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Does Dsw Carry Wide Width Shoes

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Nina Blakely Dorsay Pump

Target WIDE Width Shoes HONEST Review Try On Are they Plus Size Friendly & Do They Fit Well?

I donât need another pair of pumps. Pumps is a style of shoe I can wear in regular widths, and I donât want another closed toe shoe for spring and summer. But the âZestâ acid color was calling my name so I ordered them.

Theyâre great shoes. They fit great, look great, match the photo. My feet were happy. But I cannot justify purchasing such shoes, I just donât need them. But if you need a dressy closed-toe shoe, these are a great choice and all five colors are excellent. Theyâre $78.95 at Nordstrom.

What Brands Does Dsw Carry


In respect to this, does DSW carry?

Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Handbags, Free Shipping! DSW. We’re sorryplease enable JavaScript to access

Also Know, does DSW carry size 5? Women’s Shoes Size 5 | DSW. We’re sorryplease enable JavaScript to access

Also to know is, what companies does DSW own?

Designer Brands

Town Shoes The Shoe Company

Is DSW a good place to buy shoes?

DSW has a wide selection of shoes for people of all ages. If you are in the market for athletic shoes, however, Foot Locker is your best bet. One of the advantages to shopping online for shoes at DSW is the selection of top shoe brands, such as Nike, Asics, Ugg, Sorel and Mizuno.

Wide Width Shoes In Every Size Style And Color

SANDALS: When the suns shining, youve gotta let your toes out to play. Our extra wide width sandals come in all shapes and sizes, from Flip Flops to Strap Sandals to Platforms to Slides. Theyve all got our double layer of padding to keep you comfortable all day long, plus design features like movable straps and elastic for just the right fit.

WEDGES: Our cute wide width Wedges are the perfect addition to your shoe rack. Theyll give you the ideal combination of elevation, style and comfort, perfect for a warm night out on the town.

BOOTS & BOOTIES: Our plus size Boots and Booties dont just come in extra wide width from sizes 6 to 13. With your comfort in mind, we also offer select pairs in both Wide Calf and Extra Wide Calf options, so youll be comfy all the way from the knee down.

HEELS: Our gorgeous plus size high heels and pumps are perfect for any occasion. From black to faux leopard skin, strappy to closed-toe pump, weve got your sexy look covered. And because theyre always extra wide width, all the way up to size 13, we guarantee theres a plus-size heel thats perfect for you.

FLATS: The beauty of our plus size womens flats isnt just their comfort . No, we love our flats because they come in every possible shape and size. Wide width loafer? Theres a flat for that. Want something cute? Check out our bows. Feeling sexy? Go for a flat with straps. Dressy? Espadrilles are perfect for the office.

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Shop The Wide Width Shoes In This Post:

I know this is a heck of a lot of shoes. Fashion is literally my job, so ordering and returning so many shoes is part of the trade. I hope that my experiences and reviews can help some of you narrow down styles and be more likely to make wide width shoe purchases with far fewer returns. If you’ve had any great experiences or have shoes you highly recommend, do share them in the comments!

Where To Buy Womens Extra Wide Width Shoes

Steven by Steve Madden Women

Here are my favorite places to go online to get fashionable wide width shoes for women that are also comfortable and stylish.

Some of these best stores for wide shoes even offer online options for wide width designer shoes:

I believe that these online stores offer some of the best wide shoes for women. You might even be able to find wide width designer shoes on these sites, too.

Right now, for me, there at two best places to buy wide shoes. They are Nordstrom and Zappos.

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Wide Width Sandals For Women

As Ive mentioned Ive done well buying wide width sandals from Josef Seibel. Ive also had luck with Birkenstock, even though they arent marketed as wide width sandals. However, the footbed is wide enough, in most instances, that the shoes will fit a wide foot.

Ive also had good luck with wide width womens sandals from Munro and Rockport Cobb Hill. Again, I buy most of my sandals on and because I know theyre going to carry the wide widthseven extra wide widthshoes this womans feet needs.

Does Dsw Have Narrow Shoes

5/5narrow shoesDSWDSW

Women’s Narrow& Wide Width Shoes | DSW. We’re sorryplease enable JavaScript to access

does DSW carry wide shoes? Shop for wide-width men’s shoes online at DSW, where we carry shoes that are cut to fit men with broad feet. Use filters to select the wide-width type of shoe you want to shop for.

People also ask, what brand of shoes run narrow?

Index Table: Top Shoes for Narrow Feet

Asics® – Shoes for Narrow and High Arched Feet Asics
Asics® – Running Shoe for Bad Knees and Overpronation Asics
Nike® – Lightweight Narrow Fit Training Shoes Nike
Clarks® – Leather Boots for Narrow Feet Clarks

What stores carry wide width shoes?


  • Asos.

These brands routinely make wide width shoes for women :

  • Birkenstocks: For summer sandals, Birkenstocks are a classic choice.
  • Toms: Toms canvas slip ons come in a full range of colors and patterns.
  • Keds: Keds offers preppy casual styles in neutral colors designed to go with almost anything in your closet.

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Naturalizer Klein Strappy Sandal

I didnât like how many straps this shoe had, so many straps looks a bit dated in 2019 but your fat-footed gal was feeling desperate. Feeling the ânudeâ option would not be a good match for my skin and look extra cheesy, I went with silver leather.

These shoes fit. The straps corral my pinky toe. No rubbing, no issue closing the shoe around my ankles. Theyâre also relatively comfortable for the height. The leather isnât super soft so I have been wearing them around the house with socks to break them in, but they donât need a very long break-in period to be wearable to a wedding or other event. However, I donât love the look of them. I almost considered returning them because I think all those straps is distracting with my wardrobe. Iâd feel more comfortable wearing them with pants, but think the metallic will make the straps less pronounced. So Iâd say these are a hit, but I am not madly in love.

I bought these shoes at Nordstrom for a bit under $110 where they have them in beige, silver, black suede, burgundy suede, and a denim blue color of suede. These are the only shoes from the whole post that I kept.

Naturalizer Kadin Heeled Sandal


You may recognize this shoe from my Instagram post. Spoiler alert, it didnât fit. In fact, it was the narrowest of all the shoes I ordered from Naturalizer. This is a gorgeous on-trend shoe that comes in black suede, âgingersnapâ suede , and a mix of gingersnap and some pale pastel shades. Zappos calls the gingersnap shimmer, but I ordered the shoes from them and the shimmer was hardly noticeable.

This is a great shoe if you have a normal width foot. Thatâs about all I can say because I couldnât even fit my foot in the shoe. Depending on the retailer the shoe goes for $110 or a little less. I found this shoe at QVC, Nordstrom, and Zappos.

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How To Find Extra Wide Womens Shoes On Zappos

One of the reasons I love shopping for my extra wide shoes on Zappos is the sites filtering system. Its easy to identify my width, then look at shoes.

Let me explain how it works so youll have an easier time navigating these wide width womens shoe options on Zappos. Ill give you examples shopping on Zappos on a deskotp as well as the mobile app.

Nina Contessa Open Toe Pump

Again, bought in desperation even though I didnât want or need a satin peeptoe pump. I got the âPersian Roseâ which was a pretty hot pink but matched nothing in my closet. They did fit, they were relatively comfortable as I strutted around in my bedroom, but I returned them because they are not a good fit for my current wardrobe. They are $78.95 at Nordstrom and come in three colors and would be a good choice if youâre in a wedding and need a dressy shoe.

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Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale When It Happens

Whats even better is to shop at Nordstrom during its anniversary sale. Youre bound to find great prices on shoes, whether they be womens clogs in a wide width, extra wide dress sandals or womens wide width walking shoes.

Whenever possible I stock up on the double wide width shoes for ladies that Nordstrom tends to carry. Ive had good luck finding wide width shoes on sale at Nordstrom Rack, too.

Also, as Ive gotten older, Ive realized how important time is when spending money. I discovered that ordering shoes and having them sent to my homewhere I could try them on at my leisurewas the best way to proceed when shopping for shoes. Ive even got my husband and two daughters ordering shoes this way!

Nordstrom Women Wide Shoes

BZees Women

For me its a no-brainer to buy shoes at Nordstrom. Nordstrom has excellently trained shoes sales staff. Its one of the best wide width shoes stores.

In addition, you can shop, with free shipping to and from the store. Since moving a few years ago, away from my nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, shopping online for shoes at Nordstrom has made more sense.

Quick tip: now that Nordstrom owns Trunk Club, you can request wide width Nordstrom shoes in your Trunk. . Youll get a $50 credit for your first purchase, and Ill get a $50 credit for my next Trunk.

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Aerosoles Coral Plush Wedge

I mentioned before that I have a pair of cork wedges from Aerosoles that I have worn to death. These are extremely similar to those shoes they even have the same name . So similar, if I liked wedges I would order these.

They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. If I wore more shirt dresses and retro styles I would order these in an instant. $59.99

Naturalizer Zenia Wedge Sandal

I am not a fan of wedges unless I am attending an outdoor wedding or other situation where I need good stability. As a short, curvy woman with wide feet, I feel wedges just make me look even more short and squat and dumpy. But thatâs my personal opinion on my personal self, and I know many of you love and rock wedges. I ordered these because⦠well because I was desperate.

I couldnât strap them around my ankles and I couldnât fit my feet into the shoe. They have a shorter strap than the âKinseyâ for the ankle, about the same at the toe. I think these would work if you have semi-wide feet that arenât too high volume. And for someone who doesnât like wedges, I think these are pretty nice looking. Nordstrom has them in a beige color, a soft metallic, and a floral. Zappos has the same offerings plus black leather. Theyâre available at a ton of other retailers, but I stuck to these two because no one else had additional colors or a better price or a better shipping/return policy.

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Wide Sneakers For Women And Wide Width Shoes

Another brand that tends to fit my wide width feet, even though their shoes only come single wide, is Saucony. Many of my everyday sneakers are from SauconyI like to wear retro looking sneakers.

Fun fact: you can often buy mens shoes, two sizes smaller than what you normally wear, and get away with that for your sneakers. Why? Because mens shoes are cut wider overall than womens shoes.

This is true even with womens shoes for wide feet. Mens shoes are nearly always wider.

Ive had good luck lately getting extra extra wide sneakers or wide width running shoes from Brooks. I buy the mens version, where a D wide is the same as a womans extra wide.

Brooks also sells wide sneakers for women but mens tend to fit me better. Nonetheless, you can shop Brooks at Zappos, and get free shipping and returns! In fact, I recently bought a second pair of Brooks sneakers this way.

J Renee Flaviana Sandal

The 411 on Wide Width Shoes for Plus Size Ladies

Look, I do not need a pair of shoes like this. The crazy print wonât go with everything I own. But you know how it is, wide-footed ladies. When you find something that doesnât look orthopedic you get excited. And so I ordered these. I wanted the black multi, or even the red multi, but in my size they only had the pink multi so I ordered them.

They fit. They fit well. They werenât cushioning and cozy and comfortable but they fit. The ankle strap was too snug for comfort but I could punch another hole in it and make it work. I was willing to do all of that⦠but the pink went with literally nothing in my closet so I returned them. But do know I held on to them for a good two weeks wondering if magically my wardrobe would morph into something that could justify keeping them because theyâre way more fun than 99% of the wide shoes on this planet. These shoes are $90 on QVC, though I have found one-offs in various sizes on Amazon, Zappos, and Roamanâs.

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Best Wide Width Flats For Wide Feet

Born is my new favorite brand. I think they make the best wide width flats.

The Born Julianne ballet flats fit so well that Ive bought it in multiple colors. I think they are one of the best ballet flats for wide feet or the best wide width flats. Id even go as far as to say they are cute shoes for wide feet.

My black Born Julianne flats are just a single wide but fit like a double wide shoe. These best flats for womens wide feet even have arch support built-in inside the innersole of the shoe.

You wouldnt expect such great support from a flat, but these Born Julianne shoes have got it. Its one of the reasons I love them so much and am wearing them pretty much daily. They really are the best flats for wide feetin my humble opinion.

Naturalizer Tinda Ankle Strap Sandal

Very similar concept to the âKinsey,â I ordered these after Kinsey didnât work out. I worried these shoes would not fit around my ankles. I was surprised to find out that they do. However, the strap would only contain four of my five toes and even wearing them with my pinky toe hanging out my foot was sliding all over the place. The ankle strap does little for stability. If you have a foot that is prone to sweating, these may not be the safest shoes for you to try. However, a pair of Footpetals may do just the trick. These arenât horrible shoes, theyâre just not right for me.

I ordered these in Wisteria Purple from Zappos, which was a suede the same softness and quality as the other Naturalizer shoes . At Zappos, this shoe comes in a good range of nude-to-you soft metallic shades. At Zappos, they are $88.95 and have the broadest range of colors and sizes I found online. However, if you have just the right size and want just the right color you may find them and some of the options are available for Prime Wardrobe.

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Naturalizer Maddy Flat Sandal

While I prefer a heel with my fashion looks, these looked chic and comfy and something that would be dressier than a regular sandal and could possibly work with ankle pants and midi and maxi dresses. While I didnât love the basket weave finish on the heels and toe for the lighter colors, I ordered these in Tuscan Yellow Leather, thinking theyâd make the basket weave detail look more purposeful.

I couldnât fit my foot in the shoe. My foot is too high volume to even get in under the cross strap. If you have a lower volume foot and Naturalizer usually fits, these may be a win for you.

Also, the Tuscan Yellow Leather is a muted not crayon yellow and itâs suede. And I still think the basket weave detail makes these shoes harder to dress up. I donât know why white can have a white heel but yellow and beige need some weird detail⦠anyway I got these at Nordstrom for just under $90. Theyâre also available in QVC same selection of colors but they have a better size range .

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