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Where To Buy Light Up Shoes

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Gift Them For Your Daughter Wife Sister Or Friend

DIY LIGHT UP SHOES | Make Thrift Buy #25

With many shapes, colors and sizes, you can easily gift our womens light up shoes for any gifting celebration. Our items make perfect gifts for close family, best friends and husbands.

Have your children, cousins or friends running around with these on and theyll instantly become the center of attention as people gleam toward their shoes with instant awe and envy. Your kids, big or small, will literally get a kick off of their low top, high top or trainer LED shoes. Theyll enjoy it, day or night.

Thousands of people, all shapes and sizes, are encouraged to try our shoes, as they go with every single occasion especially at party and festivals. It doesnt matter whether youre big or small, male or female, kid or adult, you are bound to make a statement when you wear these shoes. These shoes with light up soles are great for girls and women, and they are very in demand amongst people all over the world.

Time For Charging And Lighting:

When shopping for light-up shoes, one must consider lighting time/runtime and charging time/battery timing. These will give you information about the time that the shoes light up and how long it takes to charge the battery. Some high-end LED shoes now have a remote control to allow you to operate and control lights.

  • The runtime tells you how long the light will last, which is usually 6 to 7 hours for LED-lit shoes.
  • You will be able to see the charging time, which is usually 2 3 hours.

What Are Light Up Shoes And Why Would I Want Them

Light up shoes is a trendy gift for everyone, especially kids. Theyre stylish and comfortable as well as flashy with lights inside the shoes sole .

Light-up shoes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the unique needs of customers including walking/dancing or sports/professional use. If you want to invest in these lighted sneakers check out the below:

Where Can I Buy Light Up Shoes? Shoes with a high-fashion shine are trendy and will make you stand out from the rest. These brightly colored shoes are fashionable, durable, and comfortable.

Its a great gift for children, especially as it makes them stand out and looks amazing with the lights in the sole.

These shoes are primarily designed for walking and dancing. A few of them are also suitable for professional and sports use. You can find them in a variety of sizes and designs to meet your individual needs.

These shoes are light-up and you want to make an investment? Then check out these factors.

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Ensured Safety When Wearing Your Shoes

They are 100% safe to wear, anywhere. These LED sneakers wont wreck in the water, so that means you are free to wear them in rain, fog or snow. Just dont submerge them! If you do, you could severely damage the battery that is located inside of the shoe. Any exterior wetness is fine for your light up shoes. Your sneakers are risk free to put on during any weather or occasion.

Wear these at a party, festival, event or anywhere you wish to make a statement at. Popular among kids to adults, these sneakers are all of the rave no matter where you go. Youve found the right place if youre looking for durable, wearable, lightweight neon colorway. With the best prices and free shipping, you cant go wrong.

Mountain Warehouse Marine Light

3 Reasons To Buy LED Light Up Shoes For Your Kids... And 3 ...

Sizes:6-12 child

Practical and fun these summer shoes are a worthy addition to their shoe collection. They mould to the feet for extra support and comfort and have a quick-drying light foam lining too. The soles flash when walking for added amusement as well as keeping kids visible too. A cool blue and yellow colourway for a beachy feel.

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John Lewis & Partners Childrens Light Up Mary Jane Shoes

Sizes: 10jnr 3 UK | Standard and wide width | Fabric: Leather

School shoes with a difference, this classic Mary Jane pair have lights in the sole for extra charm. The lights arent as bold as some other designs but perfect if youre after something more subtle and smart for school that they will love to wear too. A flexible and durable sole with memory foam and anti-bacterial in-sock, they have classic rip-tape fastening and cut out details for added interest.

Odema Unisex Led High Top Light

Designed with fashion elements, these Led sneakers are available in red, black, white, silver, and gold.

True to size, the light works perfectly and has many different settings including solid colored light, flashing blue, and color changing.

Just like your cell phone, you charge them with the attached USB charging cable. These sneakers are beautiful and gather attention!

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Skechers S Lights Dyna

Sizes:4-9 child | Fabric: Textile

Another great pair from Skechers with five star reviews from customers. Ideal for toddlers, these easy slip-on trainers have a soft woven mesh upper fabric and lights on the side that flash with every step. Theres a switch on the strap to deactivate the lights if needed. They have a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort and a flexible sole with decent grip. Available in red, blue and black.

They Actually Gave Us The Light Up Shoes

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Fuck, I can finally live the dream of being that 9 year old you see at the mall with stupid flashing shoes that you secretly envy

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Geox Grayjay Boy Sneakers

Sizes: 7jnr 5 UK | Fabric: Upper: 66% Synthetic, 34% Textile, Lining, 100% Textile, Outsole, 100% Rubber, Insole, 100% Leather

These trainers have a cool basketball aesthetic which kids and adults will love. Blue and green make for one trendy colour combo with the added bonus of a light-up sole too. Breathable fabrics and super lightweight, they have excellent grip with a removable footbed for hygiene and to keep the feet feeling fresh. A single riptape fastening makes them easy to slip on and off.

Final Thoughts On Purchasing A New Pair

We are here to help you find light up shoes. You can buy them online or in stores where they sell these types of shoe products. Follow the link below for more information about how and where to purchase light up shoes. Are you looking for something specific? Let us know what type of shoe style, colors, or features that youre looking for so we can point you towards a store with your desired product! Where Can I Buy Light Up Shoes

Im sure youve been in a situation where youre trying to decide between two pairs of shoes, so I wanted to provide some thoughts on my decision process before purchasing a new pair. First, is your current footwear still in good shape? Is there anything wrong with it? If not, then this may be the perfect time for an upgrade. Second, will these shoes be worn often or just occasionally? Will they see more wear and tear than your old shoe? Third, what is the most important factor when deciding which shoe to purchase: comfort or style? Fourth, do you have any other items that go well with this particular shoe , and can those items be purchased at the same store?

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Light Up Flashing Sports Dancing Sneakers


Weve seen a number of different light up shoes with varying designs and colors. Some are a plain athletic shoe, while other are decked out skate shoes with skulls. Well, its now time to introduce metallic light up shoes, like the Light Up Flashing Sports Dancing Sneakers.

Theyre made of microfiber. The upper is a synthetic leather, with a white cotton lining. The sole is rubber, with an LED strip inside. To turn them on, simply press the button by the charging port. Each subsequent press changes the lights to a different mode. Hold for three seconds, in order to turn them off. Easily recharge them with a USB cable, and theyll be ready in three-hours. From there, youll have five-to-eight-hours of light up footwear ahead of you.

Theyre available in womens sizes 6.5-to-10 . And, you can choose from three metallic colors: Gold, silver, and pink. As cool as they look, theyre not intended for any hardcore dancing.

Price: $21.99 $30.90

Best Light Up Shoes For Adults

Find More Athletic Shoes Information about FS Pink Kids ...
  • May 8, 2018 at 2:57pm


If were being entirely honest, nobody actually grew out of their love for light up shoes. Walking around, seeing your feet glow with each and every steppure magic.

Only kids wear light up shoes, right? Wrong! There are plenty of awesome light up shoes for adults, too. And, they range all the way up to large mens sizes.

LED shoes can generally be broken down into two categories: Those that are meant for heavy or sports-like use, and those that are purely designed for walking. Each capsule in this piece will indicate which type of shoe it is.

When it comes to light up shoes for adults, there are plenty of places to wear them. Costume parties and Halloween are always a great choice. And heck, theyre so cool, you can wear them as your everyday shoes.

But, if youre planning to wear these LED shoes to a festival, youll to want to deck yourself out in womens festival clothing, or mens festival clothing, too.

There are a few things to keep in mind, when it comes to light up shoes for adultsor really any footwear, in general. Always check the sellers size chart. Second, theres about a one-and-a-half size difference between mens and womens shoes. So a womens 8.5 is a mens seven. Moreover, theres a two-size difference between womens and childrens sizes. A womens six is a childrens four. This will help with any tricky size conversions.

Peruse this list to find where to buy light up shoes for adults, and rock your amazing new footwear.

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Can You Switch Off Light

A. Not all light-up shoes can turn off. Most pressure-activated shoes cant be turned off and will keep lighting up every time your child takes a step until the LED lights stop working or the battery dies.

If you want your childs shoes to also function as daily wear, you should buy a rechargeable pair with a control switch.

What Styles Do They Come In

We currently offer the following styles that are available today. These include:

All of these are capable of fitting your lifestyle perfectly. Simple choose the style that you like and begin to light up your life with some LED lights! Wear them at a party, festival, event or anywhere you wish to stand out at. Because you will stand out and cause heads to turn as people witness your unique and bright footwear. Popular among kids to adults these sneakers are all of the rave across america and worldwide.

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Can You Wash Your Childs Light

A. Moisture and electrical circuitry dont work very well together, and you definitely shouldnt submerge your childs light-up shoes in water. Rechargeable shoes are fairly susceptible to malfunctioning from moisture going into charging ports, so you should practice caution by keeping these shoes as dry as you can.

Some manufacturers say that you can wash their shoes, but you should keep these cleanings as simple as possible. Just use a simple damp cloth to wipe down the outside of the shoe and tackle any of the debris stuck to the soles of the shoes with an old toothbrush.

Best Light Up Shoes And Led Sneakers For Adults

LIGHT UP SHOES?! (An Ebay Review)

While LED shoes are extremely popular among kids, adults as well can enjoy walking around in magic shoes that light up. Why should children get to have all the fun?

In addition to styles made specifically for children, there are plenty of light up shoes on the market for both men and women. Some are designed for walking and others for professional use and sports. You can of course also wear a pair to brighten up your Halloween outfit.

In the past, the lights would come on whenever you started walking. These days, you can control the lights with the click of a button and also the lighting pattern.

Below are some of the best light up shoes that you can buy right now. If youre not sure about what size to order, most retailers offer free return shipping in case you need a different size.

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Light Up Tennis Shoes

A classic tennis shoe will never go out of style. Heres another pair that offers a sleek design and plenty of light modes, including an auto-change mode! Available in 5 colors these sneakers currently range from $27.90 to $35.90.

Thats it for this list of the best light up shoes for adults on Amazon. Hopefully, you found something that fits your needs and budget!

Voovix Kids Led Light Up Shoes

Sizes:7.5jnr 8 UK | Fabric: PU leather, Textile, Rubber Sole

With hundreds of top reviews on Amazon these are a hit with customers. The lights can be changed with a remote control, keeping kids entertained for hours. Available in eight different colours including metallics, youre bound to find a pair that suits. They can be charged up via a USB cable and provide around seven hours of light-up fun. Perfect for parties and hitting that dance-floor.

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Odema Unisex Led Light Up High Tops

Available in 9 colors and suitable for both men and women these LED Light Up High Tops are not only stylish but affordable as well. This style features a hidden switch to turn the lights on and off, includes 8 different colors, and an easy USB charging function. Ranging from $29.99-$37.99 you certainly wont be splurging with this pair.

Superslick And Trendy All Eyes Will Be On You As You Roll Through : Buy 2016 women lights up led luminous ...
  • The roller shoes can be charged with a USB. The charge port and the LED lights switch are hidden in the magic tape.
  • The LED light-up wheels shoes have 7 colours lights and 12 modes, press the switch to control the modes. When you rolling in at night, the skate shoes are shiny beautiful and cool.
  • The double wheels shoes have more functions, you can remove the wheels and hide the back wheels. They can be single wheel shoes, normal sports shoes, sneakers, or roller shoes.
  • These roller shoes for girls boys are very popular with kids, they skate in the square, party, community, outdoor indoor, even shopping and travel.
  • The sneakers are amazing gifts. Suitable for birthday, performances, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Black Friday and other celebrations
  • Super cool & easy to learn to roll, fashion at day, cool lighting at night. the suitable gift for kids can be double wheels shoes, Single wheel shoes, and simple sneakers.
  • High-quality cloth: Comfortable and breathable mesh upper and shoe lining, wear-resistant TPR soles, good elasticity, very popular in kids.
  • The new popular charging roller shoe suits for every season. Include 7 colours and 12 flash button modes. Can be Charged by USB, enjoying the shoe lights.
  • Suggest: To ensure your foot comfort, please measure foot length and refer to the size chart diagram to correctly choose the size.

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Fly Woven Adult Light Up Sneakers

If you prefer the more traditional light up up running shoes for adults then this is probably your best bet! With a fly woven exterior and breathable soft fabric these shoes are not only stylish but comfortable as well. Easily charge with the attached USB cable and get 8-11 hours of lighting time with a full charge.

Hanglin Light Up Sneaker Shoes


Look, light up shoes for adults in and of themselves are super freakin cool. But how can you make them any better? Remember Heely shoes? . Yeah, were about to take it up a notch with the Hanglin Light Up Sneaker Shoes.

Not only are these bad boys light up, they also have a wheel, for your skating pleasure. There are times where the wheels arent appropriate, however, at which point, you can easily hide them. Simply release the button at the heels to put them away, and press the button to release them.

Available in a wide size range: Little kids 1, to womens 11/mens 8.5 And, they come in blue, black, or pink. Plus, you can choose from one or two wheels. While you can be a bit rough in them, its not recommended you engage in hard exercise, while wearing them.

Price: $42.48

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