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Do Good Shoes Help With Back Pain

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Best For Female Runners: Asics Womens Gel

How To Put On Your Shoes And Socks If You Have Back Pain And For Herniated Disc Treatment


  • The insole is quite hard

ASICS Womens Gel-Cumulus 20 is the best athletic shoe for runners of all levels. They are ultralight cushioning, flexible fit, and full ground contact. Especially, ASICS Womens Gel-Cumulus 20 also alleviates back pain and rectifies your gait.

The jacquard man-made mesh upper, ORTHOLITE sock liner, and Impact Guidance System Technology work together to improve the natural gait from heel strike to toe. The rolled collar brings an attractive silhouette.

FlyteFoam Propel Technology which is featured by a unique elastomer compound offers ASICS Womens Gel-Cumulus 20 a superior bounce. GEL technology at rearfoot and forefoot improves shock attenuation and maintains full ground contact.;

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to relieve lower back painHow to sleep with lower back pain

If you have lower back pain, it may be easier on the back to sleep either on your side or face-up. To relieve lower back pain while sleeping, you can try putting a pillow between your knees if you sleep on your side or under your knees if you sleep face-up. This can help reduce pressure on the lower back. You can also try putting a small pillow or a towel under your lower back when sleeping face-up.

Is lower back pain a sign of pregnancy?

Lower back pain is not a sign of pregnancy. It is the result of added weight bearing during pregnancy causing overpronation that can lead to experiencing lower back pain. This is contrary to prior thought where low back pain during pregnancy was caused by Lordosis, or an over backward leaning of the body to balance the weight of the developing child.Its possible for lower back pain to be a sign of pregnancy. Most commonly, lower back pain develops later in the pregnancy, starting at month five. However, the pain can begin earlier, as early as eight weeks.

What can cause lower back pain in a women?What organs can cause lower back pain?Can constipation cause lower back pain?

Yes, in some cases constipation can cause lower back pain. When stool backs up, it can create pressure which can lead to lower back pain.

Is walking good for lower back pain?What is the best medicine for lower back pain?Can gas cause lower back pain?

Additional Resources

The Best Shoes For Preventing Back Pain

While it may seem like the search for the perfect shoe is never-ending, many shoes help with back pain. Many are available for purchase online or at your local shoe store, and some can be developed specifically to meet your needs by a medical specialist.

Running Shoes

Running shoes;may be among the best shoes;for lower back pain. This is because running shoes are designed to help absorb the shock that hits our feet as we walk or run. They are great shoes for people who experience back pain, as they are often well-cushioned and have ample arch support.

Additionally, running shoes also typically support your ankles and can help keep your feet stay in position for correct posture.

Rocker Bottom Soles

Rocker bottom soles are also among the best shoes for back pain. The shoes have been;shown;to strengthen back muscles, improve the spine’s curvature, and reduce lower back pain. Rocker bottom soles have also been shown to help prevent joint pain. They truly may be the holy grail for those who are struggling and are looking for the best shoes for back pain this holiday season.

If you’re not familiar with rocker bottom soled shoes, they are shoes that have a thick sole and rounded heel. They have many names, including round bottom shoes, rounded sole shoes, and toning shoes. Rocker bottom soles are a great option for those with joint issues.


Birkenstocks also have a deep heel that helps with weight distribution and foot alignment.

Ergonomic Shoes

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Asics Mens Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

ASICS mens gel Nimbus 18 has placed itself next on the list because of the high quality features designed to give comfort to the men suffering from the pain of sciatica. Either it is a random walk or going for work, this pair of shoe will give the maximum protection and comfort to the feet.

Manufacturing material:

The shoe is made with a combination textile and synthetic materials. It is the material,which allows the feet to breather and reduces the odor of sweat.

Design of the shoe:

It comes in a stream-line design with laces.

Midsole of the shoe:

The midsole of this athletic foot wear are made of EVA foam. This not only provides cushioning to the feet but also protects the feet from shocks.

Rear foot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems:

It allows movements in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.

Heel Clutching System Technology:

It is designed with a Heel clutching system technology. This heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment.

Rubber sole:

The sole of the shoe is made of hard rubber. This allows the man with sciatica pain to run and walk with more comfort. A person can also opt it for work.

Why do we recommend it?

  • It is a breathable pair of shoe which can be worn for a light exercise.
  • It is designed with a hard rubber sole.
  • It comes in a variety of vibrant colors.
  • It is designed with a heel clutching system technology which gives maximum protection to the heel while exercising or running.

Nike Tanjun Mens Athletic Running Shoe

The Best Running Shoes For Hip Pain

Next on the list is the Tanjun shoe from Nike and it can work wonders for people with sciatica nerve pain. The name of the footwear is taken from a Japanese language, which means simplicity. The shoe lets the person walk and work with ease without any discomfort.

Design of the shoe:

The shoe is made in a streamlined design.

The shoe comes with a combination of black and white color with the company logo engraved on it.

Manufacturing material:

The upper of the shoe is made of leather which allows the feet to breather for longer hours. If you want to wear it work, the shoe will be a best option to keep your feet odorless.

Midsole of the shoe:

The midsole of the shoe are padded with the EVA foam. This protects the feet from shocks.

Slip-resistant sole:

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber. Now even if a person is working in a wet place, you will be less worried about being getting slipped. The rubber sole of the shoe makes it easy to walk.

Why do we recommend it?

  • The is launched in the market by a highly acknowledged brand.
  • It is a breathable foot wear.
  • It is designed with a slip-resistant sole, so that a person with sciatica pain maintains his balance on the floor.

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Customize Shoes For Back Pain

Lets say youd love a pair of flip-flops that are custom-made for you and wont cause any back pain. Well, youre in luck, because this is entirely possible with the help of a podiatrist.

You can actually get 3D-scanned by your podiatrist who can order a fully-customized, custom-milled flip-flop that will support your arches based on your individual arch 3D scan, Dr. Petkov says.

So, never fear. You can still wear easy-breezy flip-flops this summer and skip the back pain, too.

Intro: Joint Bone Spine. Effects of unstable shoes on chronic low back pain in health professionals: A randomized controlled trial

Your Foot Type Matters: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Association between hyper-pronated foot and the degree of severity of disability in patients with non-specific low back pain

Your Foot Type Matters: Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Medicine. A Study of Foot Shape and Low Back Pain, Hip Abduction Muscle and Ankle Lateral Injury

How to Find the Right Shoes: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. Biomechanical effects of wearing high-heeled shoes

Avoid Back Pain With Supportive Flexible Shoes

High heels, flats, toning shoes, and flip flops are all shoes to avoid if you have back pain. Instead, you should invest in supportive, flexible shoes that cushion your feet as you walk. While sneakers and running shoes are a smart choice, any well-designed and practical piece of footwear will help fight back pain.

This doesnt mean you have to shop in the orthopedic section or wear clunky grandma shoes all the time. There are millions of affordable, attractive pairs of shoes that also give your feet what they need to keep your spine healthy and your back happy. Look for:

  • Shoes with a low heel
  • Shoes with a contoured insole to support your arch
  • Shoes that flex with your foot without rolling up in flimsy balls or feeling stiff as boards
  • Shoes with at least half an inch of wiggle room in the toes to allow for proper flexing and gripping as you walk
  • Shoes that feel comfortable in the store without pinching or binding your foot and please dont count on stretch or breaking in your shoes when buying footwear!
  • Shoes that carry a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association

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Flip Flops And Sandals

Although flip flops or sandals could be nice and soft, they do not give you the cushioning and support you need – especially around the arches of your feet. This could cause pain in your arches, ankles, knees, and back. This favorite summer footwear also requires your toes to clamp down to hold on to your shoe while walking – adding to the strain placed on your feet and legs.

The Best And Worst Shoes For Back Pain

How To Put On Socks & Shoes With Back Pain or Sciatica

Experiencing back pain? Heres what two podiatrists recommend for choosing shoes that wont harm and might help.

Adobe Stock

Back pain can be traced to plenty of sources. Maybe you overexerted yourself. Perhaps you sit for most hours of the day. Or maybe you have an underlying disease that causes back pain.

If youve had back pain for more than a month, your pain is worsening over time, or youre developing new neurologic symptoms such as numbness or weakness in any part of your body, it is best to see your healthcare professional.

But if youve cleared your symptoms with your doctor, or you want to give some commonsense guidelines a try first, its worth considering whether your footwear choices may be contributing to your back pain.

Everyday Health spoke with two New York Citybased podiatrists for their input on the best and worst shoes for back pain. Both doctors note that what works best for one person wont necessarily work the same for others. For some people, for example, significant limb length differences can lead to problems that are exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes.

But for many people, simply identifying shoes that fit well, are adequately cushioned, and provide the right kind of support is a step in the right direction.

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Sandals With Arch Support

Generally speaking, sandals and flip-flops dont provide a lot of support. But special, orthopedic-style sandals are an exception, says Fu. These do provide a proper amount of arch support, says Butts.

If you love sandals as daily footwear, a podiatrist should be able to help you identify which types would be best for you.

Theory Of Foot Orthotics For Lower Back Pain

Mechanical problems in the feet can negatively affect the way a patient walks or stands, which over time places strain on the lower back, causing pain.

Examples of common foot problems that can lead to an irregular posture and/or walking pattern include:

  • Plantar fasciitis, which can lead to chronic heel pain and/or arch pain
  • Nerve pain or numbness in the foot
  • Bunions and bunionettes
  • Excessive foot pronation or supination

In general, if a shoe insole can help the patient achieve a healthy posture and gait, this correction can allow the soft tissues in the lower back to heal, reducing pain.Theoretically, any problem with the foot or ankle resulting in a compromised posture or gait can lead to lower back pain, as well as possible pain in other weight-bearing joints, such as the hips, knees and ankles.

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Are Cheap Shoes Bad For My Back

There is not a short answer to this question. A well-made shoe has at least 60 different components used in its construction, with some shoes having up to 200 components. These parts give a shoe its structure and will keep the foot in the shape it is designed to be. In footwear design and manufacture however, there are always shortcuts available and this is how brands keep prices down, or profits up in some cases.

The best way to think about this is that your feet are worth investing a little time and money in. You will need time to find the shoe that genuinely fits we know from 150 years running shoe stores that this is not straightforward. Secondly, you should consider buying high quality footwear, which is cleverly designed to offer both comfort and the design features that you love. Fashion doesnt have to kill your feet!

Some people who suffer from back pain may have been recommended to use specialist orthotics or insoles. It is worth mentioning that insoles or orthotics can offer great support for your foot but are typically not recognised as a common cure for back pain make sure to consult medical professionals to find the best solution for you. Everyone is different.

What Causes Lower Back Pain

Best Running Shoes For Women With Back Pain Who Are Active

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back and you dont remember doing anything to injure it, the source of your pain could start with your feet. For example, if youve been experiencing foot pain for a while, it could be causing problems in your knees, hips, ankles, and back.

When foot pains or deformities cause you to walk differently, it has an impact on a variety of other joints within your body. Changing the way that you walk changes the mechanics of your ankle joint, which can eventually lead to ankle pain. This new gait can also affect your knees, hips, and finally, the lower back.

If you walk or run without properly supported feet, you may be stressing and straining your lower back. With every step, impact can travel up your legs to your lumbar region where muscles supporting the back can get aggravated, causing you pain.

Lower back pain can also be due to:

  • Structural issues in the lower back including disc degeneration, disc alignment issues or nerve impingement.
  • Being on your feet for long periods of time
  • Being overweight

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Chiropractic Care For Joint Problems

Joint problems, such as in your ankles, knees, or hips, can lead to back pain. Ankles and knees absorb much of the shock from walking or running, and tendons and ligaments can take a beating in the process. A chiropractor can help assess this problem and evaluate how it may be contributing to your back pain.

The shoes we wear can be detrimental to our joint health. A chiropractor will be able to recommend the best shoes for back pain based on your condition.

Skechers Performance Mens Go Walk Walking Shoe

Next on the list is an outstanding shoe for providing maximum comfort. Skechers is known for footwear and it is designed to let you walk and run with ease even if you have a sciatica nerve pain.

Manufacturing material:

It is made of mesh material.; This enhances the breathability of its users. This shoe comes only in black color.

Slip-on design:

This comes in a simple design instead of traditional laces. Now even if a person with ;sciatica pain can ;wear it no matter how much in hurry he is.

Rubber outsole:

It comes with a thick and durable bottom rubber sole. This gives maximum grip on the floor and even on un even surfaces.

Ortholite insole:

The shoe is designed with Ortholite insole. This Ortholite is beneficial in way that it reduces the odor of sweat for longer hours.

Circular sensors:

You can see circular sensors on the rubber outsole. This enhances the walking experiences and you can even count on it for office work or at times running.

Why do we recommend it?

  • It makes the feet odor free.
  • It is perfect for running or walking on all kinds of terrains.

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Best Work Shoes For Back Pain

If your occupation keeps you on your feet all day, comfortable footwear is a must. Here are some of the best work shoes for back pain.

Why you should consider these shoes:;The Minna ballet flat supports natural alignment through Vionics unique technology.

Features:;Removable microfiber-covered EVA orthotic insert

What users say: Not only did they reduce the pain in my feet, my back actually hurts less also. Highly recommend these shoes.

Price: $119.95

Why you should consider these shoes:;The deep Gramercy design includes removable orthotic insoles in order to provide space for custom made orthotics.

Features:;Lightweight soles, seam-free interior lining, adjustable fit

What users say: I stand on my feet all day at work and they really help my lower back pain.

Price: $135.95

Why you should consider these shoes:;This style by Merrell strikes a balance between business casual style and all-day comfort.

Features:;Air cushion heel, Ortholite footbed, breathable mesh lining

What users say: If anyone has had a back surgery or chronic pain issues like me the Merrell Encore Shoes are a great buy

Price: $99.95

Why you should consider these shoes:;The walk-all-day comfort provided by Clarks Marigold design is ideal if you have a job that keeps you on your feet.

Features:;Easy slip-on style, OrthoLite® cushioned footbed

What users say: I bought these shoes to wear to work because I was having very bad back pain. They have helped and are very comfortable to walk in

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