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Do I Need Special Shoes For Peloton

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Peloton With Or Without Shoes

Peloton App Review | Do You Even Need To Buy The Bike?

Here are some of the pros and cons of using peloton cages vs cleats.

Doesnt allow to pull during the upstrokeRequires additional toe clip attachment

Peloton with vs without shoes

As you can see, there are pros and cons of using both cleats and toe cages. At the end of the day, I would recommend taking a closer look at what is your goal and who else will be using the bike.

For example, if you have a little home gym that many people use, adding the toe clip can be very beneficial because it can be used by anyone. It doesnt require dissecting the entire bike. Its just a matter of 2 minutes set up.

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Peloton And The Rise Of Connected Fitness

Peloton is often credited with kick-starting the trend of connected fitness: streamed, on-demand home workouts that aim to replicate a traditional studio experience, including live group workouts, the ability to follow a favorite instructor, and a built-in community, but without the stress of scheduling and commuting.

The benefits are as revered as they are critiqued . Connected-fitness equipment is expensive, often requiring a monthly membership on top of an initial investment. Wi-Fi, software, or technological issues can derail workouts. The personal data gathered raises privacy concerns. An out-of-business new brand can leave customers stranded with unusable equipment.

If you dont want to spend a small fortune on classes or on a Peloton, you may wonder if you can MacGyver a similar setup for less cash. You can.

In a blog post that went viral in 2016, Michelle Platt, who runs the blog My Purse Strings, explains how she rigged a less expensive bike for Peloton rides for about $550. Updates to the Peloton app over the past couple of years include a Here Now list during live rides, which shows the handles of other participating app users, as well as the ability to follow and give virtual high fives to fellow riders. But her setup still lacks the full competitive social aspect that many Peloton riders thrive on.

Its Really All About The Cleats

Specialized cycling shoes are often referred to as cleats. But the cleat itself is only part of the shoe. Its the small triangular wedge attached to the sole of the front part of a cycling shoe. This wedge clips into the bike pedals and essentially attaches your foot to the pedal. Its one of the best bike accessories for proper pedal usage.

A cleat is attached to your cycling shoes with bolts. Usually, cleats come in one of two configurations: two-hole pattern or three-hole pattern. A two-hole pattern is attached with two bolts placed next to each other. They generally have more tread than three-hole pattern cleats. This makes them slightly more comfortable and easier to walk around in.

Three-hole pattern cycling cleats attach to the shoe with three bolts. These bolts are usually arranged in a triangle. These cleats give you better power transfer and help keep your knees aligned, especially when riding out of the saddle. Three-hole pattern cleats have less tread and thus are difficult to walk in and best used only for cycling.

The pedals on your Peloton bike are designed to fit Look Delta cleats. These cleats are adjustable to give you plenty of stability.

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Clipless Pedal Platform Adapters

If you want to keep your Peloton pedals but prefer to use your regular shoes then platform adapters are a great option.

These are essentially a flat pedal that clips onto the existing Peloton clipless pedal, giving a platform surface for you to use with your standard sneakers.

Youll need to grab a pair of Look Delta compatible cleats to join the two together and they are simple to fit and quick to attach and remove. One downside to these is that the weight of the platform adapter causes the pedal to spin when your foot is not on it, leaving the platform on the underside. On a outdoor bike this could be a pain but on a Peloton you dont tend to remove your foot from the pedal until the end of the workout, so its unlikely to be an issue.

Pearl Izumi Mens Cycling Shoes

So You

Cycling shoes stand out from other sports shoes for a variety of reasons. Theyre built differently than running shoes, with more emphasis on correct power transfer and durability. If youre after the best shoes for Peloton, you might want to look into PEARL IZUMI a classic pair taken to the next level.

If you want that classic cyclist look, youll like that these come in three color schemes. Other than the classic & stylish black theres also Screaming Yellow and Screaming Red, both of which are super-vibrant and fun. But theres so much more to these Peloton bike shoes than first meets the eye.

The upper is seamless & bonded. This will ensure a lot of comfort without any tightness at the seams, even if you ride for hours and your feet swell up a little. The trademark insole excels at providing longitudinal and transverse arch support, reducing foot pressure.

These shoes have a stiffness rating of 8 and as such, they offer excellent support. Theyre compatible with 3-bolt road cleats such as LOOK Delta and SPD.

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How To Attach Look Delta Cleats

Most cycling shoes don’t come with cleats included, so you’ll need to buy them separately and therefore attach them yourself. Look Delta cleats are easy to install simply screw the three bolts into the bottom of the shoe. The cleats have some vertical allowance so you can position them closer to your toes or closer to the arch of your foot depending on your preference and riding style.;

Swierszcz recommends beginners centralize their cleats over the bolt holes and allow them to adjust themselves over time as you ride. “Everybody’s physiology is set up slightly differently. Range of motion and pedal stroke are going to be different from person to person, so start with your cleats in a neutral position and let the repetitive motion break them in over time as you ride.”;

That said, you shouldn’t notice too much movement in your cleats from ride to ride. That’s likely a sign that you didn’t tighten the bolts enough. If that happens, reset them to center and make sure to tighten down your cleats a bit more.

Sidi Genius Mega 7 Best Wide Cycling Shoes For Peloton Bike

Looking for wide shoes that assure you of optimal power transfer? Genius Mega 7 has been vouched for a perfection in this. With the composite of millennium 5 carbon that Sidi offers, the shoe soles rigidity becomes unbeatable.

To enhance breathability and aeration, the shoe has an upper that is of microtech microfiber mesh. Moreover, the material offers extreme stability, and, as an added advantage, is water-repellent. Hence, other than ride on peloton, you can confidently get on a ride outdoor in the shoe.

In addition, the shoe features a soft instep closure system and a caliper buckle with high security Velcro, hence safe and with a snug fit.

A heel cup and double stitch seams ensure that the shoe is comfortable throughout the workout, regardless of how long it takes. Not forgetting the replaceable anti-slip heel pad and vent system, which together ensure that foot comfort is never a bother in your workouts.

Finally, Genius 7 is available in mega sizes for both men and women.


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Where To Buy Peloton Bike Shoes

Of course, you can buy your Peloton bike shoes from Peloton itself. You can always splurge for the accessories package, which includes shoes. Thats what my daughter did when she bought her Peloton.

However, there are two places Ive discovered online where you can buy Peloton brand shoes. One is eBay. There are tons of Peloton shoes for sale on eBay, which you can check out using this link.

Ive highlighted some of my finds below.

How To Set Up The Toe Cage For Peloton Bike; Attaching Toe Cages To Peloton

How to Attach Your Cleats | Peloton Support

Lets have a look at how you will work out the peloton toe cages installation in a quick less than 15 minutes process.

Step 1: Attach the Straps to the Toe Cage

Starting from the toe cage bottom loops, attach the straps to the toe cage. Go on to the upper side of the cage, round until the straps meet. You can buckle them so that they are not loose as you get the toe cage onto the pedal.

Step 2: Loosen the Pedal Bolts

Flip the pedal upside down, so that the small bolts tightening the pedals are conspicuous. Using the small peloton bike Allen wrench, loosen the bolt that attaches the pedal to the rear, until the pedal is completely loose but not out of the crank arm.

Step 3: Attach the Toe Cages to the Pedals

The toe cage should be facing at the front. Therefore, take the rear part, in some instances characterized by a different color such as red, and attach it to the almost open pedal. Force it in until you hear a creaking sound, assuring you of a successful installation. Tighten the bolt of the pedal, with the toe cage already in. Now, flip back the pedal, and you are ready to use the toe cage on peloton bike.

Here is the Youtube link you can see video about Attaching Toe Cages to Peloton.

But then you may have toe cages that dont directly fit into the peloton pedals. Lets dive into the procedure of the installation in case of such an instance.

Step 1: Install the Pedals into the Crank Arm

Tighten them with an Allen wrench, until you feel the resistance.

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Drbike Pedals With Toe Clips/ Cages Cage Pedals For Peloton Bike 9/16 Aluminum Alloy

A universal size, these pedals are compatible with most road and spin bikes. You can use it on your peloton, and change it at will for your road bike whose crank arm is compatible.

But most essentially, the spindle thread is 9/16, which makes it compatible with peloton. It comes with own cages and straps, which are obviously ideal for the pedals.

As a safety precaution, the straps have a buckle, which you fasten when spinning, and loosen when you want out. Hence, you will have all your mind glued on improving your performance. Given that when cycling with toe cages power transfer is absent, you have to ensure that you do better. And whats better at enhancing concentration than having confidence in the toe cages your feet are in?

As if that was not enough, the toe cages feature an anti-slip design. The straps and an anti-slip rubber belt secure the feet in place throughout the workouts.

Then the pedals are made in sturdy aluminum alloy, which is highly durable. So, you have all the time that you need to spin in toe cages and have fun on your peloton.


  • Anti-slip rubber belt enhances the straps functionality.
  • Durable pedal and clips/ straps set.


  • They dont come with an installation manual, but you can check up on YouTube and installation articles.

Venzo Womens Or Mens Cycling Shoes Best Peloton Bike Shoes; Spd & Look Delta

The Taiwan made shoes are compatible with a variety of cleat types. These include Look Delta, which guarantee peloton compatibility & perfect peloton bike shoes.

The shoes have an upper breathable design, assured by the mesh and synthetic material mix. The lining and removable sock liner, made of textile material, prevent sweat and heat build-up.

The sole has a flexible forefoot, which enables walking to your sporting room.

The pair comes with Look Delta cleats, completing your peloton class. The cleats have a float level of 9 degrees, so you dont have to worry about knee joint pains. The cleats are durable, having been made of quality heavy duty thermoplastic material.


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What Is A Peloton Bike

If youre reading this guide, you probably already know this machine by name. For the uninitiated: The Peloton Bike is a high-end indoor bicycle rigged with a Wi-Fienabled, 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet that streams live and on-demand classes and allows the rider to compete with other participants and get a strenuous cardio workout in the process. Until very recently, it was the only game in town, with a devoted following. The pandemic has fueled the demand even further, provoking a swell in sales in 2020 that handed the company its first quarterly profit. At the end of 2020, Peloton had more than 4.4 million total members and a 12-month retention rate of 92%. The most popular on-demand classes have tens of thousands of rides completed; special live rides have been known to pull in more than 20,000 riders at one time.

A note on nomenclature: Mad Dogg Athletics Inc. trademarked the word Spin in the early 1990s; the company is protective of its usage. We use the generic term indoor cycling frequently throughout this review, even though most people who are into this type of workout use Spin or Spinning to describe itand call the equipment Spin bikes.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton

Peloton Bike Shoes : Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet For ...

When I say Peloton compatible shoes, what I really mean is this: the cleat or clip that goes on the bottom of the shoe is compatible with the Peloton pedal. The pedals take a Look Delta cleat, which is a red triangle .

So do you need special shoes for Peloton? Well, if you want to be able to clip in while you ride, then yes. And make sure you get shoes that take cleats that are compatible with the Peloton pedals.

Do you need the Peloton bike shoes? As in do you need the brand of shoes that Peloton sells? No. As I said above, as long as you get shoes that can take the cleats for the Peloton pedals, youll be good to go.;

This is what the Look Delta cleats look like and what you want on the bottom of your Peloton bike shoes.

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A Mat To Protect Your Floor And Keep Your Rides Smooth

Whether youre putting your bike on a bare floor or carpet, its important to have a mat beneath it to protect the surface from scuffs and tears. In addition to preventing damage, a mat can also help provide extra stability for the bike and absorb its vibrations and noises, which is great for people in shared living spaces or apartments with thin walls.

Amazon reviewers love the CyclingDeal mat, which, at 30 inches by 60 inches, fits perfectly under most stationary bikes. Its made of durable PVC that prevents damage and keeps the machine from slipping and comes with two texture options: soft, which is best for hard floors, and high-density, which is best for carpets.

What Kind Of Pedals Does Peloton Use

Peloton bikes use a type of pedal known as a Clipless pedal. These are part of a Clipless system which comprises cycling shoes, a pair of bike cleats, and the clipless pedals. There are a number of different clipless systems available, with the two most common being Shimano SPD and Look Delta .

Clipless pedals are actually a bit of a strange name for these bits of bike kit in that they use clips to connect your shoes to the pedal. The odd term for these comes from the time when they replaced the previous system the toe cages that were referred to as clips, hence our Peloton pedals are now called clipless. Its weird, I know.

That aside, the pedals that Peloton domestic bikes use are compatible with Look Delta systems. These use a cleat, which is just the bit that connects shoe to pedal. Look Delta compatible cleats are triangular with a 3-bolt fixing see the picture below.

Clipping in and out of clipless pedals is a simple process, once you get a little practice. Outdoors this can be a little unnerving, but indoors on a Peloton its easy to get right. Heres a video explaining how its done.

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Fizik Tempo R5 Powerstrap Bike Shoes For Peloton

  • Cleat compatibility: Look Delta and SPD
  • Gender: men
  • Come with Cleat: No
  • We recommend this shoe when looking for a peloton shoe with a sleek and elegant appearance. The mens shoes are also available in a large range of sizes for men and great for standard and narrow feet.
  • The shoe is renowned for its legendary R5 nylon composite outsole, which delivers good power transfer and allows you to walk in the shoes. Therefore, you get both efficiency and comfort in a balance.
  • Adding to the already sleek fit, the shoes have a power strap, which is a foot-wrapping velcro closure for a snug fit for narrow feet. Since the instep and the midfoot are separately adjustable, you can get a customized fit.
  • The cleat system allows for different types of cleats, as long as they are 3-hole. This makes them a fantastic choice for Pelotons Look Delta cleats.


Question: What Accessories Do I Need For The Peloton Bike

Peloton Shoes Unboxing and Setup!
  • Posted On:

15 things you need if you just bought a Peloton Cycling shoes to feel connected to your bike. A fan to give you some air. An absorbent towel to sop up sweat. Wireless headphones so you can exercise in peace. A bike seat cover to make long rides more comfortable. A mat to protect your floor and keep your rides smooth.

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