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Can You Sell Shoes On Stockx Before You Have Them

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Can You Sell Used Shoes On Flight Club

How to sell shoes on StockX FULL GUIDE | Step-by-step packing and shipping

For Selling new or lightly worn shoes, flight Club will be the most accessible platform. But if you want to sell a shoe you have used for a long time, then forget it because they dont allow you to sell shoes used for a long time. In addition, flight Club provides the finest liquidity, helps to reach customers from anywhere, and resells at the best prices.

Facts You Need To Know About Stockx The Billion Dollar Resale Platform

By Tricia McKinnon

The resale market is one of the fastest growing segments of retail. One of the reasons it has grown so fast is that platforms like StockX make it easy for consumers to put up their coveted merchandise for sale in a secure and transparent manner.

Resale is not a new concept, in the past people sold their sneakers on eBay and still do and before that through their own personal networks. But when StockX launched in 2016 it made reselling goods even easier. So easy that many people have transitioned buying and selling sneakers as a hobby into their own full-time business.

Traditional retailers are not sitting back watching this market grow. Last year Foot Locker invested $100 million in resale platform GOAT, its largest investment ever. StockX is seen as the leader of the pack and here are some of the reasons why.

1. StockX is the first sneaker resale platform to reach unicorn status with a $1 billion valuation. It achieved this in less than three years and now it sells over a billion dollars worth of merchandise annually. Part of StockXs success is due to the popularity of streetwear and StockXs creation of a trusted resale marketplace where goods are authenticated reducing the risk of counterfeit products or fraudulent payment.

3. StockX is backed by a number of heavy weight investors including GV and Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce.

4. With over 25,000 shoes on its platform, StockX is the largest resale marketplace for sneakers in the world.

Second Step: Inspect The Logo Of Stockx Carefully

  • I noticed two main things when I moved to the logo used on the StockX tag. The first one is the line between the crossing of the 2 slanting lines is absent onthe fake logo of StockX. And the oblique lines on the left of the fake tag are absent as well.
  • The second thing Ill point out is the shape and size of the arrow sign on the upper right side of the logo is different. However, it seems a quite minor thing but observable. But I think each and every detail are equally important.

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Where To Sell Your Clothing And Shoes Online

Many prospective online sellers tend to consider StockX vs. eBay, two of the most popular online resale sites. Both platforms allow people to buy and sell high-demand items such as streetwear and sneakers, but they differ in user interface, audience, commission rates, and fees, to name a few. Thats why its important to choose the right resale website for selling your clothes and accessories online.

Whether youre paring down your closet to just the essentials, you need some extra cash, or youre making way for spring and summer style arrivals, weve rounded up the best places online to sell your clothing, footwear, and accessories. Check out our top picks below.

How Do You Sell On Stockx

Most Expensive Nike Shoes in StockX History

First of all, you have to register on StockX. To do this, you simply have to visit their website. Afterwards, click on Sign Up on the upper right corner.

In the following menu, you can choose between registration with Facebook or Twitter, or the classic way, which is by name and email address. In this example, we chose the registration by name and email option.

After you have entered your name, you can then choose what you are interested in on StockX. Now, we have chosen only sneakers. If you also choose sneakers, then you will see a selection of sizes. Choose a shoe size, so you dont always have to enter it when buying shoes. It will then selected automatically.

Finally, press Sign Up and you are logged in.

Afterwards, you can change the displayed currency in the upper right corner. The default currency is US dollars, but you can also choose from Canadian dollars, pounds, or euros. If you choose euros, the displayed amounts will simply be converted to euros.

To sell, click on the red button next to the currency selection labeled Sell.

The next window will explain the process to you. First, you create an offer with a selling price for which you want to sell, for example, the sneaker. Then, you send the sneaker or whatever youre selling within 2 days to StockX. For this, you will get a shipping label from them.

Then, press the red I Understand button and you can choose the shoe you want to sell.

Next, we select US size 8 as it is one of the more expensive sizes.

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My First Profitable Flips: Starting With $1 T

At thrift stores, I could pick up t-shirts for $1 or $2 and sell them for about $10.

I was able to make money doing this, but it was nowhere near enough to reach my goal of matching the current paycheck.

At best, I was making a $10 profit for each item I sold, and at the peak was selling 5 items per week. Its good that I was making some money on the side pretty consistently, but I became hungry for more and started to brainstorm ideas.

How To Resell: Sneaker Reselling For Beginners

The flipping sneaker business in many places has provided an avenue for hustlers to ethically and ingeniously make a quick buck. And what seemed to be footwear that keeps your feet safe and warm serve a different purpose to other people.

Compared to some other ways of making money online, the sneaker resale market is very profitable and valued at around $1 billion. While only 4% of shoes and sneakers are purchased upon release for resale, the market benefits from side hustlers and entrepreneurs who operate in different channels.

The sneaker market as a whole has opened up itself to more people with the help of online channels. However, back in the day when the internet didnt exist, there was a competition within the different communities and tribes in the market. People scoured through a thrift store and flea markets to get shoes under their market price.

Others would run to their nearest Foot Locker to get the latest pair of shoes. Information was spread through word of mouth and Eastbay mail catalogs. In other words, reselling sneakerheads worked in isolation with their communities.

There was only so much distance and area you could cover in the early sneaker game. That shared common experience within a small group of people made the sneaker market what it is today.

If you want to get connected with fellow sneaker lovers, you need to attend SneakerCon that takes places in the different parts of the world.

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Can You Get Used Shoes On Stockx

Many people wonder if StockX works like other online marketplaces, eBay, for example.

However, if youre looking to buy used shoes, StockX isnt the right place for you. Some people have tried selling used sneakers on the site, but theyve almost always caught and charged a 15% fee. Plus, those sellers might get banned on StockX.

Of course, there are going to be instances when the StockX authenticators didnt catch on to whatever flaws are on the item. In those situations, all you have to do is send an email to customer support and get the issue resolved.

Where Do You Buy These Shoes To Resell

I Sold Fake Sneakers on Stockx (AGAIN) and this is What Happened

I like to buy older models either through eBay or Facebook groups and sneaker conventions.

For new shoes, youll go directly to the brands website and either press your luck right on the release time or you can utilize a sneaker bot to greatly increase your chances of securing a pair at retail price.

There are also authorized retailers that stock desired shoes, like FootLocker or Eastbay, but its best to go with lesser-known sites like Mr. Porter and END to increase your odds of getting the shoes at retail.

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Modifying A Shoes Condition On Stockx

If youre looking to sell a pair of shoes at home, StockX is a terrific place to start. The company is adamant about inspecting and authenticating each pair they get.

Consequently, this means that dealers must inspect shoes before sending them. Additionally, because StockX allows only deadstock sneakers, your assessment of the shoes condition must be 100% correct.

If youre selling them through StockX, they must be flawless. Well discuss what it implies in detail in this article and what to anticipate if you violate the StockX guidelines.

Third Step: Examine The Card With The Stockx Tag

You will find a card with The fake tag also. They will send you different types of cards at different times. Sometimes it will look like black and occasionally green. So I will detail both colors for you.

  • Well, I didnt found very much difference between the green cards. Sometimes they come with bullet points , but I think it is okay. So there is not much to say about green cards. So I will move to the black cards.
  • The StockX logo on the upper left side of the card, the color of the fake one, comes with a lighter shade of green you can say it as highlighter green, but the real one comes with grass green color.
  • Then coming to the signature, the actual card has laminate material, but the fake card has a painted signature and StockX logo. So, it will be effortless to find out the fake and real StockX paperware for you.

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Where And How To Buy And Sell Shoes

Now that you have the shoes, you must find the best channels where you can sell them to turn in a profit.

You can start by creating an account on a consignment shop like StockX to resell the shoes there. Both sites serve as middlemen between buyer and seller. Therefore, you deal directly with either website to sell your shoes. Send them the sneakers when youve chosen the highest bid, and they will take care of the rest.

Sites like StockX are convenient ways to sell your shoes and ensures buyers that they wont be duped by fake sneakers.

On the flipside, you dont get the personal touch from consignment stores that go with seller-to-buyer transactions. However, if youre not much of a salesman or a people person, then this shouldnt be a problem.

If you want the traditional way of reselling shoes, you can always go the way of Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and eBay. These sites allow you to put your personal touch on your pairs product page.

As a best practice, you need to be descriptive and detailed as possible about the sneakers. Leave no stone unturned and make sure that you are honest in your description. Assuming that youre a new seller, itll take time before buyers warm up to you. Therefore, you need to keep working on gaining the trust of buyers and continue marching forward.

If You Break The Rules

StockX resale site explained: How to buy and sell ...

StockX expects the shoes youre selling to be absolutely flawless. Thats because if youre using StockX to sell them, thats implied.

However, not everyone will take the StockX deadstock sneakers rule that seriously, and they might try to send them used pairs of shoes.

The shipping fees involved with returns are astronomical, but it still happens. Even if you spend enough time and effort to package the sneakers by StockX guidelines, if your shoes arent up to their standards, theyll be rejected.

But are there any potential repercussions to sending a pair of sneakers that arent deadstock? StockX claims that they might charge a service fee of up to 15% if you send them a pair of used shoes.

Also, and this is important, StockX doesnt have any legal obligations to send you back an item that doesnt conform to their rules. If people try to send counterfeit sneakers via their website, they might even call the authorities.

StockX can also penalize users who dont ship their shoes on time or dont package them properly. These measures are all in the interest of speeding up the delivery for the buyer.

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The Shoe Reselling Industry

Forbes estimates that the resale market for sneakers is estimated to be over $1 billion annually.

Nicks Notes: By carefully and expertly hyping each new product launch, the manufacturers cater to loyal fans and strategically never quite make enough to fully satisfy the demand. Its that constant shortfall on the supply side that fuels the resale market.

This is also trend that doesnt appear to be slowing anytime soon. That same Forbes article notes that the international sneaker market is up 40% since 2004.

Even though only an estimated 4% of sneakers end up being purchased for immediate resale, the market has attracted side hustlers and entrepreneurs. At the top of the heap, some resellers are moving more than $2 million in inventory a year.

There Is More Competition On Stockx

Earlier, I mentioned that the pro of selling on StockX is that you have a much bigger pool of customers. However, with more sales bring more competition among other resellers. Subsequently, higher competition means smaller profit margins for everyone.

Typically after two days after a hype release, you will see the resell prices gradually or even sharply driven lower. This is frustrating but it is an open market. That is what happens on the open market.

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Alternatively Ignore The Hype

If youre looking to buy rare and desirable shoes on StockX, get in line outside of the unaffordable recent releases, some of the most covetable styles on the platform reach truly astounding prices. Youve got the Yeezy Red Octobers, which go for several thousand pounds, Morrison says. The Chanel x Pharrell collaboration shoes go for between £5,000 and £10,000. The Nike SB Paris Dunks go for £10,000. And the Nike Air MAG self-lacing shoes from Back To The Future? They can go for £30,000.

If those numbers make you break out in a cold sweat, dont worry a buyer who doesnt care about hype can actually see a lot of success on StockX. Theres benefit in waiting until something goes cold, Morrison explains. I go through the website looking for old or interesting pairs that people arent thinking about, but that I know that Id love to wear and didnt get back then. Ive gotten so many great deals on truly iconic shoes, because theyve gone under-the-radar.

Stockx Tells Sellers Its Not Responsible For Sneakers Lost During Shipping

HOW TO, A Step by Step Stockx 2021 prepping GUIDE! How to send shoes to Stockx!

The company has updated its selling policies to say itâs not liable for packages that may go missing.

StockX has issued an update to its selling policies with a message thatâs loud and clear â if something goes wrong in shipping, it is very much not StockXâs problem.

A four-point bulletin sent out to users outlines how StockX is largely offloading responsibility for whatever may happen once an item has left the sellerâs hands and before itâs arrived at one of the companyâs warehouses. StockX says it will no longer be liable for packages dropped off at third-party access points, picked up by third-party shipping providers, or that haven’t left the drop-off location according to the tracking number.

In order to continue receiving protection from StockX, sellers will have to either drop off their package at a courierâs designated store or have it picked up directly by the courier. For example, StockX will not be liable if a package is dropped off at a UPS Access Point Drop-Off Locker but will be if itâs handed directly to a UPS store. Any issues in shipping that arise outside of StockXâs purview will have to be addressed instead with the courier.

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Stockx Will Deliver The Package

Afterwards, StockX will be releasing your funds to you only after validating your shoes for quality and authentication of the deal. The transaction fee will now be charged which starts at around 10%. However, this figure will only increase as your level as a seller will increase. Visit StockX to find more details on this. To put it simply, you will find more financial benefits in your earlier days with StockX, and more reliability after making a few deals with them. StockX will deliver the package to the respective buyer.

# How Does It Work If You Sell Second Hand Or Used Shoes On Stockx

If the sneakers are authentic, youll receive the compensation specified on the pages where they were posted for sale. Whenever the shoes are not legitimate or in deadstock conditions with the original packaging, youll indeed be charged 15% of the purchase price. Or $13.95 for delivery, whichever is more.

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Reasons To Resell Your Sneakers

How to Resell Sneakers to Make Lots of Money?

Heres an eye-popping statistic: The sneaker resale market has topped$1 billion in annual sales, according to StockX. It goes without saying theres a ton of money to be made in sneaker reselling. Of course, sneakerheads know it all too well. Ultra-limited releases can easily fetch double or triple their retail price on different reselling websites AKA when you cop some Ls on release day because you werent fully prepared! These days, plenty of budding entrepreneurs have joined in on the sneaker game, hoping to earn a living or builda sneaker reselling business. Youve probably heard the success proof and different stories its literally all over social media!

Didnt you hear about the 16-year-old KID who made more than a MILLION dollars reselling sneakers to celebs? How much you makin rn? Bet you it aint a million dollars. Selling sneakers is the perfect side hustle or even a full-time job to make so much more money right from the comfort of your home!

How to Resell Sneakers to Clear Up Some Storage Space?

So, you either gotta figure out how to find more sneaker storage space, buy a second house just for your sneakers, or start reselling sneakers on the aftermarket. This way youll be making more space and more money to buy MORE sneakers! Its like the perfect equation.

Nuff Said. Period.

Step 1 on How to Resell SneakersWatch the Market Like a Hawk!

Step 2 on Reselling SneakersCop Limited-Run Sneakers

More Copping Tips

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