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Do Any Cycling Shoes Work With Peloton

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Vittoria Hera Performance Road Cycling Shoes

Using Your Toe Clips | Peloton Support


Just like the Peloton cycling shoes, this pair from Vittoria Hera is only made for three-bolt cleats. They are made out of a synthetic PU upper and a nylon sole which allow for maximum flexibility during your ride and prevents a fit thats too constricting.

Other key features include an integrated closure, micro-adjustable buckle system, and a double strap that wraps fully around the foot for a secure and uniform fit.


These factory-direct cycling shoes from Tommaso cut out the middleman, which keeps costs down without sacrificing value. They carefully and precisely blend comfort and performance to create a versatile cycling shoe that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These are compatible with Peloton and have ventilated mesh areas within the shoes that help keep your feet cool and comfortable, says Mansour. With lock Velcro straps, these shoes offer a great fit with added security, she says.


How Are Peloton Shoes Different From Other Cycling Shoes

Peloton sports shoes are a comfortable, low-profile option for the daily cyclist.

With two arches under the sole and an elastic lacing system, they provide a supportive fit thats easy to quickly remove after your commute.

The main distinction between the peloton and other cycling equipment is their focus on increased comfort.

With soft microfiber overlays on the arch supports, minimal stitching across sensitive areas of the outside ankle bone, and cushioning gel pods in high contact areas like where your foot hits the pedal.

They provide all-day performance with none of that pesky breaking-in time period.

Theyre also very durable their body is made from synthetic leather and mesh material that holds up well against weather conditions as well as your everyday wear and tear.

The Best Shoes For Peloton And Indoor Cycling You Can Buy Today

Reasons to avoid

After riding for a few months with a number of models, we think the best indoor cycling shoes overall are the Shimano RC1. It’s a reasonably priced spin shoe that comes in both mens and women’s models. These shoes are lightweight and feature synthetic leather uppers with mesh texture to promote a comfortable fit. They also have three durable hook-and-loop straps across the top of the feet for easy wear and removal.

During our time, we found them to be breathable, comfortable, and easy to wear. They were light but not overly stiff, and three Velcro straps made it easy to get the fit I wanted. Unlike Pelotons shoes, Shimanos shoes dont include clips, which must be purchased separately for $20. The RC1s are designed for Delta cleats, but you can also purchase an adapter so they’ll work with SPD cleats, too.

Reasons to avoid

The Venzo cycling shoes are compatible with both Delta and SPD clips if you order the shoes with the former, the clips come bundled, but if you want SPD cleats, youll have to purchase them separately.

Reasons to avoid

Not surprisingly, the best Peloton shoes overall are those made by Peloton itself, but these spin shoes can be used on other exercise bikes, too. These lightweight, breathable upper and mesh vent Peloton shoes feature a ratchet clip and velcro straps. If you plan on purchasing these shoes with your new bike, Peloton will deliver your shoes with your bike so youll have them in time for that first ride.

Reasons to avoid

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Venzo Mx Womens Peloton Shoes

  • Cleat compatibility: Look Delta and SPD
  • Gender: Women
  • Come with Cleat: Yes
  • For a lightweight shoe, we pick Venzo MX Women, which is only 0.96lbs. It is perfect for women, given the womens sizing, design, and color options.
  • The shoe encourages versatility in cleat systems, being compatible with Look Delta, SPD-SL, Look Keo, Crank Brothers, among others in the market. You can change from the 3-bolt power transferring Cleat to the recessed 2-bolt cleat system that allows for walking.
  • The shoe uses velcro straps for a snug fit, which are quality and will not snap pre-maturely.
  • Composed of a mesh and synthetic blend upper Textile lining that finishes with a removable sock liner and a low-cut construction, the shoe facilitates breathability.


  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Come with Cleat: Yes


Rapha Classic Cycling Shoes

Kids Peloton Bike

Designed to be incredibly lightweight and comfortable, Raphas Classic Cycling Shoes feature thermoplastic polyurethane-coated carbon outsoles for efficient power transfer. With these, you also get a hook-and-loop toe strap with a lightweight anodized D-ring that lets you fine-tune the fit. They include a protective sole cover and grippy thermoplastic heel treads for ideal off-bike traction, too.

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Do You Need Cycling Shoes For A Peloton Bike

  • Bottom-line
  • If you own a peloton bike, you may want to best the best out of it. One way to do this is by using the right accessories such as shoes. Having cycling shoes for a peloton bike is an advantage since it allows extra grip.

    However, must you have cycling shoes for a peloton bike? The answer to this question is yes or no depending on how you cycle the bike. Regular shoes work for a peloton bike but you will only achieve the best results when using cycling shoes.

    This article will give a deeper insight of the need for cycling shoes versus using regular shoes on your peloton. Keep reading for deeper insight.

    Can You Try On Peloton Shoes In The Store

    As a general rule, you can try on peloton shoes in the peloton stores in the fitting rooms. Peloton has over 80 stores across the US and Canada and 12 stores in Europe. Alternatively, if you dont have access to the peloton showroom, you can walk into any cycling store.

    In the cycling shops, you wont be able to find peloton shoes, but you can get any road cycle shoes with the Delta clips that will fit your peloton bike.

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    Are Peloton Shoes True To Size

    As a whole, peloton shoes are true to size because they are fitted based on the length and the width of the foot. However, they have a hard plastic sole platform used for the cleats. This helps to generate more power during the stroke but it also stiffens the shoe and can immobilize the foot.

    So it does feel like you have less space for your feet in the shoes.

    In normal running shoes or sneakers, the rubber sole is extremely flexible. You can bend and twist it in all directions. This helps your arches to freely pronate and supinate, allows you to clench your feet, and moving your toes around. This flexibility helps you to move more efficiently when youre walking or running.

    If youre used to training with sneakers or running shoes, your body is accustomed to this flexibility and complete foot range of motion. However, once you put on the peloton shoes, because of the stiffness, you may feel like the shoes run small.

    In the peloton shoes, the sole is made of a stiff plastic platform. The platform has 3 wholes at the bottom for cleats where you attach the Delta blocks, which then can be clipped into the peloton bike pedals. This delta system allows generating more power during the stroke.

    Take a look at the picture below. This red attachment you see is the Delta cleat that is screwed to the shoe using 3 bolts.

    Peloton shoe with delta cleats

    Learn more: Click here to read more about peloton glutes workout

    Can Peloton Shoes Use Spd Clips

    An Inside Look at the Peloton Bike

    In general, peloton shoes cannot use SPD clips because the shoe has only 3 bolts to attach to the cleat. The 3 bolt system can be only used by the delta attachment. Several cycling shoes have options for both SPD cleats and delta cleats.

    If you go to the regular indoor cycling class and you see people with their spin shoes, those shoes are most likely to have SPD blocks. This means you cannot wear your peloton shoes to spinning class because they wont be able to clip into the bikes.

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    Gavin Road Cycling Shoes: Great Pair Of Shoes For Both Men & Women

    The Gavin Road Cycling Shoes come with many advantages such as pedal efficiency, added power, improved cadence, and other favors for comfortable and operational cycling without flexing your feet. A perfect pair of sneakers to go out with a group for weekend rides or to take the next indoor spinning class as they are competent with a range of stationary exercise bikes. And they have a black and grey color scheme that looks clean and neutral.

    These shoes fit snugly on your feet and keep on providing support until you have finished riding or spinning. They are stiff yet they are adequately ventilated to make sure your feet are cool allowing maximum airflow. And with rigid nylon fiberglass soles, they can adapt a variety of clipless pedals featuring different types of cleats. These shoes can be also used with peloton bikes using compatible Look Delta cleats.

    Gavin Road Cycling Shoes

    Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton

    When I say Peloton compatible shoes, what I really mean is this: the cleat or clip that goes on the bottom of the shoe is compatible with the Peloton pedal. The pedals take a Look Delta cleat, which is a red triangle .

    So do you need special shoes for Peloton? Well, if you want to be able to clip in while you ride, then yes. And make sure you get shoes that take cleats that are compatible with the Peloton pedals.

    Do you need the Peloton bike shoes? As in do you need the brand of shoes that Peloton sells? No. As I said above, as long as you get shoes that can take the cleats for the Peloton pedals, youll be good to go.

    This is what the Look Delta cleats look like and what you want on the bottom of your Peloton bike shoes.

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    The main issueechoed in a number of Amazon customer reviewsis that the Multi Air Flex seems to fit smaller than expected. This could be a design issue, or it could be the result of Garneaus US-to-European size conversions being off. Going by the size chart, I chose a pair in size 39, though for some other shoes I tested, I ended up going with a size 40. The Garneau size-39 shoes did indeed fit shorter than most of the other shoes in size 40, though they werent so small that I thought I should exchange them. That said, if you order online, you should probably order a size larger than the chart indicates. Also, although walking around in the Garneau shoes felt less awkward than in some of the other shoes I tried, I could feel some pressure from the rails underfoot, so dont plan to walk long distances in them.

    How Should A Spin Shoe Fit

    7 Most Comfortable Peloton Shoes With Reviews

    Both Swierszcz and Dr. Minara repeatedly emphasized that the most important fit factor in choosing your cycling shoes is an adequate feeling of support for your entire foot. You want the shoe to fit snugly so your foot doesn’t slide back and forth as you pedal. Friction from loose shoes can cause blistering and a general feeling of instability on the bike.

    A shoe that’s too tight can cause cramping, numbness, or tingling in your foot as you ride. Numbness is the most common problem Dr. Minara sees in cyclists who wear ill-fitting shoes, especially in those who have wide feet. “Many cyclists will also develop a very specific problem called a Morton’s neuroma,” Minara told Insider, “Which is inflammation of a very specific nerve called the common digital nerve.”

    Swierszcz often sees riders overtightening their shoes. “It’s a psychological thing,” she said. “People think the tighter their shoe is, the more secure their foot will be and they won’t fall off the bike or whatever their fear might be. You want something that feels supportive and stable but isn’t squeezing your foot. The less you have to think about your feet as you ride the better your experience is going to be.”

    As with any shoe, the more you wear a cycling shoe the more it molds to the shape of your foot. Some tightness can be overcome by breaking the shoes in, but don’t continue to ride with a shoe that’s exceedingly uncomfortable or takes away from the quality of your ride.

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    What Type Of Cycling Shoes Can You Wear On The Peloton Bike

    Wondering what type of cycling shoes can you wear on the peloton bike? Cycling shoes are different from other shoes. You will find cycling shoes with more firm material than normal shoes.

    Likewise, cycling shoes have a snug-fitting than sneakers. The cycling shoes have cleats on their sole that will let the feet attach to the pedal of the bike.


  • To Sum Up
  • Why You Should Trust Us

    This isnt my first foray into writing about cycling for Wirecutter: Ive reviewed the Peloton indoor cycle as well as folding bicycles for commuters. Im also a New York Citybased certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor . However, as Im not a certified indoor-cycling instructor, for this guide I polled a Facebook group of people who are, asking those instructors to describe the types of shoes they saw participants use and to share the brands and models of shoes they recommended.

    I also interviewed:

    • Jennifer Sage, president and founder of the Indoor Cycling Association and a coach, personal trainer, and mountain biker based in Vail, Colorado, who has been an indoor-cycling instructor since 1996
    • Josh Taylor, global senior advisor and master instructor for Spinning, the original indoor-cycling company, and a former pro bike racer

    In addition, I read a slew of articles on cycling shoes, and indoor-cycling shoes in particular, from the websites of Cycling Weekly, REI, Spinning, ClassPass, and Calories Burned HQ.

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    Types Of Cycling Shoes

    Can you use any shoe you want with your Peloton bike? Nope. In fact, not only will you need a cycling shoe, but you’ll also need a specific type of cycling shoe. To make your life easier, you can order Peloton-branded shoes right along with your bike however, if you decide to buy shoes elsewhere, you could end up with something that doesn’t work for your shiny new Bike+.

    What Is The Need For Cycling Shoes For A Peloton

    Getting Started: Clipping In/Out Of Your Peloton Pedals

    On a peloton bike, you are required to keep your feet on the pedals. This means that your feet will be in motion for the duration of the exercise session. Given that the resistance is set at 11 or 22 MPH, it can be quite challenging to pedal without shoes.

    Cycling shoes have specific stiff soles, which enable better grip on the pedals hence making it easier for you to pedal faster compared with regular shoes. Regular shoes do not have this sturdy sole and thus cannot provide the needed grip.

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    Do Peloton Shoes Stretch

    As a whole, peloton shoes dont stretch. The upper of the shoe is a mix of fabric material and plastic finish to provide support. The sole and the heel stiffener of the shoe are made of hard density plastic, where you attach delta cleats.

    Some parts of the shoe made of fabric can wear out and become more loose, but the whole shoe isnt designed to adjust to the foot like leather shoes or rubber shoes.

    Where To Buy Peloton Bike Shoes

    Of course, you can buy your Peloton bike shoes from Peloton itself. You can always splurge for the accessories package, which includes shoes. Thats what my daughter did when she bought her Peloton.

    However, there are two places Ive discovered online where you can buy Peloton brand shoes. One is eBay. There are tons of Peloton shoes for sale on eBay, which you can check out using this link.

    Ive highlighted some of my finds below.

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    Will Any Cycling Shoes Fit The Peloton

    In general, only the road cycling shoes will fit the peloton because the peloton bike uses Delta 3 piece clipped pedals. The mountain bike shoes have 2 bolt SPD clips, which can only fit into mountain bike pedals. However, you can assemble pedals that can fit both Delta and SPD cleats.

    The peloton bike comes with standard Delta clips, which is a classic road bike system. Those pedals allow you to clip in the shoes to generate more power. The Delta cleats are wide and have 3 wholes at the bottom of the sole, right on the metatarsal part of your foot.

    On the other hand, the SPD cleats have 2 bolts. As you can see in the picture below, the pedals are completely different. On the left side, you have a pedal with an SPD block underneath. This system is smaller, with allows being installed in regular walking or hiking shoes.

    Road bike cleats vs MTB cleats

    On the right side, you can see the Delta system. Those pedals are slightly wider, and the cleats have 3 bolts. Those are the classic road bike cleats. In those shoes, youre not supposed to walk or hike.

    The peloton bike originally comes with the Delta cleats so you can use any of the cycling shoes, as long as they have Delta cleats on.

    How Do Peloton Shoes Fit

    BUCKLOS MTB Road Bike Shoe Men Women Cleat Buckle fit SPD ...

    Your Peloton shoes should fit you like a running sneaker, not too snug and not too loose.

    Because they are designed to offer excellent motion control and additional stability through their deep heel cup.

    To ensure the perfect fit, these shoes are made with a lacing system that offers a snug fit around the arch of your foot.

    The synthetic leather upper has been carefully crafted for breathable comfort and durable wear resistance.

    The shoe also features an extra layer that can be tucked away to keep it clean during rides just fold it up on top!

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