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Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding

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Alpinestars Tech 10 Motocross Boots

Top 5 Dirt Bike Trail Riding Items That Could Save Your Bacon!

Often seen as the best dirt bike boots, Alpinestars CE certified Tech 10 MX boots are packed with a variety of features thatll keep you safe throughout your ride and overall moto career.

The frontal flex frame prevents hyperextension from the foot shell to the shin plate, and it does this by floating freely between the lower and upper MX boot areas to distribute leftover force. This is furthered by the outer shell ankle control system that offers superior impact protection, while a standard TPU rear blade also helps to stop hyperextension and controls flex. Although its not outright noticeable, the heel area is filled with collapsible foam to absorb high impacts as well. The defining feature of the Tech 10 dirt bike boots is the patented inner ankle brace that boasts all-way damping of torsional forces with a low profile design to reduce weight and bulk.

The Tech 10 comes standard with suede in the heel area for extra grip, and the redesigned sole furthers this mission with a sculpted shape to handle muddy and wet environments easily. The replaceable EVA anatomic footbed helps center your foot in the MX boot for even weight distribution.

Although you can only get replacement parts for the footbed and composite memory buckles, the Alpinestars Tech 10 is considered one of the best motocross boots that offers a ton of technology to keep you protected.

Size Range

Best Mx Jersey And Pants: Fly Racing Dirt Lite Jersey And Pants

Track pros know that the right jersey and pants combo makes all the difference. A riders kit needs to be durable, flexible, and breathable, allowing maximum focus on riding.

Our choice for the seasoned track and MX rider is Flys Dirt Lite line. Fly uses an athletic fit that stays put while riding hard. The pants still slip over knee braces, so they arent too tight, either. Multi-panel construction, with stretch panels in the pants, put the Dirt Lite kits comfort far ahead of simpler designs.

Both the jersey and pants are laser-perforated for airflow, with large mesh panels on the pants for extra ventilation. The pants also get leather heat shields, a full floating seat, and a Boa closure system to lock everything down before your next moto. Flys Dirt Lite line is for riders who demand the best, and they wont be disappointed.

Protection is handled by a variety of technologies, including Alpinestars Frontal Flex Frame design that distributes impacts across the entire boot to defend your feet, ankles, and shins. The Tech 10 Superventeds also have reinforcements and TPU protectors at key points throughout. There is no finer boot for riders demanding agility and protection for a winners edge.

The Best Motorcycle Boots You Can Buy

One riders opinion of the best motorcycle boots will differ greatly when compared to another. Some riders are looking for close-fitting, high-performance sports boots, while others might be looking for casual boots with enough protection for slow city riding, but with a look and style that wont look out of place in the office. So, for this list, weve decided to cast a wide net and look at some of the best motorcycle boots you can buy for a wide variety of situations.

Sports, off-road, adventure touringwere listing the best pairs weve seen on sale this year, no matter what category they fall into.

Our selection is based on a number of contributing factors. Safety is always the number one priority, but comfort, versatility, and value for money are also important metrics. After all, protective boots are only safe if youre wearing them. Uncomfortable and unattractive boots often get left behind in favor of comfortable, cool-looking numbers. Were only human! With that in mind, our choices offer great protection, great comfort, and great styling.

Its also important that theyre supported by real-life reviews from real-life riders too.

Here are the top choices!

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Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots

What are these!? Thats what youll be saying when you pull up to your local dirt track in a new redesigned Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots. They feature an innovative Frontal Flex Frame that gives control over bending as well as energy-distribution so you can take a pounding and still keep yourself intact!

The Alpinestars Tech-10 Boots are constructed with an advanced piece of technology in the form of a single piece co-injected foot chassis with a patented Dynamic Heel Compression Protector . When exposed to high impact forces, this designed specifically shaped poly foam collapses underfoot and absorbs upwards of 95% of the impact force.

Alpinestars has outdone itself with the latest version of Alpinestars Tech 10 motorsport boots. Be the first one in at the starting gate because these boots are going to have everyone else turning their heads wondering what youre wearing! Shop here: Alpinestars Tech 10 Supervented Boots

Fox Comp Motocross Boots

Best Sidi Dirt Bike Boots For Enduro, Motocross &  Trail Riding

The Fox Comp MX boot draws inspiration from the premium Instinct dirt bike boot, so the budget equivalent has a lot to offer. This best MX boot offers the highest levels of protection in its class with a chunky TPU shin plate, re-designed inner leg heat panels and full heel and toe casing. The more minute details dont disappoint either, with an internal steel shank and rubber outsole that provides exceptional grip on the footpegs.

The new inner lacing system is a simple and highly effective design that pulls the dirt bike boot snugly around your foot and lower leg. This contoured design offers a great feeling of protection and control, not to mention minimizing foot-lift as a bonus. The two upper Activelock straps and lower level Instinct buckle are adjustable to keep you secure and comfortable.

The Fox Comp boot is one of the most comfortable motocross boots for riders with larger calves, highlighted with a large top that wont compromise comfort and can easily accommodate knee braces if necessary.

One noticeable feature upon testing these budget MX boots is that theres virtually no break-in time required. The Fox Comp dirt bike boot was comfortable when we popped them on and stayed that way for the full course of our rides. To our surprise, the Fox Comp motocross boot held up remarkably well even in wet and muddy conditions on our day out. The low buckle closure took some fiddling with, but the fit was super secure on our feet once it was tightened to our liking.

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Forma Terrain Tx Enduro Boots

Forma is a relatively new dirt bike boot company, but theyre coming up with new, aggressive responses to riders needs when it comes to durable and practical dirt bike boots. The Forma Terrain TX Enduro boot is a great example of this principle as its an upgrade from some of Formas pre-existing boots.

Now, if youre interested in finding out more information about these boots, you can find them on the Forma Boots USA website here or see the .


The Forma Terrain TX Enduro boots are well suited for the rougher riding that trails can bring thus there is a lot fo great protective features on these boots that are worth consideration.

The Terrain TX Enduro boots sports injection-molded plastic protections and polyurethane nylon reinforcements therefore, the outside is plentifully covered. The inside of the boots is where things get a little more interesting.

These Forma boots have a padded polymer inner lining that aids in absorbing the energy from impacts and altogether aids in protecting your lower legs, ankles, and feet from injuries.


The support that these boots offer is immense and somewhat hidden. A steel shank lines the boots soles midway to offer strength to the boots structure.

My advice, if youre going to purchase the booties along with the boots, is to make sure you have the right boot size for that extra support system.



The 15 Best Enduro Boot Brands

Looking for a set of enduro boots, but our top 3 picks arent in budget, the right design or available online?

Put simply, if you stick to the top enduro boot brands, you wont go far wrong in terms if comfort, flexibility and durability. All the brands on the list below can be found at decent prices here.

  • Alpinestars
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    Leatt 55 Dirt Bike Boots

    Three years of development inevitably led to the Leatt 5.5 MX boot, and various new features had us excited to get out there and test them out.

    The inner of the Leatt 5.5 is grippy and flat, with 3D shaped impact foam and a heel-grip ankle that makes it easy to ride on your toes. The mesh liner features anti-slip reinforcement to further reduce heel lift during your rides, and the low profile toe box makes shifting and braking vivid and easy to handle. Reinforced by a steel shank, you can feel assured that youre protected in these intermediate dirt bike boots.

    The Leatt 5.5 is CE certified and features Leatts LockOut technology to reduce lower motocross boot flex in the event of a crash. LockOut has concrete numbers to back this up, with up to 37% ankle force reduction and 35% knee force reduction to prevent nasty over-flexing injuries. The SlideLock one way closure is another intuitive design that conveniently seals off the top of the MX boot to avoid debris entry.

    One selling point we noticed on our day out with the Leatt 5.5 dirt bike boot was how incredibly comfortable they were right off the bat. Normally even the best motocross boots that offer innovative safety features can feel a bit stiff at first, but this was not the case with the 5.5s. However, we noted that they are definitely heavier than some comparable dirt bike boots and may be better suited to riders with wider feet.

    Size Range

    How Are Motocross Boots Supposed To Fit

    Best Dirt Bike and Motocross Boots

    Its important to find boots that fit wellmotocross boots should have a snug fit with no loose or tight spots. The fit should feel like a comfortable sneaker or athletic shoe. A key way to tell if your boot is too big or small is by checking how far it sits off of your foot. If theres more than half an inch gap between your leg and boot, it may be too big on the other hand, if you cant pull it over your heel, its probably too small.

    Motocross boots should fit comfortably just the way your normal shoes would. When shopping for a pair of motocross boots, ask yourself if it feels like any excess material is in your way and whether or not your foot has enough room to move around freely. You may even want to give your toes a little wiggle room insidethis can help prevent injury while also helping your comfort level while riding.

    Finally, be sure to use athletic shoelaces rather than shoelaces because they won’t come untied as easily on your feet.

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    Why Wear Motocross Boots

    When you step onto your bike, you want to be sure that your feet and ankles are protected from injuries. A good pair of boots will make all of your rides easier by making sure that you can push yourself as hard as possible without worrying about injuring yourself. Motocross riders must wear their gear whenever they’re on their bikes, even when practicing at home or out on fun trail rides. Just as it’s important to have quality gloves and a helmet, wearing a good pair of motocross boots is essential to being an experienced rider who takes safety seriously.

    Sidi Performer Air Boots

    Buy: Revzilla |

    Our top sports boots are another SIDI product. These are the SIDI Performer Air Boots. Theyre high-quality track boots that have been manufactured to a high standard using a combination of modern materials. These include a perforated Technomicro base, Cambrelle, mesh panels, DuPont polymer, and Nylon sections. Since theyre not made from leather, these boots wont break-in over time, so make sure you get the right size from day one!

    Since these boots are designed for high-risk riding scenarios, they come equipped with a number of safety-focused features. These include calf protector plates, ankle protective caps, inner cell foam padding, external plastic guards, a shin deflector plate, anti-abrasion panels, and a dual compound sole. Despite the shopping list of protectives, these boots are light and flexible, with incredible airflow.

    They do have one major downside though. As theyre constructed from perforated materials, they have holes in them. Yeah, if youre looking for really waterproof boots, these arent what you need. However, you can ride them in the rain without getting soaked, but dont expect to stay 100% dry. In dry climates, these boots are awesome. In wetter regions, less so.

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    Safest Dirt Bike Boots Equal The Best Dirt Bike Boots

    Like I mentioned above buying a quality dirt bike riding boot is really important for keeping you safe while dirt bike riding. There are other reasons to buy one boot over another but that really comes down to rider preference and opinions.

    For example, I prefer dirt bike boots that do not have a super large footprint. I feel like I have better shifting and braking control with a narrower boot.

    The other thing to consider when buying a dirt bike boot is how good the company is when it comes to service. Will the dirt bike boot last a long time, and if something breaks will they replace it or fix it?

    The wear and tear you get on dirt bike boots is crazy..the bottoms of the boots are subject to constant abuse from your foot pegs.

    Just because a dirt bike boot is expensive doesnt mean that its one of the safest dirt bike boots.

    Are Motocross Boots Necessary

    Best Sidi Dirt Bike Boots For Enduro, Motocross &  Trail Riding

    The short answer to whether it is necessary to get a set of quality motocross boots is: yes. A pair of quality motocross boots should be an integral part of any good rider’s gear. Motocross gear in general can vary in price and is completely dependent on how long you’ve been riding and what level you’re at.

    Motocross boots are there to help you maximize your performance on your dirt bike, and provide protection for your feet and ankles in case of accidents. Your feet absorb quite a bit of punishment when riding, so having some extra support around your foot is a must. They can also be used as an ankle brace if you take a tumble off your bike. Motocross boots typically have high ankle support and protect vital areas such as toes and heels, making them perfect for off-road riding. The proper fitting of these boots is crucial to avoid injury while riding.

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    Best Mx Knee Braces: Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Braces

    Knee braces are not negotiable for hardcore MX riders. Asterisks Carbon Cell 1s are the best weve tested for a variety of reasons. First is weight. The carbon fiber that gives these braces their name cuts the weight to just one pound per knee.

    The Carbon Cell 1s resist rotational impacts with special tethers, and the braces have knee sleeves to keep them locked in place. These braces carry a three-year warranty and are made in the United States. Dont settle for less when it comes to protecting your knees.

    How To Dry Motocross Boots

    The best way to dry wet boots is to allow them to air-dry overnight. If you can place them outside, it would be perfect, provided the weather and temperatures allow it. However, there may be situations that require you to speed up the process. First, make sure that you clean the boots of mud and dirt, or you might end up with stains on your boots after they get dry.

    One way to dry your motocross footwear is by using a study fan or a floor fan. Place a towel under it as it will absorb the excess water from the boots and speed up the entire process. If you do not have or do not want to use a fan, you can also use a newspaper. What you need to do is pack the inside of the boots with newspaper.

    Then, wrap the boots in the paper as well. Even if it takes longer, this method is more gentle with your boots. As you might imagine, boot dryers exist, so, if you have one, it is the fastest way to dry yours. Of course, there are a few more ways to do this. You should apply the method that is most convenient for you, and which does not cause any damage to your boots.

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    Fox Racing Comp X Boots

    Like the premium one, where it borrows from the Dirt Bike boot, these Budget-Friendly Moto X boots have a lot going for them in their category. These Moto X leather high tops also come with a bulkier shin plate and redesigned inner heat panels that aim to protect your feet, just like their pricier sibling down below on the list. They both also feature steel shank technology to help keep those toes safe and rubberized outsoles for exceptional traction in the boardwalk markets of Tel Aviv.

    To achieve that snug and comfortable feel, the latest inner lace system is unique with a design like no other. I f your shoes feel like theyre too big and lose then you can get by tightening the laces as well as giving added support from the Activelock buckles to stop them from falling off in high or low temperatures. Also on top of that, you have Instict buckle for an easy way on and off plus the ease of customizing your fit right down to your heel using the strap lock.

    The Fox Comp motocross boot has a rubberized and ergonomic moto collar. The many protective elements built into this motocross boot provide comfort and assurance while you master the wilderness on your four-stroke or two-stroke adventure machine. Shop here: Fox Racing Comp X Boots

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