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How Can I Buy Shoes Wholesale

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Life can be messy, but cleaning it up shouldn’t be a hassle at least not when it comes to your kid’s shoes! Our inventory of Made2Play children’s shoes are machine washable for easy cleanup. Scuff resistant toe protection, built-to-last construction and athletic styling make these shoes the perfect addition to any child’s casual wardrobe.

How We Can Help

We can help you avoid making time consuming and costly mistakes. Allow us to help facilitate your wholesale purchases from China. We will provide you with customs clearance and customs services in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe . We can also provide pick-up service in China from the suppliers of your choice to your address . We offer air, sea, express and rail shipping to expedite your order in the least amount of time possible.

Shopping for shoes, whether for personal use or for resale, will never be the same once you have discovered the joys of paying less for your favorite styles at wholesale shoe websites.

What Are Some Additional Factors To Consider When Buying Wholesale

Find your reorder points

In addition to figuring out which items to buy, youll need to calculate how much you need to buy. To avoid under or overestimating, use this free calculator to find your reorder point for each item.

Now that you have your reorder points, you can use Lightspeed Retail to help you keep track of which items are at or below their desired inventory levels. Once youve put your reorder points into your inventory listings, running the Reorder List report will let you know which items are low on stock and how much you need to reorder.

Its okay to negotiate

Dont be afraid to negotiate the price of goods when you need to. Let the supplier know if your sales are doing well and how much business they can expect from you in order to get a better deal. Be honest and fair in your negotiations to form a longstanding relationship with your wholesalers.

Organize storage space

Lastly, before your wholesale order arrives, youll also need to have an organized place to store it . Having a storage room with adequate shelving makes finding different parts of your inventory that much easier. Keeping things labeled will make sure you dont lose track of anything.

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Top 7 Cheap Wholesale Shoe Websites

Learning how to wholesale and buy cheap shoes made for women, men, and kids. These include sports shoes, boots, sneakers, heeled shoes, and safety shoes.;

Since ancient times, humans have been wearing shoes to protect our feet from the elements and terrain. Today, shoes are more than utilitarian objects. Shoes can be used to compliment an outfit, to keep us comfortable while working or getting our bodies in shape and to boost our self-confidence as we glide across the dance floor. Its no wonder that shoes can mean big sales in the retail and e-commerce world.

Finding wholesale shoe sources is very important if you are a retailer looking to find quality, but inexpensive products to fill your physical or virtual shelves. As a reseller, you want to optimize profits. To do this, you have to find desirable items that will appeal to your customer base. You also have to find these items at a cost that allows for maximum mark-up. Thankfully, fashionable and even designer shoes can be found at deeply discounted prices from wholesalers in China. Finding these great deals doesnt have to be difficult. Once you know where to go to find wholesale suppliers, you will be able to start choosing your inventory and be well on your way to a successful retail business..

Soft Motion Kids Shoes For First Steps

Where Can I Buy Nike Air Jordan Iv 4 Retro Mens Shoes ...

Shoes equipped with Soft Motion technology are made to support natural movement for growing babies and toddlers. Soft and lightweight, Soft Motion shoes have slip resistant soles and flexible rubber outsoles for superior protection. Patented multi-directional grooves allow for increased mobility while a memory foam foot bed keeps your little one comfortable all day.

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Buy Wholesale From Us Suppliers

If you want to sell in the United States, one of the best things you can do is to look for US suppliers. The reason behind this is that US suppliers are more costly than international ones. Labour in the US is not cheap, so the cost of the shoes will not be cheap, either.

With US suppliers, you can buy the shoes in bulk, or you can do dropshipping.

Here are some tools and suppliers where you can buy direct:

  • Spocket this is a dropship directory. With this tool, you can look for suppliers who are located in the United States. These suppliers ship to the US or worldwide.
  • NY Wholesale the biggest supplier in New York, it offers a wide variety of shoes from boots to heels. A lot of shoes here are sold for as low as $8 per pair. Apart from supplying shoe stores in the US, NY Wholesale also supplies the rest of the world. All the shoes are sticks in the US, but most of their manufacturers are from China.
  • Sandys Wholesale Shoes this company has been around for 41 years. It is one of the most tenured shoe suppliers in the USA, and they are located in Miami. It is a small company, and it does not ship worldwide.
  • LA Showroom this wholesaler is located in Los Angeles. It has an online store where you can pick the type of shoes you want; it has a wide variety of shoes, and it offers the best prices in the market.


  • All products are from the US
  • Customers find US products more credible
  • Shipping is not costly; pay local shipping rates
  • You can dropship if you use Spocket


Indulge In Online Fashion Shopping With Zando

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Where To Find The Best Kids’ Shoes

Children’s shoes from Stride Rite incorporate cutting-edge technologies to protect busy feet and stand up to every activity. Keep them one step ahead of the crowd with the best kids’ shoes featuring the latest styles for kids of all ages. Since your little one’s feet are constantly growing, use our convenient size chart and sizing tips help keep them safe and comfortable. Check out our FAQ for even more info on your kids growing feet.

Why Buy Bulk Shoes In The First Place

We Went To The Fake Sneaker Capital Of China (HBO)

Think about some of your favorite stores that sell shoes: Foot Locker, Asos, Urban Outfitters, etc. Odds are that these retailers operate in one of two ways they either import or manufacture their goods in another country where labor is cheap or negotiate wholesale deals with manufacturers or designers. So, which is better? It really depends on your outlook.

Take Topshops Ivy Park scandal, for example. In 2016, the brand came under fire when an article in “The Sun” claimed the company manufactured their goods in a factory that paid Sri Lankan workers just $0.64 an hour. The ethics are wholly debatable, though its clearly a pittance compared to the United States $7.25-per-hour federal minimum wage. Ivy Park claimed they have a rigorous ethical trading programme, but Sri Lankas yearly minimum wage is only around $1,600. That means any clothing or accessories made in the country are legally cheaper; however, many people would argue that wage still exploits foreign workers.

If you buy designer shoes wholesale, it can be a whole lot more ethical than saving money by manufacturing in a developing nation especially if youre working with designers or cobblers who make their own products in-house. You get a cheaper rate for the bulk shoes, but you also make a commitment to the designer that youll be purchasing a larger amount. Its a win-win.

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Who Are Your Customers

Because every company relies on a pool of customers to sell its products and/or services to, the next logical step in the startup process involves defining exactly who will be included in that pool. Defining this group early on will allow you to develop business strategies, define your mission or answer the question “why am I in business?” and tailor your operations to meet the needs of your customer base.

As a wholesale distributor, your choice of customers includes:

Retail businesses: This includes establishments like grocery stores, independent retail stores, large department stores and power retailers like Wal-Mart and Target.

Retail distributors: This includes the distributors who sell to those retailers that you may find impenetrable on your own. For example, if you can’t “get in” at a power retailer like Wal-Mart, you may be able to sell to one of its distributors.

Exporters: These are companies that collect United States-manufactured goods and ship them overseas.

Other wholesale distributors: It’s always best to buy from the source, but that isn’t always possible, due to exclusive contracts and issues like one-time needs . For this reason, wholesale distributors often find themselves selling to other distributors.

Finding a Profitable Niche

How To Market Your Shoes

There are many ways to market your shoes once you have already selected your sourcing method and selling platform.

Here are a few that you certainly have to try:;

  • Facebook is still the leading social media platform. You can reach a lot of people of different ages here, and all you have to do is to build your own Facebook page. You also have the option to advertise
  • Google Ads advertise on Google and make your ads appear on search results
  • YouTube Ads create videos and other helpful content to build your audience. You can also advertise on YouTube.
  • this is great if you have amazing products that look great on photos. If you have lifestyle photos of the shoes while they are in use, you can use that to your advantage
  • this is a massive search engine that heavily relies on photos. Use Pinterest to post your shoes and drive traffic to your store.

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Buy The Shoes From Wholesalers

The most common method to sell online shoes is to buy shoes from wholesalers online. There are many wholesalers that you can find from Hong Kong and China, such as HKTDC. Each seller in marketplaces like this has a minimum order requirement.

The best thing to do is to order a pair first so you can check the quality of the shoes. Once you have them, you need to strike a deal with the wholesaler. You need to be able to order several designs. Some wholesalers sell one design by the boxyou do not want these wholesalers as you would end up with a huge inventory.

After the purchase, the wholesaler will send the package to you. You need to sort out the shoes and then keep them in your house or warehouse. Shipment of the shoes is not free, plus you have to pay for duties to your countrys Customs department.


  • You have control over the quality of pairs that you ship to your customers


  • You need a space to store the shoes
  • Unsold shoes are financial losses
  • You need to spend on your packaging
  • You need to work extra to ship your items

To succeed with this type of sourcing, you need to start with a small inventory, and then scale your business slowly. Like all businesses, selling shoes has a risk. If the manufacturer or wholesaler has a minimum order requirement, like MOQ, you have to ask if they would ship smaller amounts.

Why Should You Sell Shoes


Shoes are trendy, and there are even people who made millions of dollars selling shoes online. The key to your success is knowing who to sell your shoes to and understanding the demand of the market. Both men and women buy shoes, but you have to target those who are between 18 to 34 years old.

People at the age of 65 and above do not buy online; they buy their shoes in brick-and-mortar stores because that is what they have been used to.

As a shoe vendor, you also need to understand the seasonality of the designs. During winter, do not expect to sell loafers or flip-flops. People are more likely to buy boots.

During summer, sneakers and flip-flips are the top sellers. If you stock up on inventory of boots during summer, no one is going to buy, and what you have is a load of money sitting on your storage.

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Pinpointing A Startup Number

While entrepreneurs in some industries seem to be able to raise money with a snap of their fingers, most have to take a more detailed approach to the process. Perhaps the best starting point is to figure out just how much you need.

In the wholesale distribution sector, startup numbers vary widely, depending on what type of company you’re starting, how much inventory will be necessary and what type of delivery systems you’ll be using. For example, Keith Schwartz, who got his start selling belts and ties from his basement in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, started On Target Promotions with $700, while Don Mikovch, president of the wine distributor Borvin Beverage in Alexandria, Virginia, required $1.5 million. While Schwartz worked from a desk and only needed a small area in which to store his goods, Mikovch required a large amount of specialized storage space for his wines-and a safe method of transporting the bottles to his retailers.

The basic equipment needed for your wholesale distributorship will be highly dependent on what you choose to sell. If you plan to stock heavy items, then you should invest in a forklift to save yourself some strain. Pallets are useful for stocking and pallet racking is used to store the pallets and keep them in order for inventory purposes.

Inventory Matters
Stocking Up.Or Not?

To sum up the tricks to stocking a wholesale distributorship:

Factory Outlets In Mahipalpur

Shoe Market In Mahipalpur

The factory outlets in Mahipalpur are a must-visit if you want to get branded sneakers or football studs. These outlets have legitimate, branded shoes that you can buy for a steal! Some major brands that youâll find here are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Red Chief.

There are seven factory outlets at Mahipalpur near National Highway 8. Make sure you take a weekend out to shop at these outlets and save a bunch of money you would otherwise spend at a regular retail store!

  • Location: Near National Highway 8, Mahipalpur

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Why Sell Shoes Online

There is one great reason to sell shoes online: Theres money in it. Dont believe me? Consider the case of Beth Marbach, who made $4 million when she switched from selling books to selling shoes.;

Or how about Benjamin Kapelushnik, a 16-year-old who makes a killing selling sneakers. One woman even made a whole lot of money selling her old used shoes. There really is a market for everything if you know where to look and who wants to buy

Im not saying that everyone will make millions selling shoes online, but there is definitely a market here. The global footwear market is set to reach over 400 billion dollars by 2025;and consumers in the US alone are spending over $76;billion on shoes each year. Thats a big money-pie, so why not take a slice?

How To Buy Shoes In Bulk

How to get the bang for your buck when shopping in bulk

The footwear industry is worth over $52 billion, which means people are buying a heck of a lot of shoes, but shoes are sort of expensive, at least for consumers. Ever wonder how your favorite retailers manage to flip a profit on footwear? Its because theyre buying in bulk. Purchasing wholesale shoes for resale is just about how every major shoe retailer operates if theyre not manufacturing their own goods. If you want to grab a piece of that $52 billion pie, its not very difficult to buy designer shoes wholesale. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

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Start With A Search For A Wholesale Shoe Retailer

In the age of the Internet, you can pretty much get anything online. Major wholesaler websites like Alibaba, DHGate or Amazon Business offer entire marketplaces filled with bulk shoes, but you do need to be wary of quality. This is not the same thing as when you buy designer shoes wholesale. Foreign wholesale websites notoriously offer poorly made items, but that’s not necessarily and end-all of a business.

If youre importing cheap shoes from a foreign website like Wish or Alibaba, you shouldnt be going for a luxury feel or youre going to be disappointed . Stick to fast-fashion trends styles customers will buy more frequently but throw away after a season or two rather than classic, designer staples. This way, people dont mind if the quality isnt there as long as they can try new trends without breaking their budget.

Of course, foreign factories do exist that make high-quality, designer shoes. For example, Louboutins are made it Italy and about as luxe as you can get, but you can bet that production isn’t cheap.

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