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Will’s Vegan Shoes Womens

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The Most Comfortable Walking Boots For Long Hikes By Adidas

Vegan Boots | 1 year later

We were not sure whether to include Adidas vegan hiking boots on this list or not, but we can only support the commitment of big brands to offer more eco-friendly products. The Adidas Terrex range is a favourite amongst hikers and when we saw, in 2020, that they added vegan hiking boots made of upcycled ocean plastic to the collection, we got quite excited! Adidas finally released an eco-friendly alternative to their popular Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTX .

We found that this model is super comfortable; its like wearing cushioned running shoes, but with more grip and ankle support. The Adidas vegan hiking boots weigh less than 400g as well.

Made for: long hikes on any terrain and theyre a top pick for the eco-conscious backpacker.

Good Stuff

Best Recycled Vegan Walking Shoes By Vivobarefoot

These vegan barefoot shoes are more or less the low-cut equivalent of the Magna Trail boot listed above. Dont let the soft feel and appearance fool you though, as theyre designed to give you stable footing on all surfaces, even over rocky, tough terrain!

They are versatile off-road vegan walking shoes, as long as you are used to 0 drop shoes and ready to deal with the lack of protection that comes with minimalist shoes. The Magna Trail are not for everybody, but Vivobarefoot is a top player in its category. If youre looking for extra-flexible and lightweight walking shoes, you cant go wrong with them.

We selected these shoes because theyre entirely vegan, of course, but also eco-friendly! The shoes are made of lightweight recycled PET mesh that we felt really allowed our feet to breathe. Plus, they fold and take almost no space in a suitcase.

Good Stuff

Vivobarefoot also offers an even more eco-friendly version of the Primus Trail, with an insole that is made of bio-based BLOOM foam . But as this model is often sold out, we decided not to include it in this article. Check it out though , you might be lucky!

Collection & Co Porto Black Lace Up Brogues: 120 Collection & Co

Size range: 2-8

For something that bit edgier, check out the new, fully vegan, Bristol-based footwear brand Collection & Co, who are doing all sorts of cool things with waste materials in an effort to be more sustainable. We fell in love with these lace-up brogues, which come in jet black or rusty orange. Theyre made in small, ethically-run Portuguese factories from soft faux leather, with faux suede side panels to add textural interest to the design. They slip on and off and have padded insoles for extra comfort, while rubber soles will withstand a pounding of the streets on a shopping mission. The 4cm block heels add a glam bit of height, although shoe lovers with wider feet might want to go for a size up as these are a bit on the narrow side. Oh, and theyve got Petas seal of approval, too.

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Not Sure I’ll Buy Shoes From Will’s Vegan Store Again

I have two pairs of shoes from Will’s Vegan Store – a pair of waterproof boots and a pair of sneakers – that I bought about a year ago.The boots are good, I’m not sure how long they will last. Looks like they get worn pretty quickly..The sneakers I basically can’t wear because they hurt my achilles so bad. I only use them for skating, because then I’m not walking so much in them – which is silly. I like the idea of vegan foot wear, but it needs to be durable and “walkable”, for it to be sustainable. Otherwise you buy to many shoes and that kind of takes the sustainable idea out of it…

Will’s Veganwvsport Walking Shoes Durable And Stable Shoes For Women

Wills London Womens Vegan Work Boots
  • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections, ensuring healthy, clean feet
  • Arch supports provide improved cushioning and prevent the chances of flat feet
  • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
  • Cushioned heels offer extra support to the rear of your feet while keeping heels soft and supple
  • Removable footbeds to accommodate custom orthotics and alleviate painful foot conditions
  • Uppers made with a breathable, and abrasion and water-resistant material
  • Removable EVA insoles for support forefoot and midfoot

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About Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills prides itself on being an animal and human-friendly business, where no product involves harming animals or people . Their goal is to provide vegan shoes at a reasonable cost in order to make cruelty-free shoes available to everyone. The store was founded by Will Green, whose goal was to offer quality designed and built shoes for affordable prices, making ethical products more accessible.

Beyond Skin Lexie Black Faux Leather Vegan Stilettos: 99 Beyond Skin

Size range: 3-8

Every woman needs a reliable pair of black stiletto heels, be it for work, play or both. These faux leather beauties from Brighton-based vegan footwear brand Beyond Skin were recommended to us by a vegan pal who was overjoyed to find some plastic-made shoes that didnt rub and give her blisters . Handmade in Spain, they have pointed toes, a breathable faux leather lining made from recycled materials and a heel of roughly 9cm. Peta has given them the thumbs up, so you can strut down the corridor feeling ethically awesome. No wonder Oscar-winning actor Natalie Portman is one of many famous fans. Some sizes may be out of stock online but weve been assured that theyll be back in shortly, with pre-orders sent out in early March so dont panic!

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Awesome Vegan Shoe Brands

Thankfully, companies like Wills Vegan Shoes are transforming products like vegetable oil, apple peels, and pineapple leaves into vegan leather. Even recycled plastic bottles, cork, and rubber are being used to make incredibly beautiful materials that look, last, and feel like the real deal.

Getting your hands on real vegan shoes might still be a challenge. If you dont have the luxury of sauntering down to your local vegan clothing store to pick up you next pair of vegan boots or sandals then youve come to the right place.

Here are 39 vegan shoe brands making awesome cruelty-free products!

Have a look at my vegan shoe collection in the video below!

Please note Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. Additionally, Wills, Ethletic, and Tropicfeel sent me sent me shoes to test and review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Take A Look For Yourselfand Let Your Feet Fall Into These Vegan Shoes:


NOAH specializes in unisex and his and hers vegan shoes, so you can always coordinate with your person.

VEERAH heels are a classic take on the future of fashion. Made with sustainable materials such as cork and organic apple peels, the companys sleek designs can be worn with or without detachable accessories, making them the perfect shoes in which to hop, skip, and jump into adventure.

PETA-Approved VeganTaylor + Thomas shoes are made from eco-friendly materials sourced from Italy. The companys line features heeled loafers expertly crafted in Los Angeles.

Brave GentleMans handiwork is unparalleled. Check out the brands fantastic designs created from a unique Italian-milled microfiber material called future-leather.

From the Matilda flat to the Emerson patent oxford, vegan shoe brand SUSI Studio always puts its best foot forward.

Stella McCartney is a pioneer of animal-friendly stylebut she offers a twist with sneakers that seemingly make all others cower before them in shame. Her collection features sock uppers, metallic tones, chunky soles, and even a vegan take on Adidas famous Stan Smith sneakers. All this footwear causes no harm to animalswe love it.

Rungg makes hand-embroidered works of art for your feet. Each pair is uniqueand animal-friendly. Style them up or downeither way you go, your feet will turn heads every time you enter a room.

Beyond Skinsankle boots will give your feet the coverage that they need whenever it gets chilly.


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Wills Vegan Shoes My Favorite Vegan Shoe Brand

This is my absolute favorite brand of vegan shoes. Wills Vegan Shoes have been a staple in my closet for years now. I even included the brand in my vegan winter packing list when they sent me some vegan leather boots to try out.

After a few pairs of cheap synthetic leather winter boots fell apart within months of buying them, I decided to start investing in high-quality, authentic, PETA-aproved vegan shoes.

It was one of the best decisions Ive ever made. Im now the proud owner of three pairs of Wills boots, a pair of sandals, and one of their gorgeous vegan backpacks. I couldnt be happier with them all!

What I love about Wills, in addition to their beautiful shoes, is the fact that the company is truly sustainable. The packaging is carbon neutral, doesnt contain plastic, the footbeds are made from recycled rubber, and rest of the shoes are made from eco-certified materials.

Plus, its a small companyand who doesnt love supporting a small company?

Wills has a huge range of vegan shoes including vegan work shoes, vegan dress shoes, vegan boots, vegan sandals, and more!

If youre in Europe or the United States and are interested in checking out Wills shoes you can visit their site here.

Will Never Use Again

Ordered shoes on 27th June, with a delivery date of no later than 22nd July. I accepted this, as I only needed the shoes for the 24th July, so they had plenty of time to ship them. No update by the 12th July, so I asked if I would still get them by 22nd. I had an instant reply saying I would. Sent email on 20th saying I had still had no notice of shipping and everything went quiet. Chased again and explained I needed the shoes for the 24th. On 26th I cancelled the shoes and asked for a full refund. They then shipped the shoes on the 27th, expecting me to pay the costs of shipping them back!!! I complained and to their credit they waived the delivery charge and gave me a full refund. As well as not getting the shoes until after the event, it was annoying they had told me I would get them in time, as it give me little time to find replacement shoes for the 24th.

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Vegan Sneaker Brands You Need To Know

Wondering where to purchase vegan sneakers? Weve got you covered with these vegan and vegan-friendly brands!

Finding cruelty-free shoes to fit your lifestyle shouldnt have to be a chore, thats why weve done the work for you by highlighting the veg-friendly brands we are loving! From athleisure sneakers to classy and sassy low tops, you are sure to find the perfect kicks for any occasion. Here are 16 eco-friendly shoes for vegans, athletes, and fashion lovers alike!

What Are Vegan Trainers Made From

Wills London Womens Vegan Dock Boots

Vegan trainers are made without the use of any animal materials, such as leather, suede, fur or wool. Vegan shoes are made of a variety of fabrics, traditionally synthetic but increasingly using innovative materials derived from nature with all the properties of leather, such as apple leather, cactus leather and bio-based leather . Many synthetic trainers are now made using recycled plastics from ocean trash.

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Are Vegan Trainers Durable

The quick answer: yes! But you can make them last longer by taking care of the shoes. Just as you would care for animal-leather trainers, you should look after your vegan leather trainers. With proper care, vegan trainers can last anywhere from two to five years, depending on how much wear and tear they encounter, which is the same as their animal-leather counterparts.

Top 16 Best Vegan Shoes Brands For 2021

Choosing the best vegan shoes brands for this years Top 16 list was a real challenge. It gets more and more difficult as a ton of great new companies enter this exploding market.

Many people are awakening to the fact that vegan products arent limited to their food choices. If you want to live kindly and in harmony with the planet and animals you need to ensure that all your choices are ethical.

One area that many of us could use some improvement in is choosing a pair of shoes that is cruelty-free and sustainable.

Leather, of course, is not vegan and the most commonly sold leather products in the United States today are leather shoes.

So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes to fashion purchases more than 70% of vegan product sales are of cruelty-free, vegan shoes. Vegan leather is boomin! Stay animal-free!



  • Sydney Brown
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    Will’s Vegan Wvsport Sequoia Edition Waterproof Hiking Boots Strong And Stable Hiking Boots For Women

    • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections, ensuring healthy, clean feet
    • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
    • Lightweight and low cut boots
    • Rubber outsoles for super grippy traction and durability
    • Waterproof construction that allows long lasting waterproof protection

    Toms Turquoise Corduroy Womens Carmel Sneakers: 33 Toms

    Calzado vegano. Botines Will Vegan Shoes. MODA SOSTENIBLE

    Size range: 3-10

    Roll back to the Seventies with these laid-back corduroy kicks from Californian footwear favourite Toms. Though not a vegan brand per se, the company offers an extensive range of shoes that are. These sneakers, inspired by the Sunshine States seaside towns, shot straight to the top of our “must have” list as they tick our three boxes: ethical, comfortable and cool. Theyre also not like any shoes weve spotted elsewhere, so expect compliments from admiring strangers on the street. Though blissfully lightweight to wear with a cushioned insole, theyre also sturdy thanks to a rubber sole. Our faves are the turquoise, but the spicy red ones are hot too. Catch em while theyre 40 per cent off in the sale and you could even justify buying both, especially as for every pair sold, Toms gives another to an underprivileged child. Go for your usual size.

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    Big Brands Making Vegan Shoes

    In addition to the aforementioned smaller vegan, some of the largest shoe brands on the market have started producing vegan shoes or offer accidentally vegan shoes.

    Vans Vegan Shoes

    Vans is among my absolute favorite shoe brands. Not only are their skater style shoes extremely comfortable, made to last, and super cool looking but many of their styles are also totally vegan.

    You can even search for vegan on their website. My last search returned over 200 styles. If the particular style is vegan the description will include the sentence The materials used in the manufacturing of these styles are free of any animal by-products and therefore are 100% vegan. How awesome is that?

    Reebok Vegan Shoes

    Reebok, one of the worlds biggest shoe brands, now offers a vegan line. After some urging by PETA, the company has adjusted their Cotton and Corn line so that the design is now 100% vegan. Its a small, but massively important, step toward an even more vegan-friendly future.

    Nike Vegan Shoes

    Im not going to pretend that Nike is the most ethical company on the market, but since its probably the biggest sports shoe brand out there, their recently launched vegan shoe is a huge deal.

    The vegan Air Max 90s shoe is made from sustainable materials including recycled foam, organic cotton, and up-cycled sawdustyes sawdust.

    Adidas Vegan Shoes

    Putting other big shoe brands to shame, Adidas plans to produce over 11 million vegan shoes in 2019 alone.

    TOMS Vegan Shoes

    Dr Martens

    Will’s Vegan Colour Sneakers Stylish Vegan Athletic Shoes

    • Anti-microbial lining prevents foot diseases and infections, ensuring healthy, clean feet
    • Breathable structure to promote aeration inside the shoe and keep foot odor at bay
    • Soft uppers protect your skin from footwear abrasions and offer cushion-soft padding
    • Made from Italian vegan suede
    • Water-resistant construction to keep your feet cool and dry
    • Soft vegan suede lining

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    Best Amphibious Hiking Boots With A Modern Design By Astral

    These lightweight and quick-drying hiking boots are ultra-comfy and casual in design. We tested them in numerous terrains and found that stepping off the nature trail into the urban jungle doesnt require a change of shoes. The supportive EVA foam base is entirely biodegradable and EVA manufacturers are working to make the production process zero waste too. Its comfy, spongy, and safe for the environment.

    These walking boots are perfect for any activity that combines hiking and water. Its a favourite amongst kayakers as the shoes are designed to protect against and shed water. The soles on the Astral TR1 feature 5mm lugs that gripped like we were walking through sticky tar, which was ideal for slippery rocks on the seashore.

    Made for: the urban adventurer that goes from rough terrain to flat terrain, and any hiker that travels across very wet terrain.

    Good Stuff

    Fugu Cool Japanese Shoes

    Wills London Womens Vegan Chelsea Boots

    Fugu is another all vegan brand that produces truly unique shoes. Self-described as a maker of cool Japanese shoes, Fugus unisex canvas shoes and boots speak urban Ninja warrior and warrior princess. Made with recycled rubber soles, Fugus cool boots have been featured in a few Hollywood movies, including Star Wars and The Hunger Games.

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