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Where Can I Get Wrestling Shoes

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Best Wrestling Shoe In 2020?!

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How Can I Volunteer And Help The Hunter Wrestling Academy

The Hunter Wrestling Academy loves parent volunteers! We have many ways that you can help our club succeed throughout the year. Getting involved with our club can help your athlete see how important their success is to you. Please reach out to us at . Thank you in advance! We couldn’t do this without the support of our loving community.;

How Do Asics Wrestling Shoes Fit

ASICS shoes;almost always run about a half size small. So if your wrestlers gym shoe or sneaker size is a 9.0, you would look at a size 9.5. And we even adjust our shoe sizing recommendations based on customer feedback so be sure to look at our sizing recommendations on each pair of wrestling shoes we sell.

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How Much Do Wrestling Shoes Cost

Wrestling shoes;vary in pricing. You can likely pick up a pair of old retired wrestling shoes, likely in a not so popular color for under $50. And these shoes likely will have been in the $60 to $100 price range before they were retired. Once these deals go down in price, they usually disappear pretty quickly.

Most current;wrestling shoes;cost between $50 to $75 for a starter pair of shoes. There really are not a ton of options at this price point. An entry level elite wrestling shoe will wind up costing you between $75 and $100. The most expensive pair of wrestling shoes used to cost between $100 and $125, but that is not the case any longer. Last year, we saw the most expensive shoes run between $150 to $200 a pair. Generally for the most expensive shoes, you are getting a lighter weight shoe made with better material.

Disinfecting The Shoes Regularly

  • 1Prohibit dirty shoes from touching the wrestling mat. For as long as there have been wrestlers, they have had to deal with various communicable skin conditions like ringworm and impetigo, as well as other viral, fungal, and bacterial illnesses. Unfortunately, contaminated shoe bottoms are one of the major culprits for spreading germs and disease.XResearch source
  • Whether you’re a wrestler, coach, official, or parent, make it the rule that wrestling shoes must be disinfected properly before a wrestler can set foot on the mat.
  • 2Use the proper kind of disinfectant in the proper manner. To disinfect wrestling shoes, use a low level disinfectant spray or cleaner with virucidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal properties. Lysol Brand IC is a popular choice, but brand names are less important than the ingredients and disinfecting properties.XResearch source
  • Follow the product instructions precisely for mixing and using the solution, and regarding how much and how long it takes to properly disinfect a surface.
  • 3Focus on the soles of the shoes. While you can wipe down the entire pair of shoes, the main problem area tends to be the soles on the bottom. Wrestling shoes that are regularly washed and properly maintained don’t necessarily need to be disinfected from top to bottom every time. But treat the soles of even the cleanest, newest shoes as contaminated until they have been properly disinfected on the spot.
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    Dealing With Scuffs And Smells

  • 1Wipe the shoes with warm water and dish soap. Lightly moisten the shoes’ exteriors with a clean cloth dipped in plain, warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap to the water and swish it around. Dip another clean cloth, or a soft-bristled brush into the solution and wipe the shoe down. Wipe away soap residue with a final clean cloth dampened with just water.
  • Most wrestling aficionados recommend using your shoes only on the mat, so they probably won’t have caked-on dirt on them. If they do, though, wipe that away with a clean, dry brush or cloth before proceeding.
  • 2Try toothpaste for stubborn stains or scuffs. Add a small dab of plain, white toothpaste to either your first two fingers, a clean cloth, or a soft brush that has been dipped in the dish soap solution. Scrub the stain or scuff in a circular motion. Wipe away the toothpaste with a clean, damp cloth. Repeat as needed.
  • A toothpaste scrub can be particularly helpful for scuffs on the rubberized areas on the soles or toes of the shoes.
  • Instead of toothpaste, you can also make a paste with baking soda and water. Use a few spoonfuls of baking soda, and stir in small amounts of water until you achieve a toothpaste consistency.
  • 3Clean shoelaces and any inserts separately. Whether you’re washing your wrestling shoes by machine, by hand, or both, it’s most effective to remove the laces and any inserts. You can use the same hand soap cleaning solution, or just machine wash them.XResearch source
  • Can I Get On The Mat To Help My Child

    No. For liability purposes, parents are not allowed on the wrestling mat during practices. If you have a USA Coaches Card and are approved through the coach, you are allowed on the mat to help with your child. If you are interested in volunteering this way, please contact us at and we can help get you certified.;

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    Nothing Will Stop You

    Men’s Wrestling Shoes are just one part of the wrestling ensembles available. Get singlets from brands like adidas and ASICS, shorts from Nike, knee pads, ear guards, gear bags, and plenty more to help you dominate. Whether you’re a clinch fighter or prefer freestyle, getting all the right equipment is your first step.

    Asics Jb Elite Iv Wrestling Boots

    New Wrestling shoes unboxing

    Designed and inspired by a Three-Time World Champion, Jordan Burroughs, the JB ELITE IV is a versatile shoe ideal for a number of combat sports. It offers a rubber compound split sole design with wrestling-specific traction pods, as well as the added benefit of ice rubber on the outsole, this shoe delivers optimal flexibility and traction.

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    Washing Them Inside And Out

  • 1Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the shoes. Shoemakers often recommend that you not put basketball or tennis shoes in a washing machine , although most shoes will probably survive the process just fine. Because of their ruggedness and quick-dry construction, though, you’ll usually find a recommendation that wrestling shoes can be put in the wash.XResearch source
  • Check the tag on the shoes, or call or visit the website of the shoe company.
  • 2Set the washer to cold water, and try a gentle wash and spin. Unless otherwise recommended by the shoemaker, start with the least aggressive wash settings. Add a few old towels to limit the shoes’ banging against the wash drum, or put them in a pillowcase. Add a normal or perhaps slightly lesser amount of detergent.
  • Take out any removable insoles and shoestrings before starting the wash. You can wash them along with the shoes.
  • 3Air dry the shoes. If you have the time, it’s easier on the shoes to skip the clothes dryer. Place some newspaper inside the shoes and stick them in an airy, sunny spot if possible.
  • Remember, most wrestling shoes are made to dry quickly, so they may be completely dry within several hours, if not certainly overnight.
  • If you’re in a rush or aren’t overly worried about the minor risk to your shoes, go ahead and put them in the dryer as well. But don’t get too daring â put the dryer on its low heat setting. And throw the old towels from the wash in as well.
  • How Do I Purchase A Usa Wrestling Card

    USA Wrestling Cards are required to participate in club practice and for tournaments. You can purchase your USA Wrestling Card HERE. ;This website will give you step by step directions on how to purchase your card. It also lists Jeff Newby’s number, Utah Wrestling Director, who will help guide you through if you need it. We suggest purchasing the Full Athlete card so you can wrestle all seasons. But if you are planning on only wrestling Fall League, then you could spend a little less and purchase the Limited Folkstyle Card . ;

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    Can I Watch My Child During Practices

    Yes. We have video of the wrestling room available to watch via WYZE cam app so you can watch your child in the wrestling room from anywhere you are. We don’t have room inside the wrestling room for you to enter and watch your athlete and we find that small children often do better when mom or dad are observing at a distance. If there are ever extenuating circumstances, we are glad to accommodate.

    What Age Can My Child Start Wrestling

    Excido Wrestling Shoes Running Shoes Red: Buy Online at ...

    We accept wrestlers as early as 4 years old, but you are never too late to start wrestling! Senior in high school and never wrestled? You can start now too! We are always looking to build individuals into better people through wrestling. Any athlete who is willing to work hard and commit to the sport is welcome.

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    Adidas Mat Hog 20 Wrestling Boot

    The Mat Hog rises lower on the ankle than most of its counterparts, and is completed with a simple, effective lace strap. Composed of a mesh and synthetic reinforced upper, the Mat Hog will keep your feet dry. It is light and responsive while still remaining extremely durable. The front features suede reinforcement that will allow you to be on your toes without ever having to worry about a blowout. EVA foam midsole designed to wrap your foot in comfort for hours of wear. The Mat Hog is the perfect companion for any new wrestler or seasoned athlete who wants a simplistic addition to upping

  • The Asics Snapdown 2 Wide Wrestling Boots is a good all-round wrestling shoe. It features a full length Gum Rubber Outsole that delivers outstanding tractionwhile mesh panels in the upper allows for breathability and comfort.


  • Responses To Real Men Wear Pink Wrestling Shoes

  • sean
  • can anyone tell me who makes the pink wrestling shoes my girl needs a pair of them for school we have a teacher that has been fighting cancer and have been looking for a long time. please can anyone help me out.

  • i use to have a pair like those but the castodian at my high school threw them away last year and if anyone knows where i can get a pail like those or something like the pink and teal adiadas combat speeds email me at

  • Pink wrestling shoes may have existed in the past but they seem to have gone extinct. I have spent hours online with no luck. Either the shoes shown in the above pic were specially produced for the wearers, or it was photoshopped.I have 2 daughters who are wrestling and would love to have some pinks.Blacks with a hint of pink dont count, need to score full on pink! Theres a lot of wrestlers out there, still dont get why the selection is so limited.

  • I received an email response from owner/pres of a U.S. wresting shoes distributor;I am responding to your question about pink wrestling shoes

    They are not in any wrestling line from Matman, Asics, or adidas. And most likely not in a line from Nike either. They may be in their fashion lines from these companiesbut I dont know of any of my competitors that carry them.

    This is really frustrating

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    How Are Wrestling Shoes Made

    Typically, your state bylaws will require you to wear;wrestling shoes;when wrestling in competition. Really the only exception is if your wrestler has a bigger shoe size that cant be found in a wrestling shoe. And even in that case, youll need to get a waiver or provide some documentation that says you cant buy a wrestling shoe that fits your wrestler’s foot. Otherwise, plan on buying a pair of wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes have some unique characteristics to look for, first make sure its a high-top shoe. Anything labelled a wrestling shoe from the major brands like ASICS, adidas and Nike should meet these requirements.

    The next thing to figure out is if it has a lace guard mechanism, some shoes have them some do not. This one is not that big of a deal – you can always tape your wrestling shoes. The next thing to look for is the bottom. Again most shoes will work for most wrestlers. When you are starting out, I would not worry too much about the soles of the shoes. As you become a more experienced wrestler, you will find out what you like and dont like. A wide variety of the shoes we carry you would have seen in the Senior Level Tournaments wrestled in by the best wrestlers in the World. So dont worry too much about the bottom of the shoes.

    Pin Down The Right Wrestling Shoe For You

    What’s in your wrestling bag? What new Wrestlers need

    Grappling with the decision to purchase appropriate wrestling footwear? You have lots of options, including various styles, materials, performance features, and even aesthetics. Eastbay can outfit any wrestler, from beginner to high-level competitor, and professional. Feet play an enormous role in wrestling, providing most of your driving force. To be sure youre making the best selection for you, its important to understand how these shoes are constructed and how they can affect your performance on the mat.

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    Picking The Right Wrestling Shoe

    Whether youre a beginner bantamweight wrestler, a heavyweight national champion, or you shoot doubles like Burroughs, youll most likely need a pair of wrestling shoes. Of course, there have been a handful of examples of successful wrestlers who have one or less feet , and that is ridiculously impressive. If you do have feet, we have a full range of wrestling shoes in all styles, colors and sizes for you to choose from. Unlike many big box sports stores, we carry ALL sizes of wrestling shoes from K10 to adult size 16. If they make it, we have it.

    Customers ask us all the time, Where are your womens shoes? The answer is theyre all womens shoes! Theyre also all mens shoes. Wrestling shoes are all made to be unisex; you wont see differences in male vs. female styles like you would with running shoes, sneakers, or swanky dress shoes. However, the sizing on the tags is based on the mens size chart. In general, youll want to go down 1-1.5 sizes from your normal womens size get the right mens size. Isn’t it the other way around? Go down 1-1.5 sizes from the men’s size to the get the women’s size.

    Wrestling Shoes With Style And Performance

    It takes a lot to make a great wrestler. You start with incredible stamina, power, and training, but it also requires the right equipment. There isn’t a whole lot of tech involved in mat madness, but you can still get a shoe that takes your moves to the next level. This collection of Men’s Wrestling Shoes helps you find the exact style and details you’ll need for everything, from an amateur victory to a championship belt.

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    Fueling The Next Great Athletes To Make Them Better

    We endorse dozens of top wrestlers who push their limits every day. For them and all wrestlers we push limits on our products delivering the best in function, fit and fashion. From adidas wrestling shoes to adidas singlets, we showcase the best products available. World Champions, NCAA Champions, and Olympic Gold Medalists, we support our wrestlers in their quest for monumental achievements. We are proud to support over 50 athletes and coaches, over 30 College and Universities, over 35 clubs and over 20 high schools.

    Real Men Wear Pink Wrestling Shoes

    Asics Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe Review Best Wrestling Shoe ...

    Update: Limited edition pink Asics are on sale now!

    They have the shirts that say Real Men Wear Pink and now you can get your wrestling shoes in pink too.

    I cant say that Id pick pink for my shoes, but I guess some wrestlers could pull them off no problem.

    Im not sure where you can find pink wrestling shoes, but Im sure some guys would buy them if they could find a store that sold them.

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    How Do Adidas Wrestling Shoes Fit

    Adidas wrestling shoes;have been a little trickier to size as of late. In the past, they seem to run like ASICS which was about a half size small. So in the past, we almost always recommended adding a half size to your normal gym shoe size – so if you were a size 9.0 gym shoe, order a size 9.5. However, recently, we have seen some adidas shoes run true to size. So our best advice is what we have said above for the other brands, figure out what shoe you are looking for and then look for a paragraph on sizing information for that particular shoe.

    Learn More About Wrestling Shoes


    Traction On The Mat: Wrestling Shoes For Men & Kids

    When you step onto the mat, do it in performance-elevating wrestling shoes for men and kids.

    Enhance your footwork with wrestling shoes designed for a lightweight, snug feel and proper grip on the mat. Lace up a pair of adidas® wrestling shoes, ASICS®, or Nike wrestling shoes so you can pin your opponent.

    You’ll rack up victories with the help of footwear that supports your attack stance. Find wrestling shoes that match your style – represent your team in your signature colors or stand out in classic blacks and vibrant hues. Shop both men’s wrestling shoes and kids’ wrestling shoes.

    Look for a sleek shoe with an integrated lacing system for lockdown fit. A leather or synthetic upper with mesh or perforated paneling keeps your shoe lightweight and breathable. Feel agile with a molded midsole that supports your foot as you move.

    Find the right pair to match your uniform: black wrestling shoes, blue wrestling shoes or red wrestling shoes. Select from trusted brands including Asics®, adidas® and Nike®, or shop top-rated collections like adizero wrestling shoes for superior grip and traction.

    Expert Advice

    Your rubber outsole should feature traction patterns that improve grip on the mat. Your outsole should allow natural flexing and bending of the foot. Choose between one-piece and split soles for the level of traction you’re looking for.

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