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Where Can I Buy Tieks Shoes

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Do Tieks Fit People With High Arches

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According to the Tieks website, Tieks do not have built-in arch support, but the shoes can accommodate some styles of orthotic inserts.

I have high arches, I have two metal anchors in my right foot, my left foot is wider than my right foot and the right foot is longer than my left! And if Im on my feet for any length of time I experience horrific foot pain to the extent that I have difficulty walking the next day. Needless to say, I have a lot of trouble finding shoes that are comfortable as well as attractive. Ive owned my Tieks now for about 4 months and yesterday I bravely decided to wear them for a long day of traveling. I walked in my Tieks for a total of 3.7 miles through 4 airports and my feet never hurt! No foot pain at all this morning! P.S. I usually wear an 8.5 wide and my Tieks are a size 9. Nelle

I can wear these all day and my feet are good, I have a high arch and plantar fasciitis so my feet hurt easily. I sometimes put the small arch insert into a pair when it is really flared up. These do not work well for me on vacation when Im going to do a lot of brisk walking, I need a more supportive walking shoe for that, they killed me. But I still loooove them and wear them all the time and feel they are worth the price because they are so much more comfy, and adorable than any other flat Ive ever owned. I highly recommend them! Laura

Do Any Stores Sell Tieks

Even though Tieks by Gavrieli have been around for a;while now and have built such a dedicated following,;you still cant walk into any store to try on or purchase a pair of Tieks.;Unfortunately they also cant be ordered from .

The only place you can buy them is the Tieks store Boutiek.;

I know that automatically makes some people hesitate before buying these shoes, which;I admit arent particularly budget friendly, but I can tell you;whether they are really worth their price;or not.

Tieks has incredible customer service, so if you are worried if they will stretch, or about Tieks sizing , I can help you determine if you should size up or down.;

Do You Wear Socks With Tieks

I dont wear socks with Tieks and find them very comfortable.;

Theres no reason you cant wear socks with them, though, and I have done this on the occasional cold day. Thin socks work best unless youve allowed for extra room when choosing your size.

If you want the sock-free look but want to reduce odour, try a low cut no-show liner sock.;

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Yosi Samra 20 Ballet Flat

The Yosi Samra Samara flats are also a fabulous Tieks alternative and rank high on the list of best ballet flats for walking. Yosi Samra brings has all the essentials of a classic style. With soles that support, and a design that rivals that of Tieks.

However, these have a rubber sole, and memory foam to make every step feel like youre walking on clouds! And with 19 different colors, you have a color that fits your mood and style. Yup! You wont have to repeat shoes for a whole month.

Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet

$265 Tieks ballet flats for $6.99 (Seattle Goodwill ...

The Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet shoes are one of the highest recommended options for Tieks alternatives and arguably the best ballet flats for walking.

Dont believe me? Perform a simple search or read over eight hundred customer reviews here. Theyll light, yet firm. Sturdy yet comfortable. And stylin, yet practical!

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Choosing The Right Tieks Color And Style For You

How to Choose the Best Color and Style of Tieks;

If you decide to take the leap and purchase a pair of Tieks, the hardest decision is figuring out which style and color you want.

There are over 60 different types of Tieks at any given time, with specialty limited time Tieks that are only in stock for a few months and then are gone forever once theyre sold out.

When choosing the right color and style, it all comes down to how you plan to wear your Tieks.

Do you want them to be a statement piece in your wardrobe or a versatile flat that you can literally wear with anything?

For my first pair of Tieks, I wanted a mixture of both.

This is why I went for a subtle color that had some pop, but was still neutral enough to go with most of my outfits.

I decided to go with the Classic Tieks because I thought the Patent Tieks would be too shiny.

I chose to pass on the Patterned Tieks because they are usually more expensive and might not go with as much.;

For my second pair of Tieks I was ready for more of a statement shoe and I wanted a pair that looked a little fancier, so I went with the Rose Gold Glam.;

But that was just me and what worked for my current wardrobe.

Everyone has different styles and tastes.

And when youre making this big of an investment in a pair of shoes, its worth it to spend some time thinking about what you really want from these shoes.;

I love my Pacific Green Tieks because they add a little color, but theyre still subtle enough to go with most of my outfits.

So What About That Tieks Toe Bump

The infamous Tieks toe bump!

You may have noticed that there is a slight toe bump when you wear Tieks.

Some people dont mind it, some people arent a fan.;

If your Tieks are on the tighter side, the toe bump will obviously stand out more.

If you have the right size, the toe bump isnt as visible unless youre really looking at your feet.

But its still there.

The good news is that there are ways to make the bump more subtle by using moleskin.;

All you have to do is cut a half circle of moleskin to fit into the toe area of your Tieks.

Place the sticky part of the moleskin on the inside of the toe area and *voila* the toe bump magically disappears!;

As a side note, adding moleskin to the toe area on a new pair of Tieks only helps them last longer, so its not a bad thing to do regardless if you care about the toe bump or not.;;

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Amazon Essentials Womens Ballet Flat

Check out these beautiful flats. They are as classic as they get. With 15 colors and styles to choose from, these shoes go well with most outfits.

If youre looking for inexpensive Tieks knockoffs, you will love these shoes.

Introducing Amazon Essentials Womens Ballet Flat.

These shoes are 100-percent synthetic, featuring rubber soles, round top shape, and a flattering profile. The upper part is made of soft, faux leather and has a stitchless counter design for improved comfort.

Amazon Essentials Womens Ballet Flat shoes are versatile. They are perfect for everyday wear, giving your superior fit and ample support. These flats can go anywhere.

With comfort and reliability at its core, you will love this high-quality, long-lasting footwear. Amazon Essentials Womens Ballet Flat brings terrific support and room for your feet.

Are Tieks Sold In Stores


Tieks ballet flats are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought, but for me, they are definitely worth it. When you spend hours on your feet out exploring it’s vital to have a quality pair of shoes. Tieks are the ideal travel ballet flatsthey are comfortable, portable, durable, versatile, and stylish.

Likewise, what shoes are comparable to Tieks? The most comparable ballet flats to Tieks are Me Too Tru Blue, Hush Puppies Chaste, Yosi Samra Samara, and surprisingly this cheap Amazon ballet flats for price, quality, and comfort. These are shoes similar to Tieks but cheaper.

Just so, are Tieks ever on sale?

Tieks Never Go On SaleThe company is so confident in their brand that they very rarely go on sale.

Do Tieks get smelly?

If you have a pair of Tieks that you wear as often as I do, your shoes might look like this too. So, no, they really don’t make your feet smell that much and the shoes themselves don’t retain a lot of odor.

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Can You Wear Tieks With Tights

I hadnt actually tried wearing my Tieks with tights until someone asked this question. I figured tights would be too slippery and would cause my Tieks to slide right off my foot. When I finally did try wearing my Tieks with a pair of tights, I was pleasantly surprised. The Tieks stayed in place without slipping off, and somehow felt even more comfortable paired with tights than they did with bare feet. Even though I cant explain why, it alleviated the pressure on my big toe and felt like my Tieks had a bit more room in the toe box.

Yes, I have worn by Tieks with tights in the winter. For me, they are much more comfortable wearing them with tights than with bare feet because Im still trying to stretch them out. July

Sizing & Fit For Different Tieks Styles

You may have heard that different styles of Tieks fit a bit differently. I have experienced this too. Heres what Ive found:

  • Matte Black Tieks are the baseline Tieks. Theyre made with standard, uncolored leather.
  • Colored Classic Tieks are colored, which makes them less likely to stretch in the first few weeks/months of wear. I found they gave me a bit more rubbing as a result.
  • Patent Leather Tieks stretch even less than colored Classic Tieks, so you definitely have to get the sizing right for them to be comfortable! They might also require more breaking in for your feet to adjust.
  • Print Tieks vary: some are made of the same/same leather material as Colored Classic Tieks and Patent Tieks, and will thus stretch only a little. Others are made with other materials and may stretch more.
  • Vegan Tieks are made with a woven fabric material that will fit very differently than the leather Tieks and stretch out differently too.

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Which Color Tieks Should I Purchase

If you are ready to invest in a new pair of Tieks, you have probably spent at least an hour scrolling through The Boutiek debating about which;color to purchase. I know I did!

I know;Tieks come in lots of beautiful colors and I once ordered a bright pair of Mustard Yellow Tieks because they looked so fun. After several months, I realized that;I didnt wear that yellow pair;often enough because they only went with;a small fraction of clothes in my wardrobe.

I sold that pair online and put the money toward a new pair of Matte Black Tieks I highly recommend investing in a neutral pair your first time around to maximize your use and really break them in. Then, if you love them,;consider;adding a fun color to your wardrobe later on.

Here are a few favorite colors from other Tieks customers.

It took me months to decide on a color. I was so in love with all the beautiful colors but ended up with a neutral chestnut, which I think for my first pair was a good decision. Annie

I LOVE my mustard yellow Tieks! I have worn them in fall, summer & now many spring wardrobes feature mustard! Black and Gold are the colors of the school district I work for, so anytime I can wear a spirit shirt to work, these are my go to shoes! I wish I had a color for every outfit I own. Not on my teacher salary though! I need to start saving for special things like this. Lori

What If I Want My Tieks To Stretch Is There Anything I Can Do


A broken-in pair of Tieks is a comfortable pair of Tieks. If youre looking for a way to fast-forward through the break-in period, a few customers have commented that they had success stretching their own Tieks that felt a little too snug when they first arrived. These tips are great and I cant wait to try them myself the next time I purchase a new pair of Tieks.

I loved your very thorough review, especially the part about the toe box. My first pair was California Navy and they fit great right out of the box. I bought a pair of the bronze ones and the toe box was so shallow I had the beginning of a bruise on both big toe nails the first day. Since I wore them to work I didnt feel I could call about a replacement. My secret was to buy cedar shoe trees which helped stretch the toe box. I wore them today for the second time and they were better. Its going to take a bit of time before they are perfect. One trick that I learned when selling shoes at Nordstrom is to spray the inside with some warm water and then put the shoe tree or stretcher in them overnight. Stacy

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Are Tieks Really Worth It

All lot of people have questions about why are Tieks so expensive and are Tieks worth it. I dont want you to hold off on buying your first, or next pair, waiting around for a deal or wondering about them, so I want to tell you the truth about Tieks shoes.;

Make sure you are signed up on their;email list as well as following them on their social media channels to find out when they are having giveaways or if they ever decide to do a Tieks sale .;

You will also be among the first to be alerted of new colors, patterns and styles .;With so many styles, from black Tieks to pop pink Tieks, chestnut Tieks and more, its almost hard for even a Tieks addict like me to keep up.;

I wish I could tell you that a Tieks sale will;be happening soon.;

I cant do that, but I can tell you that they are perfect for travel and multiple pairs are always stashed in my carry on bag, since they are one of my best travel essentials.;


Where Can I Buy A Tieks Gift Card

  • Tieks Gift Cards can be purchased here. Our beautifully packaged traditional gift card can be shipped to you or directly to your recipients door. Our fun e-gift cards arrive instantly by email and are perfect for last minute gifts.;
  • You choose the amount, they choose the style. Giving the perfect gift has never been easier!
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    Will My Child’s Little Miss Tieks Stretch

  • Little Miss Tieks are made from fine Italian leather that will stretch and mold to your childs feet over time where any pressure is felt. We are only able to take back Tieks in their original condition, so if your little ones Tieks feel snug, we encourage her to try them on inside the home until shes sure of the fit, or submit an exchange so she can try a larger size. For more questions on sizing, please email .
  • Do Tieks Shoes Go On Sale

    Most people wonder why are Tieks so expensive and if they will ever go on sale. The only place you can purchase Tieks shoes is from the Tieks website. Unless you find someone selling their used Tieks shoes on eBay or another website. I am not aware of Tieks shoes ever going on sale. I know what youre thinking, are Tieks shoes worth it?

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    Can You Wear Tieks On The Beach

    As a California-based company, its not uncommon for Tieks to share photos on social media of women wearing their shoes on the beach. Ive always been a little curious to know how Tieks actually hold up in the sand, but have been too nervous to try it myself. Luckily, one person tried it and only had good things to say about the experience.

    I wore my black mattes to the beaxh the other day. Between the forestry, sand & a dog, I was certain that they were ruined. Came home & other than the foot bed , I was pleasantly surprised of their aftermath. No marks & cleaned up perfectly. I do own 8 pairs & never the same pair two days in a tow.; Kymberly

    My Tieks Smell Bad What Can I Do

    If your feet are prone to a lot of sweat or foot odor is a particular concern for you, here are a few things you can do to manage any unpleasant odors so you can keep enjoying your Tieks.

    I use spray in the shoe before putting them on in the morning! I was so nervous they would get stinky, I just did it from the beginning! Jess

    Dryer sheets work well, too! They absorb wetness and odor. Deborah

    I have 3 pairs and I wear them almost daily. After a while, I noticed they started to smell like feet. I sprinkled baking soda in them, left it overnight, and cleaned them out the next day. For anyone concerned about them smelling like feet, I recommend using baking soda to freshen them up every now and then. 🙂 Tiffany

    try deodorant on the bottom of your paws! i use the roll on and let it dry for a few seconds. works like a charm 🙂 Irene

    I also noticed that my Tieks do sometimes get a smell, so I use a wet (not soaking, only damp paper towel and mild hand soap to wipe down the inside of my Tieks and let them dry over night. The smell goes away and is ready to wear the next day, although I wait an extra day to ensure that the inside of the Tiek is dry. Mel

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