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What’s The Best Online Shoe Store

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Amazon: Best For ‘try Before You Buy’ Shoes

  • Prime Wardrobe lets you try before you commit to buy
  • Amazon has excellent shipping and returns
  • Good selection of shoes and brands

We all know Amazon and, love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s an excellent place to buy stuff. The shoe selection at Amazon is very good, and there’s a decent range of both new and pre-owned shoes thanks to the various third-party retailers associated with Amazon. The website is actually harder to navigate than many of its rivals, but that’s because Amazon has such a massive range of items – you need to drill into the site to find shoes.

What sets Amazon apart, however, is the Prime Wardrobe services, which is included as part of a regular Amazon Prime membership. Here you can choose up to eight items of clothing – shoes included – at a time, and order them to be delivered to your home. There is a three-item minimum and a $1000 maximum value. Once they arrive you have seven days to try them on, and mark all unwanted items for return. After that you pay for the stuff you want to keep, and use pre-paid packaging for all the returns. It’s so, so simple and is a great way of shopping for clothes and shoes.

Where Are The Best Places To Shop Orthopedic Shoes Online

There are lots of reasons to invest in a pair of orthopedic shoes. Many podiatrists or physical therapists recommend them if patients have any kind of foot, back, or leg pain that worsens when walking or moving around.

When you go into an orthopedic shoe store, you immediately have more options than a traditional shoe store. Associates will measure your foot using a Brannock device, which takes four separate measurements from each foot. Instead of just using the length from toes to heel, a Brannock device measures the length and width of the foot, the length of the arch, and the length of the toes. After youve been sized, youll be able to choose from a wider array of styles, as well as shoes that have extra width, more arch support, or stability for flat feet.

If youre unable to go into a store for a fitting, you can still purchase orthopedic shoes online. These four online retailers make it really easy to find shoes that are right for your feet.

Keen Footwear Makes All Kinds Of Shoes Destined For The Outdoors From Waterproof Sandals To Hiking Boots To Sneakers

Promising review: “I’ve owned my current pair of water sandals for 10 years. They have been used for everyday wear, hiking, training at the gym, rafting. I’ve always found them especially versatile and they’ve never let me down. After 10 years it’s time to replace them, but the old ones are still good for gardening and general use, so they’re going nowhere.” James B.

Pricing: Sandals start at $50.

Sizing: Women’s 512, men’s 717, babies’ 6M24M, kids’ 413, and big kids’ 17

Shipping: Standard shipping starts at $10, with free shipping for orders over $100.

Returns: Free returns on shoes within 30 days.

What makes them unique: Keen Footwear is a family-owned company. They also carry work boots that are made in the Pacific Northwest.

Get the Women’s Elle Backstrap Sandal for $49.99 and the Men’s Newport H2 for $110.

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Teva Makes Waterproof Sport Sandals That Will Stand The Test Of Time Whether You’re A Hiking Enthusiast Or Just Want To Look Like You Are

Promising review: “They are my favorite casual sandals. I live near the ocean and I have several pairs of Tevas that are perfect for walking, and withstand being wet or dry, sand or pavement, and are so comfortable, durable, and offer excellent support for my feet . These shoes go the duration . I love that the company recycles materials as well. Take care of Mama Earth. I recommend Tevas to everyone I know.” Amanda Brown

Pricing: Slides start at $29.95, with their classic sandals priced at $50.

Sizing: Women’s 512, men’s 515, toddlers’ 410.5, children’s 1113.5, youth 17Y

Shipping: Standard shipping starts at $8, with free shipping for orders over $35.

Returns: You get free returns on unused shoes within 30 days.

What makes them unique: All the Teva quick-drying straps are made of verified recycled plastic.

Get the Women’s Original Universal Sandal for $50 and the Men’s Original Universal Cotopaxi for $60.

Shoescom User Reviews And Ratings

SSS Online Shopping offers the following on all orders:60-day returns | Free exchanges | Free returns | $6.95 restocking fee on returns | Rewards Club | Day time customer service

  • Has an A+ rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 2 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

We looked at around 90 reviews of and found that they were largely positive. While the store scores low ratings on Consumer Affairs we did notice an awful lot of ‘user error’ reviews, or reviews calling out for very minor issues with their service, like being a day late with shipping. Where negative reviews and complaints were filed, we were delighted to see that the company’s response – especially on BBB – was prompt, polite, and often resulted in customer satisfaction.

In terms of positive reviews, people were pleased with the exchange policy on offer, and the selection of shoes. The generous exchange period was mentioned too. While clearly isn’t the cheapest online shoe store, it’s well thought of and clearly has excellent customer service.

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Shoe Carnival: Best For Kids Shoes And Costume Shoes

  • Good range of kids shoes and fancy dress wear
  • Plenty of sales events to save you money

Shoe Carnival is – as the name suggests – a good place to pick up both unusual and costume footwear. While it has all the usual categories that normal online shoe stores have, Shoe Carnival has a bunch of other categories to help you complete fancy-dress and Halloween costume outfits. You’ll see sections like ‘Cowboy’ and ‘Character’ on there, which demonstrates a breadth of shoes that many other retailers can’t quite match.

The site is great for kids shoes too, and there are loads of categories that children will actually want to shop from . Everything is sensibly laid-out when you get to a product page, with multiple photos of the shoes clearly displayed. You can select size and colors from a drop-down menu, and there are user reviews on page… even if Shoe Carnival doesn’t get the same volume of reviews as many other sites. We don’t really like how much the site tries to ‘sell’ extras to you, as it makes the experience feel a bit cheap.

Amazon User Reviews And Ratings

Amazon offers the following on all orders:30-day returns | Free exchanges | Free returns | Free shipping for Prime Members | 24-hour customer service | Try before you buy

  • Has an A rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

It’s near impossible to get a sense of the Amazon user reviews for its shoe service, so we took a cross-section of about 50 reviews across a number of products we found in the shoe section on the site. Overall, they reflected the quality of each individual brand and, while there were complaints about shipping and lost orders, they were very positive.

Amazon’s A rating on the BBB comes as little surprise, given the volume of complaints received for a wide range of problems encountered by users. Amazon’s responses aren’t always convincing, and many consumers fail to accept the resolution offered. Again, though, it’s difficult to find a large number that specifically relate to shoes or the Prime Wardrobe aspect of the site.

We did check some style blogs for reviews of Prime Wardrobe. Many talked about the limitations of the service, such as the narrower selection, the fact you have to use a credit card, and the three-item minimum. However, the overall impression was positive.

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Pm: Best Discount Shoe Store

  • Some deep discounts on designer brands
  • Plenty of stock to select from
  • Free shipping on larger orders

If you’re hunting for outlet-level prices online, 6pm is a great place to start your search. It’s the outlet site for Zappos, and carries many of the same brands. However, as it’s an outlet, you can get shoes for much, much cheaper, if you’re willing to dig around for something you like. You’ll find regular discounts, daily sales, and there are numerous coupons available for the site if you know where to find them.

The site itself is more standard than many of its rivals, but is easy to navigate and contains some bright, colorful product images. Once you’re on a product page you get to see shoes from many different angles, and you can change the size and color/style settings by using the drop-down menus on the right of the page. There are no user reviews on the product pages, so you do lack that additional information on each shoe.

On the negative side, the service you get from 6pm simply can’t match that of Zappos. While you do qualify for free delivery if you buy two or more pairs of shoes, or spend more than $50 , returns cost extra and there is no option to exchange shoes. You simply need to pay to return the ones you bought, and buy something else. Customer support is available, but limited in terms of hours, and there are no VIP clubs or price-match promises here . Overall, you’ll love the prices at 6pm, but be sure you want something before you buy.

Ecco’s Shoes Are Designed With Your Feet In Mind And Bring Scandinavian Simplicity And Innovation To Every Step | Best Online Shoes Store

Promising review: “Great shoe for the office or out in the factory. I’ve worn my black pair on the concrete/factory floor for almost two years with minimal signs of wear on the sole. In my opinion, these shoes are well worth the money.” Jb

Pricing: Sale items start at $79.99, with most bestselling shoes priced between $120$180.

Sizing: Women’s 412.5, men’s 516.5

Shipping: Standard shipping starts at $10, with free shipping for orders over $175.

Returns: You get free returns on unworn shoes within 60 days.

What makes them unique: Ecco is one of the few major shoe brands that owns its entire process, from its tanneries to its factories.

Get the ELO Women’s Athletic Sneaker for $140 and the Astir Men’s Embossed Shoes for $239.99 .

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What Are Your Consumer Rights For Refunds

While most of the best online shoe stores offer at least a 28-day refund policy on all items, we find that the terms of these policies vary wildly. You may be wondering what your rights are, as a consumer, and the answer is that it varies per state. This guide from the excellent FindLaw website breaks down your federal and state rights in relation to online shopping, so if you’re in any doubt, head over there and look up your particular state. California, for example, mandates that a full refund must be offered within 30-days but ONLY if the retailer fails to clearly state their refund policy at the point of sale. Most other states do not offer these protections.

The basic summary is that, while it’s seen as best-practice for retailers to do so, stores are not legally required to accept returns on goods whatsoever. So, while it’s unlikely you’ll find any online shoe stores failing to have a refund policy, you are not legally protected if you buy from somewhere that doesn’t have a full returns policy. Ouch.

Dsw User Reviews And Ratings

DSW offers the following on all orders:60-day returns | Free exchanges | Pay for shipping and returns | Curb side pick-up | VIP Scheme | Day time customer service

  • Has an A+ rating via the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

After looking at more than 150 user reviews for DSW, we noted that customer service – especially in their physical stores – was something people loved. Many also praised the benefits of the VIP program, and noted that the discounts you get from it more than make up for the ‘costs’ of sign-up. You do appear to surrender a lot of data, and DSW is persistent in sending you coupons once you’re signed up, but this is no bad thing considering the discounts you will get.

On the negative side, some users noted that the delivery is far from perfect, and that customer service isn’t always as effective at resolving the issues. While the majority praise the customer service experience, some have noted that they were unhelpful. DSW has also had a few issues with VIP points balances on its site, which has drawn a handful of negative reviews. Overall, though, users love the combination of online and physical stores when it comes to DSW, making this a strength of the brand.

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Pm User Reviews And Ratings

6pm offers the following on all orders:30-day returns | No exchanges | Pay for returns | Day time customer service | Coupons accepted | Extended returns for COVID

  • Has an A+ rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Yelp

We looked at around 55 reviews of 6pm, and found them to be broadly well liked. People love a cheap price on shoes, and many were pleased with how little they paid while shopping at 6pm. Many highlighted the fact that you need to be quick to get the best deals, and almost every user has commented on how good the range of discounted shoes is.

The majority of the complaints about 6pm, especially those on the BBB, center on delivery and shipping issues of the shoes. Some users reported late dispatches for shoes, and others said delivery took longer than advertized on the site. One or two said that the shoes they received were not in a good condition, and these were returned. Overall, 6pm is good at responding to complaints, as this is a common theme of user reviews.

Overstockcom: Best Shoe Store For Discounts

Street Style Store
  • Excellent prices, and some great additional discounts
  • Clean and easy-to-use site
  • There are loads of other products here too is one of the bigger names in online discount retail. The site covers everything from home furnishings to electricals, but there is a superb selection of shoes to be found here too. You’ll find sneakers, heals, clogs, booties and all kinds of different shoes, all from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Birkenstock, and more. You’ll even find some designer labels like Jimmy Choo here, although they are very limited in number.

The product pages are clean, but lack a little information when compared to the likes of Zappos. You’ll see good product images of the shoes, and if you scroll around the page you will find a limited number of user reviews, but rarely enough to inform your decision-making. There’s a Q& A section, which is good when it’s populated by users, and while we applaud the effort of the Tips and Inspiration tab… the content in there isn’t very inspirational.

Shipping is free to all states except Hawaii and Alaska, and is quicker than most other stores on this list. There’s a 30-day returns policy, which is standard, and users are responsible for the cost of ‘buyers remorse’ returns. Sadly, this does include shoes that don’t fit, which is one of the perils of buying from a more generalist store.

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New Balance’s Reliable Sneakers Have A Reputation For Being Dad Shoes But Are Dads Not The Ultimate Champion Of Buying Shoes That Last

Promising review: “One of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in the 26 years I’ve been on this Earth. I LOVE the style of them and they’re ridiculously comfy.” Tyler

Pricing: Slides start at $21.99, and sneakers start at $54.99.

Sizing: Women’s 415 , men’s 420 , kids’ 013.5 and 17

Shipping: Ground shipping starts at $11.95, with free shipping for orders over $50.

Returns: Shoes in new condition can be returned within 45 days.

What makes them unique: New Balance is one of the few major shoe companies committed to domestic manufacturing. Shop the MADE brand here, which has a domestic value of 70%.

Get the Men’s 574 Core sneakers for $79.99 and the Women’s Fresh Foam Cruzv1 sneakers for $79.99.

Best Online Shoe Shops

Step into the new season with some seriously stylish footwear

f you are looking to upgrade your footwear game or add another stylish shoe to your already hoarder level collection, you have come to the right place.

You can get your footwear fix without even needing to leave the house one way to keep your white trainers looking fresher for longer.

From luxury labels, to discounted designer brands, you can find shoes at every budget with every style under the sun to complete your carefully curated look.

Websites like Net-A-Porter and Farfetch offer great varieties for Louboutin lovers and Gucci wearers, but those looking for discounted options from some of the biggest names in the biz can head to Shoeaholics which stocks a wealth of styles from over 1000 luxury brands.

Meanwhile, over at the more purse-friendly end of the price spectrum stores like Public Desire, Linzi and EGO serve up chic catwalk-inspired designs at ultra-bargain prices.

But if youre in the market for the latest and greatest trainer drops, there are plenty of popular sportswear brands stocked on designated shoe sites such as Size? and Schuh.

And with a variety of shipping options from standard delivery to same-day collection, your desired pair can be sent to your door sooner than you think.

Whether you need smart shoes to elevate your workwear style, wellies for festival fun or trainers to nail that athleisure look, there is something for everyone including womenswear, menswear and childrenswear.

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