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Are Running Shoes Good For Standing All Day

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Dunham Windsor Waterproof Oxford

UA Phantom 2 Running Shoes. (Are they good for standing all day?)

The Dunham Windsor Oxfords are casual shoes made for comfort and stability during long walks. Theyre actually pretty versatile shoes, and can also be a great choice for activities that require standing up on concrete all day long.

To begin with, the Dunham Windsor Oxfords feature a TRU-TRAK multi-directional outsole, which reminds of the outsoles equipped on trek shoes. Their finish has numerous lug-like protuberances which considerably enhance traction.

The midsoles are made of injection-molded EVA, delivering optimal flexibility. Theyre reinforced by a fiberglass shank, for extra stability, arch support, and a smoother gait.

Their uppers are made of seam-sealed, full-grain waterproof leather, with extra cushioning on the collar and tongue. They feature a classic lace-up design, with five metallic eyelets for a long lifespan. The lining is made of synthetic mesh with moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long.

In all, the Dunham Mens Windsor Waterproof Oxfords are shoes made to last. You can be sure that they wont fall apart after a few wear their soft leather upper will quickly break in, and your feet will feel right at home in them in no time.

How To Shop For The Best Shoes For Nurses

You now see all kinds of medical professionals on hospital floors wearing running shoes that are designed to stand up to a lot of stress and strain, says Karen Langone, D.P.M., a podiatrist based in Southampton, New York.

Clogs are also a good choice, says Howard Friedman, D.P.M., a Suffern, New York-based podiatrist. They tend to have a wide toe box, which helps accommodate feet as they naturally expand throughout the day. This is why you often see surgeons and other health professionals wearing them in the operating room, Dr. Freidman says. You also need a shoe thats durable but also lightweightafter all, youre probably clocking several miles a day around the hospital. Lastly, shoes with a slip-resistant sole are key, as you never know what messes will come your way.

To help keep pain at bay, Dr. Freidman suggests picking up at least two pairs of supportive sneakers or clogs. A shoes cushioning becomes completely compressed after six hours or so and no longer offers support, Dr. Friedman cautions. So having two great pairs allows you to change halfway through your shift.

The options below are perfect for nurses and anyone elseretail workers, servers, bank tellerswho spend most of their workdays on their feet.

Best Mens Shoes For Walking And Standing All Day

Sometimes standing is only half the battle.

For instance, some jobs might see you logging lots of steps by the end of the day, like working in a big-box retail store where you have to cover lots of ground.

And some events mean youll be moving around a lot, like at a family picnic or company retreat that mixes social time with a bunch of activities.

All of which means that sometimes a man needs shoes that will not only keep you on your feet, but help keep you on the move.

The options below are some of the best walking shoes on the market, and should provide a secure fit that works for both long walks and short bursts of activity.

They come with everything from a memory foam insole and padded collar to lightweight synthetic materials that increase shock absorption, making each of them a great choice for guys on the move.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoe

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Dansko Professional Xp Mule Clogs For 12+ Hours Apma Approved

One of the recommended and best shoes for standing on concrete all day for 12+ hours is Dansko XP Clog which is available for both men and women. It is lightweight, has extra cushioning with memory foam, removable footbed and certified non-slip outsole. The metal shank in these clogs provides lateral stability for standing all day. The roomy toe box helps in keeping your feet comfortable during long working long hours. The deep heel cup helps in preventing plantar fasciitis by stabilizing your feet. The rocker sole will assist in propelling your gait in a normal way. Learn the difference between Dansko Pro XP and Dansko Professional Stapled Clogs.

The Dansko does make shoes for both men and women. Consider some dress styles if you want shoes that look more professional than casual. The Dansko Professional Clogs can be worn with business casual pants or a business suit. These clogs are the comfortable and supportive shoe. The shoe looks best in all black, but there are some other color options available if black leather is not your style.



  • Risk of Ankle injury because it can turn at ankle
  • They run big. Order half size smaller
  • They may rub you on the top if you have a high arch or high instep. You can stretch them at the shoe shop or consider buying a wide size.

If you are trying these shoes the first time, always try them in the store to find your perfect size. Once you know your size, then you can order online.

How Much Space Should There Be In Shoes When Standing

Best shoes for standing all day  Solereview

However, the footwear should need to have an adequate toe room, especially when you are standing.

According to our measurement, the space in shoes must be around 3/8 to ½.

Although, when you dont have enough space inside the shoes, you may end up having a terrible kind of pain, especially at your heel and toe areas.

Thats why, before buying the shoes, you need to check it while wearing for several minutes, if it gives you a functional space in your toe area, purchase it right away.

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Why Good Shoes Are Important For Standing

Everyone has bought a pair of shoes that were unsupported or continued to wear a pair of shoes after theyve completely run their course. When youre standing all day, its important to find the right shoes because they will have a positive effect on your overall health, whereas ill-fitting and unsupportive shoes will lead to short- and long-term effects.

Clarks Mens Escalade Step Slip

If you want a professional looking shoe that is great for standing all day at work, the CLARKS Mens Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer is hands down the best option. These dress loafers are a cut above the rest when it comes to appearance, with sleek leather uppers that come in both black and brown. Even the insole is made with a comfortable leather material, so you know that the CLARKS Mens Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer is made with quality in mind.

The CLARKS Mens Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer also excel in regards to comfort. The slip-on closure wont rub on your ankle and the padded collar adds an extra note of comfort. Plus, there is a roomy square toe box so you wont need to worry about your feet being crammed in to the shoe. Plus, these shoes come with a removable leather insole that features Ortholite technology for support and shock absorption.

  • Not good for athletic purposes

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What Types Of Shoes Are Good For Standing

There are so many types of shoes, and while some of them are meant just for looks, others are made for functionality. When considering shoes to wear all day standing, remember there are some shoes made for the sole purpose of providing long-term support and comfort throughout the day.

  • Clogs These types of shoes are great for standing all day. Most clogs are made slip-resistant with incredible support. While some are taller than others, they normally have a wide shoebox, which is perfect for normal and wider feet. Clogs are perfect for people with high arches, but they might be a little uncomfortable for low or fallen arches.
  • Walking Shoes Contrary to the name, walking shoes are also really great for standing all day! These shoes normally have great arch and heel support, which will help reduce the chance for plantar fasciitis.
  • Work Boots If you are standing and working on concrete all day, work boots are the best shoes for your feet. Concrete is not only hard and inflexible but also has no shock absorption, so your feet need as much cushion and structure as they can get.

Skechers Mens Cottonwood Elks


For the best slip resistant work shoes that are also made to be comfortable for jobs that require all day standing, Sketchers Mens Cottonwood Elks are among the best in the industry. Skechers Cottonwood Elks is the ideal shoe for the person who needs slip resistant footwear but also wants to wear a stylish shoe. Available only in the color black, this work shoe comes in mens sizes 7 through 14 and has the option for an extra wide fit.

Sketchers is well known for their slip resistant work shoes, and the Cottonwood Elks do not disappoint. These shoes feature Sketchers slip resistant outsoles that can keep the wearer stable in wet and even oily conditions. Furthermore, the relaxed fit and memory foam padding adds extra comfort that will last long hours.

The Skechers Mens Cottonwood Elks are recommended as the best slip resistant shoes for jobs that require all day standing because of their stylish appearance, slip resistant technology, and memory foam padding.

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For Good Arch Support

Different people have different types of foot arches, and its important that theyre well supported when walking to prevent unnecessary strain on the foot. With proper arch support, your shoes can absorb the shock that can impact your foot each time you take a step. Good arch support will also help you stand with better posture and more stability.

Proper arch support also helps reduce pronation, which directly reduces the rate of injury in your legs and feet. Further, a reduction of weight on your Achilles tendon will also reduce your chance of getting an ankle inversion or eversion. Finally, having proper arch supports in shoes can reduce your body’s need to output metabolic power because the shoes will work with your body to propel you forward.

Comfortable Shoes Forstanding All Day 2021

When it comes to buying shoes, we tend to buy based on style over comfort and whatever is affordable within our budget. We never stop to think about how to choose the right shoes for our feet so that our feet wont hurt. We also never stop and think about investing in our feet. It is only until our feet start to hurt that we start to ask questions. So before you go shopping for your next pair of cute or stylish shoes, allow me to explain to you what to look when youre looking for those comfortable shoes for standing all day in.

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The Difference Between Running Shoes And Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes. Is There Really a Difference?

Wearing the right kind of shoes is key to keeping your joints and muscles healthy when you embark on a run, walk or hike. You might think that simply buying a pair of good, expensive shoes allows you to do all, but thats actually not accurate. Your body reacts differently to different types of exercise, especially running and walking, because you use your feet differently.

If youre a runner, you might bring your foot down first on your heel and roll forward to the ball of your foot. You may also land on the ball of your foot first and then push off. Much depends on your style and comfort level. Running is a higher impact exercise and each time your foot comes down, your body absorbs approximately three times your body weight.

Conversely, walkers all walk much the same way, with the heel of the foot making contact with the ground first before the foot, and thus the bodys weight, rolls forward to the ball and then the toes. Its a less impactful exercise, with your body absorbing about one and a half times your body weight. Walking also distributes the weight more evenly for your feet and your legs.

Shoe Me the Way

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine notes that good walking shoes and good running shoes both offer stability, cushioning and allow for a smooth stride. Here are four main differences to keep in mind when considering each type of shoe:

Recommended Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

Top 5 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete Floors In 2021

We dedicate this post to put into view some of the best work shoes for standing on concrete all day long. All models that we are going to cover here benefit from a lot of positive reviews from users all over the USA. Half of them are also quite affordable. Therefore, if youre looking for comfort, good-looking shoes that wont break the bank, you may want to see on our list.

Picking the right shoes for standing on concrete is important, here are some ideal options for men and women:

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Best Shoes For Standing All Day 2021 Buyers Guide

Yes, there are some essential factors and features which you need to know before purchasing the best Dansko ema work shoe for standing all day.

However, if you dont know much about the features of Plantar fasciitis shoes 2021, then here you are at the right place.

In this buying guide, you will get to know all the answers to your questions. So, lets have a look at the features of Flat feet shoes 2021.

Birkenstock Professional Tokyo Super Grip Unisex

The Birkenstock Professional Tokyo is not exactly one of the most affordable work shoes that you can get. However, due to the top quality of its materials, it definitely stands up to the price. Its a shoe that will last many years and will adopt a custom fit over time.

To begin with, the Birkenstock Tokyo Super Grip is a unisex shoe. Its upper is made of top-quality leather, thick and durable, yet soft, feeling great on foot. Its raised metatarsal toe bar aims to encourage the natural gripping motion of your foot during walking, thus the term super grip. Therefore, you will definitely put a little bit of exercise on to your feet and lower legs during walking.

The closure of the Tokyo Super Grip consists of an instep buckle strap and an ankle buckle strap. This being said, the shoe allows you to achieve a custom fit. Each strap is attached to the upper in the opposite part to the buckle by one or two studs, which also brings more to the overall aesthetics of the shoe. In all, these Birkenstocks remind of a Mary Jane design.

The outsole combines EVA and rubber elements. Its rather flat, but it has anti-slip properties, providing excellent traction. In all, the Birkenstock Tokyo is a shoe for anyone who works on their feet all day long, combining quality, durability, comfort, and aesthetics close to perfection.

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Slow Man Womens Walking Shoes

Slow Mans Womens Walking Shoes are striking to say the least, with their thick plastic sole and textured upper. They come in a variety of colors, and it is probably their appearance which will cause the most disagreement, because other than that everyone seems to agree these are top notch shoes.

For one thing, their fit is brilliant which isnt always the case and they are super easy to slip and off without being too spacious and causing your feet to slip and rub.

The fabric is super breathable, which is great for spending a great deal of time on your feet, and soft too so your feet will end the day in the same state they started it in.

They are extremely light, which is a big plus if youre going to be walking around a lot . Plus the arch support is fantastic, too, and the elevated heel actually takes pressure off your back, which leaves you feeling unusually comfortable throughout the day.

Its worth noting that the platforms will make you significantly taller, which some women dont love.

As far as durability is concerned, these dont standout: they seem to last a normal length of time, nothing spectacular but you can buy with confidence knowing there are zero construction issues at all.


  • The style isnt for everyone

Bottom Line

A striking shoe that will provide all the support, comfort and ease you need to be on your feet for days.

Sanita Professional Oil Clogs

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing all Day

Thanks to their durable leather frame, these clogs are ready for anything. If you tend to have achy arches after a long day, the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends these kicks because of their top-notch, long-lasting arch supportideal for nurses with flat feet. Plus, reviewers say, theyre a great alternative clog if Danskos just dont work for you.

This is my fourth pair of Sanita clogs and I wear them to work as a health care professional, an Amazon reviewer explains. The sole of the shoe is hard, but they remain comfortable all day because of the undying arch support.

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Tips To Relieve Pain From Standing All Day

Are you always standing on your feet all day and have still experienced the discomfort and pain as you go out of work as soon as your work ends?

Here are some tips for you to relieve the pain in your feet from standing all day.

Proper Standing Posture.

Having a proper standing posture can help relieve the pain on your feet after working on your feet all day.

It causes your feet to roll inwards and will eventually lead to your ankle bones turning outward. Hyperpronation can be a severe condition in the long run, but you can avoid this by developing a good standing posture.

Rotate Your Work Shoes.

Alternating your work shoes every other day will help give you a different posture for your feet. As such, it will also help with the load distribution on a broader range of the muscles and joints in your feet. It is so much better than all the loads concentrated on the same joints and muscles because when this happens, they are eventually going to feel the strain.

In addition, rotating your work shoes is also much healthier for your feet as it allows the footwear to dry out, reducing the possible bacteria growth. Moreover, letting your shoes rest every other day also helps the foam cushion to bounce back to its shape, helping prolong your shoes life.

Change Socks During the Day.

Since there is a growing need for these kinds of socks, there are a variety of styles and colors you can choose from.

Sit and Stand While You Work.

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat.

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