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How To Customize Your Shoes

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How To Customize Shoes


Start simple.

Choose canvas shoes, and use permanent fabric markers to make them look as you want them.

Of course, the shoes should be properly cleaned before you doodle them. Mistakes do happen, so take a pencil and sketch your design in advance. You can choose between using a single colour or several ones, making sure that lighter shades are applied before darker outlines. Here are some great ideas to consider:

  • Names, nicknames, and initials
  • Spirals, squiggles, swirls, or zigzags
  • Stars, hearts, and lightning bolts
  • Gemstones and studs
  • Chevron, checker surfaces, polka dots, and more

Find A Shoe Repair Professional

Most professional shoe repair shops or cobblers provide stretching services. They have machines and training to alter shoes. Not only can a cobbler stretch your shoes, they can repair and refresh the ones you have to make them last longer overall.

But these shops are becoming harder to find in most areas from lack of interest.

wear shoes that are too narrow for their feet.

Tightness can come from a variety of fit problems, including:

  • toe box too narrow, not high enough, or both
  • overall length of the shoe is too short
  • shape of shoe doesnt conform to your foot
  • height of heels puts stress on your toes or other parts of your foot

If you have any doubt about the comfort and fit of your shoes, its always best to pass on them. An ill-fitting pair of shoes can end up harming your feet and joints over time. You can always find a better-fitting pair somewhere else.

Design Your Own Custom Shoes

A lot of consumers have a hard time finding the perfect pair of shoes. There are those who just cant seem to fit their feet in the standard-issued shoes from retail stores. Then, there are also those who want styles that arent conventional and unique to their tastes. Whether you are looking for custom shoes to find that perfect fit or to satisfy your style preferences, you will find a whole lot of sites that cater to these concerns.

Design Custom Sports Shoes

We scoured the web for custom sports shoes and thankfully found a good amount of them. Some of the biggest names in the shoe industry have also ventured out in custom shoes. Companies like Converse, K-Swiss, Vans,;Reebok, New Balance and Nike have all designated a part of their websites for create-your-own-shoes. Others, like Adidas have offered custom shoe design tools in the past, but have discontinued them after a while. Also, not all of the shoes displayed on these websites are available for customization. There are only limited models up for customization.

These top companies live up to their big names and good reputations. Their websites have great visual aesthetics and are all equipped with sophisticated and easy to use design applications. Naturally though, custom kicks from these brands are a little bit pricier. For options that are easier on the wallet, Solecreator provides affordable, unbranded selections.

Design Custom High Heels

Design Custom Specialty Shoes

Design Mens Custom Shoes

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Custom Baby Shoe Design

While babies dont really mind whether the shoes theyre wearing are unique, parents often turn to custom shoe design to make a lovely present for them. You can also consider them as a shower gift idea.

  • NameDate Baby Shoes: A pair that contains the name and date of birth of the baby written in several different ways.
  • PodsShoes: Etsy shops handmade and custom baby shoes
  • Soft Star Shoes & Moccasins: Catalogued models where you can choose the colour, size, and material

Next Take Some Acrylic Paint And Fill Up The Marked Area

How to Customize Your Own Basketball Shoes

Of course, it may happen that you cross a line or make a mistake, in which case you should let the paint dry, and apply a new coat over it. Smaller mistakes can even be corrected with primer.

  • The creative fellows among you may also be interested in some shading, in which case we recommend lay down the basic colour, letting it dry, and only then repaint the shadows and the highlights.

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Deliver Stunning 3d Product Visualizations

To sell your custom designs, youll need to provide 3D previews of the creations to your customers. Conversion rates increase by as much as 40% when you include 3D product visualizations with your customization options.;

Once a customer settles on a design, theyll want to rotate and double-check the final effects before finalizing their order. 3D product renderings allow customers to iterate designs and then check every available angle of the product before making their final decision.;

You can use 3D product visualizations to:

  • Demonstrate custom shoe designs in a rich and engaging photorealistic environment
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by showing them how the final design will look like before they buy
  • Increase conversion rates, as once a customer goes through the customization process, they are more likely to complete the purchase

How To Stretch Shoes Wider With Thick Socks

Getting your tight shoes to conform to your feet may seem challenging, but is often possible with a thick pair of socks and a blow dryer. This method works to stretch shoes, allowing them to conform to your feet. Find the thickest pairs of socks you own and put them on your feet.

Slide your feet into your new or used shoes, whether they are leather or canvas, and grab your hair dryer. Using medium heat, apply hot air to the tightest fitting areas, blow drying no more than 30 seconds at a time to prevent damage to the material.

Keep the hairdryer in constant motion to prevent burning. Once shoes fit comfortably, apply a natural leather conditioner to your shoes to restore the leather.

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The Reasons Nike Has To Let Customers Craft Their Shows

NIKEiD was the reason why worlds leading sneakers provider got lauded in the first Worlds Most Innovative Companies Issue of 2008, being at the time a revolutionary practice for personalized design. Nike included ID studios in all of its leading stores and launched sales directly into theatrical heights, and also noted record performance on its online platform .

What is really important to mention here is how consumers tapped into the opportunity to craft personalized Nike shows: back in the days, when creativity was not fully appreciated and the market was not so competitive, it was unique for a company to spot peoples desire to express their needs and wishes.

That, however, is no longer an issue. Popular social networks alike YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook make it possible for millions to generate personalized content, and so with an array of amateur technologies and creativity apps. This, of course, has its good sides and bad sides, but that doesnt change the fact that it caused genial and incontrovertible advancements in entertainment. Even school are leaning heavily on such creative assets to breed a digital generation, and also one that makes use of its native creativity.

Transform Your Staircase Into A Storage Haven

How To Paint Your Shoes Tutorial: Restore And Customize With Angelus Paint! FULL Timelapse

OK, so this one involves some serious renovation, but if your home is packed to the brim and cant possibly fit another shelving unit, storage bench or under-the-bed box, you may want to consider storage stairs, like this beautiful set by interior designer Amanda Webster. Even if you hope/plan to add this innovative storage solution yourself, we highly recommend reaching out to a contractor or interior designer to see if your stairs can accommodate such a design and, if so, how to make it work best for your needs.

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Design Ideas For Custom Shoes

Using the Printify online design tool is so easy! All you need to do is select the shoe you want to include in your wardrobe or online store, and the mockup generator will take you through step by step. And because all the shoes are custom print, you can be as daring as you like. The fun part about the Mockup Generator is that the more you use it, the more you will understand what you can do with your designs.

A custom shoe is the ultimate statement piece, theres no doubt about it. Its the first thing people notice. So the possibilities are endless from 100% personalized sneakers for all the sneakerheads out there to corporate gifts with your companys logo, to matching boots for all the rebels at heart, everything is fair game. You can also design a His and Hers shoe line for all the lovebirds out there. Or add a touch of uniqueness with bold, one-of-a-kind prints for musicians or other artists. You can try our free designs or create your own heres a couple of design ideas you can implement in your eCommerce store.;

Using the Printify online design tool is so easy! All you need to do is select the shoe you want to include in your wardrobe or online store, and the mockup generator will take you through step by step. And because all the shoes are custom print, you can be as daring as you like. The fun part about the Mockup Generator is that the more you use it, the more you will understand what you can do with your designs.

Tips For Online Shoe Customization Options

In a saturated ecommerce shoe market, product customization is one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction. In the sneakers community, custom kicks are a big deal, and the more personalized the pair, the higher they go in value.;

While most sneaker designs wont make the front pages, custom configurations will have special meaning to every individual designer. To help you provide a customization experience for your shoes online, consider these three tips.;

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How Can Your Customers Customize Their Shoes Online

Custom shoes are some of the most popular products available online today. The global custom shoe market will continue to grow along with the footwear industry, which analysts expect to maintain 4% CAGR until 2026.

Custom shoes are a big deal. For ecommerce companies selling shoes online, product customization is becoming a key differentiator when consumers make buying decisions. Whether its for dress shoes, sneakers, athletic footwear, or any other related product, there is an increased demand for giving your online customers access to customization options.;

To help deliver engaging experiences to your visitors and allow them to co-design their products, you can customize your shoes online using these best practices, current trends, and the latest technologies.

Consider that:

  • You can charge more for customized products
  • Customization generates word of mouth marketing
  • To satisfy your customers, you have to meet their customization expectations

Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

How to Customize Shoes with Your Own Artwork

People talk about clothes but, more often than not, fail to mention the accessories that complete the look, the most important thing that can make or break an entire outfit the shoes. The first thing people tend to notice on a person is their shoes, and they can tell you a lot about someone, so start designing shoes that tell stories. Start selling custom shoes that speak louder than words ever could. To start a footwear line, unload your creativity on the shoes that you can find in our catalog, put a price tag on and start selling.;

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Or Invest In Clear Shoe Boxes

If youre worried about dust or debris ruining your most precious pairs, you could always invest in these individual cubbies. The translucent plastic allows you to see whats in each box and they open from the front, so you wont have to unstack and restack everything just to get to the bottom pair. That said, you can configure this set in any way youd like, depending on the space you have available.

Stack Some Shoe Cubbies

These handy little slots make it easy to see all your shoes at a glance, and even come in two different sizes, to better accommodate heels and booties. Pro tip: Organize each row by style and put the shoes you reach for most often in the top cubbies, for easy access. Special occasion and out of season shoes can then take up the boxes closer to the floor. Stack them vertically if you dont have a ton of spare floor space, or line them in a low row as a sort of border against a wall.

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These 5 Products Will Help You Become A Master Sneaker Customizer

Customizing has transformed from a niche market into a big part of the sneaker culture over the past few years. The game is littered with DIY professionals who sell their services, along with members of a newer, more rebellious subculture who take a product and make it theirs by giving it a unique work-over.

Its fair to say that most people want to break free and add individuality and exclusivity to their kicks, however, some might not know where to start. Recently, the sharpie-custom trend has come back around thanks to .

To make it easier for you, weve rounded up a few techniques;you can use to give your sneakers a personal touch and complemented that with a list of products that will elevate your sneaker customizing skills.

Peep the list below, which includes inspiration from some of the best on Instagram.


The best paint for customising is Angelus acrylic paint, as the brand is known for being the longest lasting, most durable and incredibly vibrant on various materials.

Angelus Acrylic

Fine brushes

Using the correct brush will make a huge difference to the end result, keeping your lines clean and precise. A strong and high quality brush is essential when working with acrylic paint.

Fine Paint Brush Set

Reconstructing tools

Paraframe II Knife

Embroidery pen

Embroidery Tool


Airbrushing is another clean and easy way to customize your sneakers. Pairing the technique with a stencil can make for some beautiful designs.

Using Rhinestones On Flip

How to customize your old sneakers | DIY

One of the hottest trends in custom shoe design is attaching rhinestones to sandals and flip-flop straps, which you can easily do with E6000 and superglue. All sizes will work here, but you must be careful how you choose the colours and the patterns. What works the best, according to shoe designers, is to arrange them randomly, as theyd look more personalized and professional.

  • There are other parts of the shoe where rhinestones look good. Swarovski crystals, for instance, are a great solution for fancy wedding dresses.

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Know What Capabilities Your Competitors Have

Custom shoe designs are more common than you may think. Every major retailer offers some form of customization, with the biggest brands going all out to provide the most personalized experience. NikeID started in 1999, and now it generates significant income for the trainer and sports shoe brand.;

Once you know what your competitors can do, check whats possible using your suppliers and manufacturing networks. Almost every shoe brand is going for direct-to-consumer sales, and customized options will attract an increasing share of the market. Nikes example proves that online shoe customization will be a reliable source of revenue for all brands in the future.;

Freeze Shoes To Stretch Them

Never try this on leather shoes, as you run the risk of ruining the leather. To stretch your nonleather shoes, find a plastic zip-lock bag and fill it partway with water. Place inside the shoe and ensure it is pressing against the tightest spots.

Put everything in the freezer overnight. When the water freezes, it turns to ice and expands, which allows your shoes to stretch. When freezing shoes to stretch them, be careful not to soak the insoles, as wet insoles ruin shoes.

Use two plastic freezer bags if you are concerned about breakage. This one works well with most types of shoes, but narrow toe boxes are harder to stretch as the bag often doesnt reach that far down inside, and you run the risk of the shoe not stretching evenly. Most people see success with open or peep-toe style high heels and athletic shoes.

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Appreciate Your Shoe And Make The Other One

Woo! Your shoe is officially done!Put it on and see how it fits. The shoe I made with cork was extra light and flexible, but still pretty classy looking.Now you have to make the other shoe :)You should definitely make a cast of your other foot, but you won’t need to draw your patterns again.Take the paper patterns you drew and turn them over. If you made your right shoe first the flipped over patterns will fit a left shoe perfectly and vice versa.Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this homemade shoe Instructable!

How To Make Shoes

Design your own shoes

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Shoes make an important fashion statement. After all, you’re walking around in them all day, so why shouldn’t you be wearing shoes with some pizzazz? Although it can be a pretty complicated procedure in untrained hands, it’s quite possible to make your own pair of shoes from home. To make shoes, you need to gather the right materials, make a cast of your feet, cut the parts of the shoe to size, assemble those parts, and finalize the design. Once you get the basics down, you won’t have to depend on store brands for your look. Few things can look so interesting as a unique set of shoes, and making them can actually be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

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