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Are Nobull Shoes Good For Running

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Can I Deadlift In Nobull Trainers

NOBULL Mesh Runner Review | That Great for Running?

Yes a flat shoe with a stable heel, sole, and midsole is just what you want for a big deadlift. This minimizes the range of motion and provides a stable base.

The amount of material under your feet, also known as stack height, is an important characteristic of a good training shoe. Its one of the principles that minimalist shoes are built on less material means a more natural feel that leads to better biomechanics. But thicker, more protective shoes might lead to fewer injuries and better running due to shock absorption.

The NOBULL trainers lie somewhere between not too much, not too little.

Final Verdict Of Our Nobull Training Shoes Review

Are NOBULLs absolutely the best shoes? Nah. But are they a great shoe? Absolutely. When it comes to NOBULL Trainers, you just have to decide whether the specs match up with your preferences. We think these are a great option for people who generally prefer minimalist shoes and value stability over cushion.

  • These are flat shoes well-suited to CrossFit and lifting weights.
  • We wouldnt recommend NOBULL Trainers for running, walking long distances, or everyday wear.
  • People tend to either really love or really hate these. You probably wont know for sure until you try them.
  • The price is high for such a basic shoe design, but if you fall into the camp of NOBULL lovers, you wont care.

Nobull Canvas Trainer Review

The NOBULL Canvas Trainer delivers a simplistic and consistent performance and construction. This model is suggested to have a less is more type of feeling which I can understand now after testing these shoes in the gym and on a daily basis. As a fan of the NOBULL Trainer, I was super excited to put the NOBULL Canvas Trainer to the test.

Overall, I think the NOBULL Canvas Trainer is a good shoe for heavy lifting and daily wear, but it does fall short in some areas like tackling serious CrossFit workouts. The thick canvas upper is durable and the rubber sole provides a nice level of stability and traction on a variety of surfaces.

In my NOBULL Canvas Trainer review, Im going to discuss a variety of topics to help you decide if this trainer is worth it for you and if it will fit your training needs well.

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Can I Run In Nobull Trainers

Thats a great question and were happy that you asked. They are a cross-training shoe which means they can certainly handle some light running, sprints, or other types of cardio.

That said, if youre looking for a shoe to run your next marathon in, these ones certainly arent it. They only have a heel height of 4 mm, while regular running shoes are usually 10-12 mm. This higher heel transfers your energy in a forward motion.

These shoes are designed for lateral, up and down movements as well as forward motion. The heel is closer to a lifting shoe than anything else.

For running, youll want to consider some of top choices here: The Ultimate Guide to Running Shoes.

Can I Use No Bull Shoes For Crossfit Training

Nobull Running Shoes

Thats a great question and were happy that you asked. If you take a look around your CrossFit box, or ask your trainer, youll probably find that there is at least once person who uses No Bull Shoes. Theyre actually designed for CrossFit and HIIT kinds of workouts.

They can handle lifting with ease, have enough stability for lateral movement, are durable enough for rope climbs and have enough cushioning to handle box jumps. Their low profile is ideal for wall-handstands and theyre comfortable enough fro some light running.

In short, the Nobull trainer and CrossFit may be a perfect match!

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Nobull Cool Grey Knit Runner Review

These Cool Grey Knit Runners have a contemporary, surfer-like design along the bottom edge that gives a nod to Yeezy. They have simple laces and are tapered at the ankle. Soft, breathable top fabric helps to air out your feet when theyre sweating after a long hike.

These Cool Grey Knit Runners exude maximum comfort. Most customers say the shoes have great cushioning and are true to size. Other commonly read points are that they have good grip, and are best used for running under 10k.

These NOBULL runners come to $204 at checkout. Theyre available in sizes 5 to 11 .

Under Armour Tribase Reign 3

The Under Armour TriBase Reign 3 is what I would call an unsung hero. This is the strongest model yet in the TriBase Reign series and features a reworked and durable upper that supports long-term durability especially for the gym-goer that just plans to train recreationally in them.

They have a lower heel-to-toe drop and a Micro G Foam midsole with a full rubber outsole to promote overall stability. Additionally, they have a low-cut bootie-style design which makes them an athletic-fitting model in HIIT, agility, and plyometric sessions.

  • Best For: Lifting, HIIT, and CrossFit-Style Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 2mm

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What Are No Bull Shoes

NOBULL is an accessory and apparel brand and its website is They specify in manufacturing products mainly for people who prefer intense training or workout sessions. Therefore, keeping that in mind, their products are known to be lightweight and flexible so that they can assist you in your day to the day training regimen.

Kurt Busch Moving To Possibly His Last Nascar Team With A Monster Of A Sponsor


The Matryx one-piece upper includes breathability, moisture wicking and abrasion resistance. The technical yarn includes Kevlar-backed medial and lateral support, reflection for visibility and padding for comfort and fit.

For us, it is always going back to performance, Wilson says. There are a lot of underfoot materials out there that perform really well, and we are not trying to create anything new and put a logo on it. The upper is so meaningful in training and trail running for all the abrasion we encounter. For us, it is always coming back to function and only putting on the shoe what is necessary.

NoBull has expanded its running line to offer a mix of materials on the upper.


The spread beyond CrossFit has come organically. With CrossFit fans training with runners, the crossover has come word-of-mouth. Trail running only extends the footprint.

Both Will and Caeleb were NoBull customers before being sponsored athlete, Wilson says. When we signed Will, we told him we are not focusing on what you do on the field on Sunday, but the work you put in every other day of the week.

Starting in CrossFit and weightlifting, NoBull has worked to capture the training market.


We are seeing a lot of growth as it relates to social media and consumer connection, Wilson says. We are connecting directly to consumers and finding these relationships are deep-rooted and meaningful.

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Nobull Canvas Trainer Pros

When first wearing the NOBULL Canvas Trainer, it was interesting how different the fit and performance were compared to the OG NOBULL Trainer. Below, are three of my favorite aspects of this shoe.

  • Good Shoe for Recreational and Heavy Lifting
  • Great Looking Model for Daily Wear
  • Durable Construction Across the Board
  • The first pro and aspect to like about the Canvas Trainer is its performance with lifting. This shoe feels like a leveled-up Vans model and provides adequate stability in a variety of lifting settings. If youre looking for a model to increase your overall stability when training heavy and tackling recreational workouts, then this shoe will work well.

    The rubber sole does a good job at resisting compression and the lug-pattern fully rubber outsole grips different floors well. Whether youre training indoors or outdoors, you shouldnt run into issues with this shoes stability and grip.

    Another aspect to like about this shoe is that it works really well as a daily driver. I really like this shoes simplistic construction and appearance and enjoy how it looks with both pants and shorts. This is a good model to wear out and about, to work, and then to the gym. So, if youre looking for that all-in-one style of shoe that you can also lift in, then the Canvas Trainer is a solid model.

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    Cons For No Bull Sneakers

    Initially stiff

    These shoes require breaking in first. The upper and the sole are both very stiff from the start. Though they soften after wearing them around for a couple of weeks as we have experienced. But when theyre worn for the first time, your foot hardly has any freedom of movement.

    Feels stiff on runs

    The shoes can feel stiff especially during runs. Though it takes some getting used to, the stiffness can make for a springy toe-off and can make the feet sore as well.

    If you want a pair runners for your next marathon, these are probably not it. Theyre too stiff, heavy and have too small of a heel to toe differential.

    Instead, youll want to consider a pair of the Best Running Shoes on the market today.

    Too roomy around midsole

    The shoes will have trouble adapting around the arch area. It does get better as time goes by, though theres still extra room around the arch area that makes it hard to get a nice fit.

    Not as roomy as Reebok

    The shoes do have an ample amount of room in the toes, but they arent as wide as Reebok, which is what bothered us slightly on runs. The difference in width hasnt been a problem for jumping, lifting or other general movements within the gym.

    But once you run in them, your pinky toe may feel a bit squished and irritated. Though if the width of your foot is normal or even a bit narrow, this wont affect you. But it will if you have a wide foot or just prefer wider shoes.

    Quite costly

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    Nobull Black Trainer Review

    The Black Trainer doesnt have a product descriptionbut this NOBULL shoes review isnt worried. The shoes themselves are matte black all around, except on the tongue where the logo is presented, but not in a flashy way.

    The NOBULL logo also appears on the side of the shoe, but in an off-black that blends in nicely and doesnt scream at the whole gym. Its also complete with simple laces, and good texture on the bottom of the shoe for gripping.

    This is an elite trainer for people who are serious enough about their workout to use something other than the student-standard scuffed-up Vans. Sizing ranges go up in half-sizes from 5 to 11. You can buy these Black Trainers for $166.

    How To Contact Nobull

    NOBULL Mesh Runner Review

    You can reach out to NOBULL in the following ways:

    • Text them at 1-617-997-0588
    • Use the live chat on their website
    • Use their support ticketing system
    • Fill out the contact form on their website

    NOBULLs customer service team is available during weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday 12 PM to 6 pm EST.

    Looking for more options? Check out some other top shoe brands:

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    Wearing Nobull Training Shoes For Lifting Weights

    Unlike the Reebok Nano Xs and X1s, which I think are too cushioned for heavy lifting, the NOBULL Trainers are great for heavy squats, deadlifts, and even the Olympic lifts due to their super flat sole and minimal heel-to-toe drop.

    True weightlifting shoes still provide better support and offer mobility assistance for Olympic weightlifting, but for the most part, Id recommend the NOBULL trainers for lifting weights. They feel great during all types of lifting, including powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts.

    Between myself, Kate, and Amanda, weve worn NOBULL Trainers for just about any lift you can think of. They dont have as steep of a heel as, say, the Nike Metcons do, so they are particularly great for deadlifting.

    Best Cross Training Shoes For The Gym

    If youre more of a recreational lifter and you want a pair of cross-training shoes for the gym, then youre likely not as worried about some of the more CrossFit-geared features of some shoes. Great cross-training shoes for the gym and recreational lifting are those that are stable with a blend of versatility.

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    Nobull Running Shoes Review

    Nobull is an excellent footwear brand that produces a variety of shoe pairs for running, gym use, and also for workout training. The nobull shoes are best in quality, versatile, attractive, and durable for everyone.

    This running shoe review will help you to choose the fantastic shoes to run, and walk-in garden. The gym trainers prefer to use nobull shoe pairs to get great results in the sports ground.

    Additionally, by wearing nobull runners can run comfortably, and speedily. These boots also meet the need of fashion to bring various styles with different outfits.

    Most peoples love to wear nobull boots due to their advanced features including traction, arch support, pain relief, and well-cushioned shell. It means they can full fill your all requirements to get high satisfaction.

    If you are a trainer or want to get a great cushioning level of this footwear will be a good choice for you.

    How To Clean Nobull Shoes


    To properly clean and wash your NOBULL shoes, despite the model that youre using, Id suggest doing the following three steps.

  • Grab a clean washcloth.
  • Apply some mild clear soap on the washcloth and dampen it with lukewarm water.
  • Spot clean and wash areas by hand and that you see dirt build-up.
  • If you do these three steps, then you will make your shoes last much longer and add months to their lives. Far too often, I think lifters and athletes default to throwing their shoes in the washer and dryer or using harsh soaps on them.

    Harsh soaps and waterlogging shoes in wash machines, then aggressively drying them in a dryer can deteriorate the different types of materials used in shoes. More specifically, the glues and polyurethanes used in midsoles and uppers are typically the first areas to run into durability issues when not cleaning shoes properly.

    From my experience, too, NOBULL trainers specifically can be prone to having their midsoles change densities slightly when excessively waterlogged. That being said, spot cleaning as mentioned above will take longer, but your shoes will also last longer. Thus, making your investment last much longer.

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    What They Are Not

    The NOBULL Trainers are not running shoes.

    Theyre for short distance running if youre workout requires it, but they are not going to treat you well for long distances.

    Over 1 mile theyll hurt your feet. They do not have enough cushioning, nor do they flex in the right places.

    Running shoes have just the right amount of features, technology, cushioning, and flexibility.

    These are not made for it.

    Keep them strictly for intense cross fit workouts and they will treat you well.

    Nobull Shoes For Crossfit Workouts

    The relative newcomer in NOBULL has certainly started making waves in the CrossFit universe. It might not be enough to threaten Nike and Reeboks market share, but at the very least, it has started to garner some modicum of traction. A new option for a top-quality athletic shoe that people so far seem to really love? Yes, please!

    A Simple, Reliable Workout Shoe

    NOBULLs success is largely due to their simplicity. Its because of their simple designs and technologies that draw athletes to it. Unlike other brands, they dont try to come off as gimmicky as they only promise to produce a solid, reliable shoe to keep up with hardworking athletes.

    Nothing Similar on the Market

    We love that the NoBull brand has done some serious innovation and come up with a new kind of sneaker. Their trainers are unique, and cant really be compared to any other training shoe on the market today. We LOVE their durable fabric that is extremely flexible, durable, and breathable.

    Now, when you think fabric shoes, you may think canvas. Kind of like those Keds, that as we all know are not so durable. Put that out of your mind and dont compare these two kinds of shoes. This one is radically different as as strong as they come.

    Theyre shoes that just work and are a great value for the money. Were exited to follow them and see what theyll come up with next.

    Minimal Heel to Toe Drop

    Made With SuperFabric

    Where to Buy Them?

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    Wearing The Nobull Trainers

    Kate serves it straight: I really didnt want to like these shoes. Im typically not a NOBULL fan just because their look isnt that appealing, she told me. When I initially put these on, I didnt like the feel. The bottom felt hard, and Im used to weightlifting shoes. However, once I got to working out with them, I really liked them. I did workouts that included running, jumping and squat cleans, and I never felt uncomfortable in the shoes.

    Initially, these can feel a little rough because the bottoms are relatively flat and hard. However, exercising in them feels great. The harder bottom gives you a good platform for squats, but its still flexible enough to get through more dynamic movements. Also, the suede tongue is soft and comfortable. Myself, Kate, and Amanda all find the NOBULL Trainers to fit true to size.

    Pros And Cons Of The Nobull Training Shoes

    NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers

    Much like the brand name alludes, we here at Shoe Guide are all about a no bull approach to our reviews and research. We know that, regardless of reviews, recommendations, and features, every shoe is going to come with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

    NoBulls training shoes are no exception. In the course of our extensive due diligence on these shoes in relation to CrossFit, we latched onto a few specific advantages, and noted some callout disadvantages. Below are the findings.


    • We cant count the numerous advantages associated with NoBulls SuperFabric. This includes such pros as breathable, thin uppers, and thicker guard plates, which serve to prevent injuries commonly associated with the intensity of CrossFit workouts.
    • In addition to the above, the NoBull Training Shoes provide intense levels of both support and flexibility. This makes it the ultimate shoe for cross-training, ideal for serious and competitive CrossFitters of all shapes and sizes.
    • Abrasion resistance is yet another support and protection layer. This assists in increasing overall shoe longevity. In the end, this only serves to further save money.
    • Durable lug patterns with the NoBull Training Shoes ensure that they are truly built to last, performing with consistency time and time again, for far longer than a workout shoe would be expected.

    Potential Cons

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