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What Running Shoe Is Comparable To Asics Gel Kayano

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Stability Running Shoes Terms


To understand how stability running shoes works, its important to know a few basic shoe terms.

  • Medial side. The medial side of a shoe is the inside edge. Starting at your big toe, trace a line back to your heel, and thats the medial side.
  • Lateral side. Opposite the medial side, the lateral side is the outside of your foot. Starting at your small toe, trace the outside of your foot back to your heel, and thats the lateral side.
  • Medial post. The firmer piece of foam or rigid plastic insert that improves durability on the medial side of the shoe.
  • Overpronation. Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot when you transition through the gait cycle. Overpronation happens when your foot spends too much time on the instep as you transition from heel to toe.

Heel Collar Tongue Laces

The heel counter in both shoes is quite pronounced and kind of gives you that nice snug fit around the back.

With the Kayano, you do have a little bit more of an external heel counter.

Both shoes have a ton of padding around the collar to give you that nice snug fit around the back with plenty of cushioning around there.

The tongue and laces are quite padded and they shouldnt cause any irritation.

Cant Be More Stable Than This

My strides do not feel uncontrolled at any point: thats how a stability shoe should feel when worn by an overpronator. Its what the Asics Gel Kayano 27 does perfectly. Smooth ride you can count on.

Not even one complaint from the experts, praise only: maximum stability,ride is extremely stable and secure,impressive protection from overpronation.

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About Asics Kayano And Quantum

Just like with anything that people wear on the body, we advise to get the one that you feel the most comfortable with. If possible try the shoes at the store and do some testing while walking or running in the spot to know how they feel in application. For online shoppers make sure that the size is correct and the type of running shoes match your preference some tend to be soft and cloudy, some are hard and some are bouncy with better response.

The choice is all yours because we have different preferences and running styles. If you already have a favorite brand, it will be much easier to find perfect shoes because usually we already like how they designed the product. Asics for example is one of the most versatile choices if you are in the market for a new running shoe. This Japanese brand is quite famous for their wide range of shoes, especially those that deliver comfort and stability.

Based on which seems to fit you the most, Asics carry a wide range of options such as Asics Kayano and Quantum. Both of them are the favorite of many and it is for good reasons. Kayano is famous for being stability shoes so it will be very supportive if you need something that can hold the feet more prominently while on the other hand Quantum is a line of neutral shoes. As expected the ride experience with the two is going to be different.

Asics Gel Kayano 24 Video Reviews

Asics Gel Kayano 27

I’m a running shoe junkie who has been running year-round for 9 years now, currently averaging around 30 miles/week, mostly on roads, preferably in stability shoes with a high amount of cushion. Ive completed a half marathon, and am about to run a full. My favorite brands are ASICS, Brooks, New Balance & Saucony. A web developer by trade, I started running to contrast my sedentary desk job and have been hooked ever since. Join me on my epic quest of finding the right shoes for wide, flat-footed mid-strikers.

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Brooks Glycerin Gts 2e

The DNA LOFT v3 midsole is packed with nitrogen while delivering luxurious step-in comfort. The nitrogen makes the midsole much softer, but still lightweight in comparison with the Adrenaline GTS. Brooks’ holistic GuideRails support is gentle, yet very effectively in correcting over-pronation to encourage a balanced alignment. The premium upper is a bit more generous, with a soft feel, to give you a next-level experience. Also available in standard width.

Pros & Cons Of Saucony Guide 13

For those who crave reliable comfort on any run and need some support, Guide 13 gives the best balance of feel-good cushioning and fluid guidance through the gait cycle.

-PWRRUN cushioning provides a just-right softness & responsive

-Strong support through the medial TPU frame guides each foot through its natural gait cycle for a smooth run.

-Ultra comfort with the FORMFIT as it surrounds the foot

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Similar Shoes To Asics Gel Kayano Wrap

So that was a lot of information, but at the end of the day if you need running shoes similar to the Asics Gel Kayano, you want one that offers a great combination over the medial support and cushioning.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 and HOKA One One Arahi 4 both provide some awesome support and cushion that are most comparable to Asics Gel Kayano.

The construction of the upper can definitely have an impact on the lockdown and breathability of each shoe, but the shoes listed above all have an acceptable amount of lockdown over your foot and it shouldnt be a deal breaker.

Overall youre probably looking for a shoe with lots of medial support, so make sure you get a shoe that provides the stability youll need!

I would recommend searching around for sales and deals on these shoes, some are pretty new models, but you definitely have an opportunity find these for cheaper.

Sole Unit: Gel Kayano 28 Vs Gt

ASICS Gel Kayano 28 First Look | Reliable Max Stability Returns!

The Gel Kayano 28 has a quad-density midsole with FlyteFoam Blast in the forefoot. The GT 1000 has a midsole made from FlyteFoam which isnt as soft or bouncy as FlyteFoam Blast. Both shoes have gel in the rear foot and a hidden dime-sized gel unit in the forefoot for shock absorption.

The rides of both shoes are not pillowy soft but medium-soft. The Kayano 28 has deeper cushioning and some slight bounce which makes it suitable for longer runs. The firmer but lighter GT 1000 is better suited for shorter, faster runs.

Stability in both shoes is provided by the DuoMax support system in the midfoot area on the medial sides. Trusstic systems under the arch provide extra midfoot stability.

The mens and womens versions of the GT 1000 have 10mm heel-to-toe offsets whereas the mens Kayano 28 has a 12mm heel-to-toe offset with the womens version having a 13mm offset. Asics calls this gender-specific cushioning.

Outsoles of the Kayano 28 and GT 1000 have thick Asics High Abrasion Rubber lugs which provide plenty of traction on wet and dry surfaces.

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Differences Between Asics Running Shoes

Each of these shoes offers something different, based on the type of run you are doing. The GEL-NIMBUS is ideal for long runs where comfort is a priority. If you want to go a bit faster without sacrificing comfort, then the GEL-KAYANO is your best choice. Want to go faster still? Then lace up in the GEL-CUMULUS No matter which one you choose, you will have a good run!

If youre new to running terms, pronation is the amount your foot rolls inward when it strikes the ground during walking or running. Learn about different pronation styles. Its important to determine what kind of pronator you are because not only will it narrow down your shoe choices, but finding a pair specific to your foots needs will help ensure your comfort and decrease the chances of injury. Learn whats good, bad, and normal when it comes to foot pronation.

Overwhelmed with all the running shoe options out there? We hear you! Shoe Finder is here to help you score the perfect fit. Once youve found your perfect pair, be sure to track their mileage using the Shoe Tracker feature in the ASICS Runkeeper app. Experts recommend replacing running shoes anywhere from about 300 to 600 miles, so this is a great way to gauge when its time to retire your worn soles and get a new pair.

Asics Gel Kayano 24 Review

The Kayano 24 is the Subaru Outback of shoes. Not the perfect shoe for any situation, but the perfect shoe for any situation.

OK, maybe not trail running since it is a road shoe, but the 24th edition of Asics premium support shoe is well-balanced, even if it is a tad over-engineered.

I had tried these shoes earlier this spring when shopping for a new pair of shoes from Zappos. At that time I chose the Brooks Adrenaline 18, citing the $40 cost difference and a nice update of the GTS 18.

A few months later when trying on more shoes I purchased the Kayano 24 after they had a price drop. I wanted a daily trainer that can make it to 300 miles and this shoe looked the part.

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The Kayano 24 Is Comfortable

As the Kayano series has a reputation for using high-quality materials for a premium feel, I couldnt wait to put these on. The plush collar feels a lot different and feels much better than previous versions because of the rounded-out shape of it – I think the intention was to prevent going too high and irritating the Achilles.

The upper has a mostly seamless feel and stretches nicely to accommodate the foot for all foot shapes/sizes. If you have a high instep or wide foot, this shoe will still fit nicely, as there is plenty of volumes if you need it from the midfoot to the forefoot.

The only thing I didnt find comfortable is the insole. After being spoiled by the Brooks GTS 18 insole, the Kayano 24 insole feels a bit disposable.

Im 120 miles into these shoes and I feel like the insole is still not molding to my foot. It also feels too hard and is in contrast with the rest of the shoes premium feel. Ive been using nicely cushioned socks to alleviate these issues with no complaints.

Asics Vs Brooks Running Shoe Models

Asics Gel Kayano 26 Running Shoes Multi Color: Buy Online at Best Price ...

Now that you know more about each brand, lets look at their top models in each of the main categories. Theres no winner declared here because all are great shoes, its just about which one is best for your foot.

Did you notice I even said the brands in reverse order this timeseriously no favorites, I have run in both brands many different times over the years.

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Running Shoes For Better Runs

Running is great, it is one of the most popular exercises for reasons and one of them is being easy to access. It is not easy to do however because it requires effort and discipline to stick with your routine but unlike other training that may require expensive or some type of machines, running only requires you to have safe footwear for the activity. Running shoes are very common and you may need to wear one to improve the performance.

Of course there are people who prefer to not wear any shoes or barefoot but if you are running outdoors we highly advise you to wear something. This can be any footwear that is ideal for the application and comfortable to you. If you dont have any issue about wearing one, we do recommend buying at least a pair of good running shoes. This will be a motivation too when you are reluctant to get out of the house and hit the track.

Running shoes are ideal for running because they are made for this type of application. Unlike many other shoes, the construction of running shoes is made to support your feet. Depending on what they are made for, road running shoes will have a flatter outsole while those used for trail running will be chunkier and thicker to bridge your skin and harsh surface. Especially for those running on trails, we need something that is more robust to both cover the bottom and the upper of your feet.

Check price

Should You Buy The Asics Gel

Great stability and support help round out a very classic design with the Kayano 29. Users searching for a shoe with a more substantial and supportive feel and the associated durability should give this shoe a serious look. The upper is comfortable, snug, and well-designed. Some users may find some of the added features on this model to be a bit overkill, but those users that have pronation issues or need stability could end up loving this shoe. If you’re a fan of Asics shoes and you are interested in updating, we do not think you’ll be disappointed.

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Asics Kayano 27 Vs Nimbus 22

Before we jump into it, theres going to be a few people that say these shoes dont go up against each other. Youre pretty much correct because the Kayano is a stability shoe and the Nimbus is a neutral shoe.

Ive discussed this in the general difference of the Asics Gel Kayano vs Nimbus above.

If you skipped the general comparison above, let me just clear a few things quickly.

The Asics Gel Kayano 27 is a stability shoe. So, if youre someone who overpronates and goes to roll in a little bit and you want that little bit more guidance on the medial side of the foot, the Kayano is going to work really well.

If youre a neutral runner or someone who comes down quite straight throughout the gait cycle and holds that line quite nicely, the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is going to work well.

Also, if you supinate/underpronate meaning your feet tend to roll out, the Nimbus does have that potential to kind of bounce you back in and hold you nice and straight.

Overall, both the Kayano and the Nimbus are great daily trainers but very different in terms of your stability structure underneath the foot.

With that out of the way, what are the Kayano and the Nimbus going to be good for?

If youre someone who wants to do lots of miles or even a gym workout in these, both shoes will work quite nicely.

Asics designed these shoes to be those max mileage daily trainers so youre going to get tons of miles out these guys.

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Asics Kayano Vs Asics Gt 1000

Asics Gel Kayano 26 vs 25 Running Shoe Comparison Review | Sportitude

Brandon Law

The Asics Gel Kayano, in its 28th iteration, is one of the most popular stability trainers in the world. Its popularity stems from the fact that it has a consistent fit and ride from year to year, it is widely available and is always crammed with Asics’ newest technologies. It has a premium feel and a premium price at $160.

The Asics GT 1000 is the base model in Asics’ stability category and shares some features with the Gel Kayano 28 but retails for $60 less. Which of these shoes is the right one for you?

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New Balance Vs Asics Feature Comparison

Both brands have been around for a very long time and are leaders in running shoe design. They both offer various technologies to aid with comfort, support, stability, and cushion.

Where they differ most is in the fit.

The following breaks down each shoe based on the components buyers need to consider when purchasing a running shoe.

Its gonna get a little TECHYso you can just skip on down to the specific model comparison if you want, but personally if Im shelling out $150 for shoes, I kinda want to know why.


The lifespan of shoes from both companies is fairly comparable.

  • New Balance shoes have a life expectancy ranging from 300 to 500 miles, or three to six months, depending on your monthly mileage.
  • ASICS recommends swapping out for new shoes every 450 to 500 miles.

Determining when to replace running shoes, of course, all depends on your gait, weight, and whether you run mostly on trail or road.


New Balance uses what is called a Hypoknit upper which offers the moisture wicking and breathability you want in your long run shoe.

ASICS Ortholite Lasting material provides a plush underfoot cushion while managing moisture build up from sweat, allowing for maximum breathability.

Across MOST running shoes, the only time you now wont find them to be breathable is if you get to Gore-Tex shoes that are designed to be water repellent or water resistant.


40 :
50 :
60 :
70 :
80 :
90 :




Sole Unit: Gel Nimbus 24 Vs Gel Kayano 28

The sole of these two shoes are similar, but at the same time radically different.

Lets start with the most traditional of the two: the ASICS Gel Nimbus 24. The sole is made of Asics FlyteFoam as well as FF Blast+ which is a super soft, super bouncy foam. Completing the package is the addition of two Gel Units, one under the heel and one under the forefoot, to add an extra degree of cushioning and shock absorption to these high-impact areas.

The Gel Kayano 28 is a true traditional stability shoe and implements stability solutions.The Kayano 28 contains basically every latest technology ASICS offers in their stability line. The stability of the Kayano is primarily provided by their DuoMax support system. This is a dual density, similar to a medial post, midsole system. It runs from the beginning of the external heel counter down to the front of the arch. It has been around for quite some time and for good reason. This blends in nicely with all the other features of the sole unit like the Guidance Trusstic System and Guidance Line.

Overall the Nimbus and the Kayano both offer a soft, cushioned ride for long mileage also to heavier-set runners. The Kayano adds true and tested stability solutions for the runners with unstable ankles or that prefer a more guided stride.

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