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How To Get Sneakers Early

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Cons To Consider When Reselling Sneakers

HOW Do People Get EARLY Sneakers?!
  • Complicated marketing Apps that let you reserve shoes and sneakers before their release date and social media contests and raffles are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Over time, new ways of marketing to resellers will increase and become more complex, and there’s nothing you can do but keep up with the changes.
  • Unfair advantages Sometimes your competition will have an unfair advantage. That’s the case at least in instances where someone has direct access through certain connections.
  • Her 19-year-old son was running a million-dollar reselling business sometimes making purchases with his mom’s credit card. This is more high-profile than most but there are tons of other examples out there.
  • Sneaker violence Resellers need to be aware of the constant violence that surrounds sneakers.
  • Due to their high price tag and increasing value of sneakers, some people will resort to violence to get ahead. It will likely be impossible to remove malice and violence from the equation.
  • It is something that comes with the job and a burden that every reseller selling directly may have to bear.
  • Sneakers as an investment more than footwear Given the nature of reselling shoes, this question comes to mind: who is the market for sneakers?
  • On the one hand, some consumers have a passion for sneakers and use them to promote their fashion sense. On the other, resellers try to get their hands on the most hyped shoes and resell them above their retail price.
  • How To Get Early Access On Snkrs

    If you are a Nike lover, you know how to access the latest and most outstanding products right from your PC. As a member of the Nike family, you have the right to know everything about the newest releases, upgrades, favorites, and all other Nike products. Being a Nike fan, you stay on top of all the latest releases, including the all-time favorite app, the Nike SNKRS. The Nike SNKRS is the number one selling running shoe in the world!

    Like most people, you too should be excited about this new technology that grants users early access to some Nike products.

    What is SNKRS app

    When you become a member of the Nike Club, you can access almost any new and latest releases. But did you know that you can also get early access to the Nike App? The Nike App allows you to get your hands on tons of great new products. You can get your sneakers, shoes, accessories, special offers, and so much more right from your computer.

    During an All-Star Weekend in 2015, Nike launched the Nike SNKRS App. This digital platform is a unique channel for delivering the most coveted price drops in the newest release footwear, making it ground zero for top trending footwear. The system works by draws, which are random lotteries granting random entrants the once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase hot sneakers.

    J23 Release Dates & Restock

    If youre a big fan of Jordans, then youll definitely want to make sure that J23 stays on your iPhone or iPad. J23 is able to bring you all of the latest information surrounding upcoming Jordan sneakers, and even many current products. With J23, youll be able to easily stay up to date with Jordan brand release dates, models, and pricing. J23 regularly updates the app to make sure information is always up to date.

    Additionally, you can get restock information pushed directly to your phone or tablet. J23 is also an excellent way to purchase sneakers directly, so that you get them before anyone else.

    Download it now: here

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    So Where Do Sneaker Resellers Get All These Shoes From

    For the most part, sneaker resellers get nearly all of their shoes online. This might involve the use of certain computer programs in an attempt to secure more sneakers. These programs virtually automate everything, trying to rapidly check out numerous pairs from websites before they actually sell out.

    And they do so much faster than any man could. They are common among most resellers, though these computer programs arent outright fair as youd probably expect. Programs available to the public are likely to be inferior to those used privately.

    Also, sneakers resellers making the most money have connections with investors, industry insiders, elite hackers, and even access to private software that essentially gives them a monopoly over the supply.

    After looking at what type of sneaker they want, what sizes, and where to buy them, substantial experience, tools, and blockbuster finding basically guarantee their success.

    These people can get thousands right from their laptops, while others are probably camping out all night just to snag a pair or two- even with the said computer programs. Of course, its easy to feel sorry for them, but thats how it works, apparently. In the end, when you get your hands on these shoes, its like winning a lottery ticket.

    Another thing is that every release is different. Thus the point is to get as many as possible before they run out.

    Criteria To Determine If Shoes Are Fakes

    Lot Detail
    • Ask for tagged photos The price should normally be enough to persuade you whether to purchase an item. However, you need to consider other factors that go into the sale of the sneakers.
    • Tagged, hi-res pictures of the item are one way to check if the kicks are legit or not.
    • Ask the seller to take multiple photos of the sneakers with the latest edition of the newspaper to see if it’s for real.
    • You can then cross-reference the pictures with the actual version of the shoes on their official site.
    • Also you can refer to Fake Education on Instagram to find more tips and information on how to spot fake ones.
  • Ask for the receipts For new purchases, you must request the receipt of the item to verify the authenticity of the sneakers.
  • The receipt proves that the shoes were acquired from the official stores.
  • It’ll also help you sell the sneakers since you have tangible proof that the shoes are indeed real.
  • Do your research For Amazon and eBay sellers you can check their seller rating on their profile. Anything lower than 95% should be avoided.
  • Also, read the comments and reviews of other buyers. Some may just be complaining about relatively trivial stuff like slow delivery time and those that have nothing to do with the actual shoes.
  • Lastly, check if the reviews were from real buyers and not profiles that were created to help hike up the seller’s rating. Or perhaps negative reviews created by competitors.
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    How To Beat The Sneaker Bots: Get A Sneaker Proxy

    Some people think that if you dont use a bot, you dont need a proxy, but that isnt true. If you want to buy a large number of sneakers, you are going to need a proxy. Otherwise, you will have to follow the limits imposed by the sneaker sites. That might mean you are only able to get a single pair of sneakers. It is critical that you buy a proxy that was specifically made for copping sneakers. Sneaker proxies are located near the sneaker sites datacenters so you wont have to worry about long lag times slowing you down. Instead, you will be able to jump right in and start buying sneakers. It is also a good idea to buy a large number of proxies. Dont make the mistake of going with a single proxy. You need to buy a lot of proxies so you can assign each one to a different account. Then, you will be able to add sneakers to your shopping cart and check out without any issues.

    Plan Ahead And Know Your Options

    Youll definitely want to stay on top of all of the upcoming sneaker release dates by visiting some of the various sneaker blogs and checking their release dates sections. Brands like Nike and Jordan seemingly have different or several different launches each and every weekend, but the dates are always pretty locked in well ahead of time. Make sure youre on top of planning out your own launch calendar ahead of time. A great one-stop place is always Nikes very own calendar. DePaula


    Sick of being left out when the best shoe releases drop? Heres how to get yours.

    Securing those limited edition sneakers youve had your eye on for months can be tough, even if you live in New York City or Los Angeles, where shoe stores occupy almost every corner. But when youre an athlete living in someplace like Erie, Pa., or Peoria, Ill., cities that lack any semblance of a sneaker boutique, capturing that pair of awesome kicks can be next to impossible. Freaked out yet? Dont be. We spoke with a few prominent sneaker bloggers to give you a few tips on how to cop those hard-to-get sneakers no matter where you live.

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    How Do You Enter Draws On Snkrs

    Entering a draw via Nike SNKRS is a relatively simple process. Make sure youre regularly checking the app for the specific pair youre interested in. Once it arrives on the app in the days or weeks leading up to launch you can hit the Notify Me button in order to receive release reminders. Youll then receive a push notification just as the raffle goes live . To enter, simply select your shoe size from the menu and choose your payment method. Next up hit the Enter Draw button and then keep everything crossed – youll find out shortly if youve taken the L or hit the jackpot with a W!

    This Is How To Get High

    This is how you get sneakers early

    FIRST THINGS FIRST: As a true #menswear enthusiast, Im all-in for todays luxurious designer sneakers. Seriously, just look around: Its as if we all collectively blinked, and guys everywhere traded in their ratty, decades-old running shoes for sleek pairs with suede swooshes, tonal laces, and eye-popping color schemes. Frankly, the only problem with all of this fabulous new footwear is actually purchasing a pair: No one ever knows when certain models are going to drop, how many pairs the manufacturer will be selling, or even where you can get them.

    This summer, Adidas Originals may or may not release a collaboration with the musician Pharrell. Nikes unlimited stream of limited-edition Jordans is rumored to include a Wu-Tang Clandesigned pair, as well as ultra-exclusive one-off models produced alongside New Yorkbased designer-shoe meccas KITH and Extra Butter.

    But dont worry if youre dying for a pair that is guaranteed to sell out. Just follow these three steps.

    Spot your new kicks

    The Hottest Trend in Training Sneakers: Mid-Tops > > >

    Close the deal on your new kicks

    Once you see a pair of shoes drop that you cant live without, now its time to buy them. Or at least try. Most retailers, whether brick-and-mortar or online, now sell the limited-edition kicks through a raffle system.

    The Best Do-Everything Sneakers > > >

    Try to buy those new kicks

    For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more,

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    How To Get Snkrs Early Access

    • The exclusive access invites are sent out to the SNKRS community members based on their engagement with the app. If you are yet to engage with the app, sorry, you cannot make this list.
    • They also consider how active a member is in engaging with the app and with specific releases and content series. Such a member receives a more personal exclusive access invite.
    • Being active means participating in particular content series, which includes entering launches and trying to buy sneakers regardless of your success, participating in polls, watching Behind the Design videos, and making interactions during the live sessions SNKRS holds. Doing all these will increase your chances of getting a slot in the coveted exclusive access invitations.
    • The exclusive access invitations date are set. This date is when the product is slated to be released. The members will be allowed to make their purchases from that date up to a few days afterward.
    • These exclusive access invites are only helpful for a limited time.

    Also, it is essential to note that exclusive access applies to almost every major release. If you never want to miss out on such a life-shaping experience, start participating and engaging with the app and the content therein.

    Sneaker Reselling Tips From The Pros

    Now that Google has made every thrift shop attendant into a sneaker aficionado, youre highly unlikely to find a pair of vintage Air Jordans in your local charity shop bargain bin. That means, for the novice reseller, new releases are your best bet.

    Every other week theres a pair of shoes coming out which you can make £30-£50 on, Morrison says. Or you can buy several pairs, sit on them for a few months, and theyll probably be worth even more. If you want to make real money, though, youll have to put the effort in.

    There are at least a handful of shoes throughout the year which will immediately go for 5-10 times the retail value of the shoe, and quite a lot more which will go for a 3-5 times markup. Those are usually the ones where you have to enter raffles, or camp out for the weekend. If you get your hands on them, though, its like winning a lottery ticket.


    Sam Kersh, aka , is one of Instagrams OG sneaker resellers, with over 150,000 followers so his advice is worth listening to. You can find rare sneakers in all sorts of ways: general releases, resellers, suppliers in the industry and friends events, he says. As for how he makes his living, its all about using the tools already at your disposal: I mostly use Instagram, eBay, and Facebook groups to sell stock, he says.


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    Aankomende Sneaker Releases 2022

    Op onze releasekalender vind je de allernieuwste sneaker releases. Wij plaatsen de tofste aangekondigde releases voor jou op de juiste datum. Zo mis je nooit meer jouw favoriete sneaker.Bij elke aangekondigde release plaatsen wij de juiste datum, tijd, alle webshops die de sneaker verkopen en geven wij aan of de sneaker per raffle of via de normale weg verkocht zal worden.

    Everything You Need To Know About The Nike Snkrs App

    5 Sneakers That Defined Early

    SNKRS Guide

    Nike’s latest launches, hottest events, and exclusive releases are done via SNKRS. Chances are if you have ever went for a pair of Jordans or Off-Whites you are well acquainted with Nike’s app and probably have your own fair share of criticisms regarding their release mechanics.

    Fortunately, knowledge is power. Follow along as we break down everything you need to know about the SNKRS app to increase your chances of buying the latest sneakers on drop day.

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    Where Do They Sell The Sneakers

    This is probably the easiest thing about sneaker reselling. Sometime back, it used to be a different story. However, today there are well-driven marketplaces for sneakers such as GOAT, StockX, and Hypremium, enabling them to do almost everything from an app.

    Now that Google has turned every thrift shop attendant into a sneaker devotee, youll rarely find a pair of vintage Air Jordans, for instance, in your local shop bargain bin. That means that for beginners, new releases are your go-to-goa.

    This makes the whole process a breeze and ensures authenticity for both the seller and buyer. The apps essentially serve as a stock market for sneakers. It leads to pretty consistent resale prices, making reselling much easier than ever. For example, when you want to shift hundreds of thousands of pairs, you would simply sell them directly to a bulk buyer, which is still convenient.

    How To Assess The Value Of Resale Sneakers

    A new pair of valuable sneakers can come far and few in between. To make money in reselling shoes, you need to find pairs sold under reseller price so you can profit off them. But how can you know how much a pair of shoes cost?

    Again a site like StockX will be very helpful. The site shows how much the shoes and sneakers cost over a 12-month period.

    Just like a stock market index graph, you will see the range of how much the shoes are sold in the market over time. Which in turn will help assess which shoes to acquire for reselling.

    You’ll need to check the trend and volatility of the sneakers to come up with a price that will make you and your buyer happy.

    The market dictates the price, and an unfair price is the one that no one will buy.

    It’s a good idea to start small when you buy and sell shoes. This keeps your initial investment low, allows you to learn the game. Plus your buyers will be more likely to take a risk when their investment is low too.

    When it comes to your inventory, you may want to reinvest your earnings on another pair or pairs of shoes. Don’t cash out early in the game just yet. Do your research and find available shoes that you can purchase even before you have the money to buy them.

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    Twitter Notifications Are Vital In The Sneaker Hunt

    The tweets are always watching, and the commercial power of the house Twitter built is never more apparent than in the sneaker world. Nikes NikeStore Twitter account tweeted out a link to the highly anticipated final collaboration with Kanye West, Nike Air Yeezy II at 1 p.m. on February 9, 2014. Within 11 minutes all of the limited edition sneakers were sold out. Setting up your Twitter account to receive push notifications to your phone when brands Twitter accounts tweet out release links can be the difference between paying $245 for a special edition sneaker and donating a college tuition payment to your sneaker habit. Here are a few key Twitter accounts to follow to stay abreast of the latest releases of special edition shoes: , , , , and .

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