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Dior Low Top Sneakers Womens

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Trainers For Every Day That Can Also Raise Their Game

Christian Dior B23 low Top Newspaper Sneakers Unboxing

Today, trainers are perfect for women going about their everyday lives and are no longer reserved for sporting activities. Whether for day to day or a special occasion, Vestiaire Collective proposes a wide choice of models from the casual to the highly elaborate to suit everyone. All you need to do is find the right shoe for you amongst our selection.

Whatever the domain, Dior always comes up with excellence and refinement. Here are some models of Dior trainers that perfectly encompass the brand’s vision of style and luxury:

Dior Trainers A Stylish High

Everyone, whether they are fashion experts or not, has heard of the House of Dior today and the luxury image fostered by the French brand ever since 1947. At that time, the objective was to make women look and feel superb. The public was won over straight away. In fact, in the prevailing context back then, the designs brought a breath of fresh air and a sense of joy to feminine fashion.Over the years, the brand known the world over developed in different domains of design but held on to the elegance and light-hearted femininity characteristic of their original ideas. That is the case once again with their collection of trainers for women.

Diors Dna: Cool And Luxury Femininity

Nowadays, Diors DNA is carried out by the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri, head of womens Dior collections. From Haute Couture to prêt à porter, she blows a new revolutionary wind on the Dior woman. Wearing sneakers, message tee-shirts and being moody or over-the-roof happy, the Maria Grazia Dior woman is modern, a city and countryside lover and goes for what she loves above all: style and life.

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Dior Fusion Sneakers: The Futuristic Sock

There is a new kind of sneakers that appeared recently and that really, you would have never figured would one day star in your ward robe as one of your favourite piece of footwear. Why? Simply because it was just unthinkable to one day figure out such a design.

A post shared by Dior Official on Apr 13, 2019 at 11:00am PDT

I am obviously talking of this weird yet very, very fashionable trend of sock sneakers. Sneakers that basically look like socks with a sole. Diors creative director !

The Dior Fusion sneakers are made of a perforated technical fabric that of course prevents rain to get into the shoe as much as give a sock-like experiment for your feet: you slip the sneakers on and it is like the most comfortable and finely moulding shoes you have ever put on.A Dior embroidered ribbon is sewed at the back of the Fusion sneakers as well as a couture signature knot to bring some femininity in the mix. The white rubber sole is embossed with a Dior sign that ends making this footwear UFO unknown footwear object the very object of your desires.

The Dior Fusion sneakers are unexpected and so call for an unexpected look. You can counterbalance their futuristic weird vibe with very plain and well cut outfits like cigarette jeans and a formal jacket or a really pretty mini skirt with an oversize wool sweater. Dont be afraid to mix and match genres and style with these sneakers: they are designed for you to have fun and enjoy!

Diors Walkndior Low Sneakers: The Ultimate Urban Dior Sneaker

ChristIan Dior B23 Low

The WalkNDior sneakers are already the best-seller item in the Dior sneakers crew. You must have already seen them all over Instagram and around your neighbourhood these are the it-shoes of the moment.

A post shared by Katarzyna Stelmach- Cooper on Nov 19, 2019 at 11:02am PST

Easy to wear and accommodating to any kind of style or lifestyle, the WalkNDior are sneakers made for the urban and countryside ladies who like a teenage twist with a lot of luxury details to it.

The low-cut WalkNDior sneakers are inspired by your all time favourite teenage years sneakers. A thick rubber sole that bites up the front of the shoes and a canvassed upper shoe are the two main elements to their success as well as their signature Christian Dior JAdior laces.

Leather tabs and metallic touches in Diors Antique Gold colour finish these very cool and luxury sneakers. On the sole, the Dior embossed signature can be replace with your name, for a more luxury and personalised pair of sneakers that you only will be owning. What better way to enjoy your sneakers than when they are fully and only yours? Uniqueness is the key at Dior.

The WalkNDior low-cut sneakers will fit your entire wardrobe. This model fits a bit large, make sure to go for a half size under your regular size. Apart from this detail, there are no boundaries to the WalkNDior sneakers use: go for it with a wide long skirt, tight jeans, formal cigarette pants actually: just go for it!

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Models Nestled Somewhere Between The Traditional And The Modern

are products of the visionary genius of the brand’s iconic founder. In these models, we see a wealth of artisanal know-how and the brand’s penchant for originality in the details. There is embroidery done by hand using beads, sequins and patches to tastefully accessorise each and every model.As for the fabrics used, they range from leather to canvas and velvet. It depends on what the season is and the style of the wearer. In any case, these trainers add oodles of style and an elegant twist to the “sporty vibe“. We are talking about real made-to-measure jewels to dress women with style to the tips of their toes.

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