer exceptional protection in strenuous environments. Whoever thought about implementing a steel toe in sneakers is a genius!

The CamoX shoes weigh less than 1 lb, are flexible, and are easy to slip on and off. The biggest difference from the Ryder shoes lies in the fact that the CamoX is the first totally waterproof shoe. They are made to resist punctures and feature a shock-resistant 3D arch support sole to protect both your feet and body day after day.

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Indestructible Shoes Review: Editors Verdict

After scouring the Internet for Indestructible Shoes reviews, we have to say, were a bit conflicted about the brand. This isnt because we do not think they are quality sneakers. Its mostly because there are many fakes on other websites. Its hard to differentiate between genuine reviews and fake reviews .

However, because the brand has been endorsed by reputable websites, including Military Times, it seems that most negative reviews do indeed come from folks who were unfortunate enough to purchase fakes.

Overall, Indestructible Shoes seem like the real deal. Theyre built from highly durable materials, are super-comfortable, and even stylish. Furthermore, theyre not CSA-approved, so we dont feel comfortable recommending them for actual work. But if youre looking for durable, comfy, and protective shoes for work around the house? Indestructible Shoes do seem like a great option. Just remember to purchase them directly from the official website!

Still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes? Check out some more options like Thursday Boots, AllBirds, and Vessi Shoes.

Indestructible J3 Shoes Review


Finally, we have the Indestructible J3 Shoes as the top work shoe. While these shoes offer extra coverage around the ankle, you will still not feel sweaty. That is because the Kevlar fly mesh is moisture-wicking to ensure keeping everything dry.

The J3 shoes are unique from the others because of their fire resistance. If you work in a fire hazard place, you can opt for the J3 shoes. These shoes also include extra padding for your comfort.

Indestructible J3 shoes come in colors black, green, red, and grey. The shoes are lightweight, as they weigh less than one pound. You will love everything the shoes have to offer to you.

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Designs From Indestructible Shoes

When you buy from Indestructible Shoes, youll find designs from many collections such as the Star Collection, which includes the classic styles that you expect from work boots. These boots are also resistant to punctures and skid proof.

Theres also the Kivini collection that resembles running shoes. Those who like running shoes might wanna try the Galaxy Collection, which includes shoes in black and gray. You can also buy some shoes in wide widths such as the J3 and Galaxy Black.

Indestructible Shoes Review Scam Or Legit Truth Exposed

Should you buy from Indestructible Shoes? Is it worth your money or a scam?

If you are reading this Indestructible Shoes review, chances are you have watched the ads for Indestructible Shoes and wonder if it really delivers what it claims.

Over the past few weeks, I have done thorough research about Indestructible Shoes to help you make an informed decision. I can tell you everything you need to know before you buy.

As a disclaimer, Im not affiliated with Indestructible Shoes, meaning Im NOT paid to write this review. So you can be sure that my words are unbiased and trustworthy.

At the end of this review, I will also tell you the best alternative of Indestructible Shoes so that you can enjoy the same benefit at a lower cost.

In this Indestructible Shoes review, Ill cover the following topics to assist you in making an informed decision:

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Indestructible Waterproof Camox Shoes Review

The Waterproof CamoX is the first waterproof shoe by Indestructible Shoes. These shoes include steel toes, military-grade Kevlar fabric, and puncture resistance. The CamoX sole is also shock-resistant to ensure that you can engage in any activity.

Other insole features include a 3D arch support, an extra-padded heel cup, and a breathable mesh fabric. All the features will ensure maximum comfort and breathability all day. There are no laces in the shoes, as it comes with a slip design to save effort and time.

Perhaps the best feature of the show is its design. These shoes have red numerals, red camo detailing, white textures, and much more. The aesthetics of the CamoX are like no other.

What Is Indestructibles Shipping Policy

Never Trust a Fart or These Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes offers free shipping to its customers worldwide. The company has fulfillment centers in China, Canada, and the United States. You have to submit an order on the website, and it will take one to two business days for processing.

If the U.S or Canadian fulfillment centers lack inventory, the company will ship the order from China. Delivery takes five days to two weeks. However, we are amid a pandemic, which is why you can expect delivery to take six to nine weeks.

You will receive a tracking number with your order that you can track on the website. If you lose your item, you can contact the shipping carrier. Indestructible Shoes is not responsible for any shipping issues.

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An Indestructible History Who Are Indestructible Shoes

As is the case with a lot of notable creations, the first Indestructible shoes were dreamt up because the person designing them, one Mr. Nyugen, couldnt find a suitable option for himself on the market.

Having worked on his feet for his entire career, Eric Nyugen would often have to purchase work shoes, but could only ever find them in three distinct categories: sneakers, heavy-duty work boots, and non-slip shoes.

He wondered why the defining features of these different shoes had to be mutually exclusive. Would there not be a way to combine all these traits into one super shoe?

Well, my friends, this question is the very foundation of Indestructible Shoes.

Eric wanted to make something that was as stylish and comfortable as sneakers, as rough and ready as steel toe-cap work boots, and as stable as slip-resistant footwear, an all-in-one shoe suitable for numerous industries.

This combination of style, safety, and comfort lies at the core of every Indestructible design.

Theyve been featured in such media outlets as Military Times and Futurism, which helps to give credence to their claims, but are they really changing the world from their Washington headquarters, or are they just another company trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

Meet Indestructible Shoes Ares Black: Work Boots Disguised As Sneakers

For their latest shoe, the Ares Black, Indestructible Shoes team of designers threw out everything you know about sneakers and work boots and came up with one of their most revolutionary styles yet. The result is a hybrid slip-on high-top unlike anything youve ever seen.

The entire upper of the Ares is made from ultra breathable flymesh, an incredibly comfortable moisture wicking material that prevents sweat and odors. It features a sock-like cuff at the top that hugs your ankle like a slip-on sneaker. However, unlike a typical slip-on sneaker, the Ares features a durable lace cage that extends up and around the ankle for protection and support. Meanwhile the Ares outsole features a revolutionary shock-absorbing suspension system that provides unparalleled whole body relief while dialing the shoes already edgy style up another notch.

Of course, none of the style would mean anything if the shoe didnt also provide maximum protection. Thats why the Ares Black has heavy-duty steel toes, skid and slip resistant grips, puncture resistant soles made from military grade kevlar, and upgraded insoles with 3D-arch support and extra-padded heel cups. But amazingly, despite all those safety features, each Ares Black shoe weighs less than one pound and is incredibly springy and flexible.

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Want To Buy Click Here

The shoes flexibility distributes your body weight across the entire foot. This shoe also has a cushioning midsole, helping to create a roomy toe box for all-day comfort.

But the most important comfort feature in the Ryder Green is the breathable flymesh which helps cool your feet, avoiding the awkward moment where you manage to gross out everyone with sweaty, smelly feet when you take the shoes off.

The breathable flymesh helps your feet keep their cool.

Finally, these shoes also offer convenience. They come with an incredible time-saver: No-tie laces, thanks to an optional add-on. This is all for the price of $79. The Ryder line of shoes also come in black and gray for men, while the Ryder Pink is available for women.

In addition to comfort and toughness, the Ryder Green also offers convenience with an optional no-tie system for its laces.

Check out the Ryder collection at to get a pair while they are still on sale!

Where Do Indestructible Shoes Ship From


Indestructible shoes ship from three fulfillment centers in China, the United States, and Canada. The site gives free shipping worldwide. When you place an order on the Indestructible Shoe website, expect your order to take anywhere from 5-15 days to arrive.

If youre worried about your parcel, you can follow it from the warehouse to your doorstep using the Indestructible Shoes tracking number. You can track your order directly on the website or from the postal service provider. Allow adequate time for tracking information to update as you wait to receive your package.

If you decide that Indestructible shoes aren’t for you, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund of your order.

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Star 101 Indestructible Shoe Review

The Star 101 Collection of Indestructible shoes features two shoes in black and brown.

Star 101 shoes are designed to be the perfect pair of shoes for your busy lifestyle and the ultimate all-in-one footwear solution. Built with military-grade Kevlar, you wont need to sacrifice comfort for protection.

These shoes feature:

  • Waterproof remain confident that your feet will stay dry through any terrain.
  • European Steel Toes: Heavy-duty stell will protect your toes from crushing or from falling objects.
  • Puncture Resistance: Military-grade material used on the sole of each shoe ensures your feet are safe from workplace hazards.
  • Skid Proof Keep from sliding or skidding with built-in resistance.
  • Wear Resistant Technology Shoes that are made for the long haul.
  • Flexible: Springy, flexible composition helps distribute your body weight more evenly.
  • Fire Resistant Use them in any environment.
  • Less Than 1LB Considering the steel toes and other protective materials, these shoes weigh less than 1 LB.

These black Star 101 Indestructible shoes have more than 100 five-star reviews They are available in a wide range of sizes from US5.5 to US13. Usually costing $160, they are currently on sale for $79. Check out the Indestructible shoes site for current pricing.

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