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How To Start Selling Jordan Shoes

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What Type Of Customers Will Buy Your Sneakers

How To Start Buying & Selling Sneakers in 2022!

It’s important to first establish who you will be selling to, whether it’s to businesses or consumers.

Typically, in this industry, products are sold to B2C markets .

Let’s take a look at what this means for your sneaker reseller business:

B2C is a transaction where businesses sell their products or services to the consumer directly.

In this market, consumer behavior is the primary driver for your business decisions – so it’s important that you truly identify who your customer is, and what their buyer habits are when building your product/service.

The advantage

B2C is that you are able to cast a very wide net when targeting your customers. Your product may interest a large number of consumers or a specific niche.

The disadvantage

B2C is that consumers hold all the power – so if your website is not the most user friendly, or does not rank in the top search results on Google, chances are, your customer is going to shop elsewhere.

When building your sneaker reseller business, it’s critical that you hone in on who your target audience is, and why they need your product over your competition.

Here are some items to consider when identifying your buyer persona:

How Does All This Relate To Other Sneaker Brands

While Air Jordans are in a league of their own, you can use many of the lessons from this guide when sizing up other sneaker brands as well. For instance, a lot of the lingo is going to be the same across different shoes, but especially Nikes. So, if youâre looking at a Nike Air Force or Air Max, you can be confident that naming conventions and numbers mean the same thing as they do for Jordans.

Otis has several Air Jordanâs available for investment, including: the 1985 Jordan 1 collection, the 1985 Air Jordan 1 Collection II, and the Jordan 1 Metallic Red.

There are also several special Jordans, such as the Air Jordan 1 Modern Classics, Air Jordan “Exclusives”, the Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low, and the Kobe Bryant Jordansânot to mention the Michael Jordan game worn âShattered Backboardâ Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 1 âTYPS PEâ.

Where Can New Resellers Find Profitable Sneakers In 2022

New resellers can find new Yeezys and Air Jordan Retros at retailers like Foot Locker, Finish Line, Nike SNKRS, Adidas Confirmed and Champs Sports. There are also a number of other sneaker foot site retailers you can buy Yeezys and Jordans at.

Used shoes can be found at thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army. They will cost anywhere between $6 and $10. The barrier for entry to reselling used sneakers in 2022 is easier to cross than it is for selling new sneakers.

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Air Jordan Vii: Released In 1992

This was the first J to be released as part of the Jordan brand rather than Nike . It can be seen to symbolize the start of MJs career as a businessman as well as being the worlds best basketball player.

With these Air Jordan VII sneakers on, MJ repeated as an NBA champion, Finals MVP, and MVP, and helped the USA secure gold at the 1992 Barcelona summer games. The Black Infrared colorway, in particular, is one of the most popular Jordan shoes ever released.

An Easier Way To Invest In Sneakers

Stadium Goods 54 Best Selling Air Jordans

There is another way to invest in sneakers without spending time buying and selling online. Otis is an alternative asset investment company that allows individuals to invest in cultural items like collectibles, art, and sneakers.1

Sneakers may seem out of place in the investing world, but Otis isnt dealing with shoes you would find at your local sporting goods store. One of its current assets is the “Shattered Backboard” AJ1 worn by Michael Jordan during an exhibition game in Italy in 1985. During the game, Michael Jordan shattered the backboard while making a dunk. The shoes still have a piece of the backboard glass embedded into the sole. This particular pair of sneakers are the most expensive shoes ever sold on the public market.

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Reselling Shoes: How I Make $10000 A Month Flipping Sneakers

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

This contribution comes from JV Ortiz, who found side hustle success in the world of buying and selling sneakers. Hes been at this business for two years and actually quit his job to pursue this venture full-time.

JV lives in Brooklyn, New York and when hes not out hunting for shoe deals you can find him running, surfing, and working on self development.

At his site,, hes written a 100-page guide on how to break into the sneaker flipping game. You can use code SIDEHUSTLENATION to take 40% off.

Take it away, JV!

Be Mindful About The Legalities

When dealing with this business pursuit, you also need to properly accomplish all the necessary technicalities when opening or starting a shop. These tasks include getting Tax Identification Number, business permits, Employer Identification Number and more.

There is really no rocket science when starting a business however, with the help of t abovementioned ways combined with hard work, it is always possible to succeed in any given business venture. Starting a Jordan Shoe Store is proven to be a profitable venture so you need to consider all these ways when starting your own shoe store business. This is a means to ensure that you will gain smooth and lucrative business operations.

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Where To Sell Shoes

Now that youve acquired shoes, you must determine the best platforms for selling them to make a profit.

To begin, create an account with a consignment retailer such as StockX and resell the shoes there. Both sites act as go-betweens for buyers and sellers. To sell your shoes, you must deal directly within the platform.

When youve decided on the highest bid, send them the sneakers, and theyll take care of the rest.

Sites like StockX make it easy to sell your shoes while ensuring that consumers arent fooled with fake footwear.

If you prefer the traditional method of reselling shoes, Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and eBay are all viable options. These websites allow you to personalize the product page for your pair.

It would be best if you were as specific and comprehensive as possible regarding footwear. Make sure you leave no stone unturned and that your description is accurate.

If youre a new seller, it will take some time for buyers to warm up to you. So it would help if you continued to focus on winning buyers trust and moving forward.

Expect shady people to express interest if you sell shoes informally, like on Facebook Groups or Sneaker Con. As previously stated, you must determine whether the buyer is trustworthy.

There are also other apps to consider, such as the GOAT app. Its a purely devoted software for buying and selling sneakers and is extremely popular among sneaker dealers.

How To Sell Your Sneakers Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How To Resell Sneakers (EASY $200 A DAY) Stock X, Ebay, SNKRS, GOAT

Not every sneakerhead is in the game for the same reasons. Some are in it for the nostalgia, still in love with the pairs they wore in their teens. Some are in it for the clout, addicted to posting their latest pickups on Instagram. Others, meanwhile, are in it for the profit, running their sneaker closet like a business.

Regardless of how you got into sneakers, these days it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the shoes dropping every weekend. The reality is, eventually a time will come when youll feel the need to liquidate some of your stash, either to make way for new pairs, or simply because you feel its time to downsize the collection. In turn, sneaker-specific marketplaces such as Grailed, Klekt, StockX, and others have been on the up, connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

For those who are new to the hustle, heres a step-by-step guide to selling your sneakers online:

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Are You Ready For The Rigors Of Selling Used Shoes

This post offers a great overview, but you will need more if youre getting into the game of buying and selling sneakers. If you want to learn from the true expert and get much more depth for how to make this business work for you, you dont need to start as a newbie.

Without a mentor, your chances of losing money and wasting time are higher since youre competing with the experts.

If youre ready to learn how to become a sneaker reseller, youre going to want a mentor to speed up the process.

How to Learn More About Reselling Shoes

I recommend taking a look at the Six Figure SneakerHead HypeMaster Playbook Here.

Use coupon code NICHEMONEY for an extra 10% off.

Reselling shoes is a fun way to make money as a part-time job, if not as a full-time one, and regardless of your age. If you are into basketball and hip-hop or if you have experience in flipping items before, then you are already a step ahead of other beginners in the game.

If youre looking for other ways to make some money, look at buying and selling concert tickets.

How Do New Resellers Become Successful In 2022

Successful sneaker resellers know the sneaker market well and understand which sneakers will do well. They target profitable sneakers and buy multiple pairs at retail value.

Successful resellers buy a combination of both short-term flips and long-term holds. They hold some sneakers for over a year to sell them once their value goes up and they quickly sell some sneakers to make a profit.

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Set And Achieve Goals

You can never achieve what you dont envision. The first step to selling five figures worth of sneakers in a month is knowing that youre the kind of person that can do such a thing. Selling sneakers is something that is not biased towards how old you are, what gender you are, if youre fat or if youre skinny, good looking or ugly, even rich or poor.

Anyone can do it.

I came in the game as an absolute outsider and reached high levels.

I was in my early 20s, and I could have started earlier on all of the different shoe selling platforms if I knew what I was doing, so Im taking time to educate everyone with this post and the many others on this blog.

I simply believed that I could be someone who could do such a thing. So have confidence in yourself. But of course the confidence has to be based on something so its not delusional. It needs to be based on extensive knowledge.

I promise that if you follow these steps above, you will be well on your way to becoming your very own Six Figure Sneakerhead.

Of course, there are a lot more details to fill in on the way there, but do extensive research, check out the 5 part new Hypemaster Playbook, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION.

Well thats it for today.

I wish you guys all the best!


Air Jordan Viii: Released In 1993

Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Shoes Of 2018

One of the most characterful sneakers in the Michael Jordan shoe line-up, the VIII is chunky, defiant, and daring. With a chenille tongue graphic and twin straps that cross over the laces, the AJ VIIIs are most definitely a 90s-style sneaker and a winning choice for anyone seeking something a little different. Look out for the low-top version of the VIII, released in 2003.

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How To Resell: Sneaker Reselling For Beginners

The flipping sneaker business in many places has provided an avenue for hustlers to ethically and ingeniously make a quick buck. And what seemed to be footwear that keeps your feet safe and warm serve a different purpose to other people.

Compared to some other ways of making money online, the sneaker resale market is very profitable and valued at around $1 billion. While only 4% of shoes and sneakers are purchased upon release for resale, the market benefits from side hustlers and entrepreneurs who operate in different channels.

The sneaker market as a whole has opened up itself to more people with the help of online channels. However, back in the day when the internet didnt exist, there was a competition within the different communities and tribes in the market. People scoured through a thrift store and flea markets to get shoes under their market price.

Others would run to their nearest Foot Locker to get the latest pair of shoes. Information was spread through word of mouth and Eastbay mail catalogs. In other words, reselling sneakerheads worked in isolation with their communities.

There was only so much distance and area you could cover in the early sneaker game. That shared common experience within a small group of people made the sneaker market what it is today.

If you want to get connected with fellow sneaker lovers, you need to attend SneakerCon that takes places in the different parts of the world.

Consider Selling On Amazon

In addition to selling your products directly on your site, you may want to consider selling on Amazon to reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

Here are some pros and cons of selling on amazon:


  • Easy and seamless process to get your product listed on Amazon
  • There are roughly 100 million thoroughly committed prime customers, so you’re bound to tap into new business
  • Can help grow your business exponentially and reach new audiences


  • You may encounter some “copycats” and counterfeit products
  • Amazon owns the relationship with the customer
  • If you already have a low-markup, amazon may not wrth your while and you could end up losing money
  • Commissions and listing fees are high – it’s easy to lose control of your offering

Follow these instructions to get your product listed on Amazon or check out the video below on how to get started:

Cory Stout, founder of Woodies provides us with specifics on how to rank better on amazon:

Our main product is walnut wood sunglasses that I sell for $25 on Amazon and

I dedicated myself to becoming an Amazon expert. I listened to all the podcasts and read all the blog posts I could find. Shoutout EcomCrew I took the basic fundamentals that are out there and I added a couple of my own twists.

Amazon brings me, 100 brand new customers, every day for very little acquisition cost. If I tried that on my own, it would take a TON of work and it wouldnt be nearly as effective as Amazon, so I took the easy road on this one.

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Diversify Your Product Line

Adding new products to your business is a great way to expand into new markets and grow your business.

It’s important to note that adding new products and diversifying may not be in the cards for you right this moment, and that’s okay. You can always consider it down the road.

Here are some reasons you may want to considering adding/diversifying your product

  • Meeting the needs of your customers
  • Establish yourself as a top provider in your industry and stay ahead of the game with competition
  • Resistance to downturns/trends fading

Provide Great Customer Service

How To Buy Air Jordan 1 Shoes Under Market Value

Providing exceptional care and creating relationships with clients is a great way to build your reputation and retain customers.

Whether you are an online business or a physical business, it’s highly important to communicate with customers and make them feel like they are the priority.

Just remember: customer service represents your brand, values, vision and YOU as a person.

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How Do I Pay Myself As A Small Business Owner

Most entrepreneurs start a business to do something they love- but at the end of the day, you still have bills to pay .

But it’s important to strike the right balance – if you pay yourself too much, you could be putting your business at risk.

There are two common ways to pay yourself as a business owner:

1. Owner’s Draw

Many entrepreneurs pay themselves through an owner’s draw. This means that you are technically sean as “self-employed” through the eyes of the IRS and are not paid through regular wages.

At the point that you collect money from the draw, taxes typically are not taken out – so make sure you are prepared to pay these taxes once you file your individual return.

As an owner who takes a draw, you can legally take out as much as you want from your equity.

This type of compensation is suited for Sole props, LLCs, and partnerships. If youre an S corp, you can pay yourself through both a salary and draw if you choose.

2. Salary

If you decide to pay yourself a salary, you will receive a set and recurring amount. This will be taxed by the federal government and the state you reside in.

The reality is that it can be really complicated to set your own salary, so we have some tips for you to consider:

To learn more about how to pay yourself and what is a reasonable amount, check out this article.

Use Quick But Trusted Methods To Authenticate

Vernon Simms says one of the worst things a seller can do to kill a business before it even gets started is get caught trying to sell counterfeit kicks.

StockX charges sellers a penalty of 15% of the transaction price if theres a failure to complete the sale.

If a pair of shoes are found to be counterfeit, sellers will be charged the price they paid for the shoe and the cost of shipping.

Simms recommends using a third-party app for verification if someone needs to know whether a shoe is authentic in a pinch.

Services like CheckCheck require users to take photos of the sneakers to be analyzed by artificial intelligence technology to detect inconsistencies.

Two trained human authenticators will verify the sneakers are real as a final check. The turnaround time is quick answers typically come back within 30 minutes.

Simms suggests that beginners stick to buying inventory from retail stores to make sure shoes are authentic.

He admitted to making a costly mistake when he started as a reseller, inadvertently purchasing a case of fake Jordan 11s from an individual.

I couldnt get ahold of the person who sold them to me, they just stopped responding, and I couldnt get anything back, he said. I lost out big time.

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